What kind of motivations do you know?

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What kind of motivations do you know?


a) How to motivate students to love English

Motivating children during teaching process is one of the main challenges. Young age children may not understand the importance of learning English, because they have very little contact with native speakers of English language and it is obviously impossible in rural areas.

Unlike adults, young learners are not self-motivated to learn English, because their world is full of their daily games. And a qualified teacher should find a way to develop their curiosity and the desire to play and explore. Teaching should be an interesting and entertaining process. The teacher’s participation in games and activities, makes them more interesting and also helps children to increase in language learning. If teacher wants teaching to be more successful he/she should consider the learners’ interests and motivations, because they will pay more attention if they are motivated. Teachers are strongly responsible to motivate their learners.

b) In the classroom, they like appreciation or a present to increase their motivation

The teacher needs various method to make the learners interested, mostly young age children, because they are very easy to distract and get bored. Therefore, teacher should find something different which can motivate them. The teacher should show appreciation for what they are doing or give some cards or score as a present. So, motivate them with something new that can stimulate their curiosity.

c) Teachers and parents should be involved to motivate them.

Teaching young learners means to interact with their parents as well. It is also recommended to encourage children with the help of their parents. Even if they do not speak English themselves, they should be encouraged to ask the kids what they’ve learned, share songs, etc. 

Write about different teacher’s role

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