What aspects or roles did you choose?

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What aspects or roles did you choose?

I chose Family, mentality, hobby, professional, professional development, gender,religious, age identity.

What seems the most important to you?

The most important identity among these is family identity. As a woman I should put my family and my family members in the first place. This feeling hasn’t been taught by someone. This is given by Allah. Allah created a woman very kind person to her close people.

As a daughter I should take care my parents. As a mother I should bring up my children perfect human beings to the real life and to our society. As a wife I am the half of my husband that everytime should be with him in bad and good days.

Which are the ones that are determined for you?

Firstly I can say that is religious identity. this determines me who am i? and where I come frrom. According to Islam religious all people are created by Allah and all go to his after their death.

What surprised you when you looked at the list?

When I looked athe list I saw the shape of flower. But I didn’t do it specially. Maybe it was made accidentally because of my own thoughts and dreams. The surprised one among these is my professional development identity what I am focusing on more than others. Because I am going to begin my PhD work. I think each person should get his or her own top in the career. when they get their top they feel relax and be the master of their job. We all should be the master of our job.

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