What are violations of the cc&Rs?

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What are violations of the CC&Rs?

Violations are essentially non-compliance with the governing documents. They might include architectural violations like building a shed without approval. They could also be violations like not maintaining a landscape or parking an RV within the community. Forest Heights Policy Resolution 3 Rules, Compliance and Enforcement Procedures explain what you may or may not do with regard to each of these situations, as well as many others.

Are there rules contractors have to follow when doing work in Forest Heights?

Forest Heights has Construction Regulations (hyperlink to this document – Section 4 of ARC Guidelines) that specifies what hours contractors may work, as well as rules regarding keeping a clean work site, storing equipment and materials in the street/on other lots and other regulations.

Is yard maintenance held to a certain standard in the community?

Lot owners are responsible for maintaining their landscaping to high standards: controlling weeds; pruning shrubs and trees; removing dead and/or diseased plants or trees; fertilizing, watering, mowing and controlling lawns and maintaining all auxiliary structures and features. Owners should plan ahead when they are going to be out of town to assure that landscape maintenance continues on a normal schedule.

Is there a certain type of bark dust required for my landscape?

The Architectural Guidelines require that owners use “aged, dark bark dust” (Section 5.5) as a general ground cover in the landscape. Aged bark dust is darker in color than fresh bark dust. There are two predominant types of aged bark dust available that meet this requirement: Hemlock and Fir. Although Fir costs less, Hemlock tends to have fewer splinters, and is often preferred by homeowners with small children and by those who do their own gardening. Aged bark dust of either variety is allowed. Insert link to Bark Dust Do’s and Don’ts article.

What are the rules regarding maintenance of vacant lots?

Vacant lots require ongoing maintenance to maintain weeds, grass, litter, and erosion control. The City of Portland ordinance requires vacant lots to be mowed when the maximum height reaches ten inches (10”). The Association does not permit nuisance weeds on a lot that create problems on neighboring properties, including landscaped yards. Forest Heights has a Notice to Lot Owners (hyperlink to this document – from ARC Guidelines) explaining vacant lot maintenance and other regulations lot owners should be familiar with.

Am I allowed to park my boat or recreational vehicle in Forest Heights?

Forest Heights CC&R’s state that “parking of boats, trailers, motorcycles, trucks, truck campers, or other recreational vehicle or equipment and vehicles in excess of 8000 pounds gross

vehicle weight shall not be allowed on any part of Forest Heights nor on public streets

adjacent thereto, excepting only within areas designated for such purposes by the Board

of Directors of the Association or within the confines of an enclosed garage or screened

area, the plans of which comply with applicable City of Portland and Washington County

ordinances, shall have been reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review

Committee prior to construction, and no portion of the same may project beyond the

screened area.”

Are there any limitations on where I can store my trash bins?

Forest Heights Policy Resolution #2 states, “Trash, yard debris and recycling receptacles should be set out no earlier than the night before pickup; removed and stored out of sight from the street, in an appropriately screened or enclosed area, no later than the end of the day of pickup.” Residents can contact the Association Compliance Coordinator for assistance with screening receptacles from street view. (insert link to newsletter article “Trash Cans 7/11)

What rules apply to pets in the neighborhood?

Forest Heights CC&R’s Section 6.4 state that, “Any inconvenience, damage or unpleasantness caused by such pets shall be the responsibility of the respective owners thereof. No dog shall be permitted to roam Forest Heights unattended, and all dogs shall be kept on a leash while outside the Residential Lot of their Owner.”

This applies to the common areas within our neighborhood, including Mill Pond Park and our entire trail system. Dogs must also be leashed at the City of Portland Forest Heights Park adjacent to Forest Park Elementary. There are currently no “off-leash” areas within Forest Heights. Additionally, Forest Park Elementary school asks that dogs not be on school property during the school day.

Multnomah County also has an ordinance making it unlawful for any person to permit an animal to be “at large”, defined as an animal (excluding domestic cats) that “Is not physically restrained on owner’s or keeper’s premises including motorized vehicles in a manner that physically prevents the animal from leaving the premises or reaching any public areas; or, is not physically restrained when on public property, or any public area, by a leash, tether or other physical control device not to exceed eight feet in length and under the physical control of a capable person.”

The City of Portland Parks has two Off Leash Dog Parks Insert links to theses parks)within a few miles of Forest Heights: Couch Park at NW 19th and Glisan and Wallace Park at NW 25th and Raleigh.

After leashing up your best friend, be sure to take dog waste bags on your walk. Picking up your pet’s waste is not just a neighborly courtesy; it’s also the law. Multnomah County requires pet owners to immediately remove pet waste from any public area. There are 42 strategic locations within Forest Heights (including most trailheads), where “mutt mitt” stations are available with both bags and covered trash receptacles. 

Are there required mailboxes and mail posts in Forest Heights?

The Architectural Review Committee has approved one vendor for mailbox posts and two vendors and specific styles for mail boxes. These items can be ordered directly from these vendors (hyperlink to Trovo/Mailbox Solutions price guides) (Kim I think we should wait on this until we have a new policy on boxes and have communicated this to the community)

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