We are looking forward to seeing you all in school for your child’s parent night

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Twitter: @DunbarPrimary

Website: www.edubuzz.org/dunbarprimary

Dear Parents and Carers
Parent Evenings

We are looking forward to seeing you all in school for your child’s parent night; Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th March for P4-P7 pupils and Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th March for Pre-school Nursery – P3 pupils. Members of the Senior Management Team will be available if you have any questions or concerns. On both evenings we are running a Homework survey – please give us your views.

P7 Rotary Quiz

Eight teams from across the cluster competed in the Rotary Club Primary School Quiz on Wednesday 27th January.  Schools taking part included West Barns, Innerwick, East Linton, Belhaven Hill and Dunbar Primary. We entered two teams and finished in 1st and 2nd place after a tough tie break round!

Team 1: Rory Dowding, Max Huxtable-Short, Abigail Sheridan and Thomas Calder

Team 2: Sam Craigie, Olivia Campbell, Rowan Robertson and Jack Richmond

Team 1 (the winning team) will now move forward to compete in the regional final against school pupils from across East Lothian.  Well done to all involved – a great team effort!
P6 Euro Quiz

Dunbar performed really well at the EuroQuiz, East Lothian heats on the 9th March at Haddington town hall. The four pupils in the team were Morgan Laird, Woody Morrison, Mabel Sangster and Adam Collin.  The event was won by Law Primary (Stenton and Dunbar came joint second).  The Dunbar team worked really hard studying at lunch clubs with Mrs Atkinson and at home.

Fund Raising

Our school has a fantastic reputation for raising money for good causes and recently the pupils have been involved in the following activities. P5 Enterprise Evening raised £836.92 which was split between the Make A Wish Charity and resources for Primary 5. The P3 Christmas Enterprise event raised £459.51 and Richard Taylor and Text Santa raised £161.16 for the RNLI.

Sport Relief – Friday 18th March

This year we plan to hold an event at each campus on the morning of Friday 18th March. All pupils may wear sports clothes on Friday morning – please bring a £1 donation for Sport Relief. Lochend Campus are attempting a P4 to P7 skipping challenge.  Each class will be set a challenge to have someone continuously skipping all day - like a tag team event.  One child per class will skip in the breakout space, and then 'tag' another pupil when they want them to take over.  The idea being that we always have pupils (and perhaps staff!) skipping from 9 - 12.20pm. Please encourage your child to bring their own skipping ropes if they have them. They can skip before school, at break and during Golden Time if they like. At John Muir Campus pupils will ’run for Sport Relief’ and P1-3 classes will be timetabled to run around the marked area. Pupils have already been taking part in a whole school “Design a sports shoe “competition and learning the Sport Relief song.

East Lothian Inter-Schools Swimming Competition

The East Lothian Inter-Schools Swimming Competition took place and there were great efforts from all our pupils (we came fourth out of ten schools). Well done to: Fergus Johnston; Alby Lorimer; Daniel Watson; Ryan Campbell; Kitty Bird; Tess Brennan; Rebecca Lorimer; Tara Davison; Holly Finlayson; Oliver Alsop; Brodie Mechan; Elliot Young; Angus Williams; Kit Savage; Elise Allen; Katie McLemmen; Evie Welsh; Mabel Sangster. Oliver Alsop won the P7 Boys Freestyle

Sportshall Athletics Team

Dunbar Primary won the East Lothian Championship and came 2nd in the Regional finals held at Meadowbank on Thursday 25th Feb. Well done to: Evie Welsh; Niamh Richards; Amy Paul; Abby MacGregor; Charlotte Smith; Poppy Fletcher; Lucy De Los Santos; Lucy Thomson; Taelor Snaith; Claudia Wight; Elise Allan; Ellie Miller; Kate Thomson; Calum Richards; Lewis Lancaster; Brandon Dean; Neilson Combe; Mikey Wimbledon-Hall; Joshua Bath; Aaron Gregory; Jake Douther; Rhys Black; Finlay Thomson; Angus Williams; Michael Seeley; Max Huxtable-Short.

Basketball Team

We were narrowly beaten 2-1 in the final against Law Primary and go through to the regional finals in the summer term. Well done to: Lucy De Los Santos; Poppy Fletcher; Abby McGregor; Claudia Wight; Elliot Young; Mikey Wimbledon-Hall; Findlay Thomson; Sam Craigie; Jack Richmond; Calum Ramage

Healthy Snack Volunteers

If you are able to help for 2 hours per week/month please let the school office know. Many Thanks.

Library Helpers (Lochend Campus)

Please contact Miss Eeles at Lochend Campus (01368 860997) if you can help in the library for 30 minutes every week or on rotation with another parent/grandparent. Monday: 9 - 9.30am

Tues: 1.30 - 2pm

Friday: 9 - 9.30am

Parent Council Treasurer

The Parent Council require a Treasurer to start with immediate effect (all accounts and training will be given from the former Treasurer). Attendance required at the monthly meetings – if you are interested please contact the school office who will forward to Parent Council Chair.
On Line Payments

If at all possible could you please pay for trips and milk online at East Lothian Council website www.eastlothian.gov.uk and click on the pay for it button (if you have not already paid for milk, money is now due for Term 3 at a cost of £9.86). Unfortunately lunches cannot be paid online.

Dunbar Primary School Twitter Page

Twitter is a great way for us to instantly share updates, photos and achievements with parents and the local community. We currently have almost 600 followers.  To view our twitter feed simply search @DunbarPrimary on Twitter.

Recent tweets include:

·         photos of the Lochend Campus extension and SciFest workshops

·         updates from the P5 York trip

·         information about charity events such as Sport Relief and Purple Pinkie Day

I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday and keep your fingers crossed for warm and sunny weather, our last day of school is Thursday 24th March. We look forward to seeing the pupils again on Monday 11th April.
Helen Gillanders

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