Watch the video and make a list of oil and gas products. Learn the vocabulary of the lesson and give definition. Read and translate the given text

Exercises for text “Debbie Johnson”

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Exercises for text “Debbie Johnson”.

1) Specialist Plastic Limited;

2) Test department;

3) She learned to use most of the test equipment;

4) Aerospace, oil and gas, domestic appliance companies;

5) Chemistry;

6) Aircraft industry;

7) As aircrafts must be safe to fly in;

8) Bend test, tensile test and impact test.
5. Match the words with the pictures.

1 adhesives (D) 4 plastics (B) 7 rubber (C)

2 fertilizer (G) 5 carpeting (E) 8 medications (A)

3 paints (F) 6 cosmetics (I) 9 clothes (H)




5. Choose the correct definition for each word.

1. carbon black

a a fuel b a colouring

4 inexpensive

a cheap b hard to get

7 hydrocarbon molecule

a petrochemicals

b tiny pieces of hydrogen and carbon

2 in prehistoric times

a a very long time ago

b recently

5 crayon

a a type of tyre

b a drawing tool

8 familiar

a known by many people

b useful

3 plentiful

a dangerous

b easy to find

6 by-product

a an extra, unneeded product

b a flammable product

9 synthetic

a man-made

b natural

  1. Complete the following sentences using and, or, but, because or so.

1. You can take the blue shirt or the green shirt.

2. She is clever and beautiful.

3. He was poor but he was happy.

4. I worked hard because I wanted to pass the test.

5. I did not want to miss the train so I started early in the morning.

6. He was my friend so I decided to help him.

7. She bought some fruits and vegetables.

8. My sister is tall but I am short.

9. She is hard-working but her brother is very lazy.

10. The dress was beautiful so it was expensive.

11. I didn’t buy the dress because it was expensive.

12. I passed the test because I worked hard.

13. Karthik can play the violin but he can’t play the piano.

14. She can have an apple or a mango. She can’t have them both.

15. We can go by bus or by train.

  1. Fill the gaps with the prepositions:

Petrochemical Chemicals derived __from__ petroleum or natural gas or petrochemicals – are an essential part of today’s chemical industry. Petrochemical plants produce thousands _of__chemical compounds. The main feedstock is natural gas, condensates (NGL) and other refinery _of products such as naphtha, gasoil, and benzene. Petrochemical plants are divided into three main primary product groups according _to their feedstock and primary petrochemical product: Olefins include ethylene, propylene, and butadiene. These are the main sources of plastics (polyethylene, polyester, PVC), industrial chemicals and synthetic rubber. Aromatics include benzene, toluene, and xylenes, which also are a source _of plastics (polyurethane, polystyrene, acrylates, nylon), as well as synthetic detergents and dyes. Synthesis gas (syngas) is formed from steam reforming between methane and steam to create a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. It is used to make ammonia, e.g., of fertilizer urea, and methanol as a solvent and chemical intermediary. Syngas is also feedstock of other processes such as the Fischer–Tropsch process that produces synthetic diesel.

Listening. Use the words to complete the text.

polyethylene polypropylene near Tokyo Goi Factory Chisso Petrochemical Corporation

Company: Chisso Petrochemical Corporation

Plant: Goi Factory

Location: near Tokyo

Main Products: polyethylene and polypropylene

Listen again. Tick (✓) the words you hear.


1. 18 million tonnes per year

2. 80 million tonnes per year

3. packaging material

4. packing material


5. ropes

6. car parts

7. shopping bags

8. fabrics

9. containers

10. bottles

11. 50 million tonnes per year

12. 15 million tonnes per year
Listen. Complete the words.





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