Вариант 3, Translate the text

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Вариант 3,

  1. Translate the text: A Healthy body

Healthy way of life is popular with the old and the young. What do you need to do to keep healthy.It is widely known that life expectancy is increasing. But the reason why the average figures are higher than they used to be, say, hundred years ago is not that all people live longer than before. One reason is that, due to medical research, many illnesses were eliminated; the second one is that fewer people die in wars. Generally, the life of modern man is endangered by many factors. One is the increasing pollution of the environment by industry and transport; another one is sedentary lifestyle of people living in cities and towns, that is, the majority of the population of the planet. The third one is the quality of food we eat and water we drink which results in a lot of diseases. The fourth one is that living in big cities leads to epidemics, and even pandemics of many catchy illnesses. Unhealthy life results in the fact that many people are overweight.

The only possible way of preserving your health is, therefore, healthy way of life which includes keeping fit, balanced meals, and giving up unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and, of course, drugs.

2) Open the bracket and put the verbs into the following tenses: Past Simple and Past Continuous.

1. When I (to come) home, my little sister (to sleep). 2. When Nick (to come) home, his brother (to play) with his toys. 3. When mother (to come) home, I (to do) my homework. 4. When father (to come) home, Pete (to sleep). 5. When mother (to come) home, the children (to play) on the carpet. 6. When I (to get) up, my mother and father (to drink) tea. 7. When I (to come) to my friend's place, he (to watch) TV. 8. When I (to see) my friends , they (to play) football. 9. When I (to open) the door, the cat (to sit) on the table. 10. When Kate (to open) the door, the children (to dance) round the fir-tree. 11. When Tom (to cross) the street, he (to fall). 12. When I (to go) to school, I (to meet) my friend. 43. When we (to go) to the cinema, we (to meet) grandmother. 14. When grandmother (to go) home, she (to see) many children in the yard. 15. When Henry (to walk) about in the forest, he (to find) a bear cub. 16. When we (to walk) about in the for­est, we (to see) a hare. 17. When I (to wash) the floor, I (to find) my old toy under the sofa. 18. When granny (to read) a book on the sofa, she (to fall) asleep. 19. When I (to play) in the yard, I suddenly (to see) my old friend. 20. When Nick (to run) about in the yard, he (to fall).

3) Put the correct model verbs may and can.

You ... come in when you have taken off your boots. 2. Be careful: you ... spill the milk if you carry it like that. 3. Most children ... slide on the ice very well. 4. I don't think I ... be here by elev­en o'clock tomorrow, but I ... be. 5. ... you see anything in this inky darkness? 6. You ... go when you have finished your compositions. 7. What shall we do if the train is late? It ... be late, you know, after the terrible snowstorms we've had. 8. When ... you come arid see me? — Let me see: I ... not come tomorrow, for I must be at the meeting, but on Sunday I'll find time. Yes, you ... expect me on Sunday about three o'clock. Will that be all right?

Кафедранинг 2019 йил Августда № 1 сонли баённомасига кўриб чиқилиб таъсдиқланди

Кафедра мудири: Д.Ф.Тоирова

тузувчи Д.А.Тошпулатов .
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