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Our Mission

The mission of First Baptist Church is found in its church motto “ To know Christ and to make Him known”.

This church is a community of faith seeking with God's help to live all of life under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Our mission is... seek salvation of our kindred and acquaintances by proclaiming the

Word of God, teaching the Bible and developing disciples
…to aid individuals through education and encouragement to use the gifts

they have been given in ministry to others encourage an exemplary relationship with the family of Christ, and to be

enthusiastic ambassadors of discipleship to other Christians

…to acknowledge that “In the Body of Christ, there is neither Jew nor

Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Gal. 3:28
We will accomplish this through the aid of the Holy Spirit, through worship, education, fellowship, and missions in the community and the world."


First Baptist



Long Branch N.J.

To know Christ and to make

Him known.”

Rev. Ronald I. Paige, Pastor

Rev. Julius O. Adekunle,

Associate Pastor
499 Bath Avenue

Long Branch, New Jersey

Church Office Tel. 732-229-1453

Fax 732-229-3860
If you wish to meet with the pastor, please feel free to call the church office to make an appointment.

Our Weekly Schedule

Worship Service 10:00 A.M.

Followed by

Refreshments & Fellowship

Sunday School 11:45 A.M.

Classes for all ages


Midweek Prayer and Worship

5:45 P.M.

Choir Practice

6:30 P.M.

Bible Study

7:00 P.M.

Women’s Home Bible Study

11:30 A.M.

13 Norwood Court,

West Long Branch

Men’s Fellowship*

9:00 A.M.
Narcotics Anonymous

6:30 P.M.

*Dates are posted in the bulletin.

Welcome to the First Baptist church of Long Branch

The First Baptist Church of Long Branch is blessed to be a multi-cultural congregation of believers who celebrate their uniqueness and oneness in Christ Jesus.

Upon entering the church sanctuary you will notice that there are many national flags on display. Each flag represents the country of origin for our members. It is our prayer that you find the love of Jesus Christ in those you meet here today and that you return to worship with us again.

Our Beginning

We can trace Baptist interest and Baptist worship in Long Branch as early as 1738. At that time, the Rev. Abel Morgan became pastor of the Middletown Baptist church. During his pastorate he set up missions, or “sub-stations” as they were called, in Long Branch and surrounding areas. Samuel Morgan, his nephew, followed Abel at Middletown, carrying on the work in the sub-stations, gathering many converts. However in 1792, Mr. Benjamin Bennett, who followed the Morgans in Middletown, gave up on these out-stations.

Rev. Griffiths, a member of the Missionary Committee of the New Jersey Baptist Association and later pastor of the Red Bank Church, wrote that between 1843 and 1850, work in the Long Branch began again when he “established a station at Long Branch. He writes that he was greeted with welcome by the descendants of those early Baptists, still cherishing the ideas of their early Baptist ancestry.”

After Rev. Griffiths left Red Bank,

Baptist work again ceased in Long Branch until about 1870 when the population if the shore had greatly increased. Long Branch had become America’s most famous summer resort and the Trenton Association, felt the need for a Baptist church in Long Branch.

In April 1872 the Baptist began holding services in the Music Hall, on Norwood Avenue, opposite Bath Avenue. And in 1873 the Trenton Association purchased from Mr. Tylee Emmons, two and two thirds lots on which our present church and parsonage are situated.

By 1881 a tent was purchased and was erected on this land. Meetings were held in the tent until a church was built. The cornerstone was laid and dedicated on Monday December 17, 1883. It can still be found on the Emmons street side of the building.
On February 10, 1886, thirteen Baptists living in and near Long Branch met and organized the “First Baptist Church of Long Branch”.

The original little chapel was badly damaged by fire on March 20, 1892 and the new sanctuary replaced the chapel. The old chapel was moved back and turned to face Emmons Street and is now used as the annex and prayer meeting room adjacent to the sanctuary. The old arched windows are still in place, several with the original glass panes. The new sanctuary is built in the Akron style. This architectural style was popular at the time and gave the room an amphitheater feel with no center aisle and a large center platform.
Over the years the congregation has changed in size and in cultural make up, but the church’s motto has remained. “To know Christ and to make Him known.”
The First Baptist Church of Long Branch is a mission-oriented church with a major emphasis on local ministry to the poor and homeless.

Some of the local ministries we support are:

Meal at Noon – A hot lunch program that feeds up to 100 people every Saturday

Family First – A housing a support program for homeless families. This program provides shelter, transportation, meals and other amenities to families who have been displaced. It offers them a chance to get back on their feet financially and to regain independence. We are one of eleven churches in the program and support these families on a rotating basis.

Solutions – A center that provides support to women in crisis pregnancies. Solutions provides parenting classes, sexual integrity and a post abortion-counseling programs. A clothing cottage provides baby clothes, maternity clothes, diapers, baby supplies, and furniture to parents who participate in the parenting “Earn While You Learn” program.

Monmouth Medical Chaplaincy Program-Supporting the work of hospital chaplains at Monmouth Medical Center

Long Branch Concordance-A resource center for social services in the area.

Our own in house ministries are:

Food Pantry – Open to all of the community on an as needs basis. Members of the church support the food pantry by making weekly food offerings during the worship service.

Clothing Closet-Our clothing closet is open to the community by appointment. We are also a resource center for school uniforms. Clothing is often taken to the Meal at Noon program where it is distributed to lunch guests as needed.

Narcotics Anonymous-Our church opens its fellowship hall to N.A. every Saturday evening.
Support we provide for the American Baptist Churches USA:

One Great Hour of Sharing-A multi denominational offering used to aid people is times of disaster.

Retired Ministers and Missionary Offering – This offering is used to assist missionaries and minister and their spouses after retirement.

America For Christ Offering – This offering is taken to aid

United Missions Offering-Supports the work of American Baptist Churches of NJ & USA
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