Use the verbs in the brackets in the proper tense forms

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Use the verbs in the brackets in the proper tense forms.

1. What are you doing here? - I'm waiting for a friend.

2.Does he speak French? - Yes, he speaks French quite fluently.

3. He didn't see me as he was reading when I came into the room.

4. Don’t go into the classroom! The students are writing a dictation there.

5. When he was in his hometown he visited the places where he played as a boy.

7. The man who is smoking a cigarette is our English teacher.

8. He thanked me for what I did for him

9. Listen! The telephone is ringing

10. Where is Peter? He has gone his English lesson. I think that he always has been it at this hour.

11. The manager had left the office before I arrived

12. They are busy now. They are discussing an important question. They have been discussing it since five o’clock.

13. Where is Mr. Stevenson? - He is working in the library. - How long has he been working? - Yes, he has been working since morning.

14. My brother is in hospital. He has been there for ten days.

15. I shouted to him to stop, but he was running too fast and didn't hear.

16. Helen learns German at the Institute. She has been learning German since last autumn.

17. She writes letters to her mother every week.

18. The train could not stop because it was traveling too fast at the time.

19. Listen! Someone is knocking at the door.

20. Let’s go for a walk. It isn't raining outside and the sun is shining now.

21. When I went to the room next day, I coul find the books exactly where left them.

22 Have. you been reading that book yet? - No, I have only just began it.

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