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importance of selfconfidence
11-sinf uchun chorak testlar (javobi bilan), AJINIYAZ, 5-sinf-ona-tili-yillik-dars-ishlanma, 03.- Practical Phonetics Exercises with KEY




Theme: Importance of self-confidence

Subject: English Language

Group: 198-economy
Teacher: Karimova D.

Student: Zarifov A.

Importance of self-confidence

Self-confidence is a trait that reflects in every area of our lives be it educational life, professional, and personal life. People talk about the importance of self-confidence all the time but do not realize the extent of its importance. We only realize the importance of self-confidence when there is a lack of self-confidence in a person and it affects negatively in different areas of life.

Confidence basically means to trust. When you say that you have full confidence in someone, it means that you trust them. Similarly, self-confidence means to trust oneself, trust one’s abilities. It is an ability to make yourself comfortable in different situations while remaining true to yourself. Believing in oneself while accepting the flaws and becoming better. All these descriptions collectively make up the definition of self-confidence.

Table of Contents
1. Leads to Better Self-esteem
2. Decreases Anxiety
3. Positive Self-worth
4. Makes a Better Leader
5. Increase Motivation
6. Brings Happiness
7. Ensures Security
8. Improved Relationships
1. Leads to Better Self-esteem
Self-esteem is a combination of believing in oneself and believing in one’s self-worth. In psychology, self-esteem is considered an important ability to have a successful life in terms of having a healthy life – both physically and mentally. Having confidence in oneself is a gateway to developing better self-esteem and vice versa. Many theories of psychology state that self-esteem is made up of two components that are self-efficacy and self-confidence. It helps people to better cope with life’s difficulties and challenges, inculcate happiness and love in life, and have mental peace.

2. Decreases Anxiety

Having self-confidence is a way to decrease anxiety and fears in a person’s life. Almost all of the issues related to social anxiety, self-esteem, and some other forms of anxiety have a root cause of low self-confidence in a person. If you compare two people – one having self-confidence and the other having low confidence – there is a visible difference in their anxiety level and fears. Moreover, a person with low self-confidence tries to avoid every possible situation where they have to be in the limelight that reinforces the anxious behavior. So the cycles continue unless it is broken by increasing confidence.

3. Positive Self-worth

The importance of self-confidence is positively related to making people comfortable in their skin. Confident people accept their flaws and know that this does not decrease their self-worth. It becomes easier to accept one’s weaknesses because you are confident in your abilities that you will get over them one day. By having self-confidence, one also has a purpose in life to achieve the goals that have been set. On the other hand, low-confident people give up without trying. Consequently, it decreases self-worth.

4. Makes a Better Leader

Leadership is all about having confidence in one’s abilities. One can have necessary skills and talent but without self-confidence, the trust in having to utilize these skills is lacking. This is why there are people with excellent skillset but they are not good leadership. One of the qualities of a great leader is to have self-confidence. A leader is also an eloquent and confident speaker and a charismatic personality. All these qualities are tied with having the self-confidence to impress people and convince them to follow the leader.

5. Increase Motivation

Confidence is an ability that affects everyday life activities whether big or small. When you have confidence, you will automatically gain more motivation to perform those tasks as compared to someone who has low confidence. People with low confidence are preoccupied with the fear of failure. This preoccupation often loses their motivation to perform the tasks and try harder.

6. Brings Happiness

A confident person does not hesitate from doing anything in life. This brings variety into life and gathers various skillsets. There are no regrets of missed opportunities and no self-accusatory and ruminating thoughts. When there is no regret in life, life automatically becomes happier than it normally is.

7. Ensures Security

A person with low confidence has low self-esteem. What happens with low self-esteem is that there is a lot of self-doubt and fear regarding oneself. there is insecurity about one’s abilities. However, confidence ensures the security of the person. Even the person messed up a situation, there is a knowledge that it was just one situation and other experiences will be better. Instead of falling into self-doubt and feeling insecure about one’s abilities, confident people are secure.

8. Improved Relationships

Self-confidence also means to be true to yourself and confidently show the real side of yourself. Instead of worrying over the image one radiates in a relationship, genuine interactions give a better impression. Confident people are known to be more open and genuine in their interactions because they are not constantly thinking about their impression in any social interaction. As genuineness is a character that improves relationships, confident people are known to have a better relationship than non-confident people.


In conclusion from the above discussion, it can be assumed that people who succeed have unlocked and understood the importance of self-confidence and have used it for their benefit. It does not matter if the task is small or big, it requires confidence in a person to achieve the task successfully and beautifully. As good as self-confidence is, it is important to learn and practice to be self-confident in our life and improve as a person.

Conversation questions:
  1. Why is Self-confidence Important?

  2. How can one improve self-confidence?

New words:
Acceptance - Qabul qilmoq
Identification - Identifikatsiya
Conscious efforts - Ongli harakatlar
Remove the negativities - Salbiy tomonlarini olib tashlamoq
Participate - Qatnashmoq
Be assertive - Qat`iy bo`lmoq
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