Unit Lesson Plan

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Name: Mamarazokov Shakhzod
Task 1. Climate change and Global Warming

  1. What is the greenhouse effect?

The principal impact that greenhouses have on a variety of circumstances are likely to damage the geographic layers. As the progress keeps on increasing the ice blocks start melting especially in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. The worst side is that a great deal of lands will probably be submerged when the water outflows its surface.

  1. Where do greenhouse gases come from?

In most situation a big range of manufacturer enterprises produce the air pollution as they work in different types of factories.

  1. What is the difference between “climate change” and “global warming”?

Global warming is done by greenhouses productivity whereas, climate change includes all kinds of polluting such as throwing rubbishes into seas and using plastic in households.

  1. Approximately what year did the atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane increase significantly?

The natural disaster happened in the 1950s when the Industrial Revolution took an extreme place in people’s lives.

Task 2. Multiple choice questions

  1. According to the speaker, greenhouse gases are produced by….

  1. Heat from the sun

  2. The actions of people

  3. The sun rays and also the actions of people

  4. The video doesn’t say

  1. Which of these things is a greenhouse gas?

  1. Carbon monoxide

  2. Carbon dioxide

  3. Oxygen

  4. The vide’s doesn’t say

  1. Which of these ways to generate power provides a clean source of energy?

  1. Gas

  2. Oil

  3. Wind power

  4. They are all clean sources of energy

  1. Which of these things can help reduce the levels of carbon dioxide?

  1. Driving to work

  2. Heating with coal instead of gas

  3. Using public transport

  4. Leaving your TV on standby, rather than switching off

  1. Which of these predictions about climate change does the video make

  1. If the planet gets warmer, then the polar bears will become extinct

  2. If the planet gets warmer, then we can expect more floods

  3. If the planet gets warmer, then fuel will become less expensive

  4. If the planet gets warmer, then sea levels will rise

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