Trade Enquiries from Iran January to August 2013

parts-chassis,axle, brakes, gear box, deisel

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parts-chassis,axle, brakes, gear box, deisel

‎Navin Bazaryab Arian Co.‎ Tehran 098-21-77601963 ( 7) 750-1419 branch offices od Indian Companies in


Mr. Abdolhossein Tatmin Miande Village, Fasa City Shiraz 0098-732355-2667 731-2225192 carpet-ghalim

Mr. Hassan Ghodrati No.221,Sohrevardi Ave., tehran 0098-21-8746649 ( ) 874-4942 cement

Payamatin Cemical Ind.Co. No.28,7th Floor,Niloo Tower,Niloo Alley,Vali Tehran 0098-21-88798413/887 8773130; chemicals, pigment

Asr ve. 90209/88782466

Sima Dandan Co. Iran Clinic Bldg, 1st Flor, Abresan Sq., Tabriz 0098-411-3371666, 3371666; clove oil, clove, eugenol

Oghab Compressor Co. No.6,Bagherabad, varamin 0098-292-21359102 ( ) 213-5909 CNG cylinder

Iran Europe Industrial & Trading 3rd Floor,No.3,Esfandiar Blvd.,Africa Ave., Tehran 0098-21-2053293 2044178; CNG engine


Mahd Trading Co. Unit 9,No.5,10th St., Ghaem Magham Tehran 0098-21-851905-87593 communication cable-galvanised

Farahani Ave., 88 wire,poyester tapes,aluminum copolymer

Naghshin Trading Co. GF.,Noor Passage Sardasht 0098-44-43228102 0098-21-666917148 complete production line for auto engine oil


Taer Co. 7 Tir Sq., Mofatteh St.,VarzandehSt., Tehran 0098-21-8837959 8305840; complete production line for manufacture of

Salmasi Alley sacks

Saze Gostar SAMAN Co. No.55,Khordada St.,Golha Sq Tehran 0098-21-8634512 ( ) 801-0236 consultant and executor of electricity ,

electronics & construction projects

Nakisa izadi Sharifi trading Co. 3rd Floor, no.27, Zarrin St., farjam Ave., Tehran 0098-21-7868663 ( ) 786-8663 contact numbers and credentials of M/s

Palbro Industries inIndia

Yeksan Aryan Ghatee Tehran 0098-21-8303028 contact numbers of Indian companies

Ebrahimi Trading Co. 3rd Floor, No.6,Next to Shahin, Shoah Sq., Tehran 0098-21-8828600 ( ) 830-9391 contact numbers of ITC Limited in India

Ghaem Magahm Farahani Ave,Ostad

Shimia Raz Co. Tehran 098-292-2129336 contact numbers of M/s ARTEK in India

INDEXPO (12+1),Daman Afshar St.,Vali Asr Ave. Tehran 0098-21-88795731 88880853; contact numbers of M/s Indian Steel t Agencies in India

Fireproof Tanker Co. No.1013, Damavand Ave, Tehran 0098-21-7413575 contact numbers of M/s Reva Electric Car Co. in India

Hadid Forge Co. End of Chaman Rd.Ghods Sq.,Karaj Tehran 0098-262-3820028 ( 2) 202-1243 contact numbers of M/s Reva electric car in

Ghadim Rd. India.

Dana Ind.Co.Ltd. Tehran 0098-21-8734343-4 ( ) 873-4342 contact numbers of M/sTata Co.

Saeed Gonbad International Co. 896,Taleghani Sharghi St., Gonbad Kavoos 0098-172-2220431,222 2221523; contact numbers of trade/commercial

4215 organisations

Tidewater East Middle Services Co. No.80,Vozara St., tehran 0098-21-88553321, 88717367; container and transit affairs, shipping and forwarding services, technical services and

Balin Tak Co. 0098-21-8510284 customs rules & regulations, import-export

tariffs in India

Payamrasan Commercial Service Emam Bidgol Blvd, Kashan 0098-362-2720956 ( ) 272-5564 department store in India


Pooshingar Mineral Insulators #5,2nd Floor,10th St.,Ghaem magham Ave., Tehran 0098-21-8503219-21 8505549; equipments and engineering services for

Industries Co.Pomic production of rock/slag wool heat/acoustic

Sanjong Trading Co. No.924,9th Floor, Aluminum Bldg., Tehran 0098-21-6709362 8061904; essence sticks- agarbaties

Jomhoori St

Matin General Trading Co. Tehran 0098-21-77411560, 77470119; exhibition list


Tak Tractor Shop No.706,3rd Block, South Saadi Ave., Tehran 0098-21-3113045 ( ) 395-1646 exhibitions held in India

Amirkabir St

kachiran( sewing machine co.) P.O. Box:15815-1939 Tehran 0098-21-8823970 8823938; export of sewing machine as well as providing O.E.M

Payravand Trade Tehran 0098-21-2227452 0098-21-2228509; export-chemical powders

Iran Ferrosillice Col 4th & 5th Floor, Esfandiar Blvd.,Africa Ave, Tehran 0098-21-2019601-5 2019610; ferosillicone consumer-steel and iron


Isfahan Vegetable Oil Industry Borje Pirooz Bldg.,No.906& 905, Vali Asr St Tehran 0098-21-2258411-5 ( ) 225-8416 food-oil seed processing machinery

Behafarid Tehran Co. Apt.2,No.24,Sadr St., Vali Asr Ave., Tehran 0098-21-8890405 fruit powder

Manoochehr rahimi Import-Export No.22,1st Floor, Saraye Rahimieh Dovom, Tehran 0098-21-5619233, ( ) 222-9986 garment-leather

End of Kafashha Bazar 5819399

Nation Asia Trading Co. #124,2nd Floor, Goldis Commercial Bldg., Esfahan 0098-311-2206013 2202171; general trading

Amadegah St.,

Esfahan Mahgol Co. P.O. Box:84166, Kokanej St Esfahan 0098-311-3234440 ( ) 323-3200 hand tools

T. M. S. Co. (Tosee Moahed Sanat) #2,No.13,Corner of Delaviz St., Ebadi Tehran 0098-21-8718819 8726823; home appliance

St.,VALI asr and Beheshti Crossing,

Cedere Sehat Co. No.2,Zadmehr Alley,14th St.,Khaje Abdollah Tehran 0098-21-22862636 ( 2) 286-4243 hygienic products-raw material

Ansari Ave.,

Lya Farayand Co. No.34, Kouhpaye Alley, AsaDABAD, Tehran 0098-21-2732519 ( ) 273-2519 Import of ethyl alcohol production line from

Zafaranieh, Tehran molasses

Novin Tejarat Co. No.26,Mosadegh Sq., Takhte Tavoos St., Tabriz 0098-411-3327741 3301326; import-export statistics of Iran-India trades of

Khabghah ST., Vali Asr Ave., main items

Hamkar Sanaye Engineering Co. No.12,Day Alley, North Kheradman Ave., Tehran 0098-21-8315100, 8822947; Industrial Item, joint-venture in Industrial

8836333 projects

Laniz Engineering Consulting Co. P.O. Box:14665-896 Tehran 0098-21-8085315 8075339; INVESTMENT-JIONT VENTURE-CIVIL/ CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS

Chabahar Free Zone 15, Sattari St., Vali Asr Ave., Tehran 0098-21-8776313 8796127; investment-joint-venture,

Rasis Co. No.6, 53 Sq.,Narmak Tehran 0098-21-7804070 ( ) 780-0418 Iron bars, building materials

Pars Pejram Tejarat Co. No.73,Keyhan Sharghi St., North Sohrevardi Tehran 0098-21-414111 ( ) 841-4111 joint venture-looking for a partner to market

Ave, coffee under brand name of davidoff, etc.

CEO Iran Chlor Inc., Mr. Ali Khezri Tehran joint-venture, production of refrigeration gas,

production of hydrocloric acid from sulfur

Catgut Co. No.74,Nahid St.,After Motahari St., Vali Asr Tehran 0098-21-8727213-4 -8718898 Latest contact numbers of M/s Shivani in

Ave., India

Rayat Leather Manufacturing Co. Tehran 0098-21-88744308 leather factories

Sanat Pooshak Magazine 0098-21-6412111 list of Indian textile companies which are

active in Iran

Pooshak Magazine 0098-21-6412111 list of textile companies in Tehran

Navid Saba Tehran Co. 3rd Floor,No.9/2, North Sohrevardi St., Tehran 0098-21-8876-2539/887 8876-3088; MDF, Furniture accessories


Fanar Sazi Zar Co. Km.15 Jade Ghadim Karaj, Zamyad Bldg., Tehran 0098-21-6028124-5/602 ( ) 602-8359 nuts and bolts


Pars Kavosh Polymer Co. 276, Pasdaran Ave.,Unit6, Opp. 3rd Tehran 0098-21-2561503 2560818; P.V.C EMULSION RESIN

Golestan St.,

Alborz Cenment Co. no.58,Motahari St, North Sohrevardi Ave, Tehran 0098-21-8515189; 8765621; Packaging-cement abgs 8515188

Mohammad Hossein Karbaschi No.282,Mahdi Ghasab Alley,Next to Imam Tehran 0098-21-33507795 ( 33) 554-8361 petroleum resin, pigments,titanium dioxide

Trading Co. Mojtaba Mosque,.Sirous Cross

Neshat Afarinan Kavir Opp. Post Office, Shahid Sadooghi Blvd, Kerman 0098-341-2112718 2110883; Pharmaceutical raw material, herbal

medicine, iron ore,chromite

Bara Darou Co. Tehran 0098-21-88730897, 88730076; pharmaceutical,veterinary, cosmetic, and

88502338, 88502261 hygienic products

No ANDISHAN Sakhteman Group of 0098-335-3482065 prefabricators-machinery


Agni Trading & Commercial Co. 2nd Floor, No.513, Bahar Activation Center, Tehran 0098-21-7517490 7516500; R.P.O. (rubber process oil),paraffin wax,

South Bahar St., base oil

Tajer Exp & Imp. Co. No.5,4th St.,Kohenour St., Motahari Ave., Tehran 0098-21-8739563 8738486; refrigeration equipment

Daco group 5th Floor, No.40,Sarhang Sakhaee St., Tehran 0098-21-6705330, 6700412; refrigeration gas-fereon gas 12 & 22

Ferdowsi Strret, 6700412

Nation Asia Trading Co. No.124,2nd Floor, Goldis Commercial Esfahan 0098-311-2206013 2202171; rice, garment, textile,fabrics

Complex, Amadegah St.,

Mr. Fereydoon ZamZam 0098-411-5537284 silk, contact numbers of M/s VAGI in India

Iranica Tours Travel Agency Unit5, 1st Floor, No.258, Shariati St Tehran 0098-21-77508189/ 77507294; Technology parks


Iran Tender Co. Ltd. No.3, 11th Floor,Bijan Tower,Mirdamad Tehran 0098-21-2254958 2254963; tenders

Blvd., Madar Sq,

Najian Co. Tehran 0098-21-5894244 ( ) 562-3509 Textile machinery-winder

Pak Plastic Bldg No.3,Corner of 1st Andisheh, Dariush Tehran 0098-21-88408384 ( 8) 845-2363 Textile-machinery and accessories

St.,Before Sohrevardi Crossing, Dr.

Yuness Djavidi Co.Ltd No.12,6th Floor, Bulding No.18,Next to Tehran 0098-21-888807666 ( 8) 889-3419 Textile-woven fabrics

Jahad ,Fatemi Sq

Bazargani Padidieh No.14,6th Floor,Fanoos Abi Tower,South Tehran 0098-21-8054305 8054306; tiles and ceramic

Shiraz St., Mollasadra Ave

Zadourian Trading Co. No.21,21st, Mirzaye Shirazi Ave., Tehran 0098-21-88305295 ( 8) 830-6537 tin plate, cols rolled steel sheet

Iran Transformer Research Institute No.28,rahban Alley,Corner of power Tehran 0098-21-8915861 8906410; transformer

Ministry,Felestin St.,

Fanavary Danesh Sabz Co. No.42,4th Floor, No.446, East Ferdowsi Tehran 0098-21-4001055-4001 4050849; Veterinary drugs

Blvd., 057, 4050819, 405089

Mr. Hamid Johari Tehrani No.243,2nd Floor, Aluminum Bldg., Tehran 0098-21-6728354 ( ) 672-8354 yarn-acrylic tops

Jomhoori St.,

Morvarid Tricot trading Co. Tehran 0098-21-6950359 ( ) 695-0359 yarns-woolen, viscose

Asre Bahman ( ABC) No.49,Bahman Bldg., Saba St., Africa Ave., Tehran 0098-21-22018144 ( 4) 490-7004

Pars Keyhan Kavosh Co.

Altaf Export Co.Ltd., Mr. Lalit Unadcat 526, 15th Khordad Ave., Tehrani Bldg., Tehran 0098 21 55638846, 55638807,; Agro- Chick peas pistachio almonds 09121164983 asafotida hing figs dry fruits etc.

Kimia Pajooh Co. No.60,Next to Motahari Bridge, Modaress Tehran 0098-21-88839407 0098-21-88839594; Aluminum anodizing


Serkan Filter 3rd Floor, Serkan Zanjan 0098-21-88016383 ( 8) 801-7651 auto-filter, filter adhisive, paper filter, filter

Bldg., machinery

harkat Sazane Toos Co. No.41,42,4th Floor, No.85/1,Mollasadra St., tehran 0098-21-88069382-4, ( 8) 806-9385 auto-propeller shaft,yoke for passenger cars

Vanak Sq., and heavy trucks, distributors

Country trading gate 5th Floor, No.246, Kaveh Blvd., Dolat St. Tehran 0098-21-22572283,4 0098-21-22593299; bitumen

Alborz Ceramic Co. No.19/2-Etehad Alley, South Shiraz Tehran 0098-21-88055890-3 ( 8) 806-1852 building material, ceramica and tiles

St.Mollasadra Ave

Karavan Gazal trading Co. No.7,Nasr Alley,Molavi St., Khoramshahr 0098-6324223900 cement

Nejati Trading Co. #3,No.19,Gilan St.,Akhavan Ave., Pasdaran Tehran 0098-21-22848808 cement


Salar Gold Star Co. No.7,Milad Bulding,Hejrat Dead end, Karaj 0098-261-465874 0098-261-465874 cement

Rastakhiz Blvd,Gohardasht

Arya barzan Pars No.15,West Gilan,2nd Boustan St., Tehran 0098-21-22849301 cement and steel

Pasdaran Ave.,

Dailaman Industrial & production Co. 4th Floor, No.91, Kamyar Bldg., After Tehran 0098-21-22275044 22585907/ 22275186 Chemical-sodium cyanide

Mohseni, Mirdamad Blvd.,Dr. Shariati

Pars Keihan Kavosh Co. No.322, Aria Commercial Building, 3rd Shiraz 0098-711-2226669 2226632; complete production line for PET mineral

Floor, Dashti Bazar, Tohod St water bottling

Chagalesh Consulting Engineers No.63,madjelesi St., Larestan Ave., Tehran 0098-21-88804770-4 88804778; construction and engineering Co.

Shayanik Eng. Co. Apt.11, No.284,Dr. Beheshti Ave., Tehran 0098-21-88752117 88752112; consulting co. and service providers

Arak Petrochemical Co. Enghelab Ave., Zip code:15996 Tehran 0098-21-33130634 0098-862-3623057 contact numbers of M/s Carbon Ever Floe in


Dooman Co. 4th Floor, No.6,Mahnaz Alley, Opp. Balal Tehran 0098-21-22018235-8 ( 2) 204-2444 contact numbers of M/s Itar Essar

Mosque, Vali Asr Ave.,

Toseh Barekat Asia 3rd Floor, No.1.382, Shahid Beheshti Ave., Tehran 0098-21-88746416 ( 8) 873-8958 contact numbers of M/s Kirloskar Oil Engine

in india

Fazli Shop No.10,GF,Aghdasyeh bazar Tehran 0098-21-55624452 ( 5) 580-2998 contact numbers of M/s Mount Hill's

Industries in INDIA

Masoud Nami Trading Co. No.106,West Pirouzi, Nasr Place, Tehran 0098-21-88266419 88269447; contact numbers of M/s Pepsico Indian Holdings Private limited in INDIA

Pioneer Carbon Black 16,eskan Bldg., Tehran 0098-21-88789240/ 88787776; contact numbers of some Indian co. and

88783544 tyres-tubes manufacturers in INDIA

bahman Coh Co. No.65,1st Floor, Khoramshahr Ave., Tehran 0098-21-88761542 88765654; contact numbers of some Indian companies

Barara Ghaem Magham Farahani, No.130 Tehran 0098-21-88305028 88830220; contact numbers of some Indian companies

Karoon Khoozestan Co. Corner of Neshat, Azadeghan St. Ahvaz 0098-611-2222943 2222547; contact numbers of some Indian companies active in tyre manufacturing

Iran Dantex No.28,Motaghian St.,Hassani St.,Farmanieh Tehran 0098-21-2287828- ( ) 228-3211 contact numbers of Some of Indian

22287826/ 22832001/ Companies

Milad Trading Co. Tehran 0098-21-33919065 cosmetics, hygeinic products, shampoo,

perfume, toothpaste

Esandari 0098-21-44235315; dye

Rasa Electrron Co. No.41,5th Floor, Tavakol Bldg., Jomhoori Tehran 0098-21-66700205 66724408; electronic componenta and computer

Ave., network accessories

Foolad Hadid Iran Next to Atlas Baft, Sarv Blvd.,Golha Yazd 0098-3124-5239228 7272228; info@fulad hadid facilities granted by Exim Bank Of India

SQ.,Khazar Abad Industrial City yazd .com

Mr. Ghoroori Block No.9,Entrance3, 9th Floor,Apadana Tehran 0098-21-44653484 44632660; galvanized steel sheet


Iran Gelatin Capsule Orkideh Building, Unit 23,6th Floor, 2nd Tehran 0098-21-22221406 22221445; gelatin

St.,shah Nazari St.,Mirdamad Ave.,Mohseni

International Exhibition Industries, Unit7,No.13,Toopchi St., North Sohrevardi Tehran 0098-21-88763643 general traders, merchant exporters

Hamava Tajhiz Ave.,

SALARIAN Trading Co. No.3, 3rd Floor, Bolour Passage, Timche tehran 0098-21-55619985 ( 5) 562-3885 glass ware

Hajebo dolleh bazzar

Kaveh Glass Group No.8,Lida St., Vali Asr Ave, Vanak sq., Tehran 0098-21-88878950 ( 8) 887-8952 glass, coating, soda ash

M. S. Pathwal 291,Zahir Uleslam Tehran ( 7) 753-1308 0098-21-77636016 Hot rolled round bars annaeled special, hot

rolled flat bars,

Kumatsu Power Shop No.46,Between Tavakol and Tehran 0098-21-66639060/666 ( 8) 874-5225 hydraulic pumps/electric parts for road

Taleghani,45m.old karaj Road 37024-5 construction machinery

Persian Tejarat Co. Apt15,#16, Hoveyzeh Sharghi Tehran 0098-21-88512925, 88515883; hygienic products-shampoo, razor, baby

St.,Sohrevardi Shomali 88753829 diaper, friutjuice, soap

Sabooye Ilam Packing Co. No.10,NAGHDI St., Between Mofateh and Tehran 0098-21-88745997, 88755996;nemad_co@yahoo.c importer of grains and licorice

parsa, Motahari Ave., 88745585 om

Sepehr Industrial Mineral Exporters No.19/4,East Saeb tabrizi St., North Abbass Tehran 0098-21-88031888 ( 8) 803-7733 Importers of dried fruits and nuts, raisins

Co. Shirazi, Mollasadra Ave

Kapour Seyd Co. P.O.Box:585 Mahshahr,Khozest indian companies active in tuna fishing


Industries Management Services No.2,4th Floor, 8th Alley, Behrooz St., Tehran 0098-21-22256815-222 22250661; INSPECTION Emission of Tankers with the

Center Madar Sq., 56805 help of Indian co.

Pars Azmun No.4&6, Shahid Hosseini St., Parjam Tehran 0098-261-3408268 ( ) 340-8269 invest in India-export promotion

Fazel Zohrabpout Trading Co. No.7,3rd Floor, Abassi Bldg,Ferdowsi Ave., Tehran 0098-21-8830009/ 8820697-8833769; iron and steel scrap


Samen Tiva Co. No.3,Shahrestani Alley,Khaje Nasir Tehran 0098-21-77609589 Iron melting factories

St.,Taleghani Cross Rd.,

Arian Gam Chemie Co. 1st Floor, No.21,Atisaz Bldg., Chamran High Tehran 0098-21-2340252-2342 22340447; machinery for production of fine

way, 002-22340447 tubes-tube-aluminum fine tubes

Pooya Andishan Co. Unit5,3rd Floor,No.22,Narges Bldg.,Corner Tehran 0098-21-88504536/887 ( 8) 873-3484 match-chemical raw material, potassium

of 12th St.,Beihaghi St.,Argantin Sq., 54336 chlorate

Zagros Trading Co. medicinal plant-herbal medicine

Aria Atrin Co. Tehran 0098-21-33905517-339 ( 3) 397-3772 Metal-tin plate


Kolbe Trading Co. No.21,Shahed St., Karimkhan Zand Tehran 0098-21-88807825 88807827; Mustard Flour,Glycerine, Guar Gum, Cocoa

Ave.,Vali Asr Sq., Butter

Secretariat of Research and hamsoogaran Communication Co. offering public relation/commercial services

Investigation Group

Ekbatan Pars Co. No.58,5th Laleh Alley,North Shahin ,West Tehran 0098-21-4440.4512 paper

Hemmat, Jannat Abad

Rasa co. No.21, Naeemi St., Mirzaye Shirazi St., Tehran 0098-21-88729100 88720128;
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