Tourism in uzbekistan

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Tourism in Uzbekistan by Gulposhsha Yuldasheva
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Yuldasheva Gulposhsha


Tashkent 2022

The Chairman of the School Union
Young Academy”
Abdullayeva Malika Mahmudjanovna

The young leaner:
Yuldasheva Gulposhsha

The teacher:
Sherova Feruza



1. What is tourism?
2. Why are tourists interested in Uzbekistan?
3. How is Uzbekistan’s touristic ability?
4. Is Uzbekistan modern or ancient?

8''S'' grade student Gulposhsha Yuldasheva has explained the topic of Tourism in Uzbekistan with the necessary information about the historical sites of our country. She has researched scientifically in data collection. Also she studied extensively about 4 largest tourist cities of Uzbekistan. The topic that she has chosen is very relevant to the present. The scientific work was analyzed according to the plan. Additionally, she was able to reveal all the information in numbers. I beleive that scientifical research will arouse strong interest in our students.

I am Gulposhsha Yuldasheva from 8”S”, school number 300, Tashkent. Now I want to tell you about my new book. It is “Tourism in Uzbekistan”. Also I think you have some questions to me. Why did you choose this theme? I can say that, my favourite subjects are English, Maths, History and Geography. One day we read some informations about tourism and I interested in tourism. Tourism of Uzbekistan focused me. I decided to write it. So my teachers helped me.
In first, I wrote about tourism and its types. Then I wanted to write Uzbekistan’s historical attractive cities and how they get visitors attention. In third plan I tried to give facts about how is Uzbekistan’s touristic ability. Also in this plan I wrote answers to these questions: How are Uzbekistan’s terms with other republics? How can Uzbekistan invite tourists? In last plan I give a question which is “Is Uzbekistan modern or ancient?” I think every uzbek person knows Uzbekistan’s daily life. Each person in the world knows their native’s daily life. Nowadays, Uzbekistan is improving its cities and it is making development in each branches. I wrote some facts about them in this plan.
In my opinion, everybody should know some facts about their native’s tourism. My advice for them is never stop looking up.

Tourism is one of the growing and high income-generating industries in the world, which contributes to strengthening of international socio-economic, cultural and spiritual relationships. Uzbekistan pays considerable attention to the development of tourism as one of the leading countries in the world. However, study and analysis of this issue raised a wide layer of problems, related to the development of tourism.
Tourism separates into 6 types: historical tourism, ethnic tourism, cultural tourism, adventure tourism, health and religious tourisms.

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