Today is emphasized as an unprecedented technological advancement in the world. Science is an advantageous access to attain one’s goal in future

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Today is emphasized as an unprecedented technological advancement in the world. Science is an advantageous access to attain one’s goal in future. In order to utilize modern technology and learn all scientific information, subjects are first basis of knowledge. However there is an issue that is the subject efficiently for pupils in their future or are they an assistant of the education system of society? As far as me, subjects are a main contrivances of new talents because pupils who are school-aged have a chance to opt their occupation in future throughout learning the subjects whichever they want.

To begin with, as full-fledged members of this community, pupils are provided with the news of the world. However, it is covered with subject as bind a book that it is adapted for their age. In order to find their career way in future, pupils weight all subjects and choose one of them which is fit for their interests. In this case it is an indispensable to be challenged them for being busy with subjects. That means that there is a guide to lead them some kind of fields and this matter is solved out concerning their personnel trait. In addition, knowledge in subjects which were taken from early childhood will bring inevitable prospect in time when they grow up. For example, in developed and developing countries, such as Chinese , Russia Uzbekistan, Japan knowing foreign languages is compulsory subjects and it will be an access of working foreign country or earning extra money out of main speciality. Besides, at the same time training with sport is that if it is main profession of one or hobby is useful anyhow, such as being famous, healthy, teaching sports. Moreover, today condition is required to possess knowledge of computer science. Being aware of all subject as a specialist, however it will be beneficial for one’s future in anyway.

On the other hand, subjects is not only useful for own life but also it is easy way to make active contribution for their society. However, taught knowledge from subject is possibly to assist for another countries’ developing through the specialists. Because, most pupil in their adult time have an inclination to enter foreign prestigious university and stay there to earn great deal of money, however admittedly, knowledge which was helped to enter such kind of universities was learned from school subject. Subjects are nothing far more than assist of individuals’ future career that is likely a method of collecting relevant backgrounds.

To conclude, subjects are real system of adults’ to enter university and and possess some kind of information about the world. There is any proportion of one who knows subjects to the society out of patriot fame. It brings profit for only own personality.
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