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Flat No. 304, Farishta Complex Station road,

Durg (Chattisgarh)

Ph. No. 0788 – 2330078, 4042192, 3202266
Tailor (Measurement Only)



  • We have got very systematic and Planned Approach to get your work computerized.


  • Basic Working Method.

Part 1- The masters as customer details, cloth details, cloth templates of your organizations will be created.


Part 2- Regular Order Booking will be entered.


We Have Got Very Systematic And Planned Approach To Get Your Work Computerized

Working Method :

Details: - In our working method we use all our experience to analyze your work , possible working complications, your needs related to master, invoicing and reporting needs. We have got very systematic approach with readymade forms for it. We also suggest better possible working solutions to you.

Benefits: - We get your initial work started in systematic manner and shift your work in proper analyzed system so you get maximum benefit of the product with least effort and get better options.

Analyzing your business and planning the work as per your working system

Details: - When we analyze your work we get to know the proper needs and as per our experience we suggest you and plan so your daily work needs gets fulfilled properly with future options. We do the working as per your exact working needs in a planned manner.

Benefits: - You’re actual working system gets shifted systematically and in short period of time it starts running easily. You get the solutions before the need arises as we plan it for future. We cover all taxation and year end needs too while our approach planning

We implementing with service support

Details: - We provide our person and expert experience to help you shift the work

Benefits:- You get your work shifted with less effort even if you or your operator is much trained then also you get complete technical as well as practical working assistance from us as we can suggest the precautions and needs of successful computerization steps in each point of working.

Net Based Support

Details: - We got strong net based module and our own web server system to support you.

Benefits: - You don’t have any dependency on any person in particular for support you just ask our support office and your problems will be rectified. Our system is so easy that you don’t need to do anything just download a file and run it. You don’t have to wait for any person for solutions

Association Benefits

Details: - We are not just software developers we are team of expert people to help you manage your work better. We got big clientele base and we keep upgrading things as per the need of market and our support system and our whole working concept is based on support and service oriented work. We got big setup to support you always.

Benefits: - When you join us you don’t need to worry about your future software requirements or services or any complication related to your work as we provide all kind of support always. We are team of business related people, It people, Account Experts so we provide you proper solutions and support always.

Systematic and planned approach computerization

Details :- We plan your work fix a completion target with reports to keep your work track on day to day basis

Benefits : - Your work gets completed systematically and in less time with no complication.

Excellent software product with lots of options

Details: - This is a big product with lots of options and business control concept.

Benefits: - You not only get a stock / inventory management package but a complete business control and profitability working system concept with it. As it has got lots of options so when you feel the need of new options you have not to search for upgrading or getting it developed you can just on and off it so you get least dependency and get a product which is planned for current as well as your future needs.



The masters of your organizations will be created
Area :-

Area is used to identify the sales parties based on their location, route etc.
You get different reports as

Area Wise Sales

Area Wise Outstanding

Area Wise Party List

Area Wise Loading Charts
You enter credit customer’s detail.

You can open different cloths you stitch


You make cloth wise templates for measurements

Order Booking
You enter order with measurement.

Order Booking Format


Order No - 14

Name : Nilima Sahu

Date – 18/05/2008

Addr :- G.E. Road Raipur

Delivered Date : 25/05/2008

Description :












Sleeves length


Cutting Style

Sleeves moree


Sleeves mundha




Open make


Front neck



Back neck


V neck

Download 291 Kb.

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