Therapy Paper: Assignment Guidelines General Psychology 2301 Professsor Fauria

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Therapy Paper: Assignment Guidelines

General Psychology 2301 Professsor Fauria

Read module 40 “The Psychological Therapies” in your Myers textbook.

Next, view the film Ordinary People, (1980). The movie stars Timothy Hutton, Donald Sutherland and Mary Tyler Moore. You may rent it and watch it at home or watch it at Lone Star College Library. It is on a 2 hour reserve there. This movie is at the library for the entire semester. If you watch it early in the semester just remember to take notes to refer to later on. Do not wait until the last night before the paper is due to watch the movie!
Write a Therapy Paper that explains the five different therapeutic approaches listed in your text: 1) Psychoanalytic 2) Humanistic 3) Behavioral 4) Cognitive and 5) Group and Family Therapy, using all or some, of the family members in Ordinary People. You can be as creative as you like in how you write this paper. For example, you may want to think of yourself as five different therapists. Each therapist has been asked to provide treatment to this family in crisis. Delineate each of the five different therapeutic approaches and the techniques that would be used to treat the family or an individual member of the family. Be creative and have fun. However, be sure to use the appropriate terminology for each therapeutic discipline so that I know you are familiar with each therapeutic approach and its verbiage.
This essay will be worth 100 points. Everyone is required to submit a paper. Four, double-spaced typed pages (almost a page per therapeutic discipline) is appropriate. Please no cover sheets or folders. Place your name at the top right hand side of the paper, add the course name and number on the next line below your name, on the third line list the semester and year. Write Professor Fauria on the fourth and last line.
I do not accept papers through email. This paper is due on the due date. Any late papers will have points deducted regardless of excuse.

Download 12.68 Kb.

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