The theme: Discussion Objectives

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The theme: Discussion


To develop pupils speaking and writing skills.

Adding new vocabulary

Vocabulary: comment, employed, permanent, residence, application, submit, assure, prior, consideration, appreciate, extra-curricular, confusing, disaster, delighted, software, exact, whirled, browse, nonsense, fascinating, virtual, threaten, transferred, scared, surfing, computer-literate skills, web-based, button, Spam, unfair, sorrow

Visuals: handouts, cards, crosswords, video projector.

Summary of the lessons

Answer the following questions.
1. Out of 100 how many Americans lose their occupation every year?
2. Out of 100 how many Americans change their jobs every year?
3. What does the statistics say about the jobs that each American
undergoes during his/her life?
4. What is the reason that makes Americans be involved in different
occupations during their lifetime?
5. What problem does practically each American face in his lifetime?
6. Which sector of American Economy provides jobs for majority of
7. Where is it easier to find jobs at present in the USA?
8. What does the Bureau of Labour Statistics foresee in the field of
creation of new working places for the Americans in nearest future?
9. Why do you think the people lose or change their occupations in the
conditions of Market Economy?
10. Did such problem exist at the period of planned Economy?

11. Under what circumstances the competition at labour market could

be considered as a positive feature?
12. When does the most jobs switching occur - early in one’s career, in

Suggested literature:

1. Бокиева Г.Х., Pашидова Ф.М. ва бошкалар. Scale-up Student’s book. Coutrse 1,2,3-T:

Гофур Гулом, 2015

2. Бокиева Г.Х., рашидова Ф.М. ва бошкалар. Scale-up Workbook’s book. Coutrse 1,2,3-T:

Гофур Гулом, 2015

3. Kerr P., Jones C. Straightforward. Intermediate Student’s book. 2nd edition-Macmillan,2007

4. Martin Seviour "Word Wise” “SHARQ" PUBLISHING HOUSE. 1997

5. Michael Vince: Macmillan English Grammar in Context Intermediate, 2007

6. Grammarway 1 Jenny Dooley-Virginia Evans 2004
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