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Growing upwards

The previous section looked at some different ways of honing your current craft through teaching, speaking, learning and socializing. However, for people that want to get into management but feel stuck as to how to do so, how could you be entrepreneurial with your time so that you get experience of what lies above you in the org chart?

  • Speak out! This almost goes without saying, but if you’re interested in getting into management, or progressing further than you already are, then you need to make that known. This allows your conversations with your manager to start aligning around the skills and experience that you’re going to need to work towards. Bring it up as soon as possible; don’t wait for end of year reviews. If an opportunity arises, you will be front of mind.

  • Shadowing: Your manager will be doing all sorts of activities that you currently aren’t privy to. These can include meetings with their peers in the department, steering meetings about roadmap, budget and priorities, or reporting up into the executive. Why not ask to see whether you could attend some of these sessions to hear the discussion and get involved. You will naturally gain access to other notable people in the company by doing so, and this can help grow your network.

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