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Actively seeking training: Don’t wait to be asked whether you would like to go to a conference, just ask! If you find out there is no budget, see if there are some cheaper alternatives. Perhaps you could volunteer at the event in exchange for a free ticket. Additionally, ask whether the company could arrange other types of training that you might find useful, such as public speaking classes or finding you an external coach. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

  • Seeking out the latest ideas: Spend time during the week reading the latest developments in your industry, via news aggregator websites such as Hacker News or Reddit or via articles, such as the ones here on Medium. Perhaps have a browse while you eat your lunch each day. If you find something cool, share it with your team. Could one of these ideas be used in your next piece of work? What do your team think about it?

  • Building your network: Think about how you can make influential connections both inside and outside the business. For the former, get introduced to those that you think are influential in different departments. See if they’re up for a chat. How does their world work? For the latter, take the plunge and go to that interesting meet-up where you can connect with other likeminded people who work for different companies, even if it means going on your own. You’ll probably learn a bunch of new things and have a lot to offer others as well.

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