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Alixonova Dilbar Muxtarovna

on the theme “Types of assessment in Uzbekistan institutions”

In this work, the significance of types of assessment and usage of them are shown. To be a creative and good educator, we must know every subject of the English language and methods, ways to train effectively and of course, how to assess. High quality of teaching performs a crucial role in students’ success. It is strongly believed that teaching is successful only if we cause learning related to aim and important task of the teacher, should not be just fulfillment of his profession, but it should exceed it and become a realization of his mission as a distributor of knowledge and education of new generations. The research work focuses on the issues of some types of assessment during teaching and assessting students in teaching. The author tries to analyze the principles, methods and testing methods in communicative language teaching in Uzbekistan.

The work is consisted of several chapters of actuality, theoretical and practical parts, methods and techniques used during the lesson, conclusion and used literature.

The first part is devoted to origin and definition of the concept assessment, principles and some scientist who worked and searched on the theory. Here the author analyzes the given ideas by scholars and linguists. All the information is proved with examples and practical implementation of them.

Reviewer: N. A. Khashimova, PhD

1 The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Article 31

2 Data from official websites of IMF and WB

3 Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 371 dated by December 29, 2012 "On the introduction of system of rating assessment of higher educational establishments of the Republic".

4 Mathematics educator Marylin Burns.

5 Regulation on higher education. Registration number by Ministry of Justice, № 1222 dated 22 February 2003

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