The present perfect tense in the Passive voice

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lesson 1
Rekursiya tushunchаsi, 6-SINF.Yevrosiyo materigining issiq iqlim mintaqalari, 11111111, emotsinal xolatlar mavzusida slayd, Илёсга, Илёсга, Илёсга, 186fbdc5335fd45e1410a939476f8f1a (1), Ametov M 1-2-lab, Suvanov, Must. ishlar taqs., Must. ishlar taqs., Энг, энг, энг.... (География), Энг, энг, энг.... (География), Энг, энг, энг.... (География)


Lesson 1

Ажратилган соат – 2 соат

TEXT:Investigating skills

The present perfect tense in the Passive voice

1.Match the inventions and the inventors.

A) telescope 1. Hans Lippershey

B) aspirin 2. Elias Howe

C)computer 3. Galileo Galilei

D)microscope 4. Charls Babbage

E) sewing mashine 5. Felix Hoffmann
2.Match the words and their definitions.

1. Hypothesis

a) Make a judgment based on criteria; determine the value of

2. Requisite

b) Make clear or plain

3. Clarify

c) Something which is probably true, though it cannot be proved

4. Incessantly

d) Express, concisely, the relevant details

5. Justify

e) Putting together various

elements to make a whole

6. Constantly

f) ontinuously, not stopping

7. Investigate

g) Support an argument or conclusion

8. Consistently

h) All the time

9. Summarize

i) A belief that something is true

10. Assumption

j) Necessary

11. Synthesize

k) Plan, inquire into and draw

conclusions about

12. Evaluate

1) Always at the same level

7 Read the text and decide what the following numbers stand for.

1. 1876 ____________________________________

2. 1847 ____________________________________

3. 1,093____________________________________

4. 9000 ____________________________________

5. 1882 ____________________________________

6. 1928_____________________________________

Thomas Edison is considered to be one of history’s most well-known inventors, whose contributions to the modern era transformed the lives of people all over the world. He is the one who is the author of creations like electric light bulb, typewriter, electric pen, phonograph, motion picture camera and alkaline storage battery — to the talking doll. Moreover, in 1876 he built his famous laboratory in Menta Park, New Jersey to “conduct experimentations. Edison and his wife Mary had a house which was near his work place, Edison often became so involved in his work that he stayed overnight in the lab as he considered “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration.”

The father of the creations of XIX century was born in Milan, Ohio on February 11, 1847. He attended a formal school for only a short time when he was seven years old. His mother was a tutor and taught him to be fond of reading. Love for experimenting and mechanical things developed when Edison received his first chemistry set. Edison was mostly deaf He lost most of his hearing at the age of twelve when a conductor pulled him onto a train by his ears. But, he did not let his disability stop his love of learning. Creating experiments was Thomas Edison’s passion. Astonishingly, in all he held 1.093 patents for his inventions. It took him 9,000 experiments to perfect the light bulb. He believed that people's greatest weakness lies in giving up and the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. He never quit. After inventing a lighting bulb in September 4,1882, he kept working on the idea of lightening the world, as he believed there is always a way to do the work better and he tried to find it. As a result, Edison’s Pearl Street Station delivered power to a one square mile section of Manhattan for the first time Edison continued to work on several projects and experiments till the end of his life. In 1928, he was awarded with the Congressional Gold Medal,presented to him at the Edison Laboratory.

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