Text: Aircraft Instruments New words to the text: Read the text. Aircraft instruments

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Lesson 2

Text: Aircraft Instruments New words to the text:


Aircraft instruments are basically devices for obtaining information about the aircraft and its environment, and for presenting that information to the pilot in a concise form. Their purpose is to detect, measure, record, process and analyze the variables encountered in flying an aircraft. They are mainly electrical, electronic or gyro­ scope. They are concerned with the behaviors of the engines, the speed, height and attitude of the aircraft and its whereabouts. Instruments concerned with the whereabouts 'of an aircraft are navigation instru­ments and these are dealt with separately in Lesson 13. Lesson 12 is concerned with instruments that obtain and present information on flight (excluding whereabouts and direction), propulsion, fuel, air-frame, electrical and pressure systems. The history of the development of aircraft instruments shows a movement away from instruments that merely obtain and present information to those that automatically do something about the in­ formation they receive. For example, at one time an instrument would have told a pilot that his aircraft was nose-down and. it would have been left to the pilot to take corrective action manually if necessary.

Nowadays it is often the case that a pilot will "instruct" an automatic system, for example, to fly level, and the appropriate instrument will usually show the "instruction" is being "obeyed" and only exception­ ally that something is wrong because the automatic system has failed. A modern aircraft cockpit looks on first sight to consist of a be­wildering array of instruments that no human being could ever master or understand. It looks as though so much information presented si­multaneously could never be absorbed by a small team of two to four people with any certainty. However, Instrument panels are designed in such a way that instruments are grouped logically so that to a pilot it is an "open book".

New words to the text:

altimeter ['æltɪmi:tə] альтиметр, высотомер

bar [bɑ:] стержень; полоса

behaviour [bɪ'heɪvjə ] характеристики

boost pressure давление наддува, давление подкачки

branched pipe ответвленный трубопро­вод; патрубок;

труба с разветвлениями

device [dɪ'vaɪs] устройство; механизм; приспо­собление

direction indicator указатель курса

directional gyro курсовой гироскоп; гирополукомпас

environment [in'vaɪər(ə)nmənt] окружающая среда

gauge [geɪʤ] измерительный прибор; манометр; Syn: measure, scale

gyro horizon авиагоризонт

head [hed] головка

horizon [hə'raɪz(ə)n] горизонт; авиагоризонт

induction [ɪn'dʌkʃ(ə)n] впуск; всасывание

machmeter [‘mɑ:kmi:tə] указатель числа Маха

master engine основной двигатель

meter ['mi:tə] измерять

propulsion [prə'pʌlʃ(ə)n] тяга; силовая установка

sharp turn крутой разворот

skid [skɪd] скользить (при развороте)

slip [slɪp] скользить; Syn: glide , slide , steal

straight and level flight прямолинейный горизонтальный полет

pitot tube трубка Пито; питометр

turn-bank indicator указатель крена и поворота

wide turn пологий разворот


I. Translate this frase from this words on the text ; altimeter, device.

airborne altimeter, aircraft' altimeter, cabin altimeter, landing Meter, radar altimeter, radio altimeter; automatic navigation device, calibration device, sensing device;

II. Read and translate.

образец: airspeed (air+speed) воздушная скорость

а) airbus, airflow, airframe, airline, airliner, airscrew; lifeboat, liferaft, lifetime;

radioactivity, radiolocation, radioman, radiosonde, radiotelemetry, radiotelephone; sideline, sidegust, sideslip, sidewash;

tailcone, tailhook, tailpiece, tailpipe, tailplane;

windscreen, windshield, windstream;

b) airplane, floatplane, seaplane, tailplane;

aircraft, spacecraft;

airship, spaceship;

airman, crewman, spaceman, weatherman;

airport, spaceport;

nosewheel, tailwheel;

ampermeter, flowmeter, voltmeter.

III. Use the to be going to place of the Future Indefinite tense:

1. We shall leave soon. 2. She will tell me something interesting. 3.I shall wait for her a little. 4. It will snow. 5. The weather will become warm. 6. They will meet us at the airport. 7. The plane will start soon.

Ask each other:

-if I have ever been on board Boeing 747.

-when I was there last.

-if I go to the airport by bus or by underground.

-how I get to the airport.

-if I went to London for pleasure or on business.

-what I went there for.

-if I learn radiotelephone phraseology.

-what I am learning it for ... etc.
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