Teaching mixed ability classes

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Theme: Teaching In mixed ability classes

341th GROUP.


Causes of mixed ability classes

  • Background knowledge
  • Learning style
  • Learning speed
  • Personality features (interests, motivation,self confidence)
  • Types of intelligence

Problem Statement

Teaching mixed ability classes is a common problem especially in state schools. Because these classes consist of students with different levels and these differences make it more difficult for teachers to get all students involved. The stonger students can get bored if the teacher spend time explaining to the weaker ones or ıf the teacher explain according to stronger students the weaker students do not want try.

Teaching problems

How can teachers be successful in mixed ability classes?


Survey and class meeting

Suitable materials

Group acivities

Seating plan

Treatment 1

  • Getting know all the students’level(By making survey or class meettings)
  • Teachers should be aware of varied needs and learning styles of students so that they can provide a number of teaching approaches that will fullfill these needs in a way that activities are suitably challenges.

Treatment 2

Using suitable materials for everyone(high achievers,average students and weak students)

The teacher should select and design the materials and exam paper according to students’ level.

Treatment 3

  • Doing group activities to get all students involved and motivated
  • The teacher can set the class in groups according to the levels of their language and then prepare different materials for each group or use different types of activities which are competitive and cooperative.

Treatment 4

  • Doing seating plan
  • There is no certain best plan suitable for each class. But the teacher can apply accordingly considering the target behaviour and class level.

Thank you for your attention

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