Teacher: Ibrohimova Shahlo Class level: elementary Number of students: 15 Date and time

Anticipating problems for teacher: to keep eye-contact, managing the time

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Anticipating problems for teacher: to keep eye-contact, managing the time.
Solution: by holding eye contact about 4 to 5 seconds at a time or as much time as it takes you to register the color of their eyes, by looking their watch during activities




Interaction mode

Teacher makes a cheat chat: How are you?; What kind of news have you heard?; How is the weather today?. Teacher writes key words on blackboard in order to predict the new topic.


5 min


In order to check homework from all students T divides Ss into 4 groups and asks to create their family tree with sentences. And T distributes paper and colorful pens. After finishing their works one S from each group will come to the blackboard and present their work to class.

10 min

Small groups

Activity 1. Ss will listen a song according to the new topic and act as T does. After the song T writes new words to the blackboard and explains.


4 min


Activity 2. Ss will open their workbooks and look at the exercise 5. T teaches the usage of “than” and explains the exercise. Ss will do the exercise with a ball as a game in order to make the lesson fun.

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