Task Write ten sentences on the topic: (5 points for each grammatically and logically correct sentence). Total: 50 Points

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Task 1. Write ten sentences on the topic: (5 points for each grammatically and logically correct sentence).Total: 50 Points

  1. My district and My family

  2. My favorite book

  3. My favorite newspaper

  4. My favorite video film

  5. My favorite writer

  6. My first journey

  7. My friend

  8. My Future Career

  9. My grandmother’s countryhouse

  10. My hobby

  11. My last day off

  12. My school

  13. My work at the foreign trade company

  14. Sport in my life

  15. My leisure activities

  16. My dream house

  17. Mass media in my life

  18. How did I spend last summer?

  19. My position about weddings

Task 2.Write the correct answer to the following question on specialty (with four sentences). (grammar competence-5 points, vocabulary -5 points, topic-related answer-10 points ). Total: 20 Points

  1. What is web hosting?

  2. What types of web hosting do you know?

  3. What is social media?

  4. What does the TCO stand for? What is the function of TCO?

  5. What is a traditional pricing model?

  6. What is a tiered pricing model?

  7. What is a freemium pricing model?

  8. What is subscription-pricing model?

  9. What is freeware?

  10. What is adware?

  11. What does CAD stand for? Which of the features are useful for CAD software?

  12. Which method of communicating do you prefer and why?

  13. What is a face – to – face communication?

  14. What is a video/telephone communication?

  15. What do you think are advantages of video conferencing over face – to – face meeting?

  16. What is e – commerce?

  17. What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet shopping?

  18. What do you think are the advantages of e – learning over face – to – face learning?

  19. Why is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) useful?

  20. When a company buys new technology, how important is it to train users?

  21. What is document archiving?

  22. What is a requirement analysis?

  23. What makes a website easy or difficult to use?

  24. What does FAQ stand for? Where you can meet it?

  25. What is a fan site is?

  26. What does SEO stand for? What is the function of SEO?

  27. What does a web developer do?

  28. What is a programing code? How important is it?

  29. What is project management?

  30. What is the difference between alpha and beta testing?

  31. What was the last problem you had with an electronic device? What other problems could happen?

  32. When you have problems with a device, what do you do? How can you find help?

  33. What is the difference between shared and dedicated web hosting?

  34. What is IP address and what is it used for?

  35. What are the common pricing models?

  36. What are some current trends in IT?

  37. In what ways can social networking systems help in your study?

  38. What are the advantages and disadvantages of social networking?

  39. What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

  40. What do e – commerce websites use cookies for?

  41. What is a troubleshooting guide?

  42. What does to escalatemean in IT Solution?

  43. What does RSI stand for? How does it affect the health?

  44. What does electric shock mean?

  45. What does CV stand for? What questions does it include?

  46. What is short circuit?

  47. What information does personal skills in CV?

  48. What is minimum in IT solution?

  49. What is bloatware?

  50. What is bill?

  51. What is Project management?

  52. What is a Gantt chart?

  53. What is time management and why is it important?

  54. What is beta testing?

  55. What is alpha testing?

  56. What is a business plan?

  57. What is an investigation?

  58. What is a memory card used for?

  59. What is the purpose of a curriculum vitae?

  60. What happens when you reboot your computer?

Task 3. Write the CV about yourself with the following headings. (6 points per each correct answer: grammar competence-3 points, lexical competence-3 points) Total: 30 Points

  1. Personal information

  2. Subjects/Occupational skills covered

  3. Position held

  4. Main activities and responsibilities

  5. Education and training

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