Task American holidays

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Task-2. American holidays.

There are many holiday in the world as they are in America.

Most of holidays celebrated in the. United States are also celebrated in many other countries: Christmas, Easter and New Year’s Day from part of the holiday tradition throughout most of Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Other holidays were brought to the United States by members of different ethnic groups who immigrated to North America.

January. New Year’s Day marks the beginning of a new year and the end of the “holiday season”, the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas Schools, government offices and most businesses are closed. People celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Martin Luther King’s birthday is celebrated on the third Monday of the month. King became a black leader of national importance.

February. Valentine’s Day is one of popular holidays with school children. Presidents’ Day is a day when Americans honor men who were the Presidents of the United States. Federal offices are closed on this holiday, but schools and most businesses are open. They observe Lincoln’s birthday and Washington’s Birthday. March. Saint Patrice’s day.

March 17 celebrated to honor the patron saint of Ireland has become a day for wearing a symbolic green clothing. In New York, the home of large numbers of Irish immigrants St. Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated.

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