Task 2 written assignments: Spreadsheets and formulae: Ex page 28

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Task 2 written assignments:

1. Spreadsheets and formulae: Ex.4. page 28;

1. cell F 4. row B

2. column E 5. value C

3. formula A 6. worksheet D

2. Databases: Ex.4. page 30;

1. objects 6. form

2. record 7. report

3. fields 8. query the database

4. unique 9. retrieve a record

5. primary key

3. System administration: Ex. 4-5. page 32;

Ex. 4

Worked fine

Problem found

Not mentioned

deploy new software upgrades

deploy new software applications

it is contuning

backup systems

disk drives

set permissions

check logs

reset passwords

Ex. 5.

1. change, set again reset

2. install on many computers at the same time deploy

3. setting on a computer, file or folder that say who can use it permission

4. data that a program or computer produces while it runs, to show how well it is working check

4. Web hosting: Ex. 2-3 page 36;

Ex. 2

1. a system in which each server has only one client's website on it dedicated hosting

2. promise to fix problems replace

3. the time when the service is working within 24 hours

4. the smallest amount or number possible or necessary 0.01%

5. the largest amount of data that can be moved unlimited number

6. a unique number to identify a computer on the internet 8 month

Ex. 3

1. We might demand which they change plans for them.

2. Their guarantee 99.99% and provide 24 - 7 support.

3. No, we must purchase a licence from HostElite.

4. No, we don't

5. No, theirball plans are forba minimum of 8 month.

6. We can transfer our data unlimited number.

5. IT costs: Ex.2 page 38;

1. software service 7. internet cost

2. card reader 8. technical support

3. extended cables 9. spare card

4. battery course 10. purchase licence

5. memory battery 11. training warranty

6. USB charger

6. Product research: Ex 2 page 40;

1. Freemium pricing

2. Subscription pricing

3. Traditional pricing

4. Tiered pricing

5. Traditional pricing

6. Freeware

7. Making recommendations: Ex. 3,4 page 42;

Ex. 3

1. They have a free trial version which their clients can use for 30 days and their costumers don't to pay anything. But to use it after that, a licence costs £ 799.95 and that allows an unlimited number of users.

2. They have not a trial version. They have a version that is free forever. It is limited to one user and won't work on networks but hundreds of thousands of users already have it and they're all happy with it.

3. They have plans to suit all sizes of company. Their lowest pricing tier allows up to eight, so that means their clients will be on the second price tier, which is £ 79 per month.

Ex. 4

1. 3- D drawing tools.

2. instant chat function

3. network capability's , good compatibility with file formats from other software

8. Enterprise social media: Ex. 7-9 page 45;

Ex. 7

I think it will be difficult to create the features mentioned by the manager. Because it takes a lot of time to upgrade security measures as well as train staff to make the system look different

Ex. 9 the black point means false, the white point means true

1. using the current system ●

2. spending time on emails ○

3. working with overseas departments●

4. needing data access at home●

5. importanse of security ○

6. popularity of voice recognition ○
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