Tashkent University of information technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi

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  • trainee

    1. Choose the right word to the definition “a meeting at which people try to improve their skills by discussing their experiences and doing practical exercises”

    1. break

    2. gathering

    3. schedule

    4. workshop

    1. Select the best definition to the word: "hard disk drive"

    1. a board where all the circuits of a computer are placed

    2. the part of a computer that controls what it does

    3. the part of a computer where information is stored

    4. the part of a computer with a screen that shows information or pictures

    1. Select the best definition to the word: "efficient (adj)"

    1. doing something easily

    2. easy to use, understand or operate

    3. moving or happening slowly

    4. work well without wasting time, money or energy

    1. Select the best definition to the word: "automatic (adj)"

    1. doing something manually

    2. having a duty to be in charge of or to look after something

    3. to work with the needing someone to operate it for each part of a process

    4. to work without needing someone to operate it for each part of a process

    1. Select the best definition to the word: "move (v)"

    1. to join something to a computer or telephone network

    2. to put something inside or into something else

    3. to record music, images or other information

    4. to take something and put it in a different place or position

    1. Choose the appropriate answer: Which of the following means a piece of computer equipment with a screen that shows information or pictures?

    1. hard disk drive

    2. memory

    3. monitor

    4. printer

    1. Choose the correct answer:burning a CD means

    1. a software package

    2. backing up data

    3. package from Microsoft.

    4. putting information onto a CD.


    The purpose of an organizational website is to inform about an idea or event. Companies develop commercial websites to sell products or services. Entertainment websites are designed to entertain or provide fun activities. People visit news websites to obtain information. The purpose of a personal website is to provide information about an individual.Social networking websites help people to exchange personal information. Educational websites aim to share knowledge and enable online learning.

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