Sun River Large-Leap future plan – Yoga Clothing industry

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Sun River Large-Leap future plan – Yoga Clothing industry

Since Sun River have the core competency of health and wellness, and have promoted successfully to the target customers. Our target customers viewed our brand as a represent of healthiness and wellness. Thus, our consulting group recommends Sun River to apply the brand image to develop into the yoga clothing industry.

Sun River’s current target market is 22-40 year olds athletic and health conscious with above average income. The targeted customers are one of the major groups of people who doing yoga because yoga is one of the exercises that do not require specific conditions, and is not heavily loaded. Most of the current sports clothing brands such as Nike and Addidas that producing yoga clothes are targeted at a younger generation with brand image of power and coolness instead. Thus, with Sun River’s brand image of healthiness and the unpacked market, our consulting group believes the yoga clothing industry is one of the best large-leap strategies for Sun River.

Although the clothing industry is totally different from the soft drink industry, it requires different equipment and separate promotions, the brand image and core competency of Sun River can be shared across. The brand image of health and wellness can successfully help Sun River to differentiate itself in the yoga clothing industry. The target demographic is also shared. Sun River already has loyal customers and the knowledge about the target segment. In term of the promotion of the yoga brand, Sun River needs to focus more on the female group of target market and develop more female loyal customers. By developing the yoga clothing brand more toward the female customers, we can increase the recognize level of Sun River product in the potential female group. Thus, resulting in an overall increase in sells revenue from different product lines.

Developing the yoga clothing products, Sun River need to keep the brand positioning of healthiness in mind. Sun River yoga clothing would be positioned as premium cloth with a healthy and wellness brand image. Therefore, Sun River needs to use the natural cloth materials with some simple but energetic designs. In order to successfully launch in the yoga cloth industry, Sun River should acquire some expertise on the research and development on the clothing industry; as well as develop new relationship with different suppliers and retailers. The other plan our consulting group come up with for Sun River which is vertical integrating to distribution industry and developing consulting company would also help to build the relationship between suppliers and between retailers.

In terms of promotion, similar to the soft drink product, Sun River need to promote the yoga cloth to target segments as a healthy and wellness lifestyle more than just sports wears. The promotion of the yoga brand would also promote for other brands Sun River had and develop a health and wellness overall corporate image. The development of the new product line will promotes Sun River as a company that committed to promoting health benefits.

The project is a risky project because Sun River is developing to a new industry. However, first of all, the core competency and the brand image of Sun River will help it to build competitive advantage in the yoga clothing industry. In addition, because most of the sports clothing companies are not targeting at same target customers as Sun River do, there are a lot of opportunities to differentiate. Sun River’s advantage of brand image and knowledge about the target segments are valuable, rare, and hard to imitate resources. Thus, by targeting at a specific consumer segments that other competitors are not focusing on, apply our brand image of healthiness in the new industry, and apply our knowledge about our current target customers, Sun River will be able to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the yoga clothing industry.

Moving to the yoga clothing industry is a large-leap strategy which requires Sun River to carefully plan for each step. To successfully launch the new yoga clothing project, Sun River need to focus on keeping the brand image and core competency.

Download 13.72 Kb.

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