Summary for ‘Distinguishing fluency and accuracy speaking activities and practice them

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Course: Writing

Group: 307

Teacher: Ruziyeve G.

Student: Yunusova M.

Summary for ‘Distinguishing fluency and accuracy speaking activities and practice them
The following article is about what kind of characteristics of fluency as well as the importance of accuracy in teacher speaking.
The author points to that if both teacher and student do not succeed in considering accuracy in the class, then student can easily sound less fluent and capable with the language. And this causes come challenging statement when students need to use the language for more than casual conversation.
However, there are also unsympathetic listeners to consider. The mistakes which are made by native English speakers are pronunciation, grammar, cultural differences in communication occur. Therefore, the writer believed that regularly attention to accuracy can be made students use the language unable.
Moreover, the article claimed that speaking smoothly focuses on the flow of language. It is vital to note that too much information presented and practiced at once handers fluency.
To sum up, I found out essential information about fluency and accuracy as well as appropriate facts in teaching speaking from the following article simultaneously.
Download 13.46 Kb.

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