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Describe your experience regarding learning English or English education

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Describe your experience regarding learning English or English education.
I was born and raised in the far corner of my country in 1996, in a small village, Poshkurt, which was fairly cut off civilization. I lived there till my thirteens, by the time my father found a job as a railway worker in the other town, Baysun. Although it was also an undeveloped county, Baysun turned out to be more suitable for my education. Due to financial constraints, I had no opportunity to attend extra courses for languages despite my passion towards them, so I mainly focused on basic subjects like math and arts in my primary school period, and history, chemistry, physics in secondary school times. Then, I was admitted to a specialized-boarding school, where my knowledge was shaped by high-qualified teachers. Especially, I excelled at exact subjects rather than humanitarian and went on participating in competitions in the fields of mathematics, physical education as well as chemistry. However, I was still lagging behind when it came to languages, yet, I was able to grasp the chance to work on my English after being accepted to Academic lyceum in a capital city – Tashkent. My knowledge of English came to the world there. Over a three-year period at lyceum, I totally turned into a new person: the globalized guy with a well-rounded horizon and sharp knowledge of English. I participated in the English Olympiad and won a couple of times. Pursuing the goals and interests of my future career, I applied my documents to the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, which is among the top-tier institutions in Central Asia, and was admitted to the International Law Faculty. It opened a numerous of closed doors and new opportunities that could have defied my imagination once I was a child in a modest village. At university, I went on working in my language skills. I shaped my English even stronger than ever and took an IELTS exam in my second year at university. The result was less than expected, however – 7. Then I got a job as an IELTS instructor at the educational centers and worked on my English again. In February, 2019, I took an IELTS exam again and scored 7,5 this time.
All in all, learning English language has been an amazing, rewarding but challenging journey for me due to all the ups and downs that I have gone through to achieve a certain level of proficiency in English. My personal point of view is that the English language is the one never stops bringing novelties and unique experience to the learner. It will never make the learner bored. It will make the learner become more eager to be initiated into itself owing to its interesting and never-ending magical features.
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Abduganiev Islombek

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