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본인이 창의성을 발휘하여 주도적으로 한 업무나 과업에 대해 기술하세요.

Describe a task or project that you directed and contributed to creatively.

Working as the Head of the literacy department of the Youth Union at university, we worked on a number of educational projects with other students. One of them was to implement a new system of teaching languages to less-knowledgeable students in the university curriculum, which I also actively participated in and directed the team. I suggested that additional courses should be held after the classes not during and explained that it would not interfere with the current academic schedule. My department worked on this project and devised the whole system that was approved by both the teachers and the students. In accordance with the project, students are taught the language free, but they are subject to teach the less knowledgeable students once they have gained enough knowledge as a voluntary job. Additionally, students were encouraged to go to the speaking clubs that function under the embassies of the foreign countries depending on the language they are learning.

4.영어학습 또는 영어교육과 관련한 자신의 경험이나 경력에 대해 기술하세요.

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