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Describe your strengths and weaknesses in terms of developing relationships and cooperation

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Describe your strengths and weaknesses in terms of developing relationships and cooperation.

Regarding my strengths, I would say that I am a person with outgoing personality, as I find it easy to get to know and make friends. Especially, the last four years that I spent at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy doing my Bachelor’s degree have been a great experience to work on my linguistic and communicational skills. We used to have a special subject that taught students how to be a diplomat and how to develop a relationship with others even at first sight. I was taught to supervise the audience and guide them. Also, I am very cooperative, I would say. I have always worked in a team, so cooperation is important for me when it comes to do important tasks or projects, since it is the best method to reach accuracy at a maximum level.

Furthermore, as I am an IELTS instructor at the educational center, I have in-depth experience of working with students and understanding what they feel. I try to conduct lessons in the open-learning environment and motivate my students to achieve success regardless of whatever may block their way. I have close relationship with each of them and help them find their way and position in life by giving advice from my personal experience.

My another strength is having a deep intention to learn foreign languages and knowledge related to my area. During the past four years, I have managed to learn three languages, namely Russian, English, and German, in addition to Korean that I have recently started to learn.

Talking about weaknesses of mine, I would say I work better within a group than in a totally independent setting thanks to my outgoing personality. Also, I am more practical than theoretical, possibly this is why I always try to be involved in different projects and internships.
Statement of Purpose

제1지망 전공 Major


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Abduganiev Islombek

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