Sponsor: Susquehanna Rovers Volksmarch Club sanctioned

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SPONSOR: Susquehanna Rovers Volksmarch Club

SANCTIONED: American Volkssport Association, a member of the International Federation of Popular Sports, promotes leisure sports in the interest of health, recreation, fun, and companionship.
START/FINISH: Veterans Memorial Park,

N. Front and Oliver St. Newport, PA 17074

(Parking is free at the Park,)


FINISH TIME: All walkers must finish by 4PM
ELIGIBILITY: Everyone is welcome to participate. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Joggers and groups welcome. Walk at your own pace.
FEE: IVV credit only is $3.00. (There is no award and no pre-registration for this event) This event is FREE to those who wish to participate without IVV credit. IVV award books and New Walker packets will be available for $5.00 each.
TRAIL: The 10K (6.2 miles) and 5K(3.1 miles) trails are both rated 1A, will take a sweep of Newport and parts of Oliver Township. There are slight inclines but all are accessible with strollers. Both the 10K and 5K include all special programs.

CONDITIONS: Water and hard candy will be available at the Start/Finish and the checkpoint. Restrooms are available at the Start/Finish. The event is held rain or shine.
DISCLAIMER: The sponsor of this event cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items, accidents, or injuries. Every reasonable effort will be made to make this a safe, educational, and enjoyable event.

PROCEDURE: AVA policy requires that every participant sign the insurance waiver and obtain a numbered start card which is carried and marked at the check point along the trail. At the finish the validated card is turned in by all walkers and books are stamped for official credit if the fee has been paid. The trail may be walked a second time using the same start card at no additional cost.


Call: Cookie at 717-567-6815

Cell 717-275-5932

Write: Cookie Little

2 Cramer Dr.

Newport, PA. 17074

e-mail: thistle4@embarqmail.com

TAKE THE TIME TO WALK our Year Round walk at Little Buffalo State Park that same day. The Little Buffalo Festival, a Perry County Arts Festival event, is from noon to dusk and features food, crafts, and entertainment.


Billy Cox (Wm. Richard Cox), born in Newport on August 29, 1919, was a Major League baseball third baseman. He was signed as an amateur free agent by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1940. He was the third baseman of a stellar Brooklyn Dodgers infield of the 1950s that included Gil Hodges, Jackie Robinson, and PeeWee Reese. He played 7 seasons with the Dodgers that included 3 NL Championships. He is featured in the book The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn (1971) and Tales from the Dodgers Dugout by Carl Erskine (2004). He played for the Pirates in 1941, 1946-47, the Dodgers from 1948-1954, and finally with the Orioles in 1955. The youth baseball park on N. 2nd St. is named after him. He is buried in the Newport Cemetery.


From US 22/322: Take the Newport Exit and follow Rte. 34 to Newport. Turn right onto Front Street (just after crossing the bridge). Go to STOP sign, proceed past the tennis courts and house on the left. The parking lot is on the left just beyond the house.

From the South on Rte 15: Take the Rte.94 EXIT and continue North to intersection with Rte. 34. Continue on Rte. 34 through Mt. Holly Springs, Carlisle, and New Bloomfield coming into Newport on Fourth St. Continue on Fourth St. to Walnut St., then RIGHT on Walnut St.to Front St. Turn Left and proceed past the STOP sign, tennis courts and house on left. Parking is just beyond the house.

This event is being held in conjunction with Newport’s Canal Day activities on the square. There will be food vendors along with crafts and entertainment from 9:00AM till 2:00pm. Canal Days is held to celebrate Newport’s glory days. In 1829 the Juniata branch of the canal was completed. It went through Newport and brought many businesses to the area. In 1840 Newport was incorporated as a borough. By 1849 the railroad also passed through Newport with more industry coming to our area. This was when the main structures on the square were erected. Some of the lovely residences were constructed at that time. The Newport Revitalization and Preservation Society (NRPS) is currently working on improvements to the Veterans Memorial Park. Come enjoy the activities in Newport and Little Buffalo State Park that are sure to make your day entertaining and memorable.
Join the





Saturday, October 6, 2012


Both walks include

Billy Cox Baseball Walk
Special Programs

Americas Baseball Walks

Hillside Letters

Honoring Law Enforcement

Celebrating Golden Cinemas

Strolling Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Trail Ratings: Both 10K & 5K – 1A

Sanction #: 92998

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