SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Yetimvachcha : arch. Orphan child.

Yetimxona : orphanage.

Yetish  : v.i. (coop. Of yet ); to attain; to be sufficient.

Yetishmaslik : shortage, deficiency.

Yetishmovchilik : shortage; shortcoming, defect.yetishsizlik lit.shortage.

Yetishtir  : (caus. Of yetish ); to provide; to train, to prepare, to raise.

Yetkaz  : v.t. Caus. Of yet ; to deliver, to bring, to convey.

Yetmak 1 : (arch.) S. Yet .yetmak 2 bot.carlina thistle.

Yetmish : seventy.

Yetmishinchi : seventieth.

Yetmishta : seventy (countable, non unit nouns).

Yetmishtadan : in seventies, by seventies.

Yetov : lead (by a rope, etc.). ~ ot a horse that is being lead.

Yetti : seven. ~ bukil  to bend over backwards (in serving s.o.). ~ og'ayni the Big Dipper. Kichik ~ og'ayni the Little Dipper.

Yettilik : septet, a group of seven; a seven of... (cards).

Yettinchi : seventh.

Yettita : s. Yetti.

Yettov : (as a group of) seven (people).

Yettovlon : as a group of seven, all seven (of them).

Yetuk : full grown, mature, perfect; seasoned, competent.

Yetuklik : ripeness, maturity.

Yevrey : (Russian) s. Yahudiy.

Yevropacha : European (style, etc.).

Yevropalik : European.

Yevropiy : (Russian) europium.

Yeyarmon icharmon : lover of food and drink.

Yeyarmon : food lover, big eater, gourmand.

Yeyil  : v.i. (pass. Of ye ); to wear away (by rubbing).

Yeyimli : tasty (for animals).

Yeyimlik : food(s), dish.

Yeyimsak : insatiable.

Yeyishli : tasty; edible.yezna dial.brother in law (older brother of one's husband or the husband of one's older sister).

Yig'  : v.t. To gather, to assemble; to collect, to amass; to put in order; to fold, to collapse (collapsible objects); to wind up, to put an end to. Oyoqni ~  to tuck up one's feet. [yig'dir , yig'il , yig'in , yig'ish ]

Yig'i sig'i : crying and weeping.yig'i ono.crying, sobbing; cries, sobs; mourning. ~ chiqar  to utter cries of mourning.

Yig'ichi : female ritual mourner.

Yig'ilish : v.n. Of yig'il ; gathering, assembly.

Yig'im terim : harvest, gathering and reaping.

Yig'im : collection, levy.

Yig'in  : v.i. Refl. Of ~ib o'tir  to sit up straight.

Yig'in : gathering, meeting, get together; crowd, throng.

Yig'inchoq : neat and tidy; orderly.

Yig'inchoqlik : tidiness.

Yig'indi : collection; sum.

Yig'iq : gathered; neat, orderly. ~ gap (gram.) Simple sentence.

Yig'ish : v.n. Of yig' ; assembly, assemblage.

Yig'ishtir  : v.t. To put in order; to tidy up; to pack up one's things, to clear out. Lab lunjini ~  to wipe the smile off of one's face. Es hushini ~b ol  to gather one's wits. [yig'ishtir , yig'ishtiril ]

Yig'la  : v.i. To cry, to weep. Aytib ~  to lament. Qon ~  to wail or sob intensely. ~b ko'rish  to suit to a tee. ~b siqtab crying and sobbing. [yig'lat , yig'lash ]

Yig'lamsira  : v.i. To come to the point of tears, to nearly cry.

Yig'loq : cry baby.

Yig'loqi : cry baby; sad, tearful, tear jerking; whining, wailing.

Yig'ma : collapsible, folding; prefabricated, ready for assembly.

Yig'na  : v.t. To gather, to collect. [yig'nal ]

Yig'noq : neat, square, tidy. (s. Yig'iq).

Yig'uv : s. Yig'ish.

Yig'uvchi : v.n. Of yig' ; assembler, assembly line worker.

Yig : spindle (s. Duk).

Yigday : straight, like a spindle.

Yigir  : to spin (thread). Charx ~  to spin thread on a spinning wheel. [yigiril ]

Yigirma : twenty; feast held on the 17th or 19th day after a funeral.

Yigirmalab : in twenties, twenty at a time.

Yigirmanchi : twentieth.

Yigirmata : twenty (count and non unit nouns).

Yigirmatadan : in twenties.

Yigirmatalab : in twenties, twenty at a time.

Yigiruv : spinning.

Yigiruvchi : spinning (worker).

Yigit yalang : young men and boys; young folks.

Yigit : young man, lad, guy; manly youth; man, soldier. ~ o'lgur! May you die young!Yigitboshi arch.officer, leader.

Yigitcha 1 : youth, boy.

Yigitcha 2 : like a young man; bravely.

Yigitchasiga : like a young man, like a lad.

Yigitchilik : actions and behavior typical of young men; bold or naughty behavior.

Yigitlarcha : in a manly way, bravely, boisterously.

Yigitlarchasiga : in the manly way, like a man.

Yigitlik : abstr. Of ~ chog'imda when I was a young man. ~ g'ururi youthful pride.yigna coll.needle (s. Igna).yik coll.s. Yig, duk.yikchi coll.spinner (s. Dukchi).

Yil : year. ~ o'n ikki oy all year round. O'quv ~i school year. ~ ag'darish to state someone's age according to the 12 year animal calendar. ~ oshi feast held on the anniversary of someone's death. ~ hisobi chronology. ~ bo'yi throughout the year. ~ing nima? Which year (of the muchal cycle) were you born?

Yilbay : yearly.

Yildan yil(ga) : from year to year.yildirim obs.lightning. ~ soqchisi lightning rod.yilg'a coll.rivulet, brook, stream (s. Jilg'a).

Yilgi : year('s)... O'tgan ~ xatolar last year's mistakes.

Yiliga : per year.

Yillab : by year, one year at a time; for (X) years. O'n ~ for dozens of years.

Yillarcha : for years.

Yillik : yearly, annual,  year; anniversary. Besh ~ maktab five year school.

Yilma yil : from year to year, year by year.

Yilnoma : annual, yearbook.

Yilnomachi : compiler of a yearbook, chronicler.

Yilqi : horses (as livestock); horse (in a herd).

Yilqibon : horse herder.

Yilqiboqar : s. Yilqibon.

Yilqichi 1 : horseman, horse breeder; (arch.) Rich man who raises horses. ~ kolxoz horse breeding kolkhoz.yilqichi 2 zool.stone curlew, thickfoot.

Yilqichilik : horse breeding.

Yilt yilt : ~ qil /Et  to sparkle, to glitter, to wink (stars).

Yilt : ~ Et  to sparkle, to glint.

Yiltilla  : v.i. To sparkle, to glint, to gleam. [yiltillat ]

Yiltira  : v.i. To sparkle, to glint, to shine. [yiltirat ]

Yiltiroq : shiny, bright, gleaming. ~ qurt (zool.) Glowworm.

Yipran  rare : to become torn, to fall apart.

Yiq  : v.t. S. Yiqit . [yiqil , yiqish ]

Yiqil  : v.i. Pass. Of yiq ; to fall (down), to collapse; to trip and fall; to fail. [yiqilish ]

Yiqiq : fallen, toppled; collapsed.

Yiqit  : v.t. To knock down, to topple, to fell. [yiqitil ]

Yir  : v.t. To pry apart; to pry out of. Ko'zni yirib yirtib w/o shutting one's eyes; opening one's eyes (suddenly). [yiril ]

Yirgamchik : revolting, disgusting, nauseating.

Yirgan  : to loath, to be repelled by.

Yirik : large; great. ~ pul large bill. Ishi ~ His work is going well. ~ tangali karp (zool.) Mirror carp.

Yirikla  : v.t. To exchange for large bills (money).

Yiriklash  : v.i. To become larger or greater. Ishi ~di His work is moving along nicely. [yiriklashtir ]

Yiring : pus. ~ boyla  to become infected; to fester.

Yiringla  : v.i. To become infected.

Yiringli : infected.

Yiriq : crack, chink, fissure.

Yiroq yaqin : far and near (s. Uzoq yaqin).

Yiroq yovuq : near and far (s. Uzoq yaqin).

Yiroq : far, distant (s. ~da in the distance.

Yiroqlash  : v.i. To move away or apart; to move off into the distance. [yiroqlashtir ]

Yiroqlik : distance (s. Uzoqlik).

Yirt  : v.t. To tear; to shred. Ko'ksini ~  to tear at one's breast, to put through great pain. [yiril , yirtish ]

Yirtiq yamoq : torn and patched, ragged; torn clothing; mending torn clothing.

Yirtiq : torn, ragged.

Yirtish : v.n. Of yirt ; a length of material given to those who attend a funeral (s. Oqlik).

Yirtqich : predator; rapacious, savage.

Yirtqichlarcha : like a predator; ferocious, savage.

Yirtqichlik : predatoriness; savageness.

Yit  : v.i. To disappear, to become lost, to go away. [yitir ]

Yo 1 : O!, Hey! ~ pirim Oh, my Lord!

Yo 2 : or, either... Or...

Yo 3 : (Arabic) the Arabic letter "y". ~ qil  to bend.yo 4 arch.s. Yoy.

Yo'g'ir  v.t. Dial. : to mix together; to stir. [yo'g'ril ]

Yo'g'on : stout, large; great; deep (voice).

Yo'g'onlash  : to grow stout, to thicken; to deepen (voice).

Yo'g'ril  : v.i. Pass of yo'g'ir ; to mix with, become one with.

Yo'l yo'lakay : on the way, unexpectedly.

Yo'l yo'riq : way of doing things, rules, customs. ~ ko'rsat /ber  to show the ropes.

Yo'l : road, path, way, route; tract; journey; time; means; method, manner; stripe, line. ~ida for (the sake of); along. ~ anjomlari traveling gear, luggage. ~ bos  to travel, to cover (distance); (fig.) To walk or go down (road, e.g. To happiness). ~ boshla  to lead the way. ~ bo'lsin? Where are you going?; May God help you (said to one whom one doubts will succeed). ~ga kir  to begin walking (baby). ~ kira/~ga sol  to bring around, to convince. ~ tut  to make or head (for); to hold to, to stick to, to follow, to go the way of. ~ga tush /Samarqandga ~ingiz tushganmi? Have you ever had occasion to visit Samarqand? ~dan chiqar /~dan qaytar  to turn back; (fig.) To turn around. ~iga tush  to search for, to follow after. ~im tushdi It was on my way. ~ingdan qolma! Keep on your way! ~(ing) ochiq You are free to go. ~(ini) qil  to find a way to do s.t. ~i ochildi to be fortunate, to have things go well. ~ ~ striped, lined. ~ kira transportation fee. ~ ol  to head off (towards). ~ qo'y /~ sol  to take or turn off (towards). Ora ~da qol  to be stuck, to be nowhere. ~da qo'y  to do a superior, outstanding job of.

Yo'la  : v.i. To come near, to approach; to arrive; (dial.) To support, to hold up. [yo'lat ]

Yo'la : bir ~ at one time, all at once.

Yo'lak : corridor, passage.

Yo'lakay : (while) on the way, while going along.

Yo'lat  : v.t. Caus. Of u yoniga hech kimni ~maydi He doesn't let anyone near him.yo'lbars zool.tiger.

Yo'lbosar : s. Yo'lto'sar.

Yo'lboshchi : leader.

Yo'lboshchilik : leadership, guidance.

Yo'lchi : traveler; road construction worker. ~ yulduz guiding star.

Yo'ldosh : companion; satellite; placenta. Umr ~i lifetime companion, spouse.

Yo'liq  : v.i. To come across, to meet. [yo'liqish , yo'liqtir ]

Yo'lka : walk; sidewalk, pavement.

Yo'lla  : v.t. To direct, to show the way; to send (off). [yo'llan ]

Yo'llanma : pass, authorization; schedule of duties (public transportation worker) (s. Hayotga ~ a pass to the future (said of diplomas, etc.).

Yo'lli(k) : striped, lined.

Yo'lma yo'l : line by line; on the way, while going down the road.

Yo'lovchi : traveler, wayfarer, passer by; passenger.yo'loyoq arch.going away feast; sending off.

Yo'lpashsha : a large gray fly believed to herald the coming of guests.

Yo'lsizlik : roadlessness; aimlessness.

Yo'lto'sar : highwayman, bandit.

Yo'lto'sarlik : highway robbery, banditry.

Yo'n  : v.t. To carve, to shape. [yo'ndir , yo'nil ]

Yo'nal  : v.i. To head, to go, to set off. [yo'naltir , yo'naltiril ]

Yo'nalish : v.n. Of yo'nal ; direction; trend, tendency.

Yo'ndir  : v.t. Caus. Of yo'qni ~  to make s.t. From nothing, to come up with.yo'ng'ichqa bot.clover; lucerne.

Yo'ng'ichqazor : field of clover.yo'ng'iqapoya dial.s. Yo'ng'ichqazor.

Yo'niq : carved, shaped.

Yo'nuvchi : v.n. Of tosh ~ stonecutter

Yo'q : there is not; no; (following poss.) Not to have. Bu yerda suv ~ There isn't any water here. Pulim ~ I don't have any money. ~ deganda if nothing else, at least. O'zida ~ shod/~ Emas not unheard of. ~ida in the absence of; when not around. ~imda when I am or was not here.yo'qcha dial.very little, a tad, a smidge.

Yo'qchilik : neediness, need, poverty.

Yo'qla  : v.t. To go to see; to go with gifts for; to ask after/about, to inquire after; to remember (fondly or with respect). [yo'qlan , yo'qlat , yo'qlash ]

Yo'qlama : roll call; (arch.) Class grade book.yo'qlamachi coll.roll caller.

Yo'qlan  : v.i. Pass of uning o'rni ~di He was missed (during his absence).

Yo'qlik : absence, lack of; need, poverty; nonexsitence. Mablag' ~idan due to lack of funds.

Yo'qlov : v.n. Of yo'qla ; visiting and present taking during celebrations, etc.

Yo'qlovchi : v.n. Of yo'qla ; caller, visitor.

Yo'qol  : v.i. To disappear; to get lost.

Yo'qot  : v.t. To lose; to get rid of. [yo'qotil ]

Yo'qotish : loss, disappearance.

Yo'qsa : else, otherwise.yo'qsil arch.needy, indigent.

Yo'qsillik : indigence, poverty.

Yo'rg'a 1 : amble; ambler; fallen, immoral. ~ chiqar  to begin to go down the wrong path, to begin to have loose behavior. ~ ot ambler.

Yo'rg'a 2 : rockers attached to the head and foot of a cradle.yo'rg'a tuvaloq zool.bustard; Houbara bustard.

Yo'rg'ala  : v.i. To pace, to amble; to go, to run; to dance. Usta ko'rmagan shogird har maqomga ~r A man without training will keep trying his hand at everything. [yo'rg'alat ]

Yo'rgak : swaddling clothes. ~da tekkan kasal lifetime habit.

Yo'rgakbog' : tie used for securing swaddling clothes.

Yo'rgakla  : v.t. To swaddle. [yo'rgaklan ]

Yo'riq : way, method, rule.

Yo'rma  : v.t. To baste (s. Ko'kla  2).

Yo'rma : a type of design in embroidery.

Yo'rmado'z : embroiderer of yo'rma designs.

Yo'rmado'zi : embroidered with yo'rma or other designs.

Yo'rt  : v.i. To trot. [yo'rttir ]

Yo'rtmachoq : lively, active, energetic. ~ bola toddler.

Yo'rtoq(i) : trotter.

Yo'rtoqila  : v.i. To break into a trot; to trot.

Yo'sin 1 : manner, way. Shu ~(da) in that way, thus.yo'sin 2 bot.moss.

Yo'tal  : v.i. To cough. [yo'taltir ]

Yo'tal : cough.

Yo'y  1 : v.t. To interpret, to construe, to understand, to assign meaning to; to reinterpret, to take at a different meaning. [yo'ydir , yo'yil ]

Yo'y  2 v.t. Rare : to destroy.yobi zool.nag, jade.

Yobon : s. Yovon.

Yod : memory, remembrance. ~ qil/~ yozuv dictation. ~imga tushdi I recalled; It occurred to me. ~imda I recall. ~imda ~ga ol  to memorize. ~ o'qi  to recite from memory. ~ga tush /~dan chiq  to be forgotten. ~dan chiqar  to forget. ~i bilan in remembrance of.

Yodakasiga : s. Yodaki.

Yodakay : s. Yodaki.

Yodaki : from memory.

Yodgor : monument, relic; momento, remembrance, souvenir.

Yodgorlik : remembrance; monument, relic.

Yodla  : v.t. To memorize; to recall. [yodlan , yodlat , yodlash ]

Yodnoma : address, homage.

Yog'  : v.i. To rain (snow, etc.), to pour down in abundance. [yog'dir , yog'il ]

Yog' : fat, lard, grease, oil. Oq ~ mutton fat; (dial.) Cottonseed oil. Nonni ~ bilan ye  to live a life of luxury. ~ tushsa/~i chiqadimi What's the point? (of s.t. Done over and over again to no effect). ~i chiqdi to be shiny with filth and wear. O'z ~iga (ilonning ~ini yalagan sly, sneaky. Ko'zining ~ini ye  to take advantage of s.o.'s friendliness.

Yog'aloq : yomg'ir ~ rain keeps on raining.

Yog'chi : one who runs an oil press; oil seller.

Yog'day : like fat, oil, etc. ~ yoqadi to please very much.

Yog'du : radiance, shine.

Yog'il  : v.i. (pass. Of yog' ); to rain down, to pour down; to reflect, to shed (light).yog'in chochin coll.rainy weather.

Yog'in sochin : rainy weather, wet weather.

Yog'in : precipitation.

Yog'ingarchilik : rainy or snowy weather, inclement weather.

Yog'la  : v.t. To oil, to grease. ~  to grease the skids, to pay a bribe, to treat s.o. As a means of gaining a favor. Qozonning qulog'ini ~  to make hot food.

Yog'lama : s. Tilyog'lama.

Yog'li : fatty, greasy, oily; lucrative.

Yog'log'i : ladle.

Yog'och : tree; timber, log; wood. ~dan qilingan made of wood. ~ oyoq wooden leg. Sim ~ (coll.) Telephone pole.

Yog'ochli : to'qqiz ~ a roof made of nine timbers.

Yog'ochlik : wood.

Yog'ochsoz : carpenter.

Yog'ochsozlik : carpentry.

Yog'simon : oily.

Yog'sira  : to need oil(ing).

Yog'upa : makeup, cosmetic cream.

Yohu : (Arabic) O God!, Oh my!Yoinki arch.s. Yoki.

Yoki : or.

Yol 1 : mane. Ko'kragida ~i bor a real man, a he man.yol 2 dial.excursion, outing, promenade, relaxation.

Yol par : s. Bolupar.

Yolchi  : v.i. (+kiyimga hech ~madim i've never had nice clothes. [yolchit ]

Yolchit  : v.t. Caus. Of burchini ~ib bajar  to fulfill one's duty to the fullest.

Yoldor : having a thick and long mane; hirsute, hairy. ~ bo'ri snow leopard (s. Sirtlon).

Yolg'iz : alone, lone, single; only, just. ~ oyoq yo'l footpath. ~ qo'l(li) by oneself, w/o help.

Yolg'izla  : v.t. To segregate, to isolate, to detach, to separate, to leave by o.s. (s. Yakkala ) [yolg'izlan , yolg'izlat ]

Yolg'izlik : solitude, loneliness.

Yolg'on yashiq : lies and untruths; false, fabricated.

Yolg'on : false, untrue; lie, fib; fake, phony. ~dan in a fake manner, falsely. ~ barg cotyledon. ~ga chiqar  to expose or consider a lie.

Yolg'onchi : liar, fibber.

Yolg'onchilik : falseness, deception.

Yolg'ondaka(m) : fake, phony, toy.

Yolg'onla  : v.i. To tell lies.

Yolg'onlik : falsehood, fabrication, untruth.

Yolla  : v.t. To hire, to engage. [yollan , yollat , yollash ]

Yollanma : hired, engaged.

Yollanuvchi : v.n. Of yollan ; s. Yollanma.

Yollovchi : v.n. Of yolla ; employer.

Yolpech : s. Yolpo'sh.

Yolpo'sh : covering for a horse's mane.

Yolqamsiq : s. Yalqamsiq.

Yolqin : flame.

Yolqinlan  : v.i. To flame, to blaze. [yolqinlat ]

Yolqinlanish : v.n. Of yolqinlan ; ignition.

Yolqinli : blazing, fiery, flaming.

Yolvor  : v.i. To beg, to entreat. [yolvorish ]

Yom : a large urn.

Yombi (Ch.) : cast gold or silver (piece).

Yomg'ir : rain. O'q ~i rain of bullets.

Yomg'irgar(chi)lik : rainy weather.

Yomg'irlat  : v.t. ~ib sug'orish sprinkler irrigation.

Yomg'irlatish : sprinkling. ~ qurilmasi sprinkler irrigation system.

Yomg'irli : rainy.

Yomg'irpo'sh : raincoat.

Yomg'irsiz : rainless.

Yomg'irsizlik : drought, lack of rain.

Yomon : bad; extreme; poorly. ~ gap/~ gapir  to yell at. ~ ko'z bilan qara  to look at with evil intent. ~ ko'r  to dislike, to hate. ~ yaxshi damn good. O'zini ~ tut  to behave poorly.

Yomonla  1 : v.t. To speak poorly of, to defame, to malign. [yomonlan , yomonlash ]

Yomonla  2 : v.i. To fall suddenly ill (livestock).

Yomonlash  : v.i. (coop. Of yomonla ); to go bad, to get worse.

Yomonlik : badness, wickedness; wrongdoing, evil, harm.

Yomonlovchi : critic, detractor.

Yon  1 : v.i. To burn, to blaze, to ignite. [yondir , yondiril , yondirish ]

Yon  2 v.i. : obs. To return.

Yon atrof : all around.yon yoq dial.around, (on/to) all sides.

Yon : side, flank; pocket. ~ida next to, near, beside, by; at his side. ~nimda pulim yo'q I don't have any money on me. ~ida olib yur  to carry on/with o.s. Uning ~iga boraman I'm going to (see) him. ~ qo'shni nextdoor neighbor. ~ bag'ir slope; foothills. ~ ber  to lose, to yield, to be defeated. ~ bos  to support, to defend; to favor. ~iga kir  to lend a hand. ~iga tush  to take the side of. ~ini ol  to protect, to strengthen.

Yonar : (aorist of ~ tog' volcano (s. Vulkan, vulqon).

Yonash  : s. Yondash .

Yonbarg : stipule.

Yonbosh : side, flank. ~ida next to, beside. ~ga ol  to pin (wrestling). ~i yerga tegmagan never been pinned, undefeated (wrestler).

Yonboshla  : v.i. To lie on one's side; to lean, to tilt. [yonboshlat , yonboshlash ]

Yonchiq : pocket; purse.

Yonda  : v.i. To approach. [yondat ]

Yondama : sideways, crossways.

Yondamala  : v.i. To go sideways. [yondamalat ]

Yondamasiga : sideways, crossways.

Yondash  : to draw near; to side with, to take sides with; to approach. [yondashtir ]

Yondashish : v.n. Of yondash ; approach.

Yondashtir  : v.t. Caus. Of yondash ; to move close to.

Yondosh  : s. Yondash .

Yondosh : nearest, next, neighboring, contiguous; (arch.) Parallel.

Yong'in : fire, conflagaration. ~ coqchiligi fire duty.yong'oq bot.walnut. Bir qop ~ a jolly person. Qo'ynini puch ~qa to'ldir  to fool with empty promises.

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