SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Yalovbardor : standard bearer.

Yalovdor : s. Yalovbardor.yalovkash arch.s. Yalovbardor.

Yalpangla  dial. : v.t. To plead, to entreat, to solicit. [yalpanglan ]

Yalpay  : v.i. To flatten, to become flatter. ~ib o'tir  to lounge around. [yalpayish , yalpaytir ]

Yalpi : general, widespread, common; all at once, entirely; total. ~ safarbarlik total mobilization. ~ urush total war. ~ mahsulot total output. ~siga in general, on the whole.yalpiz bot.mint.

Yalpizla  : v.i. To try to cover up one's faults.

Yalpoq : flat.

Yalpoqla  : v.t. To flatten. [yalpoqlan ]

Yalqamchiq : idler, loafer.

Yalqov : lazy, indolent.

Yalqovlan  : v.i. To be lazy, to behave in a lazy or indolent manner.

Yalqovlash  : s. Yalqovlan .

Yalqovlik : laziness, indolence.

Yalt yalt : ~ qil /Et  to sparkle, to shine.

Yalt yult : s. Yalt yalt.

Yalt : ~ Etib with a flash; suddenly.

Yaltilla  coll. : v.i. To sparkle, to shine. [yaltillat ]

Yaltira  : v.i. To sparkle, to shine. [yaltirat , yaltiratil ]

Yaltirbosh : shiny bald headed; (bot.) Brome grass.

Yaltiroq : shiny, shining, sparkling; flashy.yaltoq dial.bootlicker, sycophant.

Yaltoqlan  dial. : v.i. To bootlick. [yaltirat , yaltiratil ]

Yam yashil : bright green, deep green.

Yama  : v.t. To patch, to mend. ~b yasqab to stitch up, to patch up. [yamal , yamat , yamatil , yamattir , yamash ]

Yamash  : v.t. Coop. Of yama ; to join, to come together. [yamashtir ]

Yamla  : v.t. To roll around in one's mouth w/o chewing; to swallow, to devour. ~b yut  to swallow w/o chewing. So'zni ~  to garble one's speech. Ikki ~b bir yut  to devour in one gulp. ~may yutadigan to do a great job of. [yamlan ]

Yamlan  : v.i. Pass. Of yamla ; to make a masticating noise w/ one's mouth.

Yamoq yasoq : patched, mended, worn. ~ qil  to mend old things.

Yamoq : patch; patched; scar.

Yamoqchi : mender and seller of old shoes.

Yamoqchilik : abstr. Of yamoqchi.

Yan  : v.t. To scold, to yell at. [yanish ]

Yana : again; (one, some) more, yet, still.

Yanada : and yet, still yet; yet more, yet another.

Yanagi : next.

Yanch  : v.t. To thresh; to grind; to squash, to crush, to stamp on. [yanchil , yanchtir ]

Yanga : sister in law (wife of one's older brother).

Yangi : new; fresh; just now. ~ non fresh bread. ~ mehmon newborn child.

Yangicha : newfangled, in a new way, new.

Yangichasiga : in a newfangled way.

Yangila  : v.t. To renew, to refresh, to replace. Yarasi ~  to have an old scar reopened, to relive an old (bad) memory. [yangilan , yangilat ]

Yangilik : newness; news.yangitdan coll.once again, over again.yangitta coll.just now, just recently.yanglig' arch.like, similar to.

Yanglish  : v.i. To err, to go wrong. [yanglishil , yanglishtir ]

Yanglish : incorrectly, wrong.

Yangra  : v.i. To resound, to ring out. [yangrat ]

Yangroq : ringing, loud.yantoq bot.camel's thorn. ~dan atir chiqmas, ahmoqdan botir You can't get a rose from a thorn bush, nor a hero from an idiot.

Yantoqzor : place overgrown with yantoq.

Yanvar" : (Russian) January.

Yap yalang'och : bare naked.

Yap yalang : quite bare.

Yap yangi : quite new, brand new.

Yap yaydoq : extremely barren.

Yapaloq : flat. Yomonning kuchi ~qa etar said of one who picks on those smaller or weaker.

Yapaloqla  : v.t. To flatten. [yapaloqlan ]yapaloqqush zool.owl (s. Boyo'g'li, boyqush).

Yapasqi : short, small.

Yapon : Japanese.

Yaponcha : Japanese (language, etc.).

Yaproq : leaf (s. Barg); piece, bit.

Yaproqla  v.i./v.t. : to come into leaf; to chop into pieces. [yaproqlan ]

Yaproqlan  : v.i. Reflex. & pass. Of yaproqla .

Yaqin : near, close; nearly. ~ o'rtada/o'zini (birovga) ~ ol /birovni o'ziga ~ ko'r  to consider s.o. A friend. ~da recently; in the near future; nearby. ~dagi the one nearby; the recent one. ~dan since recently. ~dan yordam/~iga bor  to go near, to go up to. ~ida next to, nearby. ~idan o't  to pass by, near to.

Yaqinla  : s. Yaqinlash . [yaqinlan , yaqinlat ]

Yaqinlash  : v.i. (+oy kuni ~di the baby is almost due. [yaqinlashtir , yaqinlashtiril ]

Yaqinlik : nearness, closeness, proximity.

Yaqqol : clear, plain, distinct, obvious.

Yaqqollik : clearness, plainness, obviousness.

Yara  : v.i. To be of use, to be useful, serviceable, or in adequate condition. Bir kunimga ~b qolar This may turn out to be useful to me some day. Qurilishga ~ydigan yog'och wood suitable for construction.

Yara chaqa : cuts, scratches, sores.

Yara : sore, cut, wound; (emotional) ache. ~ ustiga chipqon misfortune on top of misfortune. ~sini yor  to pour out one's grievances. ~si yengil easy, no problem.

Yarador : injured, wounded.

Yaral  : v.i. S. Yaratil .

Yaralan  : v.i. To be injured or wounded.

Yarali : injured, hurt, wounded.

Yaramas : useless, unusable; evil, nasty; naughty, mischievous, bad.

Yaramaslik : uselessness; nastiness, evilness, badness; mischievousness.

Yaramta yurimta : broken, split, in pieces.

Yaraqla  : v.i. To shine, to sparkle; to become bright. [yaraqlat ]

Yararli : s. Yaroqli.

Yarash  1 : v.i. To settle one's differences, to make peace. [yarashish , yarashtir , yarashtiril ]

Yarash  2 : v.i. To suit, to befit, to look good on.

Yarash yarash : reconciliation. ~ bo'l  to make a truce, to be reconciled.

Yarash : v.n. Of yara ; reconciliation, settlement, truce.

Yarasha : befitting, suitable, appropriate.

Yarashiq : befitting, proper, appropriate, right.

Yarashiqli : s. Yarashiq; sufficient.

Yarashish : making peace, reconciliation.

Yarat  : v.t. To create, to make. [yaratil ]

Yaratuvchi : creator; the Creator.

Yarg'oq : tanned, worn smooth (= hairless, of a pelt).

Yarim yorti : half done, half baked.

Yarim : half. ~ avtomat partly automated. ~ jon barely alive. ~ kolonniya/~ orol peninsula. ~ podsho/~iga (kel ) to come to the middle of s.t. ~ o'tkazgich semiconductor.yarimchilik dial. Arch.sharecropping on a 50/50 share of the crop.

Yarimla  : v.i. To be half through, half gone. [yarimlat ]

Yarimlat  : v.t. Caus. Of yarimla ; to use half of.

Yarimta : half; (coll.) Half bottle of liquor.yarimtaki coll.half broken, half worn out, half left.

Yarimtalik : abstr. Of yarimta; half bottle of liquor.

Yarlaqa  : v.t. To forgive (s. Yorlaqa ).

Yarmarka : (Russian) fair, bazaar.

Yarog' aslaha : weapons, arms.

Yarog' : weapon.

Yarog'lan  : v.i. To arm o.s. [yarog'lantir ]

Yarog'li : armed.

Yarog'siz : unarmed.

Yarog'sizlan  : v.i. To be disarmed. [yarog'sizlantir ]

Yarog'soz : armorer.

Yarog'sozlik : arms manufacture.

Yaroqli : fit for use, usable, useful; able bodied.

Yaroqsiz : unfit for use, useless, unusable.

Yaroqsizlik : uselessness, worthlessness.

Yarq yarq : ~ Et  to glimmer, to flash.

Yarq : s. Yalt.

Yarqilla  : v.i. To sparkle, to glitter.

Yarqira  : v.i. To shine, to glimmer. Peshanasi ~gan blessed, fortunate. [yarqirat ]

Yarqiroq : shining, glimmering.

Yarus : (Russian) tier.

Yasa  : v.t. To make, to put together; to put in order, to decorate, to make pretty; to fabricate. [yasal , yasan , yasantir , yasantiril , yasat , yasatil ]yasadoq dial.s. Yasamol.

Yasama : homemade; fabricated, contrived, made up, fake; derived (word). ~ tish false teeth. ~ soch wig. ~ tabassum phony smile.

Yasamalik : contrivedness, fakeness.

Yasan  : v.i. Reflex. Of ~ib tusanib dressed in their finest. [yasanish , yasantir , yasantiril ]

Yasan tusan : made up, dressed up; dressing up, make up.

Yasat  : v.t. Caus. Of yasa ; to deck out, to dress up, to decorate. [yasatil ]

Yasatig'liq : decked out, made up, decorated; laid out (table).

Yasatiq : s. Yasatig'liq.

Yasha  : v.i. To live; to live well; to dwell; to live on, to exist. ~sin long live..~(ng)! Good for you!, Bravo! [yashat ]

Yashar  : v.i. To look young; to blossom, to flourish. [yashart ]

Yashar :  year old. Bir ~ bola one year old child.

Yashash : v.n. Of ~ vositalari means of existence.

Yashik : (Russian) box, crate.

Yashil : green. ~ ipchalar (bot.) Spirogyra.

Yashillan  : v.i. To become green.

Yashillik : greenness; green color.yashin topaloq dial.s. Yashinmachoq.

Yashin : lightning (s. Chaqmoq).yashinmachoq dial.hide and seek (s. Bekinmachoq).

Yashir  : v.t. To hide (s. Berkitib qouy ), to conceal, to keep secret. [yashiril , yashirin ]

Yashirin : secret; secretly.
Yashirincha : secretly, surreptitiously.

Yashiriq : s. Yashirincha.

Yashiriqcha : s. Yashirincha.

Yashiriqlik : secret.

Yashna  : v.i. To flourish, to bloom, to blossom; to blaze; to shine. [yashnat ]

Yashnoq : flourishing, blooming, splendid.

Yashovchan : living.

Yashshamagur : damned, wretched.

Yaslan  : s. Yastan .

Yasli : (Russian) nursery.

Yasmin bot. : (Arabic) jasmine.yasmiq bot.lentil.

Yasog'liq : nicely outfitted, bedecked, embellished; laid out (table).yasoq hist.codex.yasov hist.~ tort  to form ranks.

Yasovchi : v.n. Of yasa ;  forming.yasovul hist.armed guard of higher officials of a khanate.

Yasovulboshi : chief of the yasovul guards.yasovulxona hist.guard house.

Yassi : flat, level.

Yassila  : v.t. To level, to flatten; to slur over, to downplay. [yassilan ]

Yassilik : flatness, levelness.

Yastan  : v.i. To stretch out, to recline; to spread, to extend, to lie.

Yatima lit. : orphan girl.

Yax : ice (s. ~ bo'lib ol  or ~man deb turib ol  to be stubborn as a mule, to be unmoving.

Yaxla  : v.i. To freeze, to get cold. [yaxlat , yaxlatil ]

Yaxlit : whole, entire, in one piece, intact, complete.

Yaxlitla  : v.t. To consolidate, to exchange (money) for large bills. [yaxlitlan , yaxlitlantir , yaxlitlantiril ]

Yaxlitlik : wholeness, entirety, intactness.

Yaxmalak : ice slide (s. Sirpanchiq, toyg'anoq).

Yaxna : cold, chilled.

Yaxob : winter flooding of fields to improve the soil; (dial.) Ice water, cold water.

Yaxshi : good, fine; well. ~ ko'r  to like, to be fond of.

Yaxshiki : thank goodness that..., it's a good thing that...

Yaxshila  : v.t. To improve; to praise. ~b to do well, to do a good job of. ~b tushunib ol! Understand (this) well. [yaxshilan ]

Yaxshilash : v.n. Of yaxshila ; improvement.

Yaxshilik : good, goodness, kindness.

Yaxshilikcha : peaceably, in an amicable way.

Yaxshisi : better, it's best that. ~, uyga ketaylik We'd better just go home.

Yaxshiyam : it's good that...yaxtak coll.s. Yaktak.

Yaydoq : barebacked; barren, desolate; poor, destitute.

Yaydov : s. Yaydoq.

Yayloq : s. Yaylov.

Yaylov : pasture(land).yayov coll.on foot (s. Piyoda).

Yayovla  : v.i. To go on foot. [yayovlash ]

Yayra  : v.i. To feel free, to enjoy o.s.; to have fun, to make merry, to go for a stroll; to rejoice, to be filled with glee or delight. [yayrat , yayrash ]

Yayrab yashna  : v.i. S. Yayra .

Yayrat  : caus. Of yayra ; to walk, to take out into the open air, to let graze in the open (animals); to put out to cool or dry.yazna dial.brother in law (s. Jezna, pochcha).

Ye  : v.t. To eat; to use up; to finish off. Pora ~  to take a bribe. ~b ket  to squander (debt, etc.). ~b qo'y  to eat up; to finish off, to use up. ~b yuborgudek as if ready to eat the head off of, in great anger. ~gani oldida, ~magani ketida/ortida/orqasida said of s.o. Living in the lap of luxury. Nina ~gan itdek thin as a wraith. Etini/ich Etini ~  to eat one's insides, to be under great emotional strain. Quloq miyani ~  to irritate. [yegiz , yedir , yediril , yeyil , yeyish ]

Yebketarga : completely, entirely, in its entirety. ~ pul ber  to give away all (one's) money.

Yebqochar : con man, swindler.

Yebto'ymas : ravenous, gluttonous.

Yech  : v.t. To untie, to fasten, to unravel; to take off (clothing); to solve (problem, puzzle). [yechil , yechin , yechinish , yechintir , yechintiril , yechish , yechtir ]

Yechim : unfastening, unraveling; solution; resolution.

Yechin  : v.i. (reflex. Of yech ); to undress; to strip. [yechintir ]

Yechiq : untied, open, unfastened, unraveled.

Yedir  : caus. Of ye ; to grind down and make smooth, to wear out, to eat away at; to rub or work into, to impregnate with; to disperse. [yediril ]

Yefreytor < : (Russian) private first class, lance corporal.yegilik coll.s. Yegilik.

Yegulik ichgulik : food and drink.

Yegulik : edible, (s.t.) To eat, (s.t.) For eating.

Yel 1 : wind; air (in s.t. Inflated). ~ o'pmagan untouched, pure. ~ quv  to run like the wind. Og'zining ~i bilan with no effort at all, with only a word. ~ga sovur  to throw to the wind. ~ga uch  to be thrown to the wind.

Yel 2 : edema.

Yel  : v.i. To stir, to blow (wind); to fly (like the wind). ~ib yugurib dashing about, bustling; doing all and everything. [yeldir ]yeldirim lit.lightning.

Yelib yugur  : to dash about, to rush about.

Yelik  : v.i. To decay (teeth); to become inflamed (mucous membranes in the mouth), to suffer from stomatitis.

Yelikish : (v.n. Of yelik ); stomatitis.

Yelim : sap; glue; clinging, importunate, tiresome.yelimbaliq zool.various species of carp.

Yelimla  : v.t. To spread with glue; to glue, to paste; to harden with paste. [yelimlan ]

Yelimlik : clingingness, importunateness.

Yelimshak : sticky; clinging, bothersome; gluten.

Yelin : udder.

Yelindor : having a large udder.

Yelish : v.n. Of yel ; trot (of horse).

Yelka : shoulder; the space between the shoulders, incl. The back of the neck; arm (of a lever). ~ga minib ol  to domineer. ~(si)ga ort /yukla  to load upon one's shoulders. ~sini qis  to shrug. ~ning chuquri the indentation in the nape of the neck. ~mning chuquri ko'rsin may this be behind me from now on.

Yelkador : broad shouldered.

Yelkadosh : brother, partner.

Yelkala  : v.t. To shoulder.

Yelkali : s. Yelkador.

Yelkama yelka : shoulder to shoulder.

Yelkan : sail; sailboat, sailing ship.

Yelkando'z : sail maker.

Yelkanli : having sails, sailing.

Yellik : according to folk medicine, food that has detrimental effects with various illnesses, e.g., meat, nuts, beans, sweets, etc.; (food) producing a lot of gas.

Yelmoya : fast running camel.

Yelpi  : v.t. To fan; to make flutter; to winnow. [yelpin , yelpit ]

Yelpig'ich : fan.

Yelpig'ichsimon : fan like or  shaped.

Yelpilla  : v.i. To flutter, to wave. [yelpillat ]

Yelpin  : v.i. Pass. Of yelpi ; to flutter.

Yelpishtovoq : a flat wooden pan used to winnow grain.

Yelqanot : fleet, swift.

Yelvagay : thrown over one's shoulders (coat, etc.).

Yelvizak 1 : draft.

Yelvizak 2 : watching, following (e.g., eyes).

Yem xashak : fodder, feed and hay.

Yem : feed, fodder; bait; malanders (horse disease). ~ to'rva feed bag for horses. ~ bo'l  to be food for, to be a victim to. Oq ~ bo'l  to become white from sitting in water too long or from being chewed (meat, leather).

Yemak : food(s), edibles; (arch.) S. Ye .

Yemakxona : cafeteria, canteen.

Yemir  : v.t. To erode, to eat away; to destroy. [yemiril ]

Yemiruvchi : v.n. Of yemir ; destructive.

Yemish : food, victuals; feed; fruit(s). ~ bo'l  to be fodder (for s.t.), to be a victim. ~ qil  to eat out of house and home; to put at the mercy of.

Yemishlik : food, feed; stubborn.

Yemla  : to feed. ~b boqish fattening (of animals).

Yemtik : food. ~ qil  to put at the mercy of; to make food for.

Yena  : s. Ena .

Yeng  : v.t. To beat, to defeat, to win. [yengil ]

Yeng : sleeve. ~ ichida up one's sleeve. ~idan kirib yelkasidan chiq  to wrap around one's finger, to sweet talk. ~ uchida ber  to hand over timidly. ~ tashlab yur  to be idle, to loaf around.

Yengcha : dim. Of yeng; s. Yenglik.

Yengil yelpi : light and easy; somehow or other.

Yengil : light; light minded, frivolous. ~ atletika track & field sports. ~ ko'ch  to move briskly; to transpire w/o problems. ~ mashina/avtomobil" passenger car. ~ sanoat light industry. Oyoq qo'li ~ dexterious, quick. Tuprog'i ~ restless. Yuki ~ lightly burdened, not having many responsibilities. Og'iri ~ bo'ldi to be freed from a burden. ~ ko'tar  to have an easy time doing s.t. O'zini ~ sez /his qil /~ tort  to feel relief, to recover.

Yengilla  : v.i. To become lighter, easier; to feel relief, to feel better.

Yengillan  : v.i. To become lighter, easier; to feel better.

Yengillash  : v.i. To lighten; to go easy (work); to be relieved; to feel better. [yengillashtir ]

Yengillat  : v.t. To lighten. Tanini/bo'ynini boshidan ~  to lighten one's body of the head, i.e., to kill.

Yengillik : lightness, easiness, ease; privilege, freedom; light mindedness, flippancy.

Yengilmas : unbeatable.

Yengiltak : light minded, light headed; loose (girl).

Yengiltaklik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to be frivolous, to do s.t. Frivolously; to act loosely, to do s.t. Suggestive.

Yenglik : long mit worn to protect the arm while making bread in a tandir; material for a sleeve.

Yengsak : s. Yenglik.

Yengsiz : sleeveless.

Yepiskop : (Russian) bishop.yer choy bot.cinquefoil.yer qalampir bot.

Yer ko'k : heaven and earth; all around, everywhere.

Yer suv : property, land, estate (suitable for agriculture).

Yer : (the) earth, ground, floor; place, space ~ osti/qora/qaro ~ (fig.) Grave. ~ bo'l  to enter one's grave. ~ o'p  to kiss the ground (at s.o.'s feet). Qaro ~ qil  to humiliate. Burnini ~ga ishqa  to rub s.o.'s nose in the dirt. ~ga ur  to put down, castigate. ~ga ursa, osmonga sapchiydi extremely rowdy, wild. Yuzini ~ga qarat  to shame, to humiliate. ~ga qo'y  to bury, to inter. Na ~ga va na ko'kka ishonadi to wait on hand and foot, to not trust to anyone. Yo'q ~dagi imaginary; excessive, needless. ~dan bichib olgandek extremely short. Bu ~ here. Shu ~ here; there. ~ o'choq cooking stove built in the ground.

Yerdor : landowner.

Yerli suvli : landed, propertied.

Yerli : landed, landowner; local, indigenous, native, resident.

Yerlik : (abstr. Of bu ~ (s.o.) From here. Qayerliksiz? Where are you from?

Yerlilashtir  : v.t. To nativize, to staff with native people.

Yerlilashtirish : nativization.

Yersiz : landless.

Yerto'la : basement; underground storage pit.yesh  dial.s. Yech . [yeshin , yeshintir ]yeshiq dial.s. Yechiq.

Yesir : (Arabic) widow (s. Beva, tul).

Yesirlik : widowhood.

Yet  : v.i. To reach, to arrive; to suffice, to be enough; to reach maturity, perfection. Nima ~sin What can beat that?, What can match that? Hammaga ~adi there is enough for everyone. Vaqt ~madi there wasn't enough time. ~ib bor  to arrive. Aqli ~maydi he isn't smart enough; he can't understand why. [yetkaz /yetkiz /yetkar ]

Yetak : leading, to lead along; way, manner.

Yetakchi : leader, guide. ~ fe'l the main verb in a string of converbs.

Yetakchilik : leadership, guidance.

Yetakla  : v.t. To lead (horse, etc.), to guide along, to show the way. [yetaklan , yetaklat , yetaklash ]

Yetar yetmas : just a little shy of, just a little less than, barely; just before reaching...

Yetar : (aorist of yet ); That's enough.

Yetarli : sufficient, enough.

Yetil  : v.i. To ripen, to be done; to reach fruition, maturity, etc. [yetiltir ]

Yetilganlik : maturity, ripeness.

Yetim : orphan; a child who has lost his father or mother. ~ haqi inheritance. Tirik ~ virtual orphan, abandoned child. Chin ~ (complete) orphan. ~ qovurg'a floating ribs. Yerga tushgan ~niki finders  keepers, losers  weepers. ~ tobulg'i (bot.) Spiraea.

Yetim yesir : orphans and widows; the needy.

Yetimcha : orphan child, abandoned baby.

Yetimlik : (abstr. Of yetim); orphanhood.

Yetimona : orphan like, abandoned, destitute.

Yetimparvar : orphan loving, (s.o., s.t.) That cares for orphans.

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