SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Xosiyat : (Arabic) merit, special quality. ~i yo'q not worthwhile, of no help, for no good. Xosiyatli

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Xosiyat : (Arabic) merit, special quality. ~i yo'q not worthwhile, of no help, for no good.

Xosiyatli : special, good, lucky.

Xosiyatsiz : adverse, unlucky; bad luck. U ~ odam He's a rotten man, He's bad news.

Xoslik : uniqueness, specialness.

Xossa : (Arabic) peculiarity, uniqueness.

Xosxona : residence (of government official).

Xotam : obs. (Arabic) seal, stamp.

Xotima : (Arabic) conclusion. ~ ber  to end. ~ yasa  to bring to a conclusion.

Xotin qizlar : women and girls.xotin xalaj coll.womenfolk.

Xotin : woman; wife; no longer a virgin. ~ kishi woman. ~ oshi women's feast, part of marriage celebration only for women. ~ peshin time at which women formerly performed their afternoon prayers (app. 4 5 pm). ~ ahli womenfolk, women. ~ ma'no woman, women. ~ hammom women's bathhouse. Katta ~ older, mature woman; older wife (of 2 or more). Kichik ~ younger wife (of 2 or more). ~ ol  to get married, to take a wife (of a man). ~ qo'y  to get rid of one's wife. ~ning javobini ber  to divorce one's wife. ~ jallob man who has married and divorced many times.

Xotinak supurgi : short handled broom.

Xotinboz : philanderer, womaniser, two timer.

Xotinbozlik : philandering, sleeping around.

Xotincha 1 : s. Xotinchasiga.

Xotincha 2 : dim. Of xotin.

Xotinchalish : effeminate.

Xotinchasiga : effeminately.xotinfurush arch.pimp, hustler.

Xotinli : married.

Xotinparast : man who worships his wife; womaniser.

Xotinsiz : unmarried.

Xotinsizlik : bachelorhood.xotinyong'oq bot.a type of almond.

Xotir : (Arabic) memory, mind; respect, deference. ~i jam at ease, not worried. ~ingiz jam bo'lsin Don't worry., Not to worry. ~dan kechir  to ponder, to mull over. ~ga ol  to think about; to keep in mind. ~dan kech  to pass through one's mind. ~ga kel  to be recalled, to occur to. ~imga keldi I recalled. ~imga bir fikr keldi I just had an idea. ~da tut  to remember, to keep in one's mind. ~da bo'l  to be in mind. ~dan chiq /~dan chiqaz  to forget. ~ni jam qil  to put at ease. ~i uchun out of respect for, in deference to.

Xotira : (Arabic) memory; remembrance. ~ daftari diary, notebook. Mendan sizga ~ uchun This is for you to remember me by. ~ taxtasi memorial board or display case. ~ga ol  to recall. ~ kuni Day of Remembrance.

Xotirjam : collected, contented, at ease.

Xotirjamlan  : v.i. To be contented, to have one's mind at ease.

Xotirjamlik : contentedness, tranquility.

Xotirla  : v.t. To recall, to remember. [xotirlan  xotirlat  xotirlash ]

Xotirlat  : v.t. To remind.

Xotirlik : maluli ~ bilan indolently, lazily.

Xotirot : (Arabic) reminder(s), memory/memories; remembrance(s).

Xren bot. : (Russian) horseradish.

Xrestomatiya : (Russian) chrestomathy.

Xristian : (Russian) Christian.

Xristianlik : Christianity.

Xrizantema bot. (Russian) : chrysanthemum.

Xrom : (Russian) chromium; chrome.

Xromla  : v.t. To plate with chrome.

Xronik : (Russian) chronic.

Xronika : (Russian) chronicle; news items (of newspaper); newsreel, chronicle film.

Xronikachi : person who prepares the xronika section of a newspaper.

Xronikal : (Russian) adj. Of xronika.

Xronologik : (Russian) chronological.

Xronologiya : (Russian) chronology.

Xronometr : (Russian) chronometer.

Xronometraj : (Russian) time keeping.

Xronometrajchi : time keeper.

Xronometrik : (Russian) chronometric.

Xrustal" : (Russian) crystal.

Xud : goh ~, goh bexud sometimes well, sometimes poorly, sometimes like this, sometimes like that.

Xud bexud : s. Xud.

Xudbin : proud, self conceited.

Xudbinlik : pride, conceit.

Xuddi : exactly, just like; almost, nearly, all but. ~ yiqilib tushay dedim I nearly fell down.

Xudkom : obs. S. Xudbin.

Xudo : God. Avvali ~ God willing., Should God will. (+ga) ~ berdi May ... Be fortunate, lucky, successful. ~ bilsin God knows. ~(y) ko'rsatmasin God forbid. ~ ~(y) ko'tarsin! Or ~ olsin! God rid us of ...! ~ rahmati God bless his/her soul. ~ urgan God damned. ~ urdi It was the wrath of God (that our work went awry). ~ urdi ketdi As if that were really the case. ~ uriptimi Come on!, Be real! ~ haqi God's truth. Yo ol ~, yo ber ~ Come what may. ~ga soldim May God punish him. ~(y)ga topshir  to leave in God's hands. ~ga shukur Thanks be to God.

Xudobexabar : who has no fear of God, impious.

Xudobezor(i) : vile, wicked.

Xudogo'y : pious.

Xudojo'(y) : pious, devout.

Xudojo'ylik : piety, devotion.

Xudoparast : religious.

Xudosiz : Godless.

Xudotars : arch. God fearing.

Xudovand : Lord, Master.

Xudovando : xudoyo ~ Dear Lord God.

Xudoy : s. Xudo.

Xudoyi : alms or sacrifices made for the memory of the deceased or for deliverance from an affliction.

Xudoyichi : s. Xudoyixo'r; destitute, penniless.

Xudoyixo'r : one who makes a habit of living off of free food given away as xudoyi.

Xudoyixona : arch. Soup kitchen.

Xudoyo : Oh God.

Xudparast : conceitful, egotistical.

Xufiya : (Arabic) secret, clandestine.

Xufiyaki : s. Xufiyona.

Xufiyona : secretly, clandestinely.

Xufton : evening prayer(=~ namozi); evening. ~gacha (for) quite some time. ~ downhearted, melancholy.

Xuk : ~ yili the year of the pig (s. To'ng'iz yili).

Xuligan : (Russian) hooligan, punk.

Xuliganlarcha : hooligan like.

Xullas : (Arabic) (~i kalom) well, in short.

Xullasi : (Arabic) s. Xullas.

Xullaski : s. Xullas.

Xulosa : (Arabic) conclusion; in short, in conclusion. ~ qil /chiqar  to reach a conclusion, to conclude (that).

Xulosala  : v.t. To conclude, to bring to a conclusion. [xulosalan ]

Xulosaviy : arch. (Arabic) concluding, final.

Xulq : (Arabic) demeanor; behavior, habit(s); manners. ~ sovuq odam a cold person; ill mannered person.

Xulq atvor : (Arabic) deportment, character, mannerisms.

Xulyo rare : (Arabic) fantastic, imaginary thing.

Xum : earthenware vessel, urn. Kallasi ~ s. Xumkalla.

Xumbosh : s. Xumkalla.

Xumcha : small urn.

Xumdon : kiln.

Xumdonchi : kiln operator, potter, brickmaker.

Xumkalla : big headed, jar headed.

Xumlab : by the jar or urn; urns and urns (worth).

Xumor : (Arabic) strong desire, craving, longing; desirous, longing for. ~i tutdi to be lust or long for, to be overcome by desire for, to get the itch for. ~ qil  to make crave, to make addicted to. ~dan chiq  to satisfy one's longing, to get what one wants. ~ini tarqat /~ ko'z or ko'z(lar)i ~ languid eyes.

Xumorgarchilik : addiction.

Xumorgarlik : s. Xumorgarchilik.

Xumori : addict.

Xumorlik : s. Xumorgarchilik.

Xumpar : devil, rascal.

Xumsa : numbskull, dolt, bum.

Xun : blood (s. ~ bo'l  to grieve. ~ yig'la  to cry tears of blood. Yuragi ~ bo'ldi to have one's heart bleed. ~ dovla  to call for bloody revenge. ~ini to'la  to pay blood price. Otasining ~ini so'ra  to charge an arm and a leg. ~ da'vosi blood vengeance.

Xunasa : (Arabic) hermaphrodite; knave, scoundrel.

Xunbor : obs. Full of or shedding blood.

Xundor : blood avenger.

Xunibiyron : dejected, full of affliction.

Xunob : frustrated, annoyed, upset, on edge; tedious, toilsome. ~ ish tedious work.

Xunoba : s. Xunob.

Xunobagarchilik : s. Xunobgarchilik.

Xunobgarchilik : frustration, being on edge or annoyed.

Xunoblik : chagrin, irritation, frustration.

Xunolud : obs. Blood stained.

Xunrez : blood shedding, bloodthirsty.

Xunrezlik : bloodthirstiness.

Xunuk : ugly; disgusting, revolting; terrible; unpleasant, horrible.

Xunuklash  : v.i. To become ugly.

Xunuklik : ugliness; unpleasantness, horribleness.

Xunxo'r : bloodthirsty.

Xunxo'rlik : bloodthirstiness.

Xunxor : s. Xunxo'r.xur xur ono.snoring noises.

Xural (Mong.) : hural (Mongolian gov't body).

Xurilla  : v.i. To snore; to make gurgling noises. [xurillash ]

Xurjun : saddlebags. Ish ~ things are going badly.

Xurjunlash  : v.i. To go awry. [xurjunlashtir ]

Xurma : a dish used for curdling yoghurt.

Xurmacha : dim. Of xurma; stomach. ~si oqarmagan never having had two coins to rub together. ~ qiliq ugly mannerism or habit. ~ning tagini yalaganmiding jest made to s.o. On whose wedding day it snows.xurmaqovoq dial. Bot.a type of pumpkin (s. Oyimqovoq).

Xurmo bot. : date (palm); persimmon.

Xurmoyi : reddish orange in color; name of a type of apricot.

Xurmozor : grove of dates; grove of persimmons.

Xurofiy : (Arabic) superstitious.

Xurofot : (Arabic) superstition(s).

Xurofotchi : superstitious person.

Xurofotfurush rare : spreader of superstitions.

Xurrak : snoring. ~ ot /tort  to snore.

Xurrakchi : snorer.

Xurram : joyful, gay.

Xurramlik : joy, joyfulness.

Xursand : happy, glad, pleased. ~ qil  to make happy, to please. O'zini ~ qil  to amuse o.s.

Xursandchilik : happy times; happiness.

Xursandlik : happiness, gladness, satisfaction.

Xurshid : light, sun, torch.

Xuruj : (Arabic) attack, onslaught; fit, bout. ~ qil  to attack, to strike.xurush 1 coll.s. Xuruj.

Xurush 2 : treatment, aid, catalyst; spice, seasonings.

Xurushla  : v.t. To treat (w/ chemicals); to tan (leather).

Xush : good, fine; pleasant, nice; desire, wish. ~ ko'r  to like. ~ yoq  to please greatly; to be very fine or agreeable. ~ kel  to please. Vaqti/ko'ngli ~ in good spirits. ~ Endi Farewell!, Goodbye! ~ kelibsiz, ~ keldingiz or ~ ko'rdik It?S nice that you have come. (expression used to welcome a guest, usu. Uttered after first sitting down and exchanging news and greetings; also used as translation of ?Welcome?). ~i tutsa or ~iga kelsa should he please, should he so wish. ~ qoling Goodbye (said to those staying).

Xushatvor : obs. Pleasant, well mannered.

Xushaxloq lit. : well mannered, polite.

Xushbahra lit. : mild, pleasant.

Xushbahralik : airyness, pleasantness.

Xushbaxt lit. : fortunate, lucky.

Xushbaxtlik : fortune, happiness.

Xushbichim : having a good figure, well proportioned, comely, handsome; well made (clothing); well built (building).

Xushbichimlik : handsomeness, comeliness, nice proportions.

Xushbo'y : aromatic, fragrant.

Xushchaqchaq : cheerful, happy, gay, jocular.

Xushchaqchaqlik : cheerfulness, jocularity.

Xushdil rare : amicable, nice.

Xushfe'l : pleasant, affable.

Xushfe'llik : pleasantness, affability.

Xushgap : affable, pleasant, agreeable.

Xushhavo : having a pleasant climate.

Xushhid rare : s. Xushbo'y.

Xushhol lit. : happy, contented, pleased. ~ qil  to please, to make happy.

Xushichim : delicious to drink.

Xushkayf : in high spirits; tipsy.

Xushki : large bath towel used when emerging from the bathhouse.

Xushla  : v.t. To like, to have a liking for. Vaqtini ~  to cheer, to amuse. [xushlan , xushlat , xushlash ]

Xushlash  v.t./v.i. : coop. Of xushla ; to banter pleasantries back and forth; to exchange greetings or farewells with one another.

Xushluqum rare : pleasant to swallow.

Xushmanzara : pleasant to view, beautiful, picturesque.

Xushmanzaralik : scenicness, picturesqueness.

Xushmo'ylov : having a nice moustache.

Xushmulozim : gracious, hearty, cordial.

Xushmulozimat : s. Xushmulozim.

Xushmulozimatlik : graciousness, cordiality.

Xushmuomala : affable, friendly; politeness, cordiality.

Xushmuomalalik : politeness, cordiality, friendliness.

Xushnavo : pleasant voiced.

Xushnud lit. : content, pleased; pleasing, happy. ~ qil /ayla  to make content or happy.

Xushnudlik : contentment, satisfaction, happiness.

Xushohang : pleasant sounding.

Xushomad : flattery, fawning. ~ qil  to flatter, to toady; to compliment.

Xushomadgo'y : sycophant, toady, bootlicker.

Xushomadgo'ylik : servile flattery, fawning.

Xushomadomuz : flatteringly, sycophantically.

Xushovoz : pleasant voiced.

Xushqad : s. Xushqomat.

Xushqomat : having a handsome figure.

Xushro'y : pretty, pleasant faced; openly, sincerely.

Xushro'ylik : attractiveness, prettiness.

Xushsuhbat : pleasant conversationalist.

Xushsurat : handsome, pretty.

Xushsuxan : pleasant tongued.

Xushta'b : pleasant natured.

Xushta'm : good tasting, tasty.

Xushta'mlik : tastiness, deliciousness.

Xushtabassum : smiling, cheerful.

Xushtabiat : good natured, pleasant, jocular.

Xushtabiatli : s. Xushtabiat.

Xushtabiatlik : pleasant nature.

Xushtakalluf : courteous, well mannered.

Xushtakalluflik : courteousness.

Xushtakalluflilik : s. Xushtakalluflik.

Xushtavoze : gracious, courteous.

Xushtor : in love; lover of, mad about.

Xushtorlik : love for, passion for.

Xushvaqt : joyful, cheerful.

Xushvaqtlik : cheerfulness.

Xushxabar : good news.

Xushxandon : jocular.

Xushxat : beautiful writing, penmanship; beautiful writer, calligrapher.

Xushxatlik : abstr. Of xushxat.

Xushxo'r : delicious, tasty.

Xushxon : pleasant voiced.

Xushxonlik : abstr. Of xushxon.

Xushxulq : pleasant natured.

Xushxulqlik : pleasant nature.

Xushyoqmas : shiftless, lazy.

Xushyoqmaslik : lazyiness, idleness.

Xusumat : (Arabic) animosity, hostility, enmity.

Xusumatli : hostile.

Xusus : (Arabic) subject, topic, particular. ~ida about, concerning. ~dan from this point of view.

Xususan : (Arabic) particularly, especially.

Xususiy : (Arabic) private; particular. ~ ravishda privately.

Xususiyat : (Arabic) peculiarity, specific characteristic; notability. Xarakterli ~ distinctive characteristic.

Xutba : (Arabic) sermon (delivered at Friday or holiday prayers); marriage blessing.

Xutor : (Russian) farmstead (in Russia); hamlet, small village.

Xuvari : fink, rat, rascal.

Y od : (Russian) iodine.

Ya'juj ma'juj : (Arabic) Gog and Magog.

Ya'ni : (Arabic) in other words, that is to say.

Yacheyka : (Russian) unit.

Yadro : (Russian) shot put; nucleus, core. ~ Energiyasi nuclear energy. ~ bombasi nuclear bomb. ~ni irg'it  to to put the shot.

Yag'ir : sore on the withers of an animal, saddle sore; an animal afflicted with such a sore; grimy, grubby. ~ chiq  to become soiled or filthy.

Yag'mo : obs. Plunder, pillage. ~ ayla  to plunder, to pillage.

Yag'mogar : obs. Plunderer, pillager, marauder.

Yag'mogarlik : plundering, pillaging.

Yag'rin : shoulder blades, shoulders, upper part of the back; withers. ~iga oftob tegdi to become lucky or blessed (lit., 'to have the sun shine on one's shoulders').

Yag'rindor : broad shouldered; wide, broad.

Yag'rinli : keng ~ s. Yag'rindor.

Yagana : thinning (of crops). ~ qil  to thin out.

Yaganachi : one who thins out crops.

Yaganala  : v.t. To thin out (crops).

Yagona : sole, only, single.

Yahudiy : Jew, Jewish.

Yak rare : one, sole, only. ~ jilov qil  to turn an animal by pulling on one of the reins. ~ qalam qil  to unite (linguistically).

Yakan o'qi : explosive shot used in a smooth bored gun.yakan bot.rush; money, income.

Yakanchi : junk dealer.

Yakandoz : long quilt for lying or sitting on.

Yakbora lit. : all at once, simultaneously.

Yakdil : unanimous, one at heart.

Yakdillik : unanimity, oneness of purpose.

Yakdona bot. : a type of grape; sole; unique, one of a kind.

Yakka : one, single; only, just; solitary, lone. ~ kift bo'lib yur  to plow through, to make one's way through. ~yu yagona one and only. ~ xo'jalik private farm or homestead (not part of a collective). ~ tartibda individually, one at a time. ~ oyoq yo'l narrow footpath.

Yakka dukka : here and there, sparse.

Yakka yagona : s. Yakkayu yagona.

Yakka yakka : one by one, individually.

Yakka yarim : a few, a couple, one or two.

Yakka yolg'iz : all alone, solitary.

Yakkabosh : solitary, alone, all by oneself.

Yakkaboshchilik : working or living by oneself.

Yakkacho'p : log set across a stream or canal for use as a bridge.

Yakkala  : v.t. To segregate, to isolate, to separate, to single out. [yakkalan , yakkalat ]

Yakkalik : aloneness, solitude, isolation.

Yakkam dukkam : s. Yakka dukka.

Yakkama yakka : one on one, one to one.

Yakkamoxov : outcast. ~ qilib qo'y  to cast out.

Yakkaqo'l : self reliant.

Yakkash : always, all the time; sole, lone.

Yakkaxon : soloist.

Yakor" : (Russian) armature.

Yakro'ya rare : one sided (material).

Yaksar lit. : all at once.

Yakshanba : (~ kuni) Sunday.

Yakshanbalik : volunteer work performed on Sunday.

Yakson : (yer bilan) ~ bo'l  to be crushed, smashed. (yer bilan) ~ qil  to crush, to smash.

Yaksonla  rare : v.t. S. Yakson qil .

Yaktak : long, unpadded robe.

Yaktakchi : maker of yaktaks.

Yaktan : unanimous, harmonious, together.

Yakto lit. : unique, one of a kind.

Yakun : (Arabic) result, conclusion, end. ~ yasa  to sum up, to bring to a close.

Yakunla  : v.t. To sum up; to conclude. [yakunlan ]

Yakunlovchi : concluding, final.

Yakut : Yakut.

Yal yal : glittering, flashing, shining.

Yala  : v.t. To lick, to brush, to graze; to wash, to lap at (of water). Birovning oyog'ini (tovonini) ~  to kiss the feet of, to bootlick. Ichi ~ndi to be famished. [yalan , yalat , yalash ]

Yalakat mag'iz : double nut or kernel.

Yalam : fingerful (amount able to be licked from one finger).

Yalama tuz : salt lick.

Yalamsiq : gluttonous, insatiable.yalamur dial.s. Yalamsiq.

Yalang 1 : bare, naked. Bosh ~ or ~ bosh bareheaded. Oyoq ~ or ~ oyoq barefoot. ~ qavat composed of one single fiber; not lined, single layered.

Yalang 2 : always, constantly.

Yalang'och : naked, bare; barren; destitute, poverty stricken.

Yalang'ochla  : v.t. To strip; to remove the harness from (horse); to bare (sword). [yalang'ochlan , yalang'ochlat ]

Yalang'ochlik : nakedness, nudity; poverty, pennilessness.

Yalangla  : s. Yalang'ochla .

Yalanglik : wide open place, plain, flat.

Yalangto'sh : barrel chested, broad shouldered; brave, hardy; bare, barren.

Yalansi  : v.i. To feel cravings for heavy food.

Yalatma : thin layer.

Yalchi  dial. : v.i. To enjoy, to have the good use of (s. Yolchi ). [yalchit ]

Yaldo : ~ kecha or shabi ~ the longest night of winter.yalg'ars dial.fat, big.

Yalhak : simple hearted, open hearted.

Yalhaklik : simple heartedness, open heartedness.

Yalin  : v.i. To plead, to beg. [yalintir ]

Yalinchoq : pleading, imploring; fawning, flattering.

Yalla beparvo : carefree, lighthearted.

Yalla : song, ditty. ~ qil  to sing a lighthearted song; to pass one's time making merry.

Yallachi : (woman) who sings songs and dances at weddings, etc.

Yallaqa  coll. : v.i. To forgive (s. Yorlaqa ).

Yallig' : flame; intense heat; swelling, inflammation.

Yallig'la  : v.t. S. Yallig'lan . [yallig'lat ]

Yallig'lan  : v.i. To blaze, to flame up; to become inflamed. Jarohati ~di to have a wound become infected or fester. [yallig'lantir ]

Yallig'lanish : v.n. Of yallig'lan ; inflammation.

Yallo( maza) : s. ~( maza) qilib yur  to pass one's time making merry.

Yalmog'iz : witch like creature that swallows everything it comes across; evil, wicked.yalmon dial. Zool.rat (s. Kalamush).

Yaloq : dog or cat dish.

Yaloqi : sponger, freeloader.yalov lit.flag, standard.

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