SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Vijdoniy : (Arabic) conscientious, pertaining to conscience. Vijdonli

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Vijdoniy : (Arabic) conscientious, pertaining to conscience.

Vijdonli : conscientious.

Vijdonsiz : without a conscience, uncaring, unscrupulous.

Vijdonsizlik : unconscientiousness, lack of compassion.

Vijilla  : s. Bijirla .

Vijir vijir 1 : s. Bijir bijir.vijir vijir 2 ono.sound of chirping, twittering.

Vijirla  ono. : v.i. To chirp, to twitter. [vijirlash ]

Viklyuchatel" : (Russian) (electric) switch.

Viktorina : (Russian) a question and answer game about fields of knowledge.Viktoriya Katta cho'li geo.

Vilka : (Russian) fork; a certain chess move.

Viloyat : (Arabic) province.

Vilt : (Russian) blight.

Vimpel : (Russian) pennant, pennon, flag.

Vinegret : (Russian) vinaigrette.

Vino : (Russian) wine.

Vinobop : suitable for wine making.

Vinochilik : wine making.

Vinolik : wine  (grapes).

Vint : (Russian) screw. ~ chiziq spiral line. ~li stul swivel chair.

Vintovka : (Russian) rifle.

Vintsimon : spiral.

Violonchel" : (Russian) cello.

Viqor lit. : (Arabic) loftiness, stateliness; pride, dignity, grandeur; dignified, proud. Soxta ~ false dignity.

Viqorli : vainglorious, self important; dignified.Virginiya Orollari geo.Virginiya geo.Virginia.

Virus : (Russian) virus.vish ono.hissing sound.

Vishilla  ono. : v.i. To hiss. [vishillat ]

Vishka : (Russian) tower.Vishniy Volochyok geo.visir visir ono. Dial.whispering noises.

Viskoza : (Russian) viscosity.

Vismut : (Russian) bismuth.

Visol : (Arabic) lover?S union, meeting (s. Vasl).

Vistavka : (Russian) exhibit(ion), show.vit ono.staccato chirp made by a ~ de  (coll.) To run away.

Vitamin : (Russian) vitamin.

Vitaminli : full of vitamins.Vitim yassi tog'lari geo.

Vitrina : (Russian) shop window, showcase.

Vitse admiral : (Russian) vice admiral.

Vitse prezident : (Russian) vice president.

Viveska : (Russian) sign(board).viz ono.whirring, whizzing sound.vizildoq zool.cricket.

Vizilla  ono. : v.i. To buzz, to whir. [vizillat ]

Vizit : (Russian) (official) visit. Javob ~i return visit.

Vklyuchatel" : (Russian) ?On? Switch.

Voajab(o) : arch. S. Ajabo.

Vobasta : obs. Bound to, related, connected, dependent on.Vobkent geo.

Vocalism :

Vodarig'(o) : Oh Lord!, Alas!

Vodiy : (Arabic) wadi, valley; agricultural area.

Vodokachka : (Russian) waterworks.

Vodoprovod : (Russian) water pipe, spigot, faucet.

Vodoprovodchi : plumber, pipe layer.

Vodorod : (Russian) hydrogen (s. Suv tagi).

Voenkomat : (Russian) military registration and enlistment office.

Voenniy coll. : (Russian) military.

Voenruk : (Russian) military instructor.

Voentorg : (Russian) retail store selling mostly military goods.

Voey : Oh my!; Hey hey!

Vofurush : arch. Seller of footwear.voh ono.Ough!, Agh!

Voha : (Arabic) oasis.

Vohid : obs. (Arabic) one, single, unitary, unique; unit; ? (a term used in alchemy) philosopher?S stone??

Voiz rel. : (Arabic) preacher, deliverer of a va?Z; (obs.) Exhorter, preacher (of ideas, advice, etc.).

Vojatiy : (Russian) Young Pioneer guide.

Vojib rel. : (Arabic) incumbent duty, bounden duty.

Vokal : (Russian) vocal (music).

Vokalist : (Russian) vocalist.

Vokalizm ling. : (Russian)

Vokzal : (Russian) station, depot, esp. Train station.

Vol"fram : (Russian) tungsten.

Vol"t : (Russian) volt.

Vol"ta yoyi : (Russian) voltage arc.

Vol"tmetr : (Russian) voltmeter.

Voldir : marble (s. Zoldir).

Voleybol : (Russian) volleyball.

Voleybolchi : volleyball player.Volga bo'yi qirlari geo.Volga Boltiq suv yo'li geo.Volga geo.the Volga.Volgograd geo.Volgograd.

Voli hist. : (Arabic) provincial governor.

Volida : obs. (Arabic) mother.Vologda oblasti geo.

Volost" : (Russian) smallest administrative unit in Tsarist Russia.

Volostnoy hist. : (Russian) provincial governor in pre revolutionary Turkestan.

Voobshchee coll. : (Russian) in general; really, absolutely.

Voqe : (Arabic) ~ bo'l  to take place, to happen; to arise. ~da truly, indeed; in truth, in actuality.

Voqea : (Arabic) event, incident, occurrence, happening.

Voqean lit. : (Arabic) truly, indeed.

Voqeanavis hist. : scribe who records true accounts of events; secret agent.voqeanavislik obs.espionage.

Voqeiy : (Arabic) actual, real.

Voqeiylik : actuality.

Voqelik : reality, validity; realism.

Voqif : (Arabic) aware, cognizant.

Voris : (Arabic) heir, inheritor. Taxt ~i heir to the throne.

Vorislik : abstr. Of voris.

Voronka : (Russian) funnel; crater.

Voronkasimon : funnel or crater shaped.

Vosil : obs. (Arabic) ~ bo'l  to unite with (one?S beloved); to arrive.

Vosita : (Arabic) means, channel; intermediary, go between. Aloqa ~lari means of communication. Ishlab chiqarish ~lari means of production. ~si bilan by means of, via, with the help of. ~ qil  to use as a means of, to use as an intermediary.

Vositachi : intermediary, go between, middleman; (tel.) Operator.

Vositachilik : abstr. Of vositachi; mediation.

Vositali : indirect, mediated. ~ to'ldiruvchi (gram.) Indirect object.

Vositasiz : direct, unmediated. ~ to'ldiruvchi direct object.Vostok geo.vot vot ono.booming, tuba like sound of a karnay.

Votvotla  : to boom or blast (karnay).vov ono.barking sound, ?Bow wow?.

Vovaylato : (Arabic) s. Vovaylo.

Vovaylo : (Arabic) Alas!, Woe is me!

Vovilla  v.i. Ono. : to bark. [vovillat , vovillash ]

Voy voy : Oh!, Oh my!; Very good!

Voy : Ow!; Oh!, Oh my! Oxiri ~ s.t. That will be regretted later. Holimga ~ Woe is me!

Voya : maturity. ~ga yet  to reach maturity, to come of age. ~ga yetkaz  to raise up; to bring to fruition.

Voybo'(y) : Oh ho!

Voydod : Oh my!; Help!

Voydodla  : to exclaim ?Voydod!?.

Voyvoyla  : to exclaim ?Voy voy!? In grief, sorry, fear, etc., to lament.

Voz : (Arabic) (~ kech  to give up, to abandon; to decide not to do, to change one?S mind.Vozrojdenie geo.

Vrach : (Russian) doctor (s. Doktor, do'xtir, tabib).

Vujud : (Arabic) (human) body. ~ga kel  to come into existence, to materialize.

Vujudiyat : (Arabic) s. Vujud.

Vujudli : large, big, strapping. Sog'lom ~li in good health.

Vul"gar : (Russian) vulgar.

Vul"garizator : (Russian) vulgarizer.

Vul"garizm ling. : (Russian) vulgarism.

Vul"garlashtir  : to vulgarize, to simplify. [vul"garlashtiril ]

Vulkan : (Russian) volcano (s. Vulqan, yonar tog').

Vulkanizatsiya : (Russian) vulcanization.

Vulkanizatsiyala  : v.t. To vulcanize.

Vulqon : s. Vulkan.

Vus?At : obs. (Arabic) breadth, width.

Vuy : Oh!, Hey!.

Vyorstak : (Russian) carpenter's or locksmith's bench.

Vyorstka(lash) : (Russian) imposing, imposition (typography). ~ qil  to impose, to arrange into pages.

Vznos : (Russian) fee, payment, dues.

Vzvod 1 : (Russian) platoon. ~ komandiri platoon commander.

Vzvod 2 : (Russian) cocking notch, hammer (of a gun).xa xa xa ono.ha ha ha (laughing).

Waterworks?? [gidrosooruzhenie] :

Where? : qandag'och bot.alder.

Word modified by an attribute (??) [opredelyaemoe] :

Xabar : (Arabic) news, information. ~i bor aware, informed, knowing. ~i yo'q unaware, uninformed, not knowing. ~ qil /~ ol  to hear news, to receive information; to check up on. Bundan ~im yo'q I don't know anything about this.

Xabarchi : messenger, herald, crier.

Xabardor : informed, aware; experienced, proficient. ~ bo'l  to be aware, to hear; to keep an eye on.

Xabarla  : v.t. To spread news, to inform. [xabarlat , xabarlash ]

Xabarlovchi : s. Xabarchi.

Xabarnoma : notice.

Xabarsiz : unaware.xachir zool.mule; hinny.

Xafa : sad, upset. ~ bo'l  to be sad; to become upset. ~ qil  to upset.

Xafachilik : s. Xafalik.xafagarchilik coll.unhappiness; disappointment.

Xafagazak : inflammation; (coll.) Sad, upset.

Xafahol : in low spirits, gloomy, sad.

Xafalan  : v.i. S. Xafa bo'l .

Xafalash  : v.i. To become upset with one another; to yell at one another.

Xafalik : sadness, disappointment, chagrin.

Xafaomuz : in a sad manner, (seemingly) upset.

Xafaqon : mournful, sad, gloomy; high blood pressure, palpitations.

Xafaxon : gloomy, sad, mournful.

Xafif lit. : (Arabic) fine, light.

Xala : s. ~ qil  to make a riding stick; to prod with a stick. ~ ur  to prod. ~ tur  to have a cramp.

Xalacho'p : stick (for prodding camels, donkeys, etc.).

Xalaf : obs. (Arabic) successor (s. Voris).xalajoy coll.s. Xalojoy.

Xalakash : maker of riding sticks.

Xalal : (Arabic) resistance, obstacle, obstruction. ~ ber /etkaz  to obstruct.

Xalaqit : (Arabic) trouble, obstacle, distraction. ~ ber  to hinder; to distract, to bother.

Xalat : (Arabic) robe, smock.

Xalatbop : suitable for making a robe or smock.

Xalatli : wearing a robe or smock.

Xalatlik : s. Xalatbop.

Xalfa : arch. (Arabic) man learned in Islamic law; student (in old school) who helps the teacher; apprentice.

Xalfalik : abstr. Of xalfa; apprenticeship.

Xalifa : (Arabic) caliph; official in the Bukhara khanate in charge of monitoring proper religious observance.

Xalifalik : caliphate; abstr. Of xalifa.

Xalloq : (Arabic) the Creator. ~i olam Creator of the world.

Xalo coll. : (Arabic) latrine, lavatory.

Xalojoy coll. : latrine, privy, outhouse.

Xalos 1 : (Arabic) liberation, release. ~ bo'l  to be saved, to be delivered. ~ qil /Et  to save, to release, to deliver (from).

Xalos 2 : (Arabic) s. Xolos.

Xaloskor : savior, deliverer.

Xaloskorlik : abstr. Of xaloskor.

Xaloxona : s. Xalojoy.

Xaloyiq : (Arabic) the people, everybody.

Xalq : (Arabic) people, nation; crowd. Xalq ~i national economy.

Xalqaro : international; among the people.

Xalqarochi : international affairs specialist.xalqchi arch.populist.

Xalqchil : folk, national. ~ adabiyot folk literature.

Xalqchilik : popular, national; populism.

Xalqchillik : national traits, character, or flavor.xalqchin coll.s. Xalqchil.

Xalqob : puddle. ~ suv standing water.

Xalqona : common, folk .

Xalqparvar : benevolent, people loving.

Xalqparvarlik : concern for the people's welfare.

Xalta : pouch, bag, sack; sag, fold (in skin). ~ ko'ylak a type of shirt worn by mullahs with a collar that is tied closed.

Xalta xulta : all kinds of bags or pouches.

Xaltacha : small pouch.

Xaltura : (Arabic) half baked job.

Xalturachi : one who does sloppy work.

Xalturachilik : sloppy, half baked work.

Xam : bowed. Gardani ~ with a bowed head.

Xamak : unripe mellon (s. Sapcha).

Xameleon : (Russian) chameleon (s. Buqalamun).

Xamir : (Arabic) dough; mixture, paste. Non ~ bread dough. Osh ~ noodle dough. ~dan qil sug'urganday easy as pie. ~i achib to lose one's cool, to get flustered. ~i achimagan doting, slow moving.

Xamirgir : dough kneader.

Xamirsimon : dough like.

Xamirturush : leavening, yeast; beginning, start.

Xampa : granary; hamper, chute, (feed) bin.

Xamr : arch. (Arabic) wine (s. May).

Xamsa : (Arabic) collection of five dostons.

Xamsanavis : poet author of a xamsa.

Xanda : smile.

Xandaq : (Arabic) trench.

Xandon : laughing, smiling, cheerful. ~ tashlab/~ pista pistachio cracked so that the nut is showing.

Xandon xushon : cheerful, gay; cheerful people.

Xanfa : large basin used by a baker for kneading dough.

Xanjar : dagger.

Xanjarbozlik : knife fighting.

Xanjuvar : small furrow made for planting melons and fertilizer together. ~ qilib Ekish to plant melon seeds along with fertilizer.

Xantal bot. : (Arabic) mustard.xapa coll.s. Xafa.xapamat dial.women's chest ornament made of strands of necklaces.xapriq  dial.to jump in fright (s. Hovliq ).

Xar rare : donkey, ass; word used to make a donkey bray.

Xarajat : (Arabic) expenditure, cost, spendings. ~ qil  to spend.

Xarajatla  : v.t. To spend.

Xarak : bridge (on stringed instrument).

Xarakter : (Russian) character.

Xarakteristika : (Russian) reference letter; description; characteristic (of logarithm).

Xarakterla  : v.t. To describe. [xarakterlan ]

Xarakterli : having a certain character; characteristic.

Xargo'sh : ~ yili the year of the rabbit (s. Qo'yon yili).

Xari : beam.

Xaribop : suitable for making into a beam.

Xarid : purchase. ~ qil  to purchase.

Xaridor : customer, buyer.

Xaridorbop : s. Xaridorgir.

Xaridorgir : pleasing or attractive to customers, fast selling.

Xarilik : s. Xaribop.

Xarish : scab(ies); scabby.

Xarishlan  : v.i. To become afflicted with scab.

Xarita : arch. (Arabic) map, plan (s. Karta).

Xarj : (Arabic) expenditure. ~ qil  to spend.

Xarjla  : v.t. To spend. [xarjlan , xarjlat ]

Xarob : (Arabic) in ruins, ruined; in a mess, in dire straits; wasted, emaciated. ~ qil  to lay waste to, to ruin.

Xaroba : (Arabic) ruin(s); in ruins, laid waste.xarobagarchilik coll.s. Xarobalik.

Xarobalik : ruined or wrecked condition; ruins, remains; dire straits.

Xarobazor : ruins, remains.

Xaroblash  : v.i. To be ruined, to go to waste; to go bankrupt; to become wasted or emaciated.

Xaroblik : wreckage, ruin.

Xarobot : obs. (Arabic) ruins, remains; public house, drinking house.

Xarrot : (Arabic) maker of wooden decorative designs; comb maker.

Xarsang : boulder.

Xartiya : (Russian) charter.

Xartum : (Arabic) trunk (of elephant); arm, boom (of crane); scoop (of bulldozer).

Xartumcha : dim. Of xartum; proboscis.

Xarxasha : fit, fuss; bickering; trouble, fuss. ~ qil  to throw a fit; to bicker.

Xarxashachi : fussy, whining, troublesome.

Xarxashali : full of trouble or fuss; touchy, fussy.

Xarxashasiz : free of trouble; not fussy.

Xas : (dry) stalk, stem; straw, hay. Ko'ziga ~ tushdi to get a stain on one's reputation.

Xas cho'p : straw, hay, sticks, etc.

Xas xashak : straw, hay, etc.

Xasak dial. : s. Xashaki.

Xasaki dial. : s. Xashaki.

Xashak : hay. ~ini och  to expose s.o.'s faults.

Xashak xushak : dry grass, sticks, etc.

Xashaki : feed , fodder  (crop); low quality, lowly breed of; common, plain, ordinary. ~ lavlagi (bot.) Mangel wurzel. ~ tut (bot.) A type of mulberry.

Xashakla  coll. : v.i. To eat hay. [xashaklat ]

Xashakxona : hay shed.

Xashtak pashtak : stuffed dried apricot (s. Ashtak pashtak).

Xasis : (Arabic) selfish, greedy; miser; poor, sterile (earth).

Xasislash  : v.i. To become stingy.

Xasislik : selfishness, avarice.

Xaskash : rake (for hay).

Xasm 1 : (Arabic) opponent.

Xasm 2 : (Arabic) property; slave.

Xasmol : periostitis.

Xaspo'sh : ~ qil  s. Xaspo'shla .

Xaspo'shla  : v.t. To cover up, to keep secret. [xaspo'shlan ]

Xasta : sick, ill, ailing; raspy, weak (voice). ~ bo'l  to grow weak or ill.

Xastadil : heartsick.

Xastadillik : heartsickness.

Xastalan  : v.i. To fall ill.

Xastalik : sickness, illness, disease; weakness (of voice).

Xastaxona : arch. Hospital (s. Kasalxona).xasva 1 zool.Hottentot bug.xasva 2 dial.s. Xasmol.

Xat : (Arabic) letter; writing; literacy; line; list. ~ tort  to draw a line. ~ga ol /taloq ~i divorce letter. ~ qilib ber  to cede or sign (s.t.) Over to (s.o.). ~ini olib, muhriga taqalgan to be in very grave health. ~ bil  to know how to read. Ikki ~ she'r two lines of poetry.

Xat hujjat : (Arabic) letters and documents.

Xat mahr : (Arabic) document showing s.t. Has fallen to one's lot. ~ qilib ber /topshir  to assign.xat pat coll.letters, news.

Xat savod : (Arabic) literacy. ~i bor literate. ~i yo'q illiterate. ~ni chiqar  to teach how to read and write.

Xat savodli : literate.

Xat xabar : (Arabic) news, letters.

Xata : (Russian) peasant house (in Russian & Ukraine).

Xatar : (Arabic) danger, hazard; dangerous, hazardous.

Xatarli : dangerous.

Xatarnok lit. : s. Xatarli.

Xatarsiz : safe, free of danger.

Xatcho'p : bookmark.

Xatib : (Arabic) preacher (in mosque).

Xatkash : scribe; marker.

Xatla  : v.t. To write down, to record; to cede (to s.o.). [xatlan , xatlat , xatlattir ]

Xatlash  coll. : v.i. To correspond.

Xatli : containing writing; literate.

Xatlik : abstr. Of xat.

Xatm : arch. (Arabic) finish, end, completion. ~ qil  to complete; to master. ~i qur'on recitation of the Quran from beginning to end as part of a ceremony for honoring the dead. ~i kutub qil  to finish one's schooling.

Xatmi bot. : (Arabic) marsh mallow.

Xatna : (Arabic) circumcision. ~ qil  to circumcise. ~ to'yi circumcision feast (s. Sunnat to'yi).

Xato : (Arabic) mistake, error; incorrect, wrong; off the mark; infertile. ~ qil /~ er sterile land.

Xatoli : incorrect, wrong.

Xatolik : mistake, error.

Xatosiz : error free, correct; evenly (sprouting; of seeds).

Xatparast rare : avid letter writer.

Xatti rayhon A : a type of Arabic calligraphy.

Xatti harakat : (Arabic) behavior, conduct; plan, tactics.

Xatti muhr : (Arabic) ~ qilib ber  to sign over, to cede.

Xattot : (Arabic) calligrapher.

Xattotlik : abstr. Of xattot.

Xavf : (Arabic) fear; anxiety, worry. ~ qil /~ga sol  to put in fear. ~da/~ ostida qol  to be in fear.

Xavf xatar : (Arabic) fears and dangers.

Xavflan  : v.i. To be afraid, to fear. [xavflantir ]

Xavfli : dangerous, fearsome.

Xavflilik : danger, fearsomeness.

Xavfsin  : v.i. S. Xavfsira .

Xavfsira  : v.i. To apprehend, to fear.

Xavfsiz : safe, secure.

Xavfsizlik : safety, security.

Xavotir : (Arabic) anxiety, worry. ~ ol  to be anxious, to worry.

Xavotirlan  : v.i. To worry about; to fear.

Xavotirli : dangerous.

Xavotirlik : anxiety.

Xavotorona : anxiously, worriedly.

Xavotorsiz : free of anxiety.xaxo tarala coll.laughing, merrymaking.

Xaxola  : v.i. To laugh, to chortle. [xaxolash ]xay coll.right, fine, okay.

Xayol : (Arabic) thought(s), imagination, idea, fancy; memory; opinion. Uning ~ida in his idea/imagination, He thinks that... ~ sochilgan/puch ~ empty dream, fancy. ~ sur  to daydream; to ponder. ~ surib qol  to be lost in thought. ~ga kel  to come to mind. ~larga beril  to fall into reverie. Ming ~ga bordim I thought and thought but couldn't think of it. ~ga cho'm /~(i)ni bo'l /~da ko'rin  to appear in one's mind's eye. ~dan o'tkaz /~ o'tmay a moment later. ~dan ko'taril  to slip one's mind.

Xayolan : (Arabic) in one's mind or imagination.

Xayolchan : thoughtful, pensive.

Xayolchanlik : thoughtfulness, pensiveness.xayolchi coll.s. Xayolparast.

Xayoliy : (Arabic) mythical, imaginary. ~ sotsializm Utopian socialism. ~ hikoya fantastic story.

Xayolkash coll. : s. Xayolchan.

Xayollan  : v.i. To ponder, to sit and think.

Xayolot : (Arabic) thoughts, ideas.

Xayolparast : day dreamer, dreamer.

Xayolparastlik : day dreaming.

Xayolsira  coll. : v.i. To sit in thought.

Xayolxona : mind, fancy.

Xayr : (Arabic) good, good act; blessing; alms, charity; right, fine, okay; goodbye. ~ ishi good works, charity. ~ qil  to give alms. Xudo xayr(ingizni) bersin God bless you! (lit., 'May God give you his bounty!').

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