SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Uyqusiz : sleepless.

Uyqusizlik : sleeplessness, insomnia.

Uyqutob : sleepy, somnolent.

Uysiz : homeless; unmarried.

Uysoz : house builder.

Uysozlik : house building.uyu  dial.to soak up water (s. Ivi ).

Uyum : pile, heap, clump.

Uyur : herd (of horses with one stallion).

Uyurma : whirlwind, cyclone; dust and sand carried by such storms.

Uyush  1 : v.i. To organize (into). [uyushtir , uyushtiril ]

Uyush  2 : v.i. S. Uvush . [uyushtir ]

Uyushiq : united, cohesive; homogeneous, analogous. ~ bo'laklar analogous parts (of a sentence)??

Uyushma : union, organization, association.

Uyushqoq : united, cohesive.

Uyushqoqlik : unity, unanimity, cohesiveness, oneness of purpose.

Uyushtir  : v.t. Caus. Of uyush ; to organize.

Uyushtiruvchi : organizer.

Uyushtiruvchilik : abstr. Of uyushtiruvchi.

Uz  : v.t. To snap, to break, to sever (rope, string, etc.); to pull off, to pick, to pluck, to remove; to move; to cut short, to stop; to pay up (debt); to bite; to torment, to torture. Oyog'ini ~  to stop coming. Ko'z(ini) ~  to take one's eyes off of. ~ib ol  to lash out at, to hurt. ~ib ula  to talk on and on. O'q ~  to fire an arrow. Quloq ~may to listen with interest. [uzdir , uzil , uzish ]

Uza  : v.i. To move off into the distance, to move away.

Uza : s. Uzra.

Uzal  : v.i. S. Uzan .

Uzala : ~ cho'zil /tushib yot  to stretch out one's full length.

Uzan  : v.i. To stretch out, to lie stretched out; to reach for, to stretch for. [uzanish ]

Uzangi : stirrup(s).

Uzangisoz : blacksmith who makes stirrups.uzasida coll.on top of.

Uzat  : v.t. To extend, to stretch out, to hold out; to pass (ball); to see off, to send off; to marry off (one's daughter). Oyoq ~ib to stretch out one's legs, to relax. Qayoqqa ~sa, qo'li etadi or qo'lini qayoqqa ~sa, yetadi capable of anything. [uzatil , uzatish ]

Uzay  : v.i. To lengthen, to stretch out; to last. [uzayish , uzayt , uzaytir , uzaytiril ]

Uzbechka : (Russian) Ozbek girl or woman.

Uzel 1 : (Russian) junction; center; assembly (of parts); node. Aloqa ~i communications center.

Uzel 2 : (Russian) knot (speed).

Uzik  : v.i. To relapse, to recur.

Uzil  : v.i. Pass. Of ichi ~di to split a gut, to split one's sides (laughing). Oyog'i ~di to stop coming. Yuragining bir cheti ~di to have one's heart go out to s.o.

Uzil kesil : completely, absolutely, decidedly; definite, decided. ~ rad qil  to categorically turn down. ~ zarba ber  to rebuff completely. Masalaning ~ hal qilinishi final solution of the problem.

Uzlat lit. : (Arabic) solitude.

Uzlatnishin : recluse, hermit.

Uzluk  dial. : v.i. To relapse (into sickness); to pass away, to die.

Uzluksiz : one after another; constantly, without letup, uninterruptedly. ~ kasr continued fraction (s. Davriy kasr).

Uzma : soup made from noodles pinched off by hand.

Uzoq  : v.i. To tarry.

Uzoq uzoq : far far away; long long (time).

Uzoq yaqin : near and far; close and distant (relatives).

Uzoq yovuq : s. Uzoq yaqin.

Uzoq : far, distant; faraway; long; unfamiliar. ~i bilan at most. ~ gap long story; difficult problem, unlikely issue. ~ yili the year before last. ~qa bormaydi It won't last long. ~qa cho'z  to drag on/out. ~qa cho'zil  to drag on, to take a long time. ~ni ko'r  to foresee. ~ yo'l long way; long trip. ~ masofa long distance. ~ Ellar distant/strange peoples. ~ kun long day. ~ umr long life. ~da far away.

Uzoqdan uzoq : very long; very far away, far distant; a very long time.uzoqla  coll.to move off, to go far off. [uzoqlat ]

Uzoqlash  : v.i. To move off; to become distanced, to be lost (relative). [uzoqlashtir  uzoqlashitiril ]

Uzoqlik : distance; remoteness; the distance, distant spot. ~larga qara  to stare off into the distance.

Uzor arch. Poet. : (Arabic) face.

Uzr : (Arabic) excuse; pardon; Pardon (me)... ~ so'ra /~ tut /deb bil  to consder pardonable.

Uzr ma'zur : (Arabic) forgiveness, pardon. Buni ~ tuting Please accept our apologies. +ga ~ qil  to pardon.

Uzra : on, over, all over, throughout. Dunyo ~ all over the world, worldwide. Shahar ~ throughout the city.

Uzrli : excused, pardoned; pardonable.

Uzrsiz : inexcusable; inexcused.

Uzuk : ring. ~ka ko'z solganday to fit to a 'T'.uzum bot.grape; grapevine.

Uzumchi : grape grower; grape seller.

Uzumchilik : grape growing; grape selling business.

Uzumzor : vineyard.

Uzun : long; tall. ~ kosov lackey.

Uzunasiga : lengthwise, along.

Uzunchoq : long and narrow.

Uzundan uzoq : long, lengthy, extra long.

Uzunlash  : v.i. To lengthen, to extend.

Uzunlik : length; height; longitude.uzunqanot zool.sand martin.

Uzunquloq gaplar : gossip, rumors.

Uzuq yuluq : disjointed, disconnected, fragmented.

Uzuq : broken, snapped, severed; fragment, scrap, bit.

Uzurpator : (Russian) usurper.

Uzurpatsiya : (Russian) usurpation.

Uzv : (Arabic) organ, vital part.

Uzviy : (Arabic) organic. ~ kimyo organic chemistry.

Uzzol : name of a folk melody.uzzukun coll.every day; all day long.

V.n. Of ~ belgisi (Russian) soft sign ';'. :

Va 1 lit. : (Arabic)

Va 2 (long V) : Huh! (lack of appreciation).

Va'da : (Arabic) promise. ~ ber /~ qil  to promise. ~ ol  to be promised. ~ga vafo qil /~da tur  to keep a promise. ~dan qayt /~ni buz  to break a promise, to renege. ~ning ustidan chiq  to fulfill a promise, to be true to one?S word.

Va'daboz : one who makes empty promises.

Va'dalash  : v.i. To promise one another, to agree to do s.t.

Va'dasiz : unreliable, untrustworthy.

Va'z : arch. (Arabic) sermon on Islamic subjects usu. Delivered outside the mosque after the Friday prayer; speech, lecture; exhortation, advice. ~ Et /qil  to lecture, to preach.

Va'z nasihat : advice, exhortation.

Va'zbozlik : s. Va?Zxonlik.va'zchi arch.one who delivers a va?Z.

Va'zgo'y : s. Va?Zchi.

Va'zxon : s. Va?Zchi.

Va'zxonlik : preaching; exhortation, sermonizing, empty or pointless lecturing, tongue wagging.

Vaalaykum assalom : (Arabic) And upon you peace! (formal response to assalomu alaykum).

Vabo : (Arabic) cholera; plague, scourge. Sariq ~ "brown scourge" (fascism). ~ vibrioni cholera bacillus.

Vaboli : choleric.

Vadanglat  : s. Vadavanglat .vadavang coll.hopping and popping (music, dancing, etc.).

Vadavanglat  : to make things hop.

Vafli : (Russian) scone, wafer.

Vafo : (Arabic) fidelity, loyalty, faithfulness. ~ qil  to devote o.s., to be faithful; to fulfill an obligation. Va'daga ~ qil  to be true to one?S word, to keep a promise.

Vafodor : faithful, true, loyal.

Vafodorlik : fidelity, faithfulness, loyalty.

Vafoli : s. Vafodor.

Vafosiz : unfaithful, disloyal.

Vafosizlik : faithlessness.vafot A lit.death. ~ qil /Et /bo'l /top  to pass away.vag' vag' ono.bawling, clamoring noise; bawler, clamorer, loudmouth.vag'illa  ono.s. Vag'irla .vag'ir vag'ir ono.chatter, clamor.

Vag'irla  v.i. Ono. : to make noise, to chatter loudly, to make a din. [vag'irlash ]

Vagon : (Russian) (train) car(riage).

Vagoncha : small train car; trailer.

Vagonchi : merchant who takes wagonloads of wheat, cotton, etc. To market.

Vagonetka : small train or cable car.vagonlab adv.by the wagonful.

Vagonovojatiy : (Russian) streetcar driver.

Vagonsozlik : train car construction.

Vagranka : (Russian) cupola furnace.

Vagrankachi : cupola furnace operator.

Vah : sound made to scare s.o., Boo!

Vahim : (Arabic) hideous, frightening, terrible, awful.

Vahima : (Arabic) fright, terror, fear; dread, apprehension, anxiety, the willies, the heebie jeebies. ~ sol /~si zo'r terrible, fearsome. ~ kasali paranoia, constant fear or delusion of being followed, etc. ~ng uchadi You?Ll be scared stiff.

Vahimachi : paranoid, s.o. Who spooks or panics easily; s.o. Who spreads panic and fear.

Vahimador : s. Vahimali.

Vahimalan  : v.i. To be scared, to be beset by fear, to be spooked.

Vahimali : frightening, terrible, spooky; awesome.

Vahimasiz : not frightening, not terrible; not outlandish.

Vahiy rel. : (Arabic) revelation. ?Ga ~ kel  to receive a revelation.

Vahm : (Arabic) s. ~ qil /ol  to be spooked, frightened; to get the heebie jeebies.

Vahma coll. : (Arabic) s. Vahima; s.o. Beset by irrational fears or phobias.

Vahmak : panicker, alarmist; s.o. Who suffers from anxiety or delusions; (zool.) Ichneumon fly.

Vaholanki : whereas, while.

Vahshat : (Arabic) savagery, barbarity; brutality, atrocity, outrage, villainy; terror, fright.

Vahshatli : frightful, terrible, awful, abhorrent.

Vahshiy : (Arabic) wild, savage; brutal, violent.

Vahshiylarcha : savagely, brutally.

Vahshiylash  : to become wild, savage, etc.

Vahshiylik : savagery, brutality.

Vahshiyona : brutally, savagely.

Vaj vajh : (Arabic) excuse, pretext, reason; aspect, point of view.

Vaj(i) korson : prevarications, evasions.

Vajh : (Arabic) s. Vaj.

Vajidan : as regarding, with respect to.

Vajlash  v.i. Coll. : to argue, to squabble.vajoahatli coll.strapping, large; dignified, stately.

Vajohat coll. : (Arabic) appearance, demeanor. ~i buzuq/xunuk ugly, sinister, evil looking.

Vakansiya : (Russian) vacancy.

Vakant : (Russian) vacant.

Vakil : (Arabic) representative, envoy, agent. ~ qil  to delegate, to appoint as representative.

Vakila : (Arabic) female representative.

Vakilla  : v.i. To bark (s. Akilla ).

Vakillik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to serve as a representative or delegate.

Vakolat : (Arabic) representation, deputyship; power of attorney. ~ ber  to authorize, to empower.

Vakolatli : appointed, representing, having power of attorney.

Vakolatnoma : letter of attorney; letter of proxy.

Vakolatxona : agency, representative office.

Vaksa : (Russian) shoe polish.

Vaksla  : v.t. To polish.

Vaktsina : (Russian) vaccine.

Vakuum : (Russian) vacuum.

Val : (Russian) shaft.

Val"s : (Russian) waltz.

Valad coll. : arch. (Arabic) bastard, rascal.valakisalang coll.slacker, lazybones, good for nothing.

Valaqla  : v.i. To chat idly, to talk nonsense. ~b yur  to go around talking nonsense, to spread gossip. [valaqlash ]Valday qirlari geo.

Valdira  : v.i. To chat idly, to talk nonsense; to babble. [valdirat , valdirash ]

Valdirvasar : babbler, chatterbox, talker, windbag.

Valdirvoqi : s. Valdirvasar.vale obs.but, however.

Valentli : having a certain valence.

Valentlik : valence.

Valer"yanka : (Russian) valerian.

Valiahd : (Arabic) heir apparent.

Valik : (Russian) roller.

Valine'mat : arch. (Arabic) benefactor, patron.valish dial.s. Ishkom.

Valiy rel. : (Arabic) prophet.vallamat coll.s. Valine?Mat; guide, mentor; ruler, official, leader, elder; lad, brave, warrior.

Valloh(i) : (Arabic) by God. ~ a?Lam God knows what is true; perhaps, must be.

Valyuta : (Russian) hard currency.

Van : lake Van.

Vanadiy : (Russian) vanadium.vang' coll.ish ~ everything is going well, all is peachy keen. ~ bo'lib qol  to be struck dumb.

Vang'illa  v.i. Ono. : to roar, to zoom. Suv ~b oqayotir the water is gushing. [vang'illat ]

Vang vang : s. Ang ang.

Vangilla  : s. Angilla .

Vanna : (Russian) bathtub, bath. Quyosh ~si sunbath. ~ qil /qabul qil  to take a bath (s. Cho'mil ).

Vannaxona : bathroom, bathhouse.vaq vaq ono.the sound made by a frog, ribbit ribbit. ~ qil  to croak.

Vaqf : (Arabic) pious foundation, usu. Money donated to sustain an Islamic school, mosque, etc.

Vaqfnoma : deed of trust for a vaqf.

Vaqfxo'r hist. : a religious student living off of vaqf funds.

Vaqilla  : s. Vaqirla .vaqir vaqir, vaqir vuqur ono.incessant chorusing of frogs.vaqirla  ono.to croak; to boil heavily; to gripe and grumble. [vaqirlash ]

Vaqo : (Arabic) hech ~ yo'q There isn?T a (darn) thing., There?S nothing at all.

Vaqt : (Arabic) time; hour, season. ~i kelib/(o'z) ~ida on time, at the right time, in its own time. Tez ~da in the near future, soon. U ~(da) at that time; in that case. Ba'zi ~ from time to time. Bir ~(lar)da at one time? ~i bilan at the appropriate time. Alla bir necha ~gacha (not) for some time, for quite a while. Ayni ~da at the same time.

Vaqt bemahal : s. Vaqt bevaqt.

Vaqt bevaqt : at any time; late, at a late hour.

Vaqt soat : time, hour. ~i bilan at the appropriate time ~i kelganda/etganda when its time has come.

Vaqt vaqt : from time to time. ~i bilan on certain occasions, once in a while.

Vaqtchog'lik : s. Vaqtxushlik.

Vaqtincha : temporarily, for the time being.

Vaqtinchalik : for the time being, for now.

Vaqtli : early; temporary; for the time being. ~ matbuot periodical publications.

Vaqtsiz : at a bad time; late.

Vaqtxushlik : happiness; happy times. ~ qil  to have a happy time, to spend one?S time happily.

Varakay : bir ~iga right away, all at once, in one swoop.

Varangla  v.i. Ono. : to buzz, to hum. [varanglat ]

Varaq : (Arabic) leaf, page. O'n ~ o'tadi He?S ten times better/worse.

Varaq varaq : pages and pages.varaq varaq ono.sound made by heaving or heavily boiling substance.

Varaqa : (Arabic) leaflet, sheet, slip.

Varaqi : somsa made of filo dough and fried in oil.

Varaqla  1 : v.t. To leaf through (book). [varaqlan , varaqlat , varaqlash ]

Varaqla  2 : v.i. To boil or burble heavily. [varaqlat ]

Varasa : obs. (Arabic) heirs, inheritors.

Varen"e : (Russian) raspberry; jam, preserves (s. Murabbo).

Variant : (Russian) version, variant.varilla  ono.to rush (water); to putt, to rattle (engine, etc.). [varillat ]

Varrak : kite. ~ uchir  to fly a kite.

Varshava : Warsaw.

Varvar hist. : (Russian) barbarian.

Varvarak : s. Varrak.

Varvarizm ling. : (Russian) barbarism.

Varvarlik : barbarity.

Vasf : obs. (Arabic) oral description; praise.

Vashilla  : s. Vishilla .

Vasiqa arch. Jur. : (Arabic) title, deed; document proving identity. ~si yo'q (coll.) Unstable, flighty.

Vasiqali : licensed, having the proper documents.

Vasiy : (Arabic) guardian (of an orphan).

Vasiyat : (Arabic) will, testament; legacy.

Vasiyatnoma : written will.

Vasiylik : guardianship.

Vasl lit. : (Arabic) union (esp. W/one?S beloved). ~ini ko'rsat  to show one?S face. Yor ~iga yetish /Erish  to become united with one?S beloved.

Vassa : short slats placed tightly together above the beams of a house which form the ceiling.

Vassajuft : a building made with a vassa ceiling.

Vassal : (Russian) vassal.

Vassalom : (Arabic) And that is all., So that?S that., End of story.

Vasvasa A : temptations; vexations, anxieties, fears. ~qil  to seduce, to tempt; to vex, to frighten. ~ga tush  to fall prey to fears and anxieties.

Vasvos : (Arabic) afflicted, touched, deranged.

Vatan : (Arabic) homeland, father/motherland; home.

Vatandosh : fellow countryman.

Vatanfurush : one who sells out his country, traitor.

Vatangado : vagrant; deserter, runaway.

Vatanli : having a (place to call) home.

Vatanparvar : patriotic; patriot.

Vatanparvarlik : patriotism.

Vatar : (Arabic) the chord of an arc.

Vaterchi : water frame operator.

Vaterliniya : (Russian) waterline.

Vatermashina : (Russian) water frame (textile machine).

Vaterpas : (Russian) level.

Vaterpolist : (Russian) water polo player.

Vaterpolo : (Russian) water polo.vati quti coll.blabberer, windbag; ludicrous, nonsensical.Vatikan geo.the Vatican.

Vatin : (Russian) sheet wadding.

Vatman : (Russian) ~ qog'oz Whatman paper.

Vatt : (Russian) watt.

Vattmetr : (Russian) wattmeter.vavag' ono.the sound made by a bedana.; warbler, babbler.

Vaxlik coll. early.Vaxsh geo.

Vaxta : (Russian) watch, guard duty; vigilance.

Vaxtyor : (Russian) watchman.

Vay : s. Voy.

Vayron : ruined, in ruins, devastated, laid waste.

Vayron(a)garchilik : devastation, laying waste, destruction, ruin.

Vayron talqon qil  : v.t. To pillage and destroy.

Vayrona : ruin(s); ruined.

Vayronazor : mass or expanse of ruins.

Vaysa  : v.i. To chatter, to blather. [vaysat , vaysash ]

Vaysaqi : blabbermouth, chatterer; nag, complainer.

Vaysaqilik : abtr. Of vaysaqi; talkativeness; blabber, chatter; nagging.vayvayak dial. Zool.jackal (s. Chiyabo'ri).

Vaza : (Russian) vase.

Vazelin : (Russian) Vaseline.

Vazifa : (Arabic) duty, obligation, task; post, office; function; salary, pension. Uy ~ homework. ~ qilib qo'y  to make a duty or obligation.

Vazifador : arch. Official; charged with an official duty; one who receives a salary or pension.

Vazir : (Arabic) vizier, minister.

Vazir vuzaro : (Arabic) nobles and ministers, state officials, the king?S court.

Vaziyat : (Arabic) position, situation.

Vazmin : weighty, heavy; difficult; grave, serious.

Vazminchilik : s. Og'irchilik; difficulties, troubles, adversities; difficult times.

Vazminlash  : v.i. To become heavy, to increase, to become more difficult; to become (more and more) serious; to become troubled.

Vazminlik : abstr. Of vazmin.

Vazn : (Arabic) weight; stature, repute; rhythm, time, measure.

Vazndor : weighty, hefty; metered, rhythmical.

Vaznli :   weight; having a certain poetic meter; musical, harmonious. Og'ir ~ heavyweight.

Vaznsiz : weightless, inconsequential; having no meter; arrhythmic.

Vaznsizlik : weightlessness.

Vedomost" : (Russian) list, roll; bulletin.

Vegetativ : (Russian) vegetative. ~ ko'payish asexual reproduction. ~ nerv sistemasi vegetative nerve system??

Vegetatsion : (Russian) vegetation. ~ davr growing period.

Vegetatsiya : (Russian) vegetation.

Veksel" : (Russian) promissory note.

Velikoross : (Russian) s. Velikorus.

Velikorus : (Russian) Great Russian.

Velodrom : (Russian) velodrome.

Velosiped : (Russian) bicycle.

Velosipedchi : cyclist.Velukie Luki geo.

Vena : (Russian) vein.Venera geo.

Venerik : (Russian) venereal.

Venerolog : (Russian) specialist in venereal diseases.

Venerologiya : (Russian) science of venereal diseases.

Venesuela geo. (Russian) : Venezuela.Venetsiya qo'ltig'i geo.the Gulf of Venice.

Venetsiya geo. : (Russian) Venice.

Vengr : (Russian) Hungarian.

Vengriya : (Russian) Hungary.

Ventilyator : (Russian) ventilator.

Ventilyatsion : (Russian) ventilation, ventilating.

Ventilyatsiya : (Russian) ventilation.

Verf" : (Russian) shipyard.

Vergul (F?) : comma.

Vermishel" : (Russian) vermicelli.

Vershok : (Russian) vershok, a unit of measure app. 4.4cm. (1.75?).

Verstak : (Russian) workshop.

Vertikal : (Russian) vertical.

Vertikal" : (Russian) vertical (line).

Vertolyot : (Russian) helicopter.Verxniy Tagil geo.

Vestibyul" : (Russian) vestibule, lobby, entrance hall.

Veteran : (Russian) veteran.

Veterinar : (Russian) veterinarian.

Veterinariya : (Russian) veterinary medicine.

Vezuviy : (Russian) Mt. Vesuvius.

Victoria : Vil"nyus geo.Vilnus.

Videoklip : (Russian) video recording, esp. Music video.

Videomagnitofon (Russian) : videocassette recorder.

Vido : (Arabic) farewell.

Vidolash  : to say farewell.

Vigovor : (Russian) reproof, reprimand.vij vij 1 ono.s. Bij bij.vij vij 2 ono.sound of sputtering, popping, or fizzing.

Vijdon : (Arabic) conscience. ~ azobi pangs of conscience. ~ qabul qilmaydi unconscionable.

Vijdonan : (Arabic) conscientiously, in accordance with one?S conscience.

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