SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Turum 1 3pp. Tur(u)mi : hinge.?? Uyning ~ini buzishyapti matchmakers are busting the door down (coming in droves to ask for the daughter?S hand in marriage).

Turum 2 : yotib yeganga ~ tog' chidamaydi No amount of savings is enough for one who is a wastrel.turumtoy zool.merlin.turur arch.archaic 3pp. Form ?Is?. Daftari bu ~..his notebook is this.

Turush : leavening; sour.

Tus 1 : hue, shade, color; appearance, manner. ~ ol  to assume a tone or characteristic. Odat ~iga kir  to become a habit. Jiddiy ~ ol  to become serious. Ommaviy ~ ol  to become widespread (among the populus).

Tus 2 (< chust) : ~ (nusxa) do'ppi black do'ppi with white almond designs, the most commonly worn do'ppi.

Tusa  : v.t. To desire.

Tush 1 : dream. ~ ko'r  to have a dream. ~ bilibmanmi/etti uxlab ~(i)da etti uxlab ~(i)ga (ham) kirmagan never in his wildest dreams. Endi ~ingizda ko'rasiz You'll see (that) again only in your dreams. ~ingizni suvga ayting You're dreaming.; There's no way...

Tush 2 : noon.

Tush" : (Russian) India ink.

Tush  : v.i. To fall, to go down, to descend, to get off of (transport); (+qo'lga ~  to fall into the hands of, to be caught. Ishga ~  to set to work. Qulab ~  to tumble down. Oshib ~  to vault over, to climb over; to be excessive; to outstrip, to outdo. ~ib ket  to fall down; (+ga) to leave on (bus, etc.). ~ib qol  to fall off; to be left off, to be omitted; to get off, to jump off (transport). Ichi ~gan gone soft on the inside (melon). Osmon uzilib erga ~adimi Is the sky going to fall (if you do it)? Og'izga ~  to be the talk of the town. Uning oldiga ~adigan(i) yo'q Nobody is better than he is. Tramvayga ~  to get on a tram. Daraxtlarga qirov ~ibdi frost has covered the trees. Qorong'i ~  to become dark. Uyga o'g'ri ~di A burglar hit the house. Bu pal'to menga juda qimmatga ~di This coat cost me quite a lot. Institutga ko'p ariza ~di The institute has received a lot of applications. Ustingizdan shikoyat ~di There has been a complaint received about you. Lampochka patronga ~mayapti The lightbulb won't go into the socket. Chamolyot aerodromga ~di The airplane landed at the airfield. Men o'rtog'imnikiga ~dim I stayed at my friend's place. Bu erlarga katta binolar ~adi Big buildings will be put up here. Bu joydan katta yo'l ~adi A big road will be constructed starting here. Vahimaga ~  to become fretful (about). Ishqim ~di i've lost my love (for s.t.). Suvoq ko'chib ~di The plaster flaked off. Uchib ~  to fly down; to fly off, to break off. Cho'chib ~  to be startled, to jump up. Men tramvayga ~ib ketaman I'm leaving on the tram. Shaharga tez tez ~ib turaman I go into the city all the time. Men yo'lda ~ib qolaman I'm getting off along the way. [tushil , tushir , tushiril , tushirish , tushirtir , tushish ]

Tusha  rare : to hobble, to shackle.

Tushir  : v.t. Caus. Of qovun ~  to make a mess (of s.t.), to put one's foot in one's mouth. [tushiril , tushirish , tushirtir ]tushirgi dial.trough for carrying off excess water (e.g., on a millwheel).

Tushirgich : suv ~ sluice, gutter. Qozon ~ tripod (for a cauldron)
Tushki : midday, noontime. ~ ovqat midday meal.

Tushkun : decadent.

Tushkunlik : decadence.

Tushkur : cursed, blasted. Qizim ~ haligacha kelmadi My blasted daughter hasn't come yet.

Tushlik : midday meal.

Tushmagur : s. Tushkur.

Tushov : hobbles, shackles (for front feet of animal). Uloviga yarasha ~i like master, like man. Eshagidan ~i qimmat not worth the expense.

Tushovla  : v.t. To hobble, to fetter, to shackle. [tushovlan ]

Tushovli : hobbled, fettered, shackled.

Tushum : income, earnings. ~ kelishigi accusative case.

Tushun  : v.i. To understand. ~dim I understand. Mazasiga ~  to develop a taste for, to get accustomed to. [tushunil , tushunish , tushuntir , tushuntiril ]

Tushunarli : understandable, easily understood; Of course., I understand.

Tushuncha : idea, concept; understanding, awareness; learning, knowledge, education. ~si past odam person of little or no education.

Tushunchali : enlightened, educated; (class ) conscious.

Tushunchasiz : ignorant, unenlightened; unaware or unconcerned with social responsibility.

Tushungan : past part. Of tuwun ; conscientious, understanding of social responsibility.

Tushunish : understanding.

Tushunmovchilik : misunderstanding.

Tushuntir  : v.t. Caus. Of tushun ; to explain.

Tushuntirish : explanation.

Tushuntirma : written explanation.

Tushuv : v.n. Of tush ; fall, decline.tusla  gram.to conjugate (verb). [tuslan ]

Tuslan  : v.i. To shimmer; pass. Of tusla .

Tuslanish : shimmering; (verbal) conjugation.

Tuslash : (verbal) conjugation.

Tusli :  colored.

Tuslovchi : v.n. Of ~ qo'shimchalar conjugational suffixes.

Tusmol : figuring, , reckoning, conjecture. Mening ~imcha It's my guess that..., I'd reckon that...

Tusmolla  : v.t. To guess, to figure, to make a guess at. ~b (to do s.t.) By one's reckoning. ~b so'ra  to take a stab at finding out, to ask on a hunch.

Tussiz : colorless.tustovuq zool.pheasant.

Tut  : v.t.

Tuta : wad of cotton used for spinning thread.tutal dial.tall tale, balderdash.

Tuta  : v.i. To smoke, to fume; to catch fire. [tutat ]

Tutam : handful, fistful. Bir ~ bo'lib qol  to wither down to nothing. Bir ~ kun short day. Kechasi bir ~ summer nights are very short.

Tutamla  : v.t. To grab a fistful, to grab by the fist. [tutamlat , tutamlash ]tutan  dial.to fume, to burst out (in anger).

Tutanoq 1 : bustling, jumpy, fidgety.tutanoq dial.s. Tutqanoq.

Tutanoqlik : energy, liveliness.

Tutantiriq : tinder, kindling. ~ ham bo'lmaydi not enough (to do anything with).

Tutaq  : v.i. To fume, to seethe; to burn up; to wither from thirst. [tutaqish , tutaqtir ]

Tutash 1 : v.n. Of tuta .

Tutash 2 : joined, contiguous, unbroken, continuous, side by side. ~ idishlar ?? [soobshchayushchiesya sosudy]

Tutash  1 : v.i. To blaze, to flame up. [tutashtir , tutashtiril ]

Tutash  2 : v.i. To join together, to be contiguous with. [tutashtir , tutashtiril 

Tutashtir  1 : v.t. Caus. Of tutash 1; to light, to ignite.

Tutashtir  2 : caus. Of tutash  2.

Tutashuv : v.n. Of qisqa ~ short circuit.

Tutat  : v.t. Caus. Of tuta ; to light, to burn. Isiriq ~  to burn wild rue, to fumigate with wild rue (believed to drive away evil spirits and disease). [tutatish , tutattir ]tutatqi 1 dial.s. Tutantiriq.

Tutatqi 2 : anything used as a fumigant for driving away illness or evil; incense.

Tutchilik : mulberry cultivation.

Tutil  : v.i. Pass. Of tut ; to be detained; to , to stammer, to falter, to stutter; to be caught (by what one has said); to be eclipsed.

Tutilinqira  : v.i. To stammer, to falter (somewhat).

Tutiliq  rare : v.i. S. Tutilinqira .

Tutilish : v.n. Of oyning ~i lunar eclipse.

Tutin  : v.i. Reflex. Of ~gan dear, devoted (friend, etc.).

Tutqa : handle, knob.tutqaloq dial.s. Tutqanoq.

Tutqanoq : epilepsy; epileptic.

Tutqanoqli : epileptic.

Tutqi : s. Tutqa.

Tutqich : handle, knob; holder. ~ ber  to let o.s. Be caught.tutqila  coll.to tug on. [tutqilash ]

Tutqoq : s. Tutqaloq.

Tutqun : prisoner, captive.

Tutqunlik : abstr. Of tutqun; captivity, imprisonment, confinement.tutu tuvaloq dial.snail (s. Shiliq qurt).

Tutum : manner, approach, way of doing.

Tutun : smoke. ~ puli (hist.) Household tax. ~i chiq  to fume, to rage. ~i ko'kka/~ qaytar  to make excuses (to avoid work).

Tutunlan  : v.i. To smoke.

Tutunli : smoking, smoky.

Tutunsiz : smokeless.

Tutuq 1 : covered, shaded. Parda ~ deraza window shaded with curtains.tutuq 2 dial.stutterer (s. Duduq).

Tutuqli : covered, shaded.

Tuturiq : faithfulness (to one's word). ~i yo'q gap unreliable story. Gapining ~i yo'q His word is unreliable.

Tuturiqli : reliable, believable, trustworthy.

Tuturiqsiz : unreliable, untrustworthy.

Tuturiqsizlik : unreliability; frivolousness.

Tutzor : mulberry orchard.

Tuvak : small earthenware chamber pot attached to a cradle; pot; dog dish.

Tuvalik : Tuvan, Tuvinian.tuvaloq zool.bustard.tuvdoq zool.s. Tuvaloq.tuvg'on dial.kin, (close) relative.

Tuvoq : lid of a cauldron.

Tuxmak 1 : hemorrhaging in the eye.

Tuxmak 2 bot. : (a yellow flowering plant) [sofora Grifitta]

Tuxum : egg; seed; breed, race, stock. ~ bos  to brood; to sit at home. ~ bostir  to make a hen sit on several eggs (so that they will hatch). ~ och  to (have) hatch (of a chicken). ~ urishtir /~ga kir  to begin producing eggs. ~dan chiq  to stop laying eggs; to hatch (of a chick). ~ og'izga kelganda/tiqilganda when it was already too late.

Tuxumdon : ovary.

Tuxumla  dial. : v.t. To lay eggs.

Tuxumsimon : egg shaped, oval.

Tuxumxo'r : fond of eating eggs; egg lover; (zool.) Egg parasite.

Tuy  1 : v.t. To grind, to crush, to pulverize; to thresh (e.g., rice). [tuydir , tuyil , tuyish ]

Tuy  2 : v.t. To feel, to sense. [tuydir , tuyil ]

Tuya  rare : v.t. To load. [tuyash ]tuya zool.camel. ~ go'shti egan (s.t. Which has) dragged on and on. (nonini) ~ qil  to bite the edges off of bread to make it look like a camel (to distract children); to freeload. ~ning dumi erga tekkanda When hell freezes over. Baqiroq ~ning bori yaxshi [baqirib yurgani undan yaxshi] Better a screaming boss (head of family, etc.) Than none at all.

Tuyachi : camel driver.

Tuyachilik : camel raising.

Tuyaday/dek : camel like; huge, gigantic.

Tuyakash : camel driver.tuyapaypoq bot.bindweed, convolvulus.tuyaqush zool.ostrich.

Tuyasandiq : large trunk.

Tuyatish : having large kernels (of pomegranates, wheat).

Tuyg'u : sense, feeling, sensation; elation.
Tuyg'uli : sensitive.

Tuyg'un 1 : sharp, alert, sensitive.tuyg'un 2 zool.male hawk.

Tuyg'unlik : sharpness, sensitivity.

Tuyg'usiz : insensitive.

Tuyil  : v.i. Pass. Of tuy  2; to seem, to appear.

Tuynak : small, unripe melon (on the vine).

Tuynuk : opening in a wall or ceiling serving as a window or skylight; loop hole, embrasure. Oy ~ka, arava Eshikka kelganda until the very last moment.

Tuynukcha : small tuynuk; peep hole; ticket window.

Tuyoq : hoof; head (of cattle); offspring. Ho'kizning shoxi ursa, tuyog'i zirqiraydi What you say about someone, you say about his kin.

Tuyoqli : hooved.tuyqusdan dial.suddenly.

Tuyuq : quatrain which uses a rhyming play on words.tuyuqsizdan dial.suddenly, all of a sudden.

Tuz 1 : salt; food. ~ini ko'r /~ini ye /~ini ichib, ~lug'iga tupla /~ini oqla  to show gratitude to s.o. (lit., 'May the food (we have given) make him blind.'). ~(im) ko'r qilgur said of s.o. Who is ungrateful to a host. ~ ber  to feed, to treat (a guest) to food.

Tuz 2 : flatland; fallow land.

Tuz 3 : (Russian) ace (in cards).

Tuz  : v.t. To form, to organize, to found, to set in order; to draw up. [tuzdir , tuzil ]

Tuz namak : saltiness (of food); food, victuals, daily bread. ~ bo'l  to break bread (with).

Tuz nasiba : provender, bread and salt.

Tuza  : v.t. To set (out), to array (table spread); to make ready; (dial.) To perform, to carry out. O'zini ~  to ready o.s. [tuzal , tuzat ]

Tuzakli : ready, prepared, fitted.

Tuzaksiz : unready.

Tuzal  1 : v.i. To recover, to get better; to improve; to be fixed or repaired.

Tuzal  2 : v.i. Pass. Of tuza .tuzan  dial.to make o.s. Ready.

Tuzat  1 : v.t. To set straight, to right; to fix, to repair, to correct; to improve; to cure, to heal; to put in one's place. [tuzatil , tuzatish , tuzattir , tuzattiril ]

Tuzat  2 : v.t. Caus. Of tuza .

Tuzatin  : v.i. To straighten one's appearance.

Tuzatish : v.n. Of tuzat ; correction.

Tuzatma : correction.

Tuzdon : salt cellar, salt shaker.

Tuzilish : v.n. Of tuzil ; structure, organization.

Tuzla  : v.t. To salt; to pickle; to put in one's place; to take to the cleaners, to pull one over on. [tuzlan , tuzlat , tuzlash ]

Tuzli : salty, saline.

Tuzluq : salt cellar. ~ to'rva sack used for storing food; making ends meet, bringing home the bacon.

Tuzog'lik : arrayed, set up.

Tuzoq : snare, trap. Uzoqqa ~ qo'y  to plan ahead.

Tuzoqchi : trapper, trap setter.

Tuzqoq : ~ qil  to salt, to cure.

Tuzsira  : to yearn for salt (of animals).

Tuzsiz : saltless, having no or little salt; idle, worthless.

Tuzuk 1 : fine, well. O'ziga ~ well off.

Tuzuk 2 : code of laws.

Tuzuk quruq : fine, hunky dory.

Tuzukla  : v.t. To set straight. [tuzuklan ]

Tuzuklik : abstr. Of tuzuk; good condition.

Tuzum : system, order, structure.

Tuzuvchi : v.n. Of tuz ; organizer; composer, compiler.

Tyagach : (Russian) tractor (for pulling trailers).

Tyul" : (Russian) tulle.

Tyulen" zool. : (Russian) seal.

U bu : this and that; something or other. Unga bunga (to) this person and that; anybody, any old person. Undan bundan (from) this person and that; (from) this and that; (about) this and that.u (w/ case endings un+)that; he, she, it. ~ dunyo the world beyond, the hereafter. Boshini (o'zini) ~ yoqqa yo ~ yoqlik, yo bu yoqlik qil  to make a decision one way or the other. ~ dedi, bu dedi or ~ qildi bu qildi to try this and that. ~ yoqda qolib to slip one's mind. ~ yog'ini surishtirsang if you really want to know... ~ni qo'y, buni qo'y never mind all that,... [unda, undan, unga, uni, uning, uniki]

Uborka coll. : (Russian) ~ qil  to clean (house).

Uch 1 : end, tip, point. ~ ber  to become manifest, to begin to appear. ~chiga chiqqan expert, master (in derogatory sense). Ko'z ~i bilan qara  to look askance at. Eng ~ida secretly. Oyoq ~ida/~i bilan ko'rsat  to point at with one?S foot (i.e., apathetically, disdainfully). Til(ining) ~ida on the surface, perfunctorily, insincerely. Qo'l ~ida perfunctorily; barely, with difficulty. ~ini chiqar  to whisper, to tell furtively.

Uch 2 : three; grade of ?C? On 5 point scale; tri . ~ oyoq tripod. ~ pul three cents.

Uch 3 : a kind of votive light made of cotton wrapped on a stick which is lighted on Thursday and Friday evenings in remembrance of the spirits of the dead.

Uch  : v.i. To fly; to carry (voice); to break or crack off; to be taken, to be deceived; to quiver, to twitch; to be shot, to be taken out. Chanada ~  to sled. Chang'ida ~  to ski. Barakasi ~  to dwindle. Ko'zi ~ib turibdi He is itching to see (it). ~ib qol  to pass out (from drunkenness). Shamolga ~di scattered to the four winds. Birovning gapiga ~  to be taken in by what s.o. Says. [ uchir , uchiril , uchirish , uchish ]uchak dial.ladder; roof.uchala coll.s. Uchov.uchalatoy bot.a species of elm (w/ extremely hard wood, used for making wagon wheels).

Uchar : flying; fleet; crafty, clever; scamp; drifter. ~ baliqlar (zool.) Flying fish. ~ yulduz shooting star.

Uchastka : (Russian) plot of land, lot; house (= domda turasizmi, ~dami? Do you live in an apartment or a house? Ishning mas'ul ~si area of responsibility.

Uchastkavoy coll. : (Russian) local police inspector.

Uchburchak : triangle; triangular; triumvirate (composed of directors, Party representatives and the local trade union).

Uchburchaklik : triangle.

Uchinchi : third.

Uchir  : v.t. Caus. Of qosh ~ir  to arch an eyebrow.

Uchiriq : s. Uchuriq.

Uchirma : fledgling; s. Uchuriq.

Uchla  : v.t. To sharpen. [uchlat ]

Uchlamchi : thirdly; tertiary.

Uchli : pointed, sharp.

Uchlik 1 : tip, point, head. O'qning ~i the head of an arrow.

Uchlik 2 : three man committee; three (of s.t.).

Uchma uch : end to end; barely making ends meet; one for one.

Uchmox : heaven.

Uchov : three (of), all three. ~ingiz the three of you, you three. ~i all three, the three of them.

Uchovlashib : (to do s.t.) As a threesome, all three, the three of them.

Uchovlon : the three of them, all three.

Uchovora : in threes.

Uchqun : spark(s); flake, chip.

Uchqunla  : v.i. To spark, to emit sparks; to be sparked, to catch flame; to rain down in flakes.

Uchqunlan  : v.i. Reflex. Of uchqunla ; to be sparked, to catch flame.

Uchqur : swift flying; swift, fleet.

Uchra  : v.i. To be met, to be come across, to be seen, to be encountered; to meet with, to visit; to run into, to meet, to come across; to be found. [uchrat  uchratil , uchrash , uchrashtir ]

Uchrash  : v.i. Coop. Of uchra ; to meet, to get together. [uchrashish , uchrashtir ]

Uchrashuv : meeting, rendezvous, date; meet; crossing.

Uchta : three (w/ countable, non unit nouns).

Uchun  : v.i. To fall ill, to be indisposed.

Uchun : for; in order to; because. Shuning ~ for that reason, that's why. Nima ~ for what, why. Poezdga kechikmaslik ~ in order not to be late for the train. Ukam ~ kitob oldim I bought a book for my brother.

Uchuniq : indisposition.

Uchuq 1 : cold sore (believed to be caused by extreme fright). Labiga ~ chiqdi/toshdi to be frightened out of one's wits.

Uchuq 2 : broken, chipped.

Uchuriq : joke, funny story, wisecrack. ~ qil  to jest with, to joke about.

Uchuvchi : flying; flyer, aviator. ~lar maktabi flight school.

Uchuvchilik : abstr. Of ~ maktabi flight school. ~ka o'qi  to study to be a pilot. Oliy ~ san'ati the art of aerobatics.

Uchyot : (Russian) registration; stock taking, inventory. ~ kartochkasi registration card. ~ga tur  to be registered. ~ga ol  to take into account. ~dan chiq  to be taken off the books.

Uchyotchi : tally clerk, stock taker.

Ud : (Arabic) lute.

Udarnik 1 : (Russian) firing pin.

Udarnik 2 : (Russian) shock worker (worker who works exceeds the norm).

Udaychi : official in charge of submitting petitions to a khan and conveying his response to the petitioner.

Udda : (Arabic) successful execution of an action. ~ qil  or ~sidan chiq  to pull off, to carry out.

Uddaburo : capable, able, gifted.

Uddaburolik : ability, aptness.

Uddala  : v.t. To manage, to carry out, to pull off. [uddalash ]

Udli shudli : quick, dexterious.

Udmurt : Udmurt.udukvor coll.never.

Udum : (Arabic) custom.

Uezd hist. : (Russian) smallest administrative unit until 1923.uf ono.Oof!

Ufla  : v.i. To say "oof!", to sigh.

Ufor : musk; name of a dance melody.

Ufq : (Arabic) horizon.

Ufur  : v.t. To blow, to waft.ug'on arch.God.

Uglerod : (Russian) carbon.

Uglevod : (Russian) carbohydrate.

Uglevodorod : (Russian) hydrocarbon.

Ugra : thinly sliced noodle(s); a soup made with such noodles.uh ono.Ugh!, Oh!. ~ tort  to say "Oh!" or "Ugh!"; to let out a sigh.

Uhda : (Arabic) s. Udda.uhla  ono.to say "Ugh!" or "Oh!".

Uje coll. : (Russian) already.

Uka : younger brother; term of address used to younger male.

Ukalik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to be a younger brother to s.o.ukki zool.eagle owl. ~ ko'z bulging eyes; person with bulging eyes.

Uklad : (Russian) way of life.

Ukol : (Russian) injection. ~ qil  to give an injection. ~ qabul qil /ol  to receive or get an injection.

Ukpa : thin leather of homemade manufacture.

Ukpar : tassle of owl feathers (used as an ornament).

Ukrain : Ukrainian.

Ukraincha : Ukrainian; the Ukrainian language.

Ukrop bot. : (Russian) dill.

Uksus coll. : (Russian) vinegar (s. Sirka).ul 1 dial.son (s. O'g'il).ul 2 arch.s. Ul.

Ul"timativ : (Russian) categorical.

Ul"timatum : (Russian) ultimatum.

Ul"trabinafsha : ultraviolet.

Ul"traqisqa to'lqin : ultra short wave.

Ul"tratovush : ultrasound.

Ul bul : s. U bu.

Ula  : v.t. To splice, to graft, to tie together; to join, to connect, to fit together. Ishni ishga ~  to follow one job with another. Kunni tunga ~  to merge (to work) night and day. [ulan , ulat , ulatil , ulash , ulashish , ulashtir ]

Ulagich : fastener.

Ulama : attachable, false. ~ soch false hair, hair inserts. ~ kiprik false eyelashes.

Ulamo : (Arabic) (Muslim) scholar, doctor, theologian.

Ulamolik : asbtr. Of ulamo.

Ular 1 : they; those.ular 2 zool.snow cock.

Ulash  1 v.t./i. : coop. Of ula ; to follow one another, to run together. [ulashtir ]

Ulash  2 : v.t. To divide, to apportion, to distribute. [ulashil , ulashtir ]ulash ulash coll.pillage, plunder, ransacking. ~ qil  to ransack, to plunder.ulay bulay coll.all kinds of excuses.

Ulfat : (Arabic) camaraderie; friend, fellow, companion (at social gathering); amicable, congenial. ~i chor camaraderie. ~ qur  to gain friends, to be sociable with a circle of friends.

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