SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Tog' tog' : mountains (of s.t.).tog' tosh, tog'u toshmountain(s) and rock(s).

Tog' : mountain. ~ tizmasi mountain range. ~ Etagi foothills. ~ cho'qqisi mountain peak. ~ jambul (bot.) A type of thyme. ~ murchi (bot.) Tree of chastity. ~ piyoz (bot.) Wild onion. ~ rayhon (bot.) Common origanum. ~ sabzi (bot.) Schrenkia. ~ terak (bot.) Aspen. ~ turbuti (bot.) Gas plant. ~ uzum (bot.) A type of wild grape. ~ zag'cha (zool.) Alpine jackdaw. ~ kaptar rock dove [golub' skalistyy]??. ~ mayna (zool.) Himalayan whistling thrush. ~ chumchuq rock sparrow. ~ qarg'a (zool.) Chough. ~ Et  to uplift, to exalt.

Tog'a : maternal uncle; form of address to older man.

Tog'ay : gristle, cartilage.

Tog'day : mountain like.

Tog'li : mountainous.

Tog'lik : mountainous area; mountain dweller.tog'olcha bot.cherry plum.

Tog'ora : large dished plate.

Tog'oracha : small tog'ora.tog'oyi obs.s. Tog'a.

Toifa : (Arabic) class, sect; type. Xotin ~si women, womenfolk.

Toifi bot. : a species of grape; wine made from this grape.

Toinki : so that (even); even, as well.

Toiusinbop : suitable for use as a beam or girder.

Toj : crown; crest, cockscomb; corona.

Toj taxt : crown or throne (as symbol of sovereignty).

Tojdor : crowned, sovereign, king; having a crest or cockscomb. Sohibi ~ sovereign, ruler. ~i davlat head of state.

Tojik : Tajik.

Tojikcha : Tajik (language, etc.).

Tojir : obs. (Arabic) tradesman, merchant.

Tojixo'roz rare : name of several varieties of flowers (s. Gultojixo'roz).

Tojsimon : crown like.

Tok 1 : (grape) vine. ~ osh(i) pilaw made with stuffed grape leaves.

Tok 2 : (Russian) electricity, electric current.

Tokar" : (Russian) lathe operator.

Tokarlik : abstr. Of tokar'.

Tokay(gacha) : until when, for how long.

Tokbur : one who prunes grape vines; shears for pruning grape vines.

Tokcha : niche, alcove in a wall used for storing dishes, etc.; shelf.

Tokchilik : viniculture (s. Uzumchilik).

Toki : so that, in order to/that.tokilon zool.?? [yashchurka].

Toksin : (Russian) toxin.

Tokzor : vineyard.

Tokzorlik rare : s. Tokzor.tol 1 bot.willow. Siz aytgan (katta) ~lar kesilib ketgan What you're talking about has long since gone.tol 2 dial.s. Tolim.

Tol 3 : (Russian) tolite.

Tol" : (Russian) (tarred) roofing felt or paper.

Tol  : v.i. To tire; to sink, to be deep (in thought). [toldir ]

Tola tola : strands and strands (of).

Tola : strand, fiber; (rare) braid. Soch ~si strand of hair.tola dial.field (s. Dala).

Tolali : fibrous, stringy, composed of or producing strands or fibers.

Tolchovkon : early spring (when pussywillows are coming out).tole 3pp. ~iluck, fortune; fate. ~i kel /~i past unlucky. ~i baland fortunate, blessed. ~ qushi good fortune. ~imga luckily for me. ~imdan o'rgilay Oh, how lucky for me!

Toleli : fortunate.

Tolemand : obs. Fortunate, lucky.

Tolesiz : unlucky.

Tolesizlik : ill fortune.

Tolg'in rare : weary, worn out.tolgul dial.oleander (s. Sambitgul).

Tolib : (Arabic) customer, patron; suitor; student.

Tolim tolim : locks and locks.

Tolim : lock (of hair).

Toliq  : v.i. To tire, to become weary; to hurt for, to want. [toliqish , toliqtir ]

Tolkuchuk : willow branch just coming into leaf.tolma dial.plump; pleasant.

Tolmas : untiring.

Tolqon : a meal made from crushed dried cereals or bread; powder. Holva ~ ~ qil  to make og'ziga ~ sol  to hold one's tongue.

Tolzor : grove or copse of willows.

Tom 1 : roof; (dial.) House, home. (o'zini) ~dan tashlaydi nuts, crazy about.

Tom 2 lit. : (Arabic) complete, full; completely. Darajai ~ wholly, completely. ~ ma'nosi bilan in the true meaning of the word.

Tom 3 : (Russian) volume (book).

Tom  : v.i. To drip; to radiate, to beam. [tomdir /tomiz , tomizil ]

Tomat : (Russian) tomato paste or sauce.

Tomchi : drop. Oxirgi ~ qoni qolguncha until the last drop of blood is left. Daryodan bir ~ a drop in the bucket.

Tomchila  : v.i. To drip. [tomchilan , tomchilat ]

Tomir : vein, blood vessel; pulse; sinew, ligament; xylem; root(s); network, relationship (among friends); buddy, friend. ~ni/~ urishini/~ ot /~ini qurit /~iga tushgan qurt parasite, freeloader.

Tomiz  : v.t. Caus. Of tom ; to drop; (neg. Only) to waste, to spend. Og'ziga suv ~  to dribble water into the mouth of (one dying, as a final token of support). [tomizdir , tomizil ]

Tomizg'i : starter, ferment (for yoghurt, usu. A small amount of yoghurt culture from a previous batch); (medicine) that is applied in drops. ~ ham bo'lmaydi not anything, not worth much. ~ga ham topilmaydi rare as hen's teeth.

Tomizg'ich : medicine dropper.

Tomizg'ilik : enough to serve as a starter; set as aside as starter (yoghurt).tomizim dial.s. Tomchi.

Tomlik :  volume collection.

Tomon : side; direction, area; towards. ~ini ol  to side with, to take the side of. ~idan from, on the part of, by; on behalf of; concerning, with regard to. ~li  sided; (coming) from; siding with, ally of. Farg'ona ~li kishi a person from the Farghona area. Sizlar ~da where you live/are from. Maishiy ~dan with respect to everyday life. Ikkinchi ~dan from another side, in addition. Shu ~dan from this regard. G'alaba biz ~da victory is on our side. Sifat ~idan with respect to quality.

Tomonlama :  sided; angle, perspective. Bir ~ one sided, unilateral. Masalaga har ~ qarash Looking at a problem from all sides.

Tomonlamalik :  sidedness. Bir ~ unilateralness.

Tomoq : throat, gullet; food. ~ qir  to clear one's throat. ~idan hech ovqat/~i taqillab/takillab/qichib feeling thirsty; itching or hungry for.

Tomoqxo'r : ravenous eater, glutton.

Tomorqa (er) : private plot (e.g., on collective farm).

Tomosha : (Arabic) show, spectacle; entertainment, sightseeing. ~ qil  to watch, to view; to entertain. Tekin ~ diversion, spectacle. ~ bo'l  to be a laughingstock.

Tomoshabin : spectator, member of audience.

Tomoshabinlik : abstr. Of tomoshabin.tomoshachi coll.spectator.

Tomoshaxona : showhouse, place of entertainment.

Tomtepar : roof raising party.

Tomteshar : thief who enters via the roof; crook, con man.tomug' lit.hell (s. Do'zax, jahannam).

Ton : (Russian) tone.

Ton  : v.i. To deny, to disown. Gapidan ~  to deny having said s.t. [tonish ]

Tong 1 : dawn. Yolg'on ~ false dawn. Erta ~/~i sahar very early, at or before dawn. ~ni ~ ottirib, kunni kun bottirib around the clock, night and day. Tunni ~ga ula  or ~ ottir  (to do) until the break of day. ~ otdi The sun rose. ~ otguncha until dawn. Otni ~ oshir  to withhold food from a horse until dawn.

Tong 2 : ~ (qotib) qol  to be astonished, to be stunned (s. Dong qol ).

Tonggi : adj. Of ~ shabada morning breeze.

Tongla : morrow. ~ kunda on the morrow, in the future. ~ qiyomatda/mahsharda on the day of judgement.

Tongotar : the break of dawn. ~ o'ltirish gathering which lasts until dawn. ~ qil  to do s.t. Until dawn.

Tonna : (Russian) ton.

Tonnaj : (Russian) tonnage.

Tonnali : adj. Of uch ~ mashina three ton truck.

Tonnel" : (Russian) s. Tunnel'.

Top  : v.t. To find; to discover; to guess; to earn (money, gains); to derive (pleasure, etc.). U mening fikrimni ~di He guessed my idea. Muvofiq ~  to consider suitable. Lozim ~  to find or consider necessary. To'g'ri (deb) ~  to find or consider true. Ozor ~  to experience pain or injury. Shikast ~  to suffer damage. Ichimdagini ~ Guess what I'm thinking. [topil , topish , toptir ]

Top toza : very clean, spic and span.top coll.time, occasion (s. Tob).

Topa tuta : bit by bit, little by little.

Topag'on : quick, gifted at finding things; go getter.

Topag'onlik : abstr. Of topag'on; quickness, sharpness, resourcefulness.

Topaloq : topgan ~niki finders keepers.

Toparman tutarman : s. Toparman.

Toparman : high earning, gifted at turning a profit; breadwinner, go getter.

Topaz : (Russian) topaz.

Topgan tayangan : s. Topgan tutgan.

Topgan tutgan : acquired goods, earnings.

Topil  : v.i. Pass. Of sizda bir varaq qog'oz ~adimi? Would you happen to have a piece of paper?

Topildiq : find, discovery.

Topilma : find, discovery; lost and found. ~lar byurosi lost and found department.

Topilmas : rare, scarce, nowhere to be found.

Topin  : v.i. To worship. [topintir ]

Topish  v.t./v.i. : coop. Of top ; to meet, to find one another; to come to terms, to reconcile, to make peace; to get along with, to befriend. [topishtir ]

Topish tutish : income, earnings.

Topish tutishlik : profit maker, go getter; pennywise, provident.

Topish : v.n. Of top ; finding(s), earnings.

Topishlik tutishlik : s. Topish tutishlik.

Topishmachoq : hide and seek; riddle (s. Topishmoq).

Topishmoq : riddle.

Topishtir  : v.t. Caus. Of topish ; s. Topshir .

Topograf : (Russian) topographer.

Topografik : (Russian) topographical.

Topografiya : (Russian) topography.

Toponimik : (Russian) toponymic.

Toponimika : (Russian) toponyms.

Toponimiya : (Russian) toponymy.

Topqir 1 : time, instance. Ovchi ikki ~ o'q uzdi The hunter shot an arrow twice.

Topqir 2 : quick, sharp, resourceful.

Topqirlik : sharpness, resourcefulness.

Topshir  : v.t. To deliver, to submit, to hand in; to delegate, to give; to surrender. Birovning salomini ~  to pass on s.o.'s greetings. Imtihon ~  to take an exam. [topshiril , topshirish ]

Topshiriq : order, task, duty, errand. ~ ber  to charge, to assign a duty.

Topta  : v.t. To trample; to destroy, to denigrate. [toptal , toptat , toptash ]

Toptan  : v.i. To stomp the ground.

Toq 1 : (Arabic) odd, uneven (in number); lone, single. ~ tuyoqli perissodactyl (animal with an uneven number of toes).

Toq 2 : (Arabic) arch; dome.

Toq 3 : (Arabic) toqati ~ bo'ldi to be at the end of one's patience.toq 4 coll.~i la'nat s. Tavqi la'nat.toq ravoq, toqu ravoqmansion, chateau, palace.

Toqa : (Arabic) one (of a pair); one of a pair of lengths of cloth (s. Jo'ra).toqalash dial.to thin out (crops; s. Yaganala ).

Toqat : (Arabic) patience. ~ qil  to be patient with, to endure.

Toqatli : patient.

Toqatlilik : abstr. Of toqatli.

Toqatsiz : impatient.

Toqatsizlan  : v.i. To lose patience. [toqatsizlantir ]

Toqatsizlik : impatience.

Toqi : (Arabic) short slats placed tightly together above the beams of a house and which form the ceiling (s. ~ sanab yot  to lay awake all night.

Toqi ravoq : s. Toq ravoq.

Toqidor : s. Toqili.

Toqili : (ceiling) made with slats (s. Toqi, vassa).

Toqli : arched.

Tor 1 : narrow, tight; tight, stingy. Fe'li ~ stingy. Do'ppi ~ kelip qoldi to fall on hard times.

Tor 2 : string (of stringed instrument). ~i sust in low spirits. ~i susaydi to become gloomy.

Tor mor : ~ bo'l  to be annihilated or decimated. ~ qil /Et /keltir  to annhiliate, to decimate.

Toray  : v.i. To become narrow or tight; to become constrained. [torayt , toraytir , toraytiril ]

Torf : (Russian) peat.

Torfli : full of peat.

Torfzor : peat bog.torg'oq zool.gerfalcon.

Toriy : (Russian) thorium.

Torli : stringed (instrument).

Torlik : narrowness, tightness; stinginess, miserliness.

Tormoz : (Russian) brake. ~ ber /qil  to brake, to put on the brakes.

Tormozla  : v.t. To brake. [tormozlan ]

Tormozlanish : v.n. Of shartli ~ ??

Tormozlash : v.n. Of tormozla ; braking; inhibition, deadening.??

Tormozlik : ~ qil  to hamper, to impede, to obstruct.

Toroj : ~ qil /Et  to plunder.

Torpeda : (Russian) torpedo.tors ono.~ yoril  to split in half, to burst. Boshi(m) ~ yorilib/~ yorilib ketguday bo'ldi or yuragi ~ yorilib ketay deyapti to have one's heart feel ready to burst. ~ ~ yoril  to burst split into pieces.

Tort : (Russian) cake.

Tort  : v.t. To pull, to draw; to attract; to involve, to draw in; to soak up, to absorb; to distil; to serve (food); to weigh (on a scale); to give, to bestow upon; to dig (ditch); to mill; to withhold; to resemble; to favor; to go through, to undergo; to be inclined towards. Elektr simlarini ~  to string electric wires. Tamaki ~  to smoke tobacco. Tarozida un ~  to weigh flour on a scale. O'ziga ~  to attract to o.s. Ishga ~  to involve in work, to put to work. Diqqatni chetga ~  to divert attention. Javobgarlikka ~  to make answer (for). Jazoga ~  to bring to justice, to make pay. Azob ~  to suffer. Jazo ~  to undergo punishment. Izza ~  to feel ashamed or shy. Tashvish ~  to feel anxious. Osh ~  to serve pilaw. Bosh ~  to pull out, to back out of. Burun ~  to snort, to sniff. Karnay ~  to play a karnay. Oyoqni ~  to pull out, to leave. Oh ~  to let out a gasp. Qo'l ~  to pull back, to cease. Ovqatdan qo'l ~  to cease eating. Qo'shin ~  to to march troops. Homuza ~  to yawn. Yo'g'on ~  to thicken. Biror kishiga ~  to look like s.o., to be like s.o. ~ib (olib) ket  to make off with. ~ib ol  to pull out; to free; to seize. ~ib chiqar /chiq  to pull out. [tortil , tortish , torttir ]tort tort coll.pilfering, filching, pillaging; drinking (bout).

Tortib : converbial of kattadan ~ kichkinagacha from large to small.

Tortil  : v.i. Pass. Of tort ; to diminish.

Tortin  : v.i. To hesitate, to be ashamed, to be bashful; to avoid. [tortinish ]

Tortinchoq : bashful, shy.

Tortinchoqlik : bashfulness.

Tortiq : present, gift, offering; pulled aside, drawn.

Tortiqlik : drawn, pulled tight; strung up; bedecked.

Tortish  : v.i. Coop. Of tort ; to cramp; to argue.

Tortish : v.n. Of tort ; pull, attraction. Erning ~ kuchi gravity.

Tortishish : v.n. Or tortish ; argument, dispute.

Tortishmachoq : wrestling contest held between women on the bride's and groom's sides after the arrival of the bride at the groom's house.

Tortishuv : v.n. Of ~ kuchi force of attraction.

Tortqila  : v.t. To tug on, to pull about; to carry off; to pester, to fleece. [tortqilan , tortqilash ]tortuvchan lit.attractive, interesting.torxon dial.exempt from taxes (s. Darxon).

Tos 1 : wash basin. ~ suyagi pelvis.tos 2 dial.brocade.tos 3 coll.s. Toz.

Tosh 2 : measure of distance equal to 8 versts (app. 5 miles).

Tosh  : v.i. To overflow, to flood; to break out, to erupt. To'lib tosh  to overflow (with); to reach the point of being overcome by emotion. Yuragi/ichi toshdi to be frantic with boredom. Qaynab tosh  to boil over. [toshir ]tosh tarozi, toshu taroziscale and weights. Har erni qilma orzu, har erda bor ~ There's no free lunch. Tosh tarozidan ~  to cheat (in measuring).

Tosh : rock, stone; weight; rock hard. Boshi ~ga tegdi to regret one's misdeeds. Boshni ~ga urib to break one's neck (to no avail). Bag'ri ~ odam cold as a stone, cold hearted.yurakdagi ~ weight upon one's heart.yo'llarga ~ ter  to pave a road. Kerakli ~ning og'irligi yo'q the necessary burden is easy to bear (=??).orqasidan ~ ot  to throw a stone after s.o. Or say bad words behind s.o. As they leave (with the belief that this will keep them from returning). Og'zingga ~ Keep your trap shut!; Bite your tongue (said to one who says evil things). ~ boyla  to take a long time to boil. Samovar ~ boyladimi? What's wrong with the samovar, why won't it boil? ~ bos  to have weight, to be weighty. ~ bosma lithograph.~ bosmada bos  to lithograph.~ jinslari varieties of stone.~ yo'l paved road.~ yo'nuvchi stone mason.~ koni stone quarry.~ nok (bot.) A variety of pear.~ paxta (coll.) Asbestos.~ taxta slate board.~ingni ter Make yourself useful! ~ teruvchi stone layer.~ choy brick tea.~ qalam slate pencil.~ qot  to become hard a s a stone; to sleep like a rock. ~ qurt ~i og'ir polvon a wrestler weighing many stone.~idan kam keldi to come up short, to come up less than it weighed on the scale. ~ daraxt (bot.) Caucasian hackberry (s. Qotrang'i).toshbaqa zool.tortoise, turtle. ~ qadam slow as a tortoise.

Toshbo'ron : rockslide; stoning. ~ qil  to stone.toshbosh zool.gudgeon.

Toshday/dek : like a stone. ~ qot  to freeze like a stone.

Toshli : adj. Of tosh; stony.

Toshloq : stony place.

Toshqin : flood; overflowing, flooding.

Toshqora : s. Tasqara 1.toshqovoq bot.gourd.

Toshzor : stone field, stony place.

Tost : (Russian) toast (drinking).

Tot  : v.t. To taste. [totil ]

Tot : taste, flavor; delight, enjoyment.

Total : (Russian) total.

Totalitar : (Russian) totalitarian.totim bot.Sicilian sumach.

Totin  : v.i. To taste, to try.

Totli : good tasting; sweet, pleasant.totuk dial.s. Totuv.

Totuv : amicable, harmonious, friendly.

Totuvchilik : s. Totuvlik.

Totuvlash  : v.i. To become friends, to get along.

Totuvlik : friendliness, harmony, amity.

Tova : pan.

Tovar : (Russian) goods, wares; article, commodity. ~ xo'jaligi commodity economy. ~ g'alla marketable grain.

Tovardorlik : marketability.

Tovarshunos : commodity researcher.

Tovarshunoslik : abstr. Of tovarshunos; commodity research.tovcha coll.s. Tokcha.tovchag'iz bot.a mountain perennial plant [tay sagyz].

Tovla  1 : v.t. S. Mehr ~  to arouse affection. [tovlan ]

Tovla  2 v.t. Coll. : s. Tobla  2. [tobla , tovlan ]

Tovla  3 : v.i. To sparkle (s. Tovlan ).

Tovla  4 : v.t. To dupe, to cheat, to swindle. [tovlan ]

Tovlan  : v.i. To shimmer, to glimmer, to sparkle; to waver; to transform. [tovlantir ]tovmir dial.s. Tomir.

Tovon 1 : sole, bottom of foot (or shoe).

Tovon 2 : compensation, penalty, fine. ~iga qol  to be forced to pay compensation for. Tirik ~ burden, encumbrance.tovonbaliq zool.crucian carp.

Tovondor : responsible for paying a fine.

Tovoq qoshiq : dishes.

Tovoq : earthenware dish; plate, platter; (phonograph) record. Norin ~ large bowl or platter for serving charx ~ a large decorated platter. To'qqiz ~ s. To'qqiz to'qqiz.

Tovoqday/dek : large and flat.

Tovoqdosh rare : fellow, mate (sharing a dish of food).

Tovor : a machine made silk fabric of which the pattern and background are the same color.

Tovsil  : v.i. To diminish, to go down.

Tovsilan  : v.i. S. Tovsil .tovuq zool.chicken, hen; cock crow (as a unit of time). Bir ~qa ham suv kerak, ham don kerak Man cannot live on bread alone. Ola ~ somon chochar, o'z aybini o'zi ochar said of one who voices his or other's faults. ~ yili ; name of the 10th year of the 12 year animal cycle calendar.

Tovuqboqar : chicken farmer.

Tovuqchilik : poultry raising.

Tovuqxona : chicken coop or house.

Tovus zool. : (Arabic) peacock.

Tovush : voice; sound, noise. ~ ber  to speak up. ~ chiqar  to make a noise; to speak aloud. ~ chiqarib o'qi  to read aloud. ~ingni o'chir! Shutup! ~ing o'chgur Damn you. Bor ~(i) bilan/~i boricha/~ini baralla qo'yib with all one's voice, at the top of one's lungs.

Tovushli : adj. Of tovush; voiced; sound (waves, etc.); talking (movie, etc.).tovushqon dial. Zool.hare.

Tovushsiz : voiceless; soundless; silent.tovut coll.s. Tobut.tovutkash coll.s. Tobutkash.tovva 1 coll.s. Tavba.

Tovva 2 : the smooth side of a knucklebone. Oshig'i ~ unlucky, down on one's luck (in business).

Toy 1 : yearling foal; term of endearment for young children.

Toy 2 : bundle, package. ~ qil  to wrap in a bundle.

Toy  : v.i. To slip, to slide; to deviate, to go astray; to avoid, to stop at. U hech narsadan ~maydi He will stop at nothing.; There's nothing he won't do. Tildan ~  to say s.t. Mistakenly. Tildan ~may not to take s.t. Back that one has said. Jaddiga ~  to take the blame for s.t. Holdan ~  to be exhausted. [toydir , toydiril , toyil , toyiltir ]

Toy toy : bundles and bundles. ~ tur  to teeter (s. G'oz g'oz tur ).

Toycha : dim. Of toy 1; dear, darling.

Toychi : bundler, packer.

Toychoq : dim. Of toy 1.

Toydi : a type of knucklebone game.

Toyg'an  : v.i. To slip, to slide. [toyg'anish , toyg'antir ]

Toyg'anchoq : s. Toyg'anoq.

Toyg'anoq : slippery, slick.

Toyg'oq : s. Toyg'anoq.

Toyla  1 rare : v.t. To bear a foal.

Toyla  2 : v.t. To bundle. [toylan , toylat ]

Toyloq : young foal; dear, darling.

Toyloqday/dek : big, strapping (child).

Toymas : tenacious, dogged.

Toz : bald; bald area on head.

Toza : clean; pure; quite, very, really. Palagi ~ of honorable descent.

Tozala  : v.t. To clean. [tozalan , tozalat , tozalatil , tozalattir , tozalash ]

Tozalik : cleanness, sanitation; purity.

Tozalovchi : cleaner.

Tozi zool. : borzoi, greyhound; swift, fleet horse.

Traditsion : (Russian) traditional.

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