SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Tila  : v.t. To wish (for); to beg (for), to request. Gunohini ~  to beg forgiveness. ~b olgan bolamni Echki tepib o'ldirdi said when losing s.t. Gotten with difficulty. [tilan ]

Tilak : wish, hope; request.

Tilakdosh : well wisher.

Tilaknoma : card or letter of well wishing.tilamchi coll.s. Tilanchi.

Tilan  : v.i. Pass. Of tila ; to beg. [tilanish ]

Tilanchi : beggar.

Tilanchilik : begging.

Tilar tilamas : right away, before getting a chance to ask.

Tilcha : dim. Of til; uvula.

Tilchi : linguist; informer, spy.

Tilchilik : abstr. Of tilchi; linguistics; informing, spying.

Tilik : s. Tilim.

Tilikla  : s. Tilimla . [tiliklan  tiliklat ]

Tilim tilim : cut into slices, sliced up.

Tilim : slice.

Tilimla  : v.t. To cut into slices. [tilimlan  tilimlat ]

Tilish : v.n. Of til ; slice.tilishla  coll.s. Tilimla .

Tilka pora : (in) bits and pieces. ~ bo'l  or ~si chiq  to be in pieces, to be smashed to pieces. ~ qil  to smash to pieces, to rip to shreds.

Tilka tilka : s. Tilka pora.

Tilka : in pieces.

Tilkala  rare : v.t. To smash to pieces. [tilkalan  tilkalat  tilkalash ]

Tilla : gold; gold piece worth 10 soum; dear, precious; (bot.) Galingale.

Tillado'z rare : embroiderer of gold brocade designs (s. Zardo'z).

Tillado'zi rare : embroidered with gold brocade ( s. Zardo'zi).

Tillakor(i) : golden, gilded.tillaqo'ng'iz zool.may bug, cockchafer.

Tillaqosh : a women's golden ornament worn on the forehead.

Tillash  coll. : v.i. To translate or interpret, to serve as interpreter; to get along well, to hit it off.

Tillasimon : golden.

Tillo lrnd. : gold.

Tilma : cut, made from cutting.

Tilmala  rare : v.t. To cut into slices.

Tilmoch : interpreter, translator.

Tilmochlik : abstr. Of tilmoch.

Tilovat : (Arabic) reading, recitation (of the Quran).

Tilshunos : linguist.

Tilshunoslik : linguistics.

Tilsim : (Arabic) enchanted place; enchantment, spell; talisman. ~ qil  to cast a spell on.

Tilsimla  : v.t. To cast a spell on, to lock under a spell. [tilsimlan ]

Tilsimli : enchanted, locked under a spell; enchanting, spellbinding.

Tilsimot : (Arabic) spells, enchantments.

Tilsiz : tongueless; dumb, mute; silent. ~ yov implacable foe.

Tilsizlan  : v.i. To become mute; to be speechless.

Tilsizlik : tonguelessness; muteness, dumbness.

Tilxat : receipt, i.o.u. Note.

Tilyog'lama : flatterer, sycophant; fawning.

Tilyog'lamachi : s. Tilyog'lama.

Tilyog'lamachilik : s. Tilyog'lamalik.

Tilyog'lamalik : fawning, bootlicking.

Tim 1 : covered bazaar building.

Tim 2 : ~ qora jet black. ~ qorong'i inky black.tim 3 dial.(not) at all, in no way.

Timbon : guard or patrolman in a bazaar.

Timdala  : v.i. To scratch; to upset, to gnaw at (fears). Qalbini ~  to upset, to cause anxiety. [timdalan  timdalat  timdalash ]

Timi(r)skila  : v.t. To feel for, to grope for. [timi(r)skilan  timi(r)skilash ]

Timsoh zool. : (Arabic) crocodile.

Timsol : (Arabic) example; sign, symbol; personification, embodiment.timtiq dial.scrap, shred, remnant.

Tin  : v.i. To become clear (of silt, etc.), to settle out (silt); to rest, to take a rest; to stop moving. Ko'zi ~di to feel dizzy. Chakagi ~di to be quiet, to stop talking. Ko'ngli ~di to become calm, to have one's heart at rest. O'zidan ~  to settle down, to take charge of one's own affairs. [tindir  tindiril  tinit  tinitil  tinish ]

Tin : breath, rest; calm, repose. ~ ol  to take a breath; to take a rest, to catch one's breath.

Tinch totuv : peaceful, carefree.

Tinch : quiet, peaceful, calm, still; peace, calm. ~ini ol  to have a rest. ~ qo'y  to leave alone. Suyagi ~ comfortable life. O'ziga ~ comfortable, well off, not needy.

Tinchi  : v.i. To find relief or repose; to slow or calm down, to quiet down, to settle down. Qulog'i ~di to give one's ears a rest, to get away from noise; to get free of others' haggling. O'zidan ~di to settle down, to manage one's household. [tinchit , tinchitil , tinchitish , tinchish ]

Tinchlan  : v.i. To calm down. [tinchlantir ]

Tinchlat  : v.t. To calm.

Tinchlik : peace; calm, quiet. (o'zi) ~mi? Is something wrong?

Tinchlikcha : peacefully.

Tinchliksevar : peace loving.

Tinchliksevarlik : abstr. Of tinchliksevar.

Tinchsiz : unsettled, troubled, uneasy.

Tinchsizla  rare : v.i. To trouble, to disturb.

Tinchsizlan  : to become unsettled or troubled. [tinchsizlantir ]

Tinchsizlik : unrest, anxiety; trouble, disturbance.

Tindir  : v.t. Caus. Of ko'zini ~  to cause one's eyes to hurt; to make dizzy. [tindiril ]

Tindirgich : settling tank.

Ting' 1 : s. Ting.ting' 2 ono.strummed or plucked sound (of stringed instrument).

Ting'illat  ono. : v.t. To strum, to pluck.ting'ir ting'ir ono.strumming or plucking sound.

Ting : fallow.

Tingla  : v.t. To listen to. [tinglan  tinglat  tinglash ]

Tinglovchi : listener; student; (arch. Gram.) Second person.tingsha  dial.to prick up one's ears.

Tini  : v.i. S. Tin . [tinit ]

Tinib tinchimas : restless, always bustling about.

Tinim : rest, repose.

Tinimsiz : restless; ceaselessly.

Tinimsizlik : lack of rest; restlessness; unceasingness.

Tiniq  : v.i. To become clear; to come to o.s., to become well rested. [tiniqtir ]

Tiniq : clear; bright.

Tiniqlan  : v.i. To become clear; to revive, to recover.

Tiniqlash  : v.i. To become (increasingly) clear; to recover, to regain health or vigor.

Tiniqlik : clarity, brightness.

Tinish : v.n. Of tin ; s. ~ belgilari punctuation marks.

Tinjira  : v.i. To sparkle.

Tinka mador : strength.

Tinka : strength, vigor. ~si quri  to tire, to weaken, to be worn out. ~sini qurit  to wear out, to tire, to weaken.

Tinkasiz rare : weak, feeble.

Tinlik : silence, calm.

Tinmag'ur : s. Tinmagur.

Tinmagur : tireless, restless.

Tinmasdan : s. Tinmay.

Tinmay : w/o rest, tirelessly; constantly, incessantly.tinmayin lit.s. Tinmay.

Tinti  : v.t. To rummage through, to search through. [tintish ]

Tintuv : search.

Tip : (Russian) type; character.

Tipik : (Russian) typical.

Tipiklash  : v.i. To become typical. [tipiklashtir , tipiklashtiril ]

Tipiklik : typicalness.

Tipilla  : s. Tipirla .tipir tipir ono.thrashing or writhing motion; dashing about; fidgety, busy.

Tipirchila  : v.i. S. Qalbi ~di to have one's heart flutter. [tipirchilan , tipirchilat , tipirchilash ]

Tipirchin  : v.i. To stamp, to pat (feet).

Tipirla  : v.i. To flail about; to quiver. [tipirlat , tipirlash ]

Tipografiya : (Russian) printing office, press.

Tipovoy : (Russian) model, standard.

Tippa tik : straight (up); bold, brazen.tipratikan zool.hedgehog.

Tiq  : v.t. To thrust, to stick, to cram into. [tiqil , tiqilish , tiqiltir , tiqish , tiqishtir , tiqishtiril , tiqtir ]tiq ono.tapping, rapping, or banging noise. ~ Etgan tovush/~ Etgan xabar yo'q not one bit of news.

Tiqil  : v.i. Pass. Of o'pkasi og'ziga ~di to be out of breath, to lose one's breath. So'zi/gapi bo'g'ziga/tomog'iga ~di to be speechless, to be at a loss for words. [tiqiltir ]

Tiqilinch : crowd, crowded place; crowded, packed, jammed; urgent, pressing. ~ qil  to push, to press.

Tiqin : stopper, plug, cork; crammed, packed.

Tiqinchoq : dim. Of tiqin.

Tiqinla  : v.t. To stopper, to plug, to cork. [tiqinlan , tiqinlat ]

Tiqinlik : suitable or enough for using as a stopper, etc.; crowdedness.tiqir tiqir ono.rattling or rapping noise.

Tiqirla  ono. : v.i. To rattle, to rap. [tiqirlat ]

Tiqishtir  : v.t. To stuff, to cram; to stick, to plant. [tiqishtiril , tiqishtirish ]

Tiqmachoq : stack stuffed with s.t.; fat, chubby.

Tiqmachoqday : fat, chubby.

Tir 1 : obs. Arrow.

Tir 2 : (Russian) firing or shooting range.

Tir 3 : s. Tirr.

Tira  : v.t. To lean against, to prop against. [tiral , tiran , tirash ]

Tiragich : prop, support.

Tiraj : (Russian) drawing (lottery); circulation; edition. Ko'p ~li kitob book printed in large numbers.

Tirak : prop, support, buttress; support(er).

Tiral  : v.i. Pass of tira ; to lean on; to reach as far as, to come up against.

Tirandoz : archer.

Tirandozlik : abstr. Of tirandoz; archery.

Tiraqayla  : v.i. To run off, to flee willy nilly, to make a run for it. [tiraqaylat ]

Tiraqaylat  : v.t. Caus. Of~ib quv  to chase off, to send packing, to scatter.

Tirband : packed, jammed, chock full.

Tirbandlik : abstr. Of tirband.

Tire : (Russian) dash.

Tirg'an  : v.i. To slip, to slide (s. Sirg'an ). [tirg'anish , tirg'antir ]

Tirg'anchiq : slippery (s. Sirg'anchiq).

Tirgak : s. Tirak.

Tirgov : s. Tirak.

Tirgovuch : prop, support.

Tirgovuchla  : v.t. To support, to prop up. [tirgovuchlan ]

Tirik : alive, live, living; fresh, not wilted (of plants); robust, lively; not fully cooked, al dente. ~ vazn live weight. Ko'z ~ida/ligida while still alive, before one dies.

Tirikchilik : life, (making a) living. ~ tebrat  to get by, to make ends meet.

Tiriklay(in) : live, while (still) alive.

Tirikligicha : s. Tiriklayin.

Tiriklik : abstr. Of tirik; life.

Tiriktovon : parasite, freeloader.

Tiril  : v.i. To come back to life, to revive. O'l desang o'ladi, ~ desang, ~adi obedient, will do anything you tell him to. [tirilt(ir) ]

Tirilla  ono. : v.i. To make a tearing, splitting, or chirping sound (s. Tirr). [tirillat ]

Tirinka : (Russian) tricot.

Tiriqla  ono. : v.i. To tap, to rap. [tiriqlat ]

Tiriqtir  : v.t. S. Tiraqaylat . [tiriqlat ]

Tirish  : v.i. To wrinkle, to become wrinkled; to feel aches and pains; to try hard, to strive to do, to work hard at. [tirishil , tirishtir ]

Tirish : wrinkle; wrinkled.

Tirishib tirmashib : striving hard, with might and main.

Tirishiq : wrinkle; wrinkled, wrinkly.

Tirishqoq : hardworking.

Tirishqoqlik : abstr. Of tirishqoq.

Tirjay  : v.i. To smirk; to grimace, to contort one's features. [tirjayish , tirjaytir ]

Tirjiq : contorted; smirking, grimacing; thin, wiry.

Tirka  : v.t. To hitch, to couple; to attach, to add; to lean against, to prop up against. [tirkal , tirkalish , tirkat , tirkash , tirkashtir ]

Tirkalma : s. Tirkama.

Tirkaluvchi : v.n. Of ~ moslama tractor drawn implements.

Tirkama : trailer; hitched, drawn or pulled. ~ vagon trailer.

Tirkamali : hitched to, pulling, or drawing s.t.

Tirkamasiz : w/o a trailer or hitched vehicle.

Tirkash 1 : v.n. Of tirka .tirkash 2 dial.s. Tirkish.

Tirkish : saddle girth (for hitching a wagon to).

Tirkov : v.n. Of tirka ; hitched, drawn (by tractor, etc.).

Tirkovchi : v.n. Of tirka ; [pritsepshchik] puller?? Lead hitch??.

Tirma mola : harrow.

Tirmala  : v.t. To claw. Ichini ~la  to rend one's heart. [tirmalan , tirmalat , tirmalash ]

Tirmash  : v.i. To clamber, to scramble up; to cling to.

Tirmizak : naive; imp, rascal

Tirna  : v.t. To scratch, to scrape, to claw. Ichini ~  to upset greatly, to eat at. [tirnal , tirnat , tirnash ]

Tirnoq : fingernail, nail, claw, talon; hoof; child, offspring; device used to climb telephone poles (??). ~ini o'stirmaydi to keep others from getting rich. ~dan/~ orasidan/~ ko'r  to have offpsring. ~qa zor bo'l  to yearn for offspring.

Tirnoqcha 1 : small nail(s).

Tirnoqcha 2 : little bit.

Tirnoqday/dek : tiny, small.

Tirnoqla  : v.t. To scratch (with the nails); to open old wounds.

Tirog'lik : leaning or propped up against.

Tirqira  : v.i. To scatter, to run off in every direction; to spurt, to gush. [tirqirat , tirqirash ]

Tirqish : crack, chink.tirr ono.tearing sound.tirrak coll.s. ~dek qot  to sleep like a log.

Tirrancha : s. Tirmizak.

Tirraqi : prone to diarrhea; thin, gaunt; foul, wretched.

Tirraqila  : v.t. To foul things with one's diarrhea.

Tirriq : cheat, swindler. Kayfi ~ upset, in a bad mood.

Tirriqlik : abstr. Of ~ qil  to cheat, to swindle.tirs ono.popping or snapping sound (e.g., made by a fire or a thread breaking).

Tirsak 1 : elbow. ~ni tishlab bo'lmas so near and yet so far.

Tirsak 2 : a kind of sore on the tongue ?? [tipun].

Tirsakla  : v.t. To do s.t. With the elbow. [tirsaklan ]

Tirsilla  1 ono. : v.i. To make a snapping or popping sound. [tirsillat ]

Tirsilla  2 : to swell to bursting.

Tirsillama : swelling, swollen, fit to burst.

Tirtay  : v.i. To sulk, to pout.

Tirtiq : scar.

Tirtish  : v.i. To be taut; to heal over and become puckered (wound).

Tis : sound made to a horse to get it to walk backwards.

Tisar  : v.t. To make walk backwards, to have back up; to push back, to repel. [tisaril , tisart ]

Tisaril  : v.i. Pass. Of tisar ; to step or lurch backwards; to retreat, to withdraw.

Tish 1 : tooth, teeth. ~ yor  to have teeth come in. +da ~ chiqqan to grow up doing. ~i o'tadi to get one's teeth into, to comprehend. Birovga (qarshi) ~ qayra  to carry a grudge or plot revenge against s.o. ~ning kavagiga/~ining oqini ko'rsat  to grin. ~ini ~iga qo'y  to grit one's teeth, to put up with s.t. ~ doktori dentist. ~ kavlagich toothpick. ~ poroshogi tooth powder. ~ cho'tkasi toothbrush. ~ ol /~ qo'ydir /soldir  to have false teeth made.tish 2 coll.outside, exterior (s. Tash).

Tish tirnoq : ~i bilan tooth and nail. ~igacha qurollan  to arm o.s. To the teeth.

Tish tirnoqli : adroit, skillful, energetic.

Tisha  : v.t. To sharpen (e.g., teeth on a saw). [tishal , tishat ]

Tishla  : v.t. To bite; to eat; to hold between the teeth; to snap at, to deride. Achchig'ing kelsa, burningni ~  you have no one to blame but yourself. Yer ~  to bite the dust. Tishida ~  to be very careful with. [tishlan , tishlat , tishlattir , tishlash ]

Tishlat  : v.t. Caus. Of tishla ; to come up with a witty reply or remark. Quloq tishlat  to betrothe while still a child. [ tishlattir ]

Tishli : toothed, having teeth.

Tishlik : enough to make one (false) tooth; place where teeth of a harrow are attached.tishlon dial.buck toothed.

Tishlong'ich : biting (animal); acerbic.tishovla  dial.to cut teeth into, to sharpen (saw).

Tishqoli : a black dye used to prevent tooth decay.tishsh ono.s. Tiss.

Tishsiz : toothless.

Tiski : (Russian) vice.

Tisla  v.i./t. : to back up, to move backwards. [tislan , tislantir , tislat ]

Tiss : shsh!

Tit  : v.t. To poke at, to go or rummage through; to beat, to thrash (to separate into fibers, of wool or cotton); to smash to pieces, to beat to a pulp. O'tni/olovni tit  to poke at a fire. [titil , titiltir , titin , titish , tittir ]

Tit pit : ~ bo'l  to be topsy turvy, to be scattered all over. ~ qil  to turn topsy turvy, to ransack. ~ chiqar  to grind one's nose in the dirt, to teach a lesson.

Titan 1 : (Russian) boiler.

Titan 2 : (Russian) titanium.

Titiq : ragged, shabby, decrepit; worn or frayed part of s.t. ~i chiqib/~ini chiqar /o'ynat  to tatter, to tear to pieces.

Titkila  : v.t. To rifle or rummage through, to poke through. [titkilan , titkilat , titkilash ]

Titra  : v.i. To shiver, to shake; to rattle; to quaver. [titrat , titrash ]

Titrak rare : quivering.

Titroq : shiver, quiver; shivering, shaking, quivering.

Titul : (Russian) title.

Tivit : downy wool, cashmere.tixir coll.bull headed, stubborn.

Tixirlan  : v.i. To be stubborn.

Tixirlik : stubbornness; objection.

Tiy  : v.t. To restrain, to hold back. Tilini ~  to hold one's tongue. Qadamini ~  to stop going to. [tiyil ]

Tiyg'on  dial. : v.i. To slip.

Tiyg'onchiq : s. Tiyg'onoq.

Tiyg'onchoq : s. Tiyg'onoq.tiyg'onoq dial.slippery.

Tiyin 1 : smallest unit of currency (1/100th of a soum), kopeck, penny. Bir ~(ga qimmat) not worth a penny.tiyin 2 zool.squirrel (s. Olmaxon).

Tiyinli : adj. Of uch ~ chaqa a three penny coin.

Tiyinlik : penny's worth. 50 ~ choy 50 cents' worth of tea; 50 cent tea.

Tiyiq : composed, self possessed. Tili ~ nafsi ~ self controlled, not greedy.

Tiyra : obs. Black, dark.

Tiyrak : active, energetic; sharp, keen, perceptive.

Tiyraklan  : v.i. To be active, energetic; to be sharp.

Tiyraklash  : v.i. To come alive, to be come more and more lively.

Tiyraklik : liveliness; sharpness.

Tiz 1 : s. ~ cho'k /cho'kib o'tir  to kneel.

Tiz 2 ono. : whooshing or whizzing sound.

Tiz  : v.t. To thread or string; to line up, to set in a row; to reel off, to list. [tizdir  tizil , tizilish ]tiz tiz ono.s. Tiz 2.

Tizg'i  dial. : v.i. To whiz, to squirt. [tizg'it ]

Tizgin : bridle.

Tizginla  : v.t. To bridle. [tizginlan ]

Tizginli : bridled.

Tizginsiz : unbridled.

Tizil  : v.i. Pass. Of tiz ; .to stand in a row; to come one after another; to get stuck (in one's throat). Ko'zda(n) yoshi ~ildi to have the tears flow from one's eyes.

Tizilla  : v.i. To squirt.

Tizim : string, chain, necklace (of s.t.).

Tizimcha : cord (s. Chizimcha).tizimgul bot.verbena.

Tizla  rare : v.i. S. Tizzala ; to settle, to go down, to crouch. [tizlan ]

Tizma : chain, string, line; (arch.) S. Terma.

Tizza : knee. ~ cho'k  to kneel down.

Tizzala  : v.t. To press with the knee; to kneel. ~b yur  to walk on one's knees. [tizzalan ]to'bichoq dial.fleet, swift (horse).

To : until, all the way to.

To call out "po'sht po'sht!' :

To differentiate [differentsiyalan ] :

To fold. Qatlan  qatlanib yotibdi/turibdi :

To go "bang!" [paqillat ] :

To harrow?? :

To hold, to grab, to catch, to detain; to hand, to present, to hold up to; to keep, to maintain, to run; to hold back; to control (o.s.); to support, to manage, to take care of; to use; to carry on, to conduct, to adhere to (policy, idea); to consider (to be); to cover with (curtain, etc.); to fill, to take up; to take root; to come on, to overcome, to attack (feeling or condition). Mehmonlarga sochiq ~  to hand guests a towel. Papirosga gugurt ~  to hold a match up to a (Russian) cigarette. O'g'rini jinoyat ustida ~  to hold a thief responsible for a crime. To'g'ri yo'l ~  to hold a straight course. Uy joyni ozoda ~  to keep the house clean. Do'kon ~  to run a store. Bu qo'lni ~adi this will tie things up. Chimmat ~  to veil one's face. Bu idishni ~mang Don't use this dish. Ko'z oynak ~  to use or wear glasses. Birovni o'ziga do'st ~  to consider s.o. To be a friend. Bo'g' uyni ~ib ketdi Steam filled the room. Hamma yoqni odam ~ib yotibdi Everywhere is filled with people. Pilla ~  to keep silkworms. Uning kasali ~di His illness flared up. Ko'chat ~madi The planting did not take hold/root. Suv ~  to pour water (for s.o. To wash); to irrigate. O'zini ~  to control o.s., to get hold of o.s. Ko'zda ~  to keep in mind. Motga ~  to defeat. ~gan joyidan kes  to stand firm; to get one's way. To'pga ~  to fire on/at. [tutil , tutin , tutish , tuttir /tutqaz /tutqiz , tutqazil , tutqizil ] : tut bot.mulberry. ~ mayiz dried mulberries. Qo'noq ~ an inedible variety of mulberry. Yer ~i strawberry (s. ~day to'kil  to fall like flies; to tumble down, to fall apart.

To rise (dough) (s. Ko?Pchi ) [ko'ptir ] :

To say "xix." :

To urge a horse on saying "chuv chuv." :

To'da : pile, bunch; group, gathering; pack, flock, school. Arilar ~si swarm of bees.

To'da to'da : in piles and piles.

To'daboz : one who manipulates groups or cliques to his own advantage (s. Gruppaboz).

To'dabozlik : manipulating groups or cliques to one's own advantage (s. Gruppabozlik)

To'dakash : charger which can outstrip a group of horses quickly (in buzkashi (uloq) game).

To'dala  : v.t. To pile up, to gather. [to'dalan , to'dalat , to'dalash ]

To'dalash  : v.i. Coop. Of to'dala ; to gather in groups.

To'dalog'liq : piled (up).

To'fon : (Arabic) storm, typhoon; the Flood.

To'fonli : stormy, tempestuous.

To'g'in : wheel rim.

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kommunikatsiyalarini rivojlantirish
umumiy o’rta
Referat mavzu
fanining predmeti
haqida umumiy
Navoiy davlat
universiteti fizika
fizika matematika
Buxoro davlat
malakasini oshirish
Samarqand davlat
tabiiy fanlar