SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Tektonik : (Russian) tectonic. Tektonika

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Tektonik : (Russian) tectonic.

Tektonika : (Russian) tectonics.

Tekturmas : energetic, restless.

Telba teskari : crazy, jumbled.

Telba : mad, crazed, touched, deranged; wild. ~ bo'l  to be or go mad.

Telbalan  : v.i. To go mad, to lose one's mind; to rage.

Telbalarcha : crazily, like a crazed person.

Telbalik : madness, insanity.

Telbanamo : (seemingly) mad, touched, crazy.

Telbasaro rare : s. Telbanamo.

Telbasimon : s. Telbanamo.

Telchira  : s. Terchila .

Teleboshqarish : s. Teleboshqaruv.

Teleboshqaruv : remote control.

Telefon : (Russian) telephone. ~ qil /qoq  to telephone.

Telefonboz : one who likes talking on the telephone or using the telephone excessively.

Telefonbozlik : excessive talking on the telephone.

Telefonist : (Russian) telephone operator.

Telefonistka : (Russian) fem. Of telefonist.

Telefonlash  coll. : v.i. To call one another on the telephone.

Telefonlashtir  : v.t. To equip with telephone service. [telefonlashitiril ]

Telefonogramma : (Russian) message dictated over the telephone.

Telega : (Russian) 4 wheeled cart or wagon.

Telegraf : (Russian) telegraph; telegraph station.

Telegrafist : (Russian) telegraph operator.

Telegrafistka : (Russian) fem. Of telegrafist.

Telegrafiya : (Russian) telegraphy.

Telegramma : (Russian) telegram.

Teleinstsenirovka : (Russian) adaptation for television broadcasting (of play, etc.).

Telejka : (Russian) small telega; cart, trolley.

Telemarkaz : television center.

Telemetrik : (Russian) telemetric.

Telemetriya : (Russian) telemetry.

Telemexanik : (Russian) remote control technician; remote control(led).

Telemexanika : (Russian) remote control, telemechanics.

Telemexanizatsiya (Russian) : telemechanization, use of remote control technology.

Teleminora : television tower.

Teleob'ektiv : (Russian) telescopic lens.

Teleskop : (Russian) telescope.

Teleskopik : (Russian) telescopic.

Teleskopiya : (Russian) telescopy.

Telestudiya : (Russian) television studio.

Teletasvir : (Russian) television image.

Teletayp : (Russian) teletype.

Teletomoshabin : television viewer. ~lar television audience.

Televidenie : (Russian) television (as an institution).

Televizion : (Russian) television (adj. Of ~ ko'rsatuvlar television shows.

Televizor : (Russian) television, t.v.televizorchi coll.television specialist or repairman.

Tellur : (Russian) tellurium.telmir  coll.s. Termil .telmur  coll.s. Termil .

Telogreyka : (Russian) padded vest.telov dial.aqlingga ~ tekkanmi? Have you lost your marbles?

Telpak : fur hat. Qunduzsiz ~ fur hat with fur on the inside only. Sochni ~ qil  to arrange one's hair in circles on top of the head (of women).

Telpakdo'z : maker of fur hats.

Telpakdo'zlik : abstr. Of telpakdo'z.telva teskari coll.s. Telba teskari.

Tem bolee coll. : (Russian) the more so as, especially as.

Tema : (Russian) subject, topic, theme.

Tematik : (Russian) thematic.

Tematika : (Russian) themes.

Tembr : (Russian) timbre.

Temir beton : reinforced concrete.

Temir tersak : iron or other metal scrap.

Temir : iron; (coll.) Metal. ~ daftar book of ironclad rules. ~ intizom iron rule. ~ iroda iron will. ~ panja iron grip. ~ qanot fledgling. ~ qafas iron cage, jail. ~ qonun ironclad rule. ~ g'ov impenetrabe barrier. ~ni qizig'ida bos Do it while it's hot. ~ qoziq (yulduzi) the Pole Star (s. Qutb yulduzi).

Temiratki : herpes ?? (a skin disease) [lishay]

Temirchi : (black)smith. Gapga ~ longwinded, blabbermouthed; guileful talker. Otang ~mi? Otang ~ o'tganmi? Why make so much talk?

Temirchilik : blacksmithing; blacksmith shop. Gapga ~ longwindedness; guileful talk.

Temirqoziq : the Pole Star (s. Qutb yulduzi).

Temirtak : piece of iron; old, dull knife.

Temirtosh : ironstone, iron ore.

Temp : (Russian) tempo.

Temperatura : (Russian) temperature.

Temuriylar : the Timurids.

Temurzodalar : s. Temuriylar.

Tendentsiozlik : tendentiousness.

Tendentsiya : (Russian) tendency.

Tendetsioz (Russian) : tendentious.teng tush, tengu tushpeople of the same age.

Teng : equal, even; equally, simultaneously. ~ baravar twice, double. ~ bo'l  to divide equally. ~ bo'l /~ ko'r /~ sherik partner with equal shares. Tuproq bilan ~ qil  to flatten, to decimate.tengchi coll.s. Tekischi.tengchilik coll.s. Tekischilik.

Tengdosh : of the same age; equal.

Tengdoshlik : abstr. Of tendosh; equality.

Tengla  : v.t. To make equal. [tenglan ]

Tenglama : equation.

Tenglash  : v.i. To become equal, to equalize, to even up; to match; to get even with, to come head to head with. [tenlashtir ]

Tenglashtir  : v.t. Caus. Of tenglash ; to compare with, to liken. [tenglashtiril ]

Tenglik : equality.

Tenglikda : at the same time.

Tengqur : person of the same age; suitable, fitting.tengsit  coll.to compare.

Tengsiz : unequalled, matchless, incomparable; unequal, unmatched.

Tengsizlik : inequality.

Tennis : (Russian) tennis.

Tennischi : tennis player.

Tenniska : (Russian) tennis shirt.

Tenor : (Russian) tenor.

Tentak : idiotic, silly; crazy, nuts; wild.

Tentaklan  rare : v.i. S. Telbalan .

Tentaklarcha : like a crazy person, in an idiotic or insane manner.

Tentaklik : idiocy, silliness; craziness, madness; wildness.tentakqush zool.nightjar, goatsucker.

Tenti  : v.i. To wander about idly.

Tentira  : v.i. To wander about; to be adrift or astray; to become confused or dizzy, to be out of sorts. [tentirat , tentirash ]

Teodolit : (Russian) theodolite.

Teolog : (Russian) theologian.

Teologik : (Russian) theological.

Teologiya : (Russian) theology.

Teorema : (Russian) theorem.

Teoretik : (Russian) theoretical (s. Nazariy); theoretician.

Teoriya : (Russian) theory (s. Nazariya).

Tep  : v.t. To kick; to stamp or mix with the feet (e.g., mud for building); to beat (heart, etc.); to gush or issue forth; to pedal (bicycle). Loy ~  to knead clay (with the feet). Yurak ~adi the heart beats. Qizamiq sirtga ~  to have measles break out. [tepil , tepish  teptir ]

Tep tekis : very smooth or flat.

Tepa : hill, high place, high ground; top, upper part, upper side; pile, mound. ~ga up, upwards; upstairs. ~da above; upstairs. ~dan from above. ~sida on top of; above. Toghning ~siga ciq  to climb to the top of a moutain. Voqeaning ~siga kelib qol  to arrive in the middle of something. ~sida tur  to stand at the head of; to be at the head of. ~ sochi tikka bo'l~ to have one's hair stand on end. ~siga chiq /ikki qo'li bir ~da pulling one's hair out in anquish.

Tepag'on : s. Tepong'ich.

Tepakal : bald (on top).

Tepala  v.t./i. : to pile up, to mound; to rise up. [tepalan ]

Tepalik : high place, hill, hillock.

Tepchi  1 : v.t. To stitch so that the thread doesn't show; to sew shut (a hole). [tepchit  tepchish ]

Tepchi  2 : to come, leak, or show through.

Tepchik : stitching (on a ~ igna special needle for sewing stitching.

Tepchikchi : sewer of stitching on do'ppis or collars.

Tepin  : v.i. To stamp, to kick. Yer ~  to stamp the earth.

Tepish : v.n. Of tep ; beating (of heart).

Tepki 1 : kick; recoil; trigger; pedal (on loom). ~ e  to be kicked; to be kicked around. Ot ~sini ot ko'taradi the strong can battle with the strong; harsh words of a near one do not cut deep. Sakkiz ~ atlas thick, tightly woven to'rt ~ atlas low quality ~ arava bicycle.

Tepki 2 : mumps.

Tepkila  : v.t. To kick repeatedly; to trample. Bir ko'rpada ~shib katta bo'l  to grow up together (kicking and scrapping). [tepkilan , tepkilat , tepkilash ]

Tepkilash : v.n. Of tepkila ; kicking match.

Tepkili terma : typhus.

Tepkilik : able to withstand one kick.

Teplitsa : (Russian) hothouse.

Teplofikatsiya : (Russian) use of surplus heat from an industrial process to heat work places and homes.

Teplofikatsiyalashtir  : v.t. To install a heating system based on surplus industrial heating sources. [teplofikatsiyalashtiril ]

Teploizolyatsiya : (Russian) insulation.

Teplotexnik : (Russian) heating engineer; adj. Of teplotexnika.

Teplotexnika : (Russian) heating engineering.

Teplovoz : (Russian) diesel locomotive.

Teplovozsozlik : manufacture of diesel locomotives.

Teploxod : (Russian) motor ship.

Tepong'ich : (fond of) kicking, wild.

Tepsa tebranmas : insensate, immovable.

Tepsin  : v.i. To kick, to stamp (s. Depsin ).

Ter  : to gather, to pick (up); to place in a row, to put in place; to stack; to thread, to string; to set (type); to dial (numbers on telephone); to tweeze; to flatten or sharpen (blade of a tool). G'isht ~  to pile or lay bricks. Rizqini ~  to make a living. [terdir , terdiril , teril  terish ]

Ter : sweat, perspiration. ~ to'k  to sweat. Jon ~iga tush  to labor, to struggle. ~i chiq  to break out in sweat.terak bot.poplar.

Terakzor : poplar grove.

Teran : deep.

Teranlik : depth.

Terapevt : (Russian) therapeutist.

Terapiya : (Russian) therapy.

Terbiy : (Russian) terbium.

Terchil rare : prone to sweating.

Terchila  : v.i. To be covered with steam; to sweat profusely.

Terga  : v.t. To interrogate, to question; to keep in check; to control, to investigate. [tergal ]

Tergov : interrogation. ~ qil  to interrogate.

Tergovchi : interrogator.

Tergovchilik : abstr. Of tergovchi.

Tergovsiz : w/o questioning or interrogation.

Teri 1 : skin; pelt; leather. ~si yupqa thin skinned. ~si qalin thick skinned. ~siga sig'may ketdi to become overly fat; to be overjoyed. ~siga somon tiq  to beat black and blue, to beat to a pulp. ~sini shil /shilib ol  to skin.

Teri 2 : triangular or square pieces of fried dough.

Terichi : buyer of leather or skins.

Terifurush : seller of leather.

Terim : picking, harvest (of cotton).

Terimchi : picker, gather, harvester.

Terish : picking.

Terla  : v.i. To sweat, to perspire. [terlat  terlash ]

Terlama : typhus. Ich ~si typhoid fever.

Terli : sweaty.

Terlik : sweat cloth, saddle cloth.

Terloq : sweaty, constantly sweating.

Terma : choiced, select(ed); a type of song sung by bards; lively poem or song composed of four stanzas.

Termachi : s. Termakash; (professional) picker.

Termakash : singer or composer of terma songs (either original or based on others' works).

Termala  rare : v.i. To collect, to compile.

Termik : (Russian) thermal.

Termil  : v.i. To gaze. [termilish  termiltir ]

Termin : (Russian) term.

Terminologik : (Russian) terminological.

Terminologiya : (Russian) terminology.

Termit 1 : (Russian) thermite.

Termit 2 zool. : (Russian) termite.

Termodinamik (Russian) : thermodynamic.

Termodinamika (Russian) : thermodynamics.

Termoelektrik (Russian) : thermoelectric.

Termograf : (Russian) thermograph.

Termometr : (Russian) thermometer. Maksimal ~ maximal thermometer??

Termometriya : (Russian) thermometry.

Termoregulyator (Russian) : thermoregulator.

Termos : (Russian) thermos.

Termostat : (Russian) thermostat.

Termostatik : (Russian) thermostatic.

Termoyadro : (Russian) thermonuclear.

Terrasa : (Russian) terrace.

Terrenkur : (Russian) walking (for exercise); walking path.

Territorial : (Russian) territorial.

Territoriya : (Russian) territory, area.

Terror : (Russian) terror.

Terrorchi : s. Terrorist.

Terrorchilik : s. Terrorizm.

Terrorist : (Russian) terrorist.

Terroristik : (Russian) terrorist.

Terrorizm : (Russian) terrorism.

Ters : backwards, back facing; against, opposing; contrary, ill natured.

Tersay  : v.i. To be cross; to be obstinate. [termilish  termiltir ]

Terskay : facing away from the sun, northerly facing.

Terskaylik : abstr. Of terskay.

Terslan  : v.i. To be obstinate or cross.

Terslik : contrariness; ill nature.

Tert : mixed animal feed (hay or straw combined with bran or oil cake).

Tertsiya : (Russian) third (in music); 16 point type.

Teruvchi : picker, harvester.

Tesh  : v.t. To pierce, to poke or bore a hole in. Quloqni ~  to pierce one's ear. [ teshil  teshtir ]

Tesha : a hand tool similar to an adze. Ildiziga ~ ur  to do in, to uproot. ~ tegmagan brand new. Holvachining ~siday short; adroit.

Teshik teshik : full of holes, riddled with holes.

Teshik : hole, opening. ~ kulcha a doughnut shaped bread. ~ tomoq/~ quloq Eshitadi of course he will hear of it.

Teshil  : v.i. Pass. Of bag'ri ~  to agonize, to be racked with grief. Ko'zi ~di to have one's fill of waiting, to run out of patience. Ko'zing ~gur! May your eyes be gouged out!

Teskari : contrary, reverse, backwards; back side; hostile, inimical. Ishi ~ ketdi his affair/business went awry. ~ dunyo this contrary, inconstant world. Xudo yuzini ~ qilsin God forbid.

Teskarichi : reactionary.

Teskarichilik : reaction.

Teskarilan  : v.i. To go awry, to go wrong.

Teskarilash  : v.i. To become contrary; to become hostile; to go wrong or awry.

Teskarilik : backwardness; contrariness. ~ka ol  to take wrongly.

Teskarisicha : in the opposite direction or manner; as opposed to, in contrast with; whereas, to the contrary.

Teskarisiga : backwards.

Teta poya : ~ bola toddler. ~ bo'l /qil  to begin to walk, to toddle; to begin to stand on one's own.

Tetik : still strong, full of vigor; bold, resolute; lively.

Tetiklan  : v.i. To become full of vigor, to revive; to become bolder. [tetiklantir ]

Tetiklash  : to fill with vigor. [tetiklashtir ]

Tetiklik : vigor; boldness, resolve. ~ka sol /ol  to pretend to be full of vigor.

Tetraedr : (Russian) tetrahedron.teva zool. Obs.camel (s. Tuya).

Tevarak : surroundings, environs. ~(i)da around, surrounding, in the environs. ~dan from all sides.

Tevarakla  : v.t. To surround.

Texnetsiy : (Russian) technetium.

Texnik : (Russian) technician; technical; industrial. ~ kotib technical secretary. ~ redaktor technical editor.

Texnika : (Russian) technology, technical devices, equipment. ~ Ekinlari industrial crops. Xavfsizlik ~si or ~ xavfsizligi industrial safety.

Texnikaviy : technical.

Texniklik : technician work.

Texnikum : (Russian) technical college.

Texnolog : (Russian) technologist.

Texnologik : (Russian) technological.

Texnologiya : (Russian) technology.

Tez : quick, quickly, fast; quick tempered ~ kunda coming soon. ~kunda/fe'li ~ hot tempered. Zehni ~ quick witted. ~ yordam first aid; ambulance.

Tez tez : quickly, rapidly; often, time and again.

Tezak : droppings, dung, feces, turd, cowpie; dried dung (for fuel). Teng tengi bilan, ~ qopi bilan to each his own kind (saying=??).

Tezakla  : v.i. To defecate.

Tezakxona : shed or shelter for storing dried dung.

Tezda(n) : quickly, at once.

Tezgir : swift (at catching game).

Tezgizak : wood tick.

Tezik  dial. : v.i. To rush, to dash.

Tezis : (Russian) thesis.

Tezkor : quick, deft; productive.

Tezkorlik : abstr. Of tezkor; deftness, quickness (in work).

Tezla  1 : v.t. To quicken; to urge on; to pitch against, to set on; to sharpen, to whet; to fall to the bottom of a tandoor (of bread, qadamini ~  to quicken one's steps. [tezlan  tezlantir  tezlat tezlatil  tezlash  tezlashtir ]

Tezla  2 : v.t. To repair a wall (in place). [tezlan  tezlat  tezlatil ]

Tezlama rare : ~ qil  s. Tezla  2.

Tezlatkich : accelerator.

Tezlik : anger, temper; speed, speediness. ~ qil  to lash out angrily. ~ bilan quickly, with haste. ~lar korobkasi gear box.

Tezob rare : swift flowing; acid wash, mordant.

Tezobla  : v.t. To treat with a mordant.

Tezoqar : swift flowing.

Tezotar : rapid firing; vociferous, chirping often (bedana).

Tezpazak dial. : s. Tezpishar.

Tezpishar : fast ripening.

Tezuchar : quick flying.

The great Victoria desert?? : Viktoriya geo.

The Laz language?? :

Thick reed matting (used in roofing)?? [kamywit] :

Tib : arch. (Arabic) medicine (s. Meditsina).

Tibbiy : (Arabic) medical.

Tibbiya arch. Rare : (Arabic) medicine, medical science.

Tif : (Russian) typhus.

Tig' : blade; barrel (of gun). (dami) ~dan o'tkaz  to decimate, to annihilate. ~ tekiz /~ ko'tar /qo'lga ~ ol  to arm o.s. Saraton ~i ray, beam of the sun. Tong ~ urdi/tortdi/ yoydi/yordi to have the sun's rays strike.

Tig'a : arch. Zenith (s. Zenit); heat of the sun.

Tig'dor : bladed; sharp, cutting.

Tig'iz : dense, tight, closely packed; close, rushed (time).

Tig'izla  : v.t. To make denser, to cluster; to pack; (rare) to press, to push, to urge. [tig'izlan , tig'izlat , tig'izlash ]

Tig'izlik : density, compactness, closeness.

Tig'la  lit. : v.t. To cut, to knife. Yuragini ~  to break one's heart, to torment.

Tig'li : armed or outfitted with a blade; sharp.

Tijorat : arch. (Arabic) business, commerce, trade.

Tijoratxona : trading house.

Tik 1 : vertical, straight up, upright; tall; straight.

Tik 2 : (Russian) tick(ing).

Tik  : v.t. To sew, to stitch; to erect, to plant; to place a stake (gambling). O'tov ~  to erect a yurt. Yong'oq ~  to set up a walnut (or other playing piece) to be hit. [tikil , tikish , tiktir ]

Tikan : thorn, thistle, spike, barb. Ko'zga ~ eyesore. Qora ~ wretch. Qora ~ tuz s. ~ bo'l  to be a thorn in the side, to be an obstacle, to be a pain. ~ bo'lib ko'rin  to be an eyesore or unbecoming sight. ~ ustiga o'tir  to be on pins and needles. ~ga ag'an /dumalan  to be in agony.

Tikanak : thistles, nettles, prickers; thorn, thistle. ~ tuz large crystalline salt.

Tikanakli : thorny, barbed.

Tikanli : thorny, barbed.

Tikansiz : thornless.

Tikanzor : briar patch.

Tikil  : v.i. Pass. Of tik ; to stare fixedly; to vow. [tikilish  tikiltir ]tikilla  ono.to make a ticking sound.

Tikish : sewing; a type of narrow leather thong (used for sewing). ~ xaltasi sewing bag.

Tikka : straight; vertical, straight up; above, overhead (the heavens).

Tikkala  : v.i. To go straight; (rare) to set up straight, to erect. [tikkalan  tikkalat ]

Tikkalan  : v.i. Pass. Of tikkala ; to raise up straight.

Tikkalik : abstr. Of tikka.

Tikkama tikka : directly, straightaway.

Tikkasiga : straight, directly.

Tikkay  : v.i. To stick up straight, to stand on end (hair), to prick up (ears). [tikkaytir  tikkayt ]

Tikla  : v.t. To set up straight; to erect; to restore, to rebuild, to renew. [tiklat  tiklash ]

Tiklab : straight (on, up), directly, steeply.

Tiklik : steepness.

Tikma 1 : sewn with thread.

Tikma 2 : planted (in groups, not sown). [lunochniy]??Tikray  dial.to stand up straight.

Tikuv : v.n. Of tik ; sewing.

Tikuvchi : sewer; sewing industry worker, seamstress.

Tikuvchilik : sewing (as a profession).

Til  : v.t. To cut into slices; to slice; to saw; to cut. Qalbini ~  to break one's heart. [tildir  tilin  tilish ]

Til : tongue; language; prisoner taken to get intelligence from; needle, dial arm, clapper, etc. (of mechanical device); secrets, ins and outs. ~ bilimi linguistics. ~i bormaydi can't bring himself to say (s.t.). ~i kel(ish)maydi can't pronounce, can't manage to say. ~ tegiz  to speak ill of. ~i chiqdi to begin speaking. ~i qichidi to get the urge to speak. ~ga kir /~ga ol  to mention. ~idan gulla  to blabber. ~idan ilin  to let the cat out of the bag. ~idan tushirmaslik/~dan qol  to lose one's ability to speak. ~i bir unanimous, agreed. ~i uzun bold, brazen, forward (in talk). ~i qisiq/~ uchida perfunctorily. ~ biriktir  to agree on, to come to an arrangement with. ~ top /~ tortmay/~ni yoradi ('tongue splittingly') sweet. ~ini tishla(b qol)  to bite one's tongue; to keep silent; to regret. ~ini qayra  to spread rumors about, to gossip about. ~imning uchida turibdi It's on the tip of my tongue.

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