SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Tarsakila  : v.t. To slap repeatedly; to shut up, to close the mouth of. [tarsakilat ] Tarsay  dial

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Tarsakila  : v.t. To slap repeatedly; to shut up, to close the mouth of. [tarsakilat ]

Tarsay  dial. : v.i. To stare blankly.

Tarsilla  : v.i. To make a cracking, splitting, or banging noise. [tarsillat ]

Tarso : infidel; Christian.

Tartarak : whirligig which emits a loud sound used to scare away animals (e.g., from a garden plot).

Tartib : (Arabic) order, arrangement; system. Kun ~i order of the day, agenda. ~ son ordinal number. ~ ber /~ga keltir /qo'y /sol /tushir  to put in order.

Tartibla  rare : v.t. To order; to assemble. [tartiblan ]

Tartibli : orderly, systematic.

Tartibot : (Arabic) s. Tartib.

Tartibsiz : disorderly.

Tartibsizlan  rare : v.i. To become disorderly.

Tartibsizlash  : v.i. To become more and more disorderly.

Tartibsizlik : disorder, disarray.

Tarvaqayla  : v.i. To spread out; to send out shoots; to open wide. [tarvaqaylan , tarvaqaylat ]

Tarvay  v.i., : v.t. To sprawl o.s. Out; to stretch out. [tarvaytir ]tarvuz bot.watermelon. ~i qo'ltig'idan tushdi to lose heart, to be downhearted, to have one's hopes dashed.

Tarxashlik : stubbornness, obstinacy.

Taryak : opium.

Taryelka : (Russian) plate, saucer.

Tarz : (Arabic) form, manner; face, countenance. ~ida as, in the form of. Bir ~i somehow or other; a little bit.

Tasadduq : (Arabic) alms, charity; sacrifice; praises, congratulations. ~ bo'lay or (jonim) ~ Well, i'll be!, I would give my life for you!

Tasadduqot lit. : (Arabic) sacrifice(s).

Tasalli : (Arabic) consolation, solace. ~ ber  to console.

Tasallo : (Arabic) s. Tasalli.

Tasanno poet. : (Arabic) praise; congratulations, praises.

Tasarruf lit. : (Arabic) possession. ~ qil  to possess.

Tasarrufla  rare : v.t. To be in possession of.

Tasarrufot rare : (Arabic) s. Tasarruf.

Tasavvuf : (Arabic) Sufism, mysticism.

Tasavvur : (Arabic) conception, idea, imagining. ~ qil  to imagine, to conceive of. ~ ol  to envision. ~ ber  to give an impression of.

Tasbeh : (Arabic) prayer beads, rosary.

Tasdiq : (Arabic) confirmation. ~ qil /Et  to confirm, to agree with.

Tasdiqla  : v.t. To confirm; to approve, to support; to prove. [tasdiqlan , tasdiqlash ]

Tash : outside, outer surface, exterior. ~ida outside of. ~dan from outside, externally.tasha  coll.s. Tashla . [tashal ]

Tashabbus : (Arabic) initiative; enterprise.

Tashabbuschi : s. Tashabbuskor.

Tashabbuskor : initiator, pioneer.

Tashabbuskorlik : initiative, enthusiasm.

Tashakkur : (Arabic) thanks.

Tashakkurnoma : letter of thanks.

Tashakkurot rare (Arabic) : thanks.tashash  coll.to fight, to go at one another.

Tashbih : (Arabic) comparison, likening; simile, allegory.

Tashdid : (Arabic) diacritical mark indicating a doubled letter in Arabic.

Tashi  : v.t. To carry, to transport. [tashil , tashit , tashish ]

Tashkil : (Arabic) forming, organizing. ~ qil  to organize, to put together, to comprise. ~ bo'l /top  to be formed, founded, or organized; to be composed of.

Tashkiliy : (Arabic) adj. Of ~ suratda/ravishda in an organized manner.

Tashkiliy siyosiy : organizational and political.

Tashkiliy xo'jalik : organizational and economic.

Tashkilot : (Arabic) organization, foundation.

Tashkilotchi :

Tashkilotchilik : abstr. Of tashkilotchi; organization, organizing.

Tashla  : v.t. To throw (down, out, away, on), to get rid of; to quit, to stop; to relent, to lessen; to throw up; to hand in, to submit; to shift to, to set to; (after V+(eb ~  to eat up, to gobble up, otib ~  to shoot (down), to blow away, chiqarib ~  to pull off, to get rid of. Bozor ~di prices dropped in the market. O'zini ~  to throw o.s. At or upon. ~b qo'y  to put aside, to leave. Zindonga ~  to throw into the dungeon. Orqaga ~  to lurch back; to lay aside, to put off. So'zini ~  to disregard. O'zini u yoqqa bu yoqqa ~  to hum and haw, to work one's way out of a bad situation. O'ligini ~  to have s.o. Bear one's weight. Balg'am ~  to spit up bile. Qon ~  to spit up blood. Bola ~  to have a miscarriage. ~(si)ni ~  to abandon one's child. [tashlan , tashlanil , tashlash ]

Tashlama : overflow disposal.

Tashlan  : v.i. Pass. Of tashla ; to throw o.s. On, to attack.

Tashlandi : abandoned, discarded; refuse.

Tashlandiq : refuse.

Tashlanma : s. Tashlama.

Tashlash  : v.i. Coop. Of tashla ; to set upon one another.

Tashlov : v.n. Of tashla .

Tashmala  : v.t. To carry or transport (a long way), to bring (from afar).

Tashna : thirsty, thirsting. Qoniga ~ bo'l  to be thirsty for the blood of.

Tashnala  rare : v.i. To thirst, to become thirsty.

Tashnalik : thirst.

Tashqari : outside, exterior; the outdoors; outdoor courtyard (of traditional house). +dan ~ in addition, additional, further. Bundan ~ in addition, furthermore. Plandan ~ additional to the plan. Haddan ~ extremely. ~(ga) chiq  to go out(side). ~da outside, outdoors (s. Ko'chada).

Tashqi : external, outer; foreign. ~ ishlar ministrligi ministry of foreign/external affairs.

Tashrif : (Arabic) honorary visit, arrival. ~ buyur /Et /qil  to grace with one's presence, to honor by visiting.

Tashrih : obs. (Arabic) operation, surgery (s. Operatsiya).

Tashtarosh : stone mason (s. Sangtarosh); engraver in stone.

Tashuvchi : v.n. Of gap ~ scandalmonger.

Tashviq : (Arabic) pushing, promotion, propagandizing; encouragement. ~ qil /yurgiz  to promote, to propagandize, to agitate for.

Tashviqiy : (Arabic) adj. Of tashviq.

Tashviqot : (Arabic) propaganda, agitation, promotion. ~ qil  to promote, to propagandize. ~ yurgiz  to drum up support for, to carry out a campaign for.

Tashviqot targ'ibot : agitation and propaganda.

Tashviqotchi : propagandizer, promoter.

Tashviqotchilik : propagandizing.

Tashvish : (Arabic) care, trouble, worry. ~ga sol /~ga tush  to be troubled.

Tashvishlan  : v.i. To be troubled, worried. [tashvishlantir ]

Tashvishli : worrisome; worried, troubled.

Tashvishmand : vexed, troubled.

Tashvishnok lit. : s. Tashvishli.

Tashvishsiz : untroubled.

Tasir tusur : clattering or cracking noise.

Tasira tusur : s. Tasir tusur.tasirla  ono.to clatter, to clack. [tasirlat ]

Taskin : (Arabic) consolation, solace. ~ top  to find consolation.

Taslim : (Arabic) surrender. ~ bo'l  to surrender. ~ Et /qil  to subdue, to make surrender.

Taslimchi : capitulator.

Taslimchilik : capitulation.

Tasma : strap, band, tape, ribbon, belt.

Tasmaday/dek : thin, lithe.

Tasnif : (Arabic) classification.

Tasnifla  : v.t. To classify.

Tasodif : (Arabic) chance happening, coincidence; chance.

Tasodifan : (Arabic) by chance, by accident, accidentally.

Tasodifiy : (Arabic) chance, accidental.

Tasqara zool. : (Arabic) buzzard, vulture. Molaga qo'yilgan ~ ugly as sin. ~si chiqqan (become) ugly, revolting.

Tasvir : (Arabic) depiction, representation; likeness, image. ~ qil /Et  to depict.

Tasviriy : graphic, descriptive.

Tasviriylik : graphicness, descriptiveness.

Tasvirla  : v.t. To depict, to portray; to describe. [tasvirlan ]

Tasvirli : descriptive; illustrated.

Tatala  : v.t. To scratch at, to scrape; to distress. Qorni ~di to be dying with hunger. [tatalash ]

Tatar : Tatar.

Tatarcha : Tatar language.

Tatbiq : (Arabic) practice, application. ~ qil /Et  to put into practice, to apply.

Tatbiqiy : (Arabic) applied; utilitarian.

Tati  : v.t. To taste; to please, to sit well with, to have the right effect; to be equal to, to be sufficient for. Arzonning sho'rvasi ~mas things gotten the easy way are of no benefit. [tatin , tatit ]tatim bot.rhubarb seed; s. Totim.

Tatimli : tasty, flavorful.

Tatiq : ~ini ber  to punish, to let have it. ~ini e /tot  to be punished, to get it.tatir bot.a type of Russian thistle or saltwort.

Tattabu obs. 3pp. Tattabui (Arabic) : research, investigaion, study.

Tavajjuh : (Arabic) honor, favor, respect; consideration; supplication (to God).

Tavakkal : (Arabic) resignation to God's will, taking one's chances. ~ qil  to take one's chances.

Tavakkalchi : risk taker.

Tavakkalchilik : abstr. Of tavakkalchi; taking risks, taking one's chances.

Tavallo : arch. (Arabic) supplication, entreaty.

Tavallud : arch. (Arabic) birth. ~ top  to come into the world.

Tavan : gifts of fruit and material brought to a wedding or other celebration by women.

Tavanboshi : woman responsible for accepting tavan gifts and arranging serving trays for guests at a wedding, etc.

Tavancha : s. Tavan.

Tavanchi : s. Tavanboshi.

Tavanxona : room set aside for receiving gifts at a wedding or other celebration.tavaqa coll.s. Tabaqa.

Tavaqquf : (Arabic) stop, break. ~ qilmay w/o stopping, w/o waiting.

Tavba : (Arabic) repentance, vow to sin no more; For shame!; Enough!; Good heavens! ~siga tayan  to feel deep regret for one's misdeeds. ~ qildim I vow to not...; God forbid!, For shame! (often said when witnessing or relating a reprehensible, unseemly or shameful act).

Tavba tazarru : (Arabic) entreaty of penitence.

Tavfiq : (Arabic) piety; avoidance of unpious deeds. ~ ber  to grant guidance, to make pious (of God).

Tavfiqli : pious; abstaining from unpious deeds.

Tavfiqsiz : impious.

Tavir : horse cloth decorated with long tassles.

Tavkar : gambling game played with four knucklebones; a player of this game.

Tavkargir : winner of bets in a gambling game.

Tavof : (Arabic) circumambulation. Tavof qil  to circumambulate, to go around while venerating.

Tavongar : arch. Rich, wealthy.

Tavono : strong, healthy.

Tavoze : (Arabic) modesty; respect; submission, obedience.

Tavozelan  : v.i. To behave modestly; to show respect.

Tavozeli : modest; submissive, obedient.

Tavqi la'nat : yoke.

Tavr 1 : mark, brand.

Tavr 2 dial. : like; manner, way.

Tavr 3 dial. : (Arabic) situation, condition.

Tavrida : in one's essence, in one's blood.Tavriya geo.ancient name of the Crimea.

Tavrot : (Arabic) the Torah.

Tavsif : (Arabic) aspect(s), characteristic(s); description.

Tavsifla  : v.t. To describe. [tavsiflan ]

Tavsifnoma : personal description.

Tavsiya : (Arabic) recommendation.

Tavsiyanoma : written recommendation.

Tavtologik : (Russian) tautological.

Tavtologiya : (Russian) tautology.

Tax tax : s. Taxlam taxlam.

Tax : seam, crease; layer. ~iga sol  to fold back again. ~i buzilmagan unused, brand new, crisp. ~ ur  to stack.

Taxallus : (Arabic) pseudonym, pen name.

Taxassus : (Arabic) speciality, specialization (s. Ixtisos).

Taxassuslash  : v.i. To become specialized (s. Ixtisoslash ).

Taxir : bitter. ~ini chiqar  to make a fool of, to upset; to make a mess of.

Taxla  : v.t. To stack, to pile. [taxlan , taxlat , taxlash ]

Taxlam taxlam : stacks and stacks, piles and piles.

Taxlam : pile, stack.

Taxlit : (Arabic) outward appearance, looks; way, manner. Turmush ~i way of life. Odam ~ maymun man like ape. Shu ~da in this manner, thus.

Taxlog'liq : piled, stacked.

Taxmin : (Arabic) assumption, guess. ... Deb ~ qil/Et  to suppose, to assume.

Taxminan : (Arabic) approximately.

Taxminiy : (Arabic) approximate, imprecise.

Taxminla  : v.t. To suppose, to approximate, to guess. [taxminlan ]

Taxmon : large recess in a wall for placing chests and other items.

Taxt 1 : throne. ~ga o'tir /~dan tush /yiqil  to be dethroned.

Taxt 2 : ready. ~ tur  to withstand, to endure.

Taxt baxt : wealth, riches.

Taxta : board; blackboard; board used for memorizing the ~ga tush  to fall to memorizing the shahmat ~si chess board. ~ bo'lib qol  or ~day qotib qol  to become stiff (with fright, etc.). ~ga ol /tort  to put on the rack.

Taxta o'qlog'i : dough board and rolling pin. ~ni yig'ishtir  to put away these utensils after rolling out dough; to pack one's things.

Taxtaband rare : made of boards.

Taxtakach : press (e.g., for pressing douppis flat); splint; yoke (punitive device); a board from which a walnut is shot in the game of yong'oq.

Taxtakachday : plump, fat.

Taxtakachla  : v.t. To press; to put in a splint.

Taxtala  : v.t. To board up; to make into a board.

Taxtiravon : sedan chair; straight and smooth (road).

Taxtla  : v.i. To ready. [taxtlan ]

Taxurar : a celebration held by women as part of a circumcision feast in which the bedding made especially for the circumcised boy is displayed prominently.tay arch.~ qil /ur  to travel around.

Taya  : v.t. To prop (up, against), to lean, to rest. [tayan ]

Tayammum : (Arabic) ritual ablution using sand or earth when there is no water available. Suv yo'g'ida ~ You have to make do with what you've got.

Tayan  : v.i. Pass. Of taya ; to lean on; to rely on, to depend on. [tayanil , tayanish , tayantir ]

Tayanarli : reliable, dependable.

Tayanch : rest, support; supporter.

Tayanchiq : support, prop, buttress; (bed)post, leg; supporter.

Tayfin coll. : (Arabic) s. Takfin.

Tayfinla  : v.t. S. Takfinla .

Tayfun : (Russian) typhoon.

Tayga : (Russian) taiga.

Tayib :

Tayin : (Arabic) certain, sure, fixed, assigned, definite; definitely, w/o question; definiteness; definite thing (time, etc.). ~ qil /~i yo'q indefinite; unreliable, changing, flighty. Uyning ~i location of a house. _ning tayinini bilib kel  to find out the whereabouts of.

Tayinla  : v.t. To charge, to commission, to assign; to appoint, to designate, to fix, to determine. [tayinlan ]

Tayinli : certain, definite, determined; reliable, dependable.

Tayinlik : definiteness; (coll.) S. Tayinli.

Tayinsiz : uncertain, indefinite; unreliable.

Tayinsizlik : uncertainty; unreliability.

Taym : (Russian) half, period (football game).

Tayoq : stick; cane; beating. ~ e  to get a beating.

Tayoqcha : small stick; bacillus.

Tayoqla  : v.t. To hit with a stick, to give a beating. [tayoqlan , tayoqlat , tayoqlash ]

Tayov rare : s. Tirgak.

Taypoq : flat; squat, ugly. ~ oyoq flat foot; flat footed.

Taysal  : s. Taysalla .

Taysalla  : v.i. To feel afraid, to balk at; to put off, to postpone. [taysallan ]

Taysallan  : v.i. To feel afraid, to balk at.

Tayyor : (Arabic) ready, prepared; ready made.

Tayyorgar : maker of do'ppis from ready made pieces.

Tayyorgarchilik : preparations.

Tayyorgarlik : preparations; readiness, preparedness. Artilleria ~i preparatory bombardment.

Tayyorla  : v.t. To prepare. [tayyorlan , tayyorlanil , tayyorlat , tayyorlattir , tayyorlash ]

Tayyorlash : v.n. Of tayyorla ; preparation(s).

Tayyorlik : readiness; preparedness; preparations.

Tayyorlov : v.n. Of tayyorla ; preparations; preparatory; readiness; readying, making ready.

Tayyorlovchi : v.n. Of tayyorla ; preparer; procurer.

Tazkira : (Arabic) anthology; memoirs.

Tazmin lit. : (Arabic) a poem in which another poet's lines are inserted.

Tazyiq : (Arabic) pressure.

Tea kettle :

Teatr : (Russian) theater.

Teatru arch. Coll. : (Russian) s. Teatr.

Tebra  : v.i. S. Tebran .

Tebral  rare : s. Tebran .

Tebran  : v.i. To rock, to sway back and forth, to shake. [tebranish , tebrat ]

Tebrangich : pendulum.

Tebranish : swaying; oscillation, vibration.

Tebranma : oscillatory, vibratory.

Tebranmas : non shaking; unshakable.

Tebrat  : v.t. Caus. Of tebran . Qalam ~  to pen, to scrawl. [tebratil  tebratish  tebrattir ]

Teg  : v.t. To touch; to move, to affect; to annoy, to disturb, to hit home; to hit; to stick or adhere to; to reach. Boshi yostiqqa ~sa if he falls ill. Yelkasi yerga ~magan unbeaten (in wrestling). Hamiyatga ~  to be an affront to one's honor. Chakkaga ~di to get on one's nerves, to make one sick (of hearing, etc.). Labi labiga ~may/~masdan quickly, without stopping for breath (of talking). Oyog'i yerga ~maydi (running) quickly. Peshanasi devorga ~di to be remorseful. ~di/~ib qoldi to blow one's top, to get upset. +dan ~kan mad (enthusiastic) about. Qo'li qo'liga ~maydi quickly, with dexterity. Qo'li ~may  to have no time to get around to s.t. [tegdir /tegiz /tekkiz , tegizil /tekkizil , tegil , tegish ]teg coll.s. Tag.

Tegajak : fond of teasing or heckling.

Tegajaklik : teasing, heckling.

Tegajog'lik : s. Tegajaklik.

Tegana 1 : wedge inserted between upper and lower sections of a shoe last; large needle used for sewing leather, etc.

Tegana 2 : a dish shaped area where flour issuing from between millstones is collected; name of a disease of horses.tegarchik dial.rim (of wagon wheel).tegdor coll.of noble blood.

Tegirmon : mill. Bir ~ suv the amount of water needed to run a watermill (used as a unit of water in irrigation). ~ tort /(birovning) boshiga ~ toshi yurgiz  to put through great pains. (birovning) ~iga suv quy  to serve as grist for s.o.'s mill.

Tegirmonchi : miller. Chol deb ~ni tut  to go wrong, to get the wrong guy.

Tegirmonchilik : abstr. Of tegirmonchi; mill work.

Tegish  : v.i. Coop. Of teg ; to bother, to hassle, to heckle.

Tegish : v.n. Of teg ; share, lot.

Tegishincha : appropriately, accordingly.

Tegishli : appropriate, relevant, right; under the ownership or control of, belonging to; related or pertaining to, concerning; alloted, apportioned. ~ ravishda appropriately. Bu gap senga ~ Emas This doesn't concern you. Kolxozga ~ joylar places belonging to the state farm.

Tegishlicha : sufficient, to an appropriate degree.

Tegishlik : relation, connection; share, portion.

Tegishqoq : fond of joking, teasing, or heckling.

Tegishqoqlik : teasing, heckling. ~ qil  to tease, to heckle.

Tegishsiz : unrelated, unconnected.tegli coll.s. Tagli.teglik coll.s. Taglik.tegra lit.surroundings, environs.

Teja  : v.t. To save, to use sparingly; to keep in check. [tejal , tejash ]

Tejab tergab : being thrifty, pinching pennies.

Tejam : saving, economy, thrift.

Tejamkor : thrifty.

Tejamkorlik : thriftiness, sparingness.

Tejamli : thrifty, economical, efficient.

Tejamlilik : thrifiness, economy.

Tejamsiz : wasteful, uneconomical, inefficient.

Tejamsizlik : wastefulness.

Tejog'li : thrifty, economical, orderly.

Tejog'lik : s. Tejog'li.

Tek : quietly, still; idly.

Tekin : free (of charge). Suv ~ nearly free, for pennies. ~ tomoq freeloader.

Tekinga : for free, for nothing.

Tekinlik : abstr. Of tekin.

Tekinxo'r : freeloader; parasite.

Tekinxo'rlik : freeloading, parasitism.

Tekis : smooth, even, flat; all together, in unison; equally, evenly, uniformly. ~ chiq  to come up uniformly, evenly. ~ yurish smooth, even gait. Bir ~ qadam tashlab bor  to walk in step. Bir ~ taraqqiy Et  to develop evenly. Bir ~ bolalar children of all the same height. Hamma boy bir ~da insofsiz all the rich are equally inhumane.

Tekischi : proponent of egalitarianism.

Tekischilik : wage leveling, egalitarianism (pejorative Soviet political term).

Tekisla  : v.t. To smooth out, to even out. [tekislan , tekislat , tekislash ]

Tekislagich : machine used for smoothing, planing, or flattening. Yer ~ grader.

Tekislik : flatness, smoothness, evenness; flat place, flat ground; plane; plain; equality.

Tekislovchi : flattener, leveler; egalitarian (s. Tekischi).

Tekissiz : uneven.

Tekissizlik : unevenness.

Tekshir  : v.t. To investigate, to check, to examine. [tekshiril  tekshirish , tekshirtir ]

Tekshir tekshir : to examine or check again and again.

Tekshirish : investigation.

Tekshiruvchi : checker, controller, tester, examiner, investigator.

Tekst : (Russian) text; lyrics.

Tekstil" : (Russian) textiles.

Tekstil"kombinat : (Russian) textile factory complex.

Tekstilchi : textile worker.

Tekstolog : (Russian) textual critic.

Tekstologik : (Russian) textual.

Tekstologiya : (Russian) textual criticism.

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