SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Soqit : (Arabic) ~ qil  to remove, to take off, to do away with. Mas'uliyatni o'z bo'nidan ~ qil  to relieve o.s. Of responsibility. Soqiy

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Soqit : (Arabic) ~ qil  to remove, to take off, to do away with. Mas'uliyatni o'z bo'nidan ~ qil  to relieve o.s. Of responsibility.

Soqiy : (Arabic) cupbearer.

Soqiylik : abstr. Of soqiy.

Soqol : beard. ~ ol  to shave. ~ qo'y  to grow a beard.

Soqolli : bearded.

Soqolsiz : beardless.

Soqoltaroq : a comb for the beard.

Soqov : mute, dumb; stammerer, stutterer. ~ bo'lib qol  to become mute or speechless.

Soqovlan  : v.i. To lisp or stutter.

Soqovlik : muteness, dumbness.soqovtob dial.thick speaking, mushmouthed; stammering.

Soqqa : sphere, ball; ball of an abacus; playing piece (e.g., walnut or knucklebone) used to hit another. Ko'z ~si eyeball.

Sor zool. : buzzard.

Sort : (Russian) sort, grade.

Sortlash : sorting.

Soska : (Russian) pacifier, dummy.

Sostav : (Russian) composition, make up; body, stock (of train cars).

Sostavli : composite, compound. ~ so'zlar compound words.

Sot  : v.t. To sell; to sell out, to betray. ~ib ol  to buy. [sotil , sotish , sottir , sottiril , sotqiz ]

Sotarli : fit for sale; sellable.

Sotilgan : sold; sold out, corrupt.

Sotqin : traitor, betrayer, turncoat.

Sotqinlik : treason, betrayal.

Sotsial : (Russian) social. ~ ta'minot social security.

Sotsial demokrat : (Russian) social democrat.

Sotsial demokratik : (Russian) social democratic.

Sotsial demokratiya : (Russian) social democracy.

Sotsial murosachi :

Sotsial patsifist : (Russian) social pacifist.

Sotsial patsifistik : (Russian)

Sotsial shovinist : (Russian) social chauvinist.

Sotsial shovinistlik : social chauvinism.

Sotsial tarixiy : sociohistorical.

Sotsialist : (Russian) socialist.

Sotsialistik : (Russian) socialist.

Sotsializatsiya : (Russian) socialization.

Sotsializm : (Russian) socialism.

Sotsiolog : (Russian) sociologist.

Sotsiologik : (Russian) sociological.

Sotsiologiya : (Russian) sociology.

Sotsiologizm : (Russian)

Sotuvchi : seller, clerk, shop assistant, salesman.

Sotuvchisiz magazin : a store without shop assistants.

Sovchi : matchmaker (s.o. Who visits the prospective bride to be's house on behalf of the groom).

Sovchilik : abstr. Of sovchi; matchmaking, visiting the prospective bride to be's house.

Sovet : (Russian) soviet, council. Sovet Ittifoqi the Soviet Union.

Sovg'a salom : gift(s) and greetings.

Sovg'a : present, gift.sovg'ot obs.presents, gifts.

Sovi  : v.i. To cool down, to grow cold. Ko'ngli ~di to have one's heart grow cold, to lose interest. [sovit , sovittir ]sovinjon bot.autumn crocus.

Sovit  : v.t. Caus. Of joyini ~  to move s.o. From a position they where they are well established.

Sovliq qo'y : ewe (for milking).

Sovqot  : v.i. To get cold. [sovqottir ]sovril  coll.s. Sovuril .

Sovrin : prize (to winners of races and ko'pkari).

Sovu  : v.i. S. Sovi . [sovut ]sovun o't bot.Saporaria spp.; s. Sovunak.

Sovun : (Arabic) soap. ~ tosh soapstone~iga kir yuvmabsiz You don't know him well yet.; You haven't had to deal with him yet.

Sovunak bot. : bouncing Bet. ~ holva a kind of light, white holva.

Sovunchi : s. Sovungar.

Sovungar : soap maker.

Sovungarlik : abstr. Of sovungar; soap making; soap sellers' section of a bazaar.

Sovunla  : v.t. To soap up. [sovunlan ]

Sovunli : soapy.

Sovuq : cold, chilly, chilling; loss of vitality from eating "qora ~ dry, clear cold weather. ~ e /~ oldi/~i oshdi to become weak from eating light foods; to become tiresome. ~ urush the Cold War.

Sovuqchilik : cold relations.

Sovuqlik : cold, coldness, coolness; foods low in calories (thin soups, milk, green tea, fruits and vegetables, etc.).

Sovuqqon(li) : cool headed; cold, indifferent.

Sovuqqonlik : cool headedness; cold, indifference.

Sovuqxona : glacier; tepidarium (cooling room in a bath); refrigerator; special cold room in a dungeon.

Sovur  : v.t. To winnow; to sow (to the winds), to scatter, to disperse. [sovuril ]

Sovuril  : v.i. Pass. Of behudaga ~  to be thrown away.

Sovut : (chain) mail.

Sovutgich : refrigerator.

Sovutma : (used or eaten) cold. ~ osh cold food(s).

Sovutqich : s. Sovutgich.

Sovxoz : (Russian) state farm.

Soxt : outward appearance.

Soxt sumbat : looks, appearance.

Soxta : fake, false, phony; forged, counterfeit.

Soxtagar : cheat, fraud; scoundrel, rat.

Soxtagarlik : abstr. Of soxtagar; cheating, fraud.

Soxtakor : s. Soxtagar.

Soxtala  : v.t. To forge, to fake. [soxtalan ]

Soxtalash  : v.i. To become phony or insincere. [soxtalashtir , soxtalashtiril ]

Soxtalashtiruvchi : v.n. Of soxtalashtir ; falsifier.

Soxtalik : phoniness, falsity.

Soy : valley, canyon, gorge, ravine; valley stream, rivulet; rifling groove.

Soya : shade, shady place; shadow; protection, shelter. ~ qaytdi the sun has passed the zenith. ~ sol /~si yupqa frail, sensitive. Oftobni ~ga etkazmay/~siga ko'rpacha sol /~da qoldir  to throw into the shade. ~da qol  to be thrown in the shade, to be outdone. O'z ~sidan qo'rq /~sida through, because of.

Soyabon : parasol, umbrella; visor, brim (of hat); shelter, roof.soyabongullilar bot.umbellate, umbelliferous.

Soyabonli : having an umbrella; shaded, covered.

Soyabonlik : patronage, protection, guardianship. ~ qil  to protect, to guard, to shelter.

Soyachiroq : the practice of dressing boys as women and watching them parade or dance around by lamp  or candlelight in the guestroom of a house front of older men.

Soyador : full of shade, shady.

Soyaki : shade loving; (bot.) A type of grape. ~ odam a loafer.

Soyala  : v.t. To rest in the shade (s. Salqinla ).

Soyali : shady.

Soyapar : s. Soyaparvar.

Soyaparvar : shade loving; lazy, loafing.

Soyaparvarlik : laziness, indolence.soyavon coll.s. Soyabon.

Soylik : valley, depression.

Soyuz : (Russian) union.

Soz 1 : well, fine, proper; in tune (musical instrument).

Soz 2 : any stringed instrument; strains of music from such instruments; (fig.) Lyre.soz 3 dial.reed, reedbed; reed swamp.

Sozanda : player, musician.sozchi arch.musician.

Sozla  : v.t. To ready; to tune (an instrument); to attune, to adjust. [sozlan , sozlat , sozlash ]sozli dial.covered with reeds; swampy.

Sozlik : tuning, adjustment.sozliq dial.area covered with reeds, reed swamp.

Soztuproq : s. Sog'tuproq.

Spartakchi : member of the "Spartak" sportsmen's society.

Spartakiada : (Russian) sports festival.

Spektakl" : (Russian) performance.

Spektr : (Russian) spectrum.

Spektroskop : (Russian) spectroscope.

Spektroskopik : (Russian) spectroscopic.

Spektroskopiya (Russian) : spectroscopy.

Spekulyant : (Russian) profiteer, speculator.

Spekulyantlik : profiteering, speculation.

Spekulyatsia : (Russian) speculation.

Sperma : (Russian) sperm (s. Maniy).

Spermatozoid : (Russian) spermatozoon.

Spetral : (Russian) spectral.

Spetsialniy coll. : (Russian) special, specific.

Spetsifik : (Russian) specific.

Spetsifika : (Russian) specifics.

Spetsifikatsiya (Russian) : specifications.

Spetsiyalnost coll. : (Russian) specialty, profession, field (soha).

Spetskurs : (Russian) special course.

Spice cake; gingerbread.?? :

Spidometr : (Russian) speedometer.

Spindle ?? :

Spiral : (Russian) spiral.

Spiral" : (Russian) spiral.

Spiralsimon : spiral shaped.

Spirt : (Russian) spirits, alcohol.

Spirtla  : v.t. To alcoholize.

Spirtli : alcoholic.

Spirtovka : (Russian) spirit lamp.

Spirtsiz : nonalcoholic.

Spiska : (Russian) list, roster.

Spora : (Russian) spore.

Sport : (Russian) sport(s).

Sportchi : sportsman, athlete.

Sportchilik : sports, athletics.

Spravka : (Russian) information; certificate, ticket, tab.

Spravochnik : (Russian) guide, directory.

Spravochniy : (Russian) information, inquiry; reference...

Sprint : (Russian) sprint.

Sprinter : (Russian) sprinter.

Srazu coll. : (Russian) right away, at once; in one stroke.

Srochniy coll. : (Russian) urgent, pressing.

Srok coll. : (Russian) term, duration (s. Muddat).

Stabil : (Russian) stable.

Stabilizator : (Russian) stabilizer.

Stabilizatsiya : (Russian) stabilization.

Stabillash  : v.i. To stabilize. [stabillashtir ]

Stabillik : stability.

Stachka : (Russian) strike.

Stachkachi : striker.

Stachkachilik : organization or holding of strikes.

Stacking machine?? [stogomatitel'; kopnitel'] :

Stadial : (Russian) occurring in stages.

Stadion : (Russian) stadium.

Stadiya : (Russian) stage.

Staj : (Russian) (length of) service; probation.

Stajirovka : (Russian) training or probationary period.

Stajyor : (Russian) probationer, specialist in training.

Stakan : (Russian) drinking glass.

Stamp; die; clich? :

Stan : (Russian) mill.

Standart : (Russian) standard(s); of a standard size.

Standartlash  : v.i. To become standardized. [standartlashtir ]

Stanok : (Russian) machine tool; mount, stand.

Stanokchi : machine operator.

Stanokli : mounted.

Stanoksoz : machine tool maker.

Stanoksozlik : manufacture of machine tools.

Stansa : arch. (Russian) s. ~si yo'q dizzy, unreliable. ~ng ishlaydimi? Is your head on straight?

Stantsiya : (Russian) station.

Start : (Russian) start, starting line.

Stat'ya : (Russian) article, item.

Statik : (Russian) static.

Statika : (Russian) statics.

Statistik : (Russian) statistician; statistical.

Statistika : (Russian) statistics.

Statsionar : (Russian) stationary.

Statuetka : (Russian) figurine, statuette.

Status : (Russian) status.

Statuya : (Russian) statue (s. Haykal).

Stavka 1 : (Russian) headquarters.

Stavka 2 : (Russian) wage; rate.

Staxanovcha : stakhanovite.

Staxanovchi : stakhanovite.

Staxanovchilik : ~ harakati stakhanovite movement.

Stayer : (Russian) long distance (runner or swimmer).

Stearin : (Russian) stearin.

Stend : (Russian) display; stand; skeet shooting range.

Stenografchi : s. Stenografist.

Stenografik : (Russian) stenographic.

Stenografist : (Russian) stenographer.

Stenografistka : (Russian) fem. Of stenografist.

Stenografistlik : abstr. Of stenografist.

Stenografiya : (Russian) stenography, shorthand.

Stenogramma : (Russian) shorthand report.

Stereografik : (Russian) stereographic.

Stereoskop : (Russian) stereoscope.

Stereoskopik : (Russian) stereoscopic.

Stereotip : (Russian) stereotype.

Stereotipiya : (Russian) stereotypy.

Steril : (Russian) sterile.

Sterillik : sterility.

Sterjen" : (Russian) core.

Stil" : (Russian) style.

Stilistik : (Russian) stylistic.

Stilistika : (Russian) style, stylistics.

Stilyaga : (Russian) extravagant dresser.

Stimul : (Russian) stimulus.

Stipendiya : (Russian) stipend, scholarship.

Stipendiyat : (Russian) scholarship holder.

Stixiya : (Russian) element(s).

Stixiyachilik : s. Stixiyalilik.

Stixiyali : elemental. ~ ravishda fundamentally.

Stixiyalilik : spontaneity.

Stol : (Russian) table.

Stolba : (Russian) post.

Stolipinchilik :

Stomatolog : (Russian) stomatologist.

Stomatologik : (Russian) stomatological.

Stomatologiya : (Russian) stomatology.

Stop kran : (Russian) emergency brake lever (on a train).

Strateg : (Russian) strategist.

Strategik : (Russian) strategic.

Strategiya : (Russian) strategy.

Stratosfera : (Russian) stratosphere.

Stratostat : (Russian) stratosphere balloon.

Straxovanie : (Russian) insurance.

Strela : (Russian) arrow; shaft; hand, pointer.

Strelka : (Russian) hand (of watch), pointer, arrow, indicator, needle; railroad switch.

Strelkachi : switchman, pointsman.

Strixnin : (Russian) strychnine.

Strofa : (Russian) stanza.

Strontsiy : (Russian) strontium.

Struktur : (Russian) structural.

Struktura : (Russian) structure.

Strukturali : structural.

Strukturaviy : s. Strukturali.

Stsenarist : (Russian) script writer.

Stsenariy : (Russian) scenario; film script.

Stsenariychi : s. Stsenarist.

Student : (Russian) student (of higher education).

Studentka : (Russian) fem. Of student.

Studentlik : abstr. Of student; student days.

Studiya : (Russian) studio.

Stul : (Russian) chair.

Stun : pillar, column.

Stvol : (Russian) barrel, shaft.

Sub'ekt : (Russian) subject.

Sub'ektiv : (Russian) subjective.

Subal"pik : (Russian) subalpine.

Subh : (Arabic) early morning, dawn. ~i kozib false dawn. ~i sodiq true dawn.

Subhidam : dawn, daybreak, early morning.

Subhon : (Arabic) praise, glory; praise be to... ~ ollo Praise be to God.

Subhoni bot. : a type of apricot.

Substantsiya : (Russian) substance.

Substrat : (Russian) substance; substratum.

Subtropik : (Russian) subtropical.

Subtropiklar : the subtropics.

Subut : (Arabic) reliability, constancy. ~i yo'q odam an undependable person.

Subutli : constant, consistent, invariable.

Subutlilik : s. Subut.

Subutsiz : unreliable, inconstant.

Subutsizlik : inconstancy, unsteadiness, unreliability.

Suchuk : sweet (s. Chuchuk).

Sud 1 : (Russian) (law) court; trial. ~ga ber  to take to trial. ~ qil  to try. O'rtoqlik ~i tribunal of fellow citizens.

Sud 2 : use, avail; usurious interest.

Sud"ya : (Russian) judge.

Sud'yalik : judgeship.

Sudak zool. : (Russian) pike( perch).

Sudboz : litigious.

Sudbozlik : litigiousness.

Sudla  : v.t. To take to court. [sudlan , sudlash ]

Sudlanganlik : conviction.

Sudlik : judicial duties, judgeship. ~ qil  to serve as a judge. ~ka o'qi  to study to be a judge. ~dan bekor qilin  to be dismissed of judicial duties.

Sudlov : legal proceedings, trial.

Sudmand : arch. Useful, fruitful, advantageous.

Sudra  : v.t. To drag, to tow, to haul; to drag off; to scuff, to shuffle along in (shoes). Oyog'ini ~b bos  to drag one's feet. Chorig'ingni ~! Hop to it!, Get moving! [sudral , sudralish , sudrat , sudrash ]

Sudral  : v.i. Pass. Of ~ib yuruvchi s. Sudraluvchi.

Sudralma : sluggish, slow.sudraluvchi zool.reptile.

Sudratma : dragged, pulled, hitched; (hist.) Punishment by tying a rope around the neck and dragging along behind a horse. ~ qil  to inflict such punishment.

Sudxo'r : usurer, moneylender.

Sudxo'rlik : usury.

Suf kuf : puffing or blowing on a sick person or objects given to him to drive away evil spirits (a folk healing practice); incancations, spells; hocus pocus (s. Kuf suf).suf ono.sound made when blowing on a patient or another object (as a folk healing practice; s. ~ de  to blow on a patient as part of a healing rite; to give up, to forget about. ~ senga/sizga Good for you!

Suffiks : (Russian) suffix.

Sufla  : v.i. To blow or puff on (along with a prayer or incantion, to heal).

Suflyor : (Russian) prompter.

Suflyorlik : abstr. Of suflyor.sufra arch.s. Supra.

Sug'd : Soghdian.

Sug'diy : Soghdian.

Sug'or  : v.t. To irrigate; to water; to inculcate, to instill. [sug'oril , sug'orish , sug'ortir , sug'ortiril ]

Sug'orish : v.n. Of sug'or ; irrigation.

Sug'oruvchi : v.n. Of sug'or ; person in charge of irrigation.

Sug'ur  : v.t. To pull or draw out; to wrest. Yurakni ~ib ol  to pull the heart out. Tag tomiri bilan ~ib tashla  to rip up by the roots. Xayoldan ~ib ol  to discard from one's memory. [sug'uril , sug'urish , sug'urtir ]sug'ur zool.marmot.

Sug'urta (Ott.??) : insurance (s. Straxovanie).

Sug'urtala  : v.t. To insure.

Suhbat : (Arabic) talk, conversation, discussion. ~ qil /ayla /qur  to have a talk or discussion.

Suhbatchi : conversation partner; discussant, speaker.

Suhbatdosh : conversation partner.

Suhbatijon : pleasant talker.

Suhbatlash  : v.i. To have a conversation, talk, or discussion.

Suhbatoro : s. Suhbatijon.

Suiiste'mol : (Arabic) abuse, misuse, misappropriation.

Suiqasd : (Arabic) attempt, plot (to kill).

Suiqasdchi : plotter, conspirator.

Sukchak : a three tiered framework for raising silkworms.

Sukun : (Arabic) sign marking a vowelless consonant in Arabic.

Sukunat : (Arabic) silence, quiet.

Sukut : (Arabic) silence. ~ saqla  to keep silent.

Sul"fat : (Russian) suphate.

Sula  : v.i. To lie prone, to lie stretched out; to fall, to be killed. [sulat ]

Sulay  : v.i. To weaken, to grow limp. [sulaytir ]sulgi dial.towel.

Sulh : (Arabic) peace, reconciliation, accord. ~ tuz  to bring about peace or reconciliation.

Sulh saloh : (Arabic) peace and concord.

Sulhparvar : peace loving.

Sulhpavarlik : abstr. Of sulhparvar.suli bot.oats.

Sulish rare : breath.sulla dial.s. Sulloh.

Sulloh : (Arabic) wretched, vile, slimy.

Sullohlik : vileness, cunning.

Sulola : (Arabic) dynasty.sulov dial.s. Suvloq.

Sulton : (Arabic) sultan.

Sultoniy bot. : (Arabic) sultana (grape and raisin).

Sultonlik : abstr. Of sulton; sultanate.

Sulu(v) : beautiful, pretty.suluk coll.s. Suvluq.

Sulukat : (Arabic) bearing, demeanor.

Sulukatli : polite, pleasant.suluq coll.s. Suvluq.

Suluvlik : beauty.

Sumak : a kind of wooden pipe used for channeling the urine of an infant tied into a cradle downward into a small pot.

Sumalak 1 : icicle.

Sumalak 2 : delicacy prepared by boiling wheat sprouts and flour until reduced to an apple butter like consistency and color (prepared as a part of the celebration of the advent of spring, Navro'z.

Suman bot. : jasmine.

Sumanbar : beauty, belle.

Sumba : cleaning rod; hole puncher, punch?? [borodok].

Sumbat : looks, appearance, build.sumbul coll.s. Sunbul.sumbula coll.s. Sunbula.

Sumka : (Russian) bag, satchel.

Sun'iy : (Arabic) artificial, manufactured; fake, false.

Sun'iylik : artificialness.

Sun  arch. : v.t. To offer, to profer, to hold out. Bo'yin ~  to submit, to acquiesce. [sundir ]

Sunbul bot. : (Arabic) hyacinth; Indian spikenard; giant fennel. Suv ~i water hyacinth. Sub ~ maidenhair. Sochi ~ or ~ soch hair like the hyacinth (black and fragrant).

Sunbula : (Arabic) Virgo. ~ning suvini ichgan Ekin crops which have been watered in fall (and therefore are believed to be stored well in winter).

Sunnat : (Arabic) Sunnah, practices in Islam derived from the Prophet's teachings and habits; circumcision. ~ to'yi circumcision feast. Ham farz, ham ~ both an obligation and a duty.

Sunniy : (Arabic) Sunni, orthodox Muslim.

Sunniylik : Sunni, orthodox Islam.

Supa : (Arabic) a platform in a courtyard made of packed earth and used for lying or sitting on; platform in general.

Supacha : a small supa.

Supatog' : mesa.

Superfosfat : (Russian) superphosphate.

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