SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Skarlatina : (Russian) scarlet fever. Skelet

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Skarlatina : (Russian) scarlet fever.

Skelet : (Russian) skeleton.

Skeptik : (Russian) skeptic; skeptical.

Skeptitsizm : (Russian) skepticism.
Skipidar : (Russian) turpentine.

Sklad : (Russian) warehouse, storehouse.

Skladchi : warehouse keeper.

Skleroz : (Russian) sclerosis.

Skoriy : (Russian) ~ poezd express train. ~ pomoshch ambulance (s. Tez yordam).

Skripka : (Russian) violin.

Skripkachi : violinist.

Skromniy coll. : (Russian) modest (s. Kamtar).

Skvajina : (Russian) hole, well (man made).

Skver : (Russian) square, park.

Skvoznyak coll. : (Russian) draft (s. Elvizak).

Slanets : (Russian) slate.

Slavyan : (Russian) Slav.

Slavyanshunos : Slavist; Slavonic scholar.

Slavyanshunoslik : Slavonic studies.

Slechar" : (Russian) metal worker.

Slesarlik : abstr. Of slesar'.

Slovak : (Russian) Slovak.

Sloven : (Russian) Slovene.

Slyot : (Russian) meeting, rally.

Slyuda : (Russian) mica.

Smena : (Russian) work shift.

Smenachi : shift worker.

Smenadosh : partner on a shift; one who alternates a shift with s.o. Else.

Smenali : in shifts, having shifts.

Smeta : (Russian) estimate.

Smetana : (Russian) sour cream.

Smola : (Russian) resin; pitch, tar.

Smolala  : v.t. To coat with resin, pitch, or tar.

Smolali : pitchy, resinous.

Snayper : (Russian) sharpshooter.

So'fi : (Arabic) muezzin; devout, pious.so'fito'rg'ay zool.crested lark.

So'fi(y)lik : abstr. Of so'fi; Sufism.

So'fiy : Sufi.

So'fiyona : like a Sufi; devout, pious.so'g'in dial.later (s. So'ng).so'g'ir coll.s. Sug'ur.so'g'on dial.onion (s. Piyoz).

So'gal : wart.

So'k  1 : v.t. To unstitch, to pull the stitching out of. [so'kil , so'kish , so'ktir ]

So'k  2 : v.t. To swear (at), to curse. [so'kil , so'kin , so'kinish , so'kish , so'ktir ]

So'k : husked millet. ~ oshi millet soup.

So'kag'on : foul mouthed, constantly swearing.so'kchak coll.s. Sukchak.so'kichak coll.s. Sukchak.

So'kik : unstitched, torn apart at the seams.

So'kiklik : s. So'kik.

So'kil  : v.i. Pass. Of yuragi ~di to be heartbroken. Chok chokidan ~  to be rent asunder.

So'kin  : v.i. To swear to o.s., to mutter swear words. [so'kinish ]

So'kinish : swearing, swear words.

So'kish : v.n. Of so'k  2; swear words, cursing.

So'kong'ich : s. So'kag'on.

So'l  : v.i. To fade, to wither. [so'ldir , so'ldiril ]

So'l : left, left hand side (s. Chap).

So'lak : saliva.so'lakay coll.s. So'lak.

So'lakcha : bib.

So'laqmon : large staff; oaf, brute.

So'lchilik : leftism.

So'lg'in : faded, wilted, withered; dejected. Ruhi ~ dispirited.

So'lg'inlik : abstr. Of so'lg'in.

So'li  coll. : v.i. S. So'l . [so'lit ]so'li dial.personal property.

So'lim : pretty, nice looking; nice, pleasant.

So'liq 1 rare : faded, withered.so'liq 2 coll.s. Suvliq.

So'lish : s. Sulish.

So'ljay  : v.i. To be dumbstruck, to be dazed; to droop, to sag. [so'ljaytir ]

So'lkavoy : (Russian) (obsolete) one ruble coin.

So'llash  : v.i. To become leftist.

So'llik : leftishness, leftist tendencies.

So'loq : linchpin. ~i o'ynagan/~ini o'ynat /chiqar  to ruin, to bust to pieces.

So'lqildoq : chubby, plump; newly ripe, green. ~ er swelling earth (as after a rain). ~ non puffy bread.

So'lqilla  : v.i. To jiggle, to wobble. ~gan or ~b pishgan/~gan er s. So'lqildoq er. [so'lqillat ]

So'm 1 : ruble.

So'm 2 : boil.

So'm go'sht : meat (free of bone and fat).

So'mlab : ruble by ruble; in rubles; in bundles, hand over fist.

So'mlik : adj. Of so'm; worth one ruble. Bir so'mligingiz bormi? Do you have a one ruble note?

So'n  : v.i. To go out, to die out, to be extinguished; to fade, to go down. [so'ndir ]

So'na 1 : (~ pashsha) gadfly. ~ bo'l  to be a nuisance.so'na 2 zool.male duck.

So'ng : end, finish; final, last; later, afterward. ~ so'z final word; epilogue. +dan ~ after.

So'ngak : bone (s. Suyak).

So'nggi : final; following; later.

So'ngra : afterwards, later; then.

So'ngsiz : endless.

So'niq : extinct, extinguished, out; spiritless, dispirited.

So'niqlik : abstr. Of so'niq.

So'nmas : inextinguishable, undying.

So'poq : oblong, misshapen.

So'poqlik : abstr. Of so'poq.

So'ppay  : v.i. To become contorted, to be askew; to be alone; to frown.

So'q  : v.t. To strike, to knock down; to make up, to fabricate. [so'qish , so'qtir ]

So'qa : (Russian) plow.

So'qim : (raised for) meat or slaughter; freeloader. ~ga boq  to raise for meat.

So'qir (Mong.) : blind; ignorant.

So'qirlik : abstr. Of so'qir.

So'qma : contrived, made up. ~ yo'l s. So'qmoq.

So'qmoq : path, trail.

So'qqa : alone, solitary.

So'qqabosh : solitary, living alone; bachelor, single man.

So'qqay  : v.i. S. So'qqay .so'r  2 arch.s. So'ra .

So'r  : v.t. To suck, to draw in. Qonini/kuchini/iligini so'r  to exploit. [so'rdir , so'ril , so'rish ]

So'ra  : v.t. To ask; to ask for, to request; to inquire. Gunohini ~  to beg forgiveness for. [so'ral , so'rat , so'rattir , so'rash ]

So'rash  v.t., : v.i. Coop. Of so'ra ; to greet one another.

So'rashish : greetings, saying hello.

So'rg'ich : nipple, pacifier; papilla; sucker, tendril; sealing wax.so'rgich bot.stigma.

So'ri : (Arabic) trellis, arbor; a four legged platform; a large bed or sleeping platform.

So'roq : question; interrogation; request, demand.

So'roqla  : v.t. To question, to interrogate.

So'roqsiz : w/o asking; w/o questioning, w/o interrogation.

So'rov : v.n. Of soura ; question(ing), inquiry; request.

So'rray  : v.i. To be dumbfounded (s. Serray ); to become emaciated.

So'ruvchi : v.n. Of qon ~ bloodsucking.so't  dial.to undo, to unstitch. [so'til ]

So'ta : cob (of corn); stick, cane.

So'tak : dunce, idiot.

So'taklik : abstr. Of so'tak.

So'xta : the burnt end of a wick. ~si sovuq of grisly or cold appearance. ~ bo'l  to burn to ash (of a wick).

So'xtalan  : v.i. S. So'xta bo'l .

So'y  1 : v.t. To slit the throat of, to butcher, to slaughter; to cut up (a melon). [so'ygiz , so'ydir , so'yil ]

So'y  2 : v.t. To love. [so'yin ]

So'yil : a long pole used in combat.

So'yin  coll. : v.i. S. Sevin . [so'yinish ]so'yinchi coll.s. Suyunchi.so'yla  coll.s. So'zla . [so'ylan , so'ylat , so'ylattir ]

So'yloq : projecting, buck (tooth); bucktoothed.

So'z : word; talk, speech; discussion. ~ boyligi vocabulary. Bu to'g'rida ikki ~ bo'lishi mumkin Emas There can be no two ways about this. Ikki og'iz ~ two things to say, something to say. Juft ~ paired or hyphenated words. Oradan ~ o'tdi/og'ziga ~ ol  to vow. Uning ~i ~ His word is his word. Tub ~ root word. Yasama ~ derived, made up word. ~ ber  to give one's word, to promise. ~ birikmasi word combination. ~ bitta That's final! ~ bobi rhetoric. ~ boshi forward, introduction. ~ga kir  to begin speaking; to listen to reason, to come around, to heed advice. ~ga yur  to listen, to heed advice. ~ga tush  to to begin to speak. ~dan ~ning farqi bor, o'ttiz ikki narxi bor not all talk is worth the same. ~dan qol  to be at a loss for words. ~idan qayt  to go back on one's word, to not carry through. ~ida tur  to be true to one's word. ~ni boshqa yoqqa bur  to turn the conversation in another direction. ~ini (yerga) tashla  or ~ini yerda qoldir  not to heed. ~ini ol  to get s.o.'s word. ~ini o'tkaz  to get one's will done. ~i og'zida qol  the words stuck in his throat. ~i ~ga o'xshamas, og'zi ~dan bo'shamas What he speaks is absurd, but his mouth is always moving. ~i o'tkir commanding; persuasive. ~i o'tmaydi ineffectual, powerless. ~ni bo'l  to interrupt. ~ning ustidan chiq  to be true to one's word. ~ni qisqa qilish uchun in short, to make a long story short. ~ och  to open a discussion, to begin a topic. ~ sostavi ?? [sostav slovo]. ~ tarqat  to spread rumors. ~ tegiz  to put in a bad situation, to get in trouble. ~ turkumlari parts of speech. ~ ustasi a master of words. ~ uqdir  to harangue, to lecture. ~ chert  to enunciate clearly. ~ yurit  to carry on a discussion. ~ o'yini play on words. ~ qaytar  to challenge, to contradict. ~ qot  to add a word. ~ qochishi disagreement, altercation.

So'zak 1 : gonorrhea.

So'zak 2 : tingling at the ends of the fingers from cold.

So'zamol : eloquent, well spoken.

So'zamollik : eloquence.

So'zan 1 : cobbler's needle.

So'zan 2 bot. : sand acacia.

So'zana : a type of decorative wall hanging, suzani.

So'zanak 1 dial. Zool. : dragonfly (s. Ninachi).

So'zanak 2 dial. : breast meat of a horse.

So'zboshi : s. So'z boshi.

So'zbozlik : idle talk.

So'zchan rare : s. So'zamol.

So'zchi : gossip, scandalmonger; well spoken person.

So'zla  : v.t. To speak; to say. ~b chiq  to tell from beginning to end. ~b ber  to tell. [so'zlan , so'zlanil , so'zlat , so'zlattir , so'zlash , so'zlashtir ]

So'zlan  : v.i. Pass. Of so'zla ; to talk to o.s.

So'zlash  : v.i. Coop. Of so'zla ; to have a conversation, to speak together. [so'zlashtir ]

So'zlashgich : phrase book.

So'zlashuv : v.n. Of ~ tili spoken language.

So'zli : bir ~ stubborn; faithful to one's word. O'z ~ true to one's word, no nonsense.

So'zlik : word list; dictionary.

So'zlovchan : talkative.

So'zma so'z : word for word.

So'zona : grief stricken, pained.

So'zsiz : wordless; silent; silently, complacently.

So'zsizlik : silence; unreliability, capriciousness.

Soapwort : yer tuti bot.s. Qulupnoy.yer yong'oq bot.peanut.

Soat : (Arabic) hour; clock, watch.soatchi coll.clock or watch repairman.

Soatlab : for hours (on end).

Soatma soat : from hour to hour.

Soatsoz : clocksmith.

Soatsozlik : abstr. Of soatsoz; clock manufacturing.

Sobachka : (Russian) catch, trip.

Sobiq : (Arabic) former.

Sobit : (Arabic) constant, steadfast. ~ qadam firm, steadfast. ~ qadamlik firmness, steadfastness. ~ qol  to stand firm, to be unwavering.

Sobitqadam : s. Sobit qadam.

Sobitqadamlik : s. Sobit qadamlik.

Sobun : obs. (Arabic) s. Sovun.

Soch 1 : hair. Chilvir ~ finely braided hair; a woman with such braids. +da ~ oqar  to work long and hard at, to spend one's life doing. ~ini yoy  to let one's hair out. ~ini yul /~ini supurgi qil  to work like a slave.soch 2 zool.thrush; rosy starling.

Soch  : v.t. To scatter, to disperse. [sochil , sochiltir , sochish , sochtir ]

Sochbog' : a type of decorative hair tie worn by older women.

Sochilma : scattered.

Sochiluvchan : dispersive.

Sochiluvchanlik : diffusion, dispersiveness. ?? [sypuchest']

Sochiq 1 : scattered, strewn; things thrown over people's heads at a wedding (s. Chochiq).

Sochiq 2 : towel.

Sochiqlik : material suitable for using as a towel.

Sochma : sewn; shot (gun); mine. ~ she'r blank verse.

Sochoq 1 : tassel.sochoq 2 dial.s. Sochiq.

Sochoqli : tasseled.

Sochpopuk : thread or tassel women attach to their hair; tassel made from pussy willows (s. Bargak 2).

Sochqi : s. Sochiq 1 (= chochiq).

Sochsiz : hairless, bald.

Sochtarosh : s. Sartarosh.

Social compromiser. ?? :

Social pacifistic.?? :

Sociologism?? :

Soda : (Russian) soda.

Sodali : containing soda, fizzy.

Sodda : simple; ordinary, plain; modest; simple minded; always, without exception. Menga ~ qiyin savollar tushadi I always get the hard questions.

Soddachilik : simple mindedness; oversimplification.

Soddadil : plain hearted.

Soddadillik : simplicity, innocence.

Soddalash  : v.i. To become simple or simplified; to become ordinary. [soddalashtir , soddalashtiril ]

Soddalik : simplicity; plainness, ordinariness; simple mindedness. O'zini ~ka sol  to play the fool, to feign unawareness.

Sodiq : (Arabic) faithful. Subhi ~ daybreak.

Sodiqlik : faithfulness, devotion.

Sodir : (Arabic) ~ bo'l  to take place.

Sof : (Arabic) pure. ~ foyda pure profit.

Sofdil : pure hearted.sofdilli coll.s. Sofdil.

Sofdillik : pure heartedness.

Sofir : arch. (Arabic) ambassador (s. Elchi).sofirlik arch.abstr. Of sofir; embassy.

Sofizm : (Russian) sophism, sophistry.

Sofko'ngil : s. Sofdil.

Sofko'ngillik : s. Sofdillik.

Sofla  : v.t. To purify. [soflan ]

Soflik : purity.

Sog' 1 : healthy, in good health or condition.sog' 2 dial.right, right hand.sog' 3 dial.top (of boot).

Sog'  : v.t. To milk. Arqonni ~  to haul a rope taut. ~ib ich  to milk dry, to clean out (another's possessions). [sog'dir , sog'il , sog'ish ]

Sog' salomat : in fine health; safe and sound.

Sog' salomatlik : fine health.

Sog'ar : arch. Cup, goblet.

Sog'ay  : v.i. To recover, to get better. [sog'ayt , sog'aytir ]

Sog'im : (one) milking; milch, dairy.

Sog'imli : easily milked.

Sog'imsiz : difficult or awkward to milk.

Sog'in  : v.t. To miss, to long for; to want or desire (s.t.) For (s.o.). Kaltakni ~dingmi? Are you hankering to get a licking? Bo'ri bolasiga yomonlik ~maydi The wolf wants no evil for its young. [sog'inil , sog'inish , sog'intir ]

Sog'in : milch, for milking. ~ sigir milch cow.

Sog'inch : longing, yearning.

Sog'inchli : full of longing or yearning.

Sog'indi : s. Sog'im.

Sog'lantir  : v.t. S. Sog'aytir .

Sog'lik : health.

Sog'lom : healthy, sound.

Sog'lomlash  : v.i. To become sound; to regain health. [sog'lomlashtir ]

Sog'lomlik : health, soundness.

Sog'omlan  : v.i. To become sound. [sog'lomlantir ]sog'on bot.Girgensohniya.

Sog'ona : mausoleum, vault; grave(site).

Sog'tuproq : clean loess soil.

Sog'uvchi : milker, milkmaid.

Sog'uvlik : s. Sog'in.

Soha : (Arabic) field, area.

Sohib : (Arabic) owner, possessor. ~i davlat wealthy, prosperous. ~i tadbir full of wise counsel. ~i toj owner of the crown (i.e., the king). ~(i) karomat endowed with miraculous power.

Sohiba : (Arabic) fem. Of sohib.

Sohibi bot. : a of grape.

Sohibjamol : (Arabic) endowed with beauty, beautiful.

Sohibkor : master, skilled craftsman.

Sohiblik : ownership.

Sohibqiron : (Arabic) blessed, fortunate (lit., lord of the happy conjunction, a title given to rulers).

Sohibtadbir : (Arabic) s. Sohibi tadbir.

Sohil : (Arabic) shore.

Sohir : (Arabic) bewitching, enchanting.

Sokin : (Arabic) quiet, peaceful, still.

Sokinlik : abstr. Of sokin.

Sokit : (Arabic) silent, quiet.

Sol" mus. : (Russian) sol.

Sol  : v.t. To put in or on; to lay out, to set out. Bir biriga ~  (yo'liga) arqon ~  to stop the bride's procession to her the groom's home by throwing a rope across the way. _+ga ~  to pretend to be s.t. _+dan olib, _+ga ~  to call s.o. An insult over and over. Aravaga ~  to load on a wagon. O'g'it ~  to fertilize with manure. Xatni chiroqqa ~ib o'qi  to hold a letter up to a light and read it. Burgutni qirg'ovulga ~  to set a falcon after a pheasant. Uni oldingga ~ib kel Bring him here., Drag him down here. Tashvishga ~  to make worried. Og'ir ahvolga ~  to put in bad circumstances. Shovqin ~  to make noise. Oyna ~  to install a mirror. Tish ~  to have a set of false teeth made. Imorat ~  to erect a building. Qamchi ~  to strike with a whip. Qilich ~  to strike with a sword. Oyoqqa zanjir ~  to put fetters on (s.o.'s) legs. Surat ~  to illustrate. Toshga gul ~  to carve a design in stone. Musallas ~  to distill wine. Mayiz ~  to set out grapes for drying (into raisins). Soliq ~  to levy or collect a tax. Boshni quyi ~  to hang one's head. Ishga ~  to put to work, to implement. Musht ~  to strike with the fist. Chang ~  to seize with hand or claw. Qarmoq ~  to hook. O'rtaga ~  to put forward for discussion; to use as an excuse; to share, to make available for all. Chilim ~  to fill and light a hookah. (after V ~  to do something forcefully and rapidly, e.g., tura ~ib qoch  to get right up and run off.; uyga kira ~ib karavotga o'zini tashla  to rush into the house and throw oneself on the couch. Ochib ~  to throw wide open. [soldir , soldiril , solin , solintir , solish ]

Sol : raft; jury rigged wooden bridge or platform.

Soldat : (Russian) soldier.

Soldatcha : adj. Of ~ Etik soldier's boots.

Soldatlik : abstr. Of soldat; military service.

Soldi pishdi : name of an fast ripening melon.soldov arch.barge rope.

Soldovchi : barge hauler.solg'it dial.tax, levy, tribute.

Solidol : (Russian) grease.

Solig'liq : put (in), set (out), placed, installed; poured; drooping, hanging.

Solih : (Arabic) good, proper, fine, virtuous.

Solim : prize given to winner of a ko'pkari contest.

Solinchak : earlobe.

Soliq 1 : tax, levy; bride price.

Soliq 2 : drooping, hanging.

Solish  : v.i. Coop. Of sol ; to battle, to fight, to go at one another.

Solishtir  : v.t. Caus. Of solish ; to compare. [solishtiril ]

Solishtirma : comparative. ~ og'irlik comparative weight.

Solist : (Russian) soloist.

Solistka : (Russian) fem. Of solist.

Solkash : producing fruit every other year (tree).

Solnoma : yearbook; calendar.

Solo : (Russian) solo.

Solor : arch. Leader, commander. Sipohi ~ commander of the army.

Solqa : drooping.

Solqi  : v.i. To droop.solqi dial.s. Solqa.

Soltob dial. : aged, older.

Som : (Arabic) Shem.sombusa obs.s. Somsa.sombusapaz arch.s. Somsapaz.

Some : obs. (Arabic) listener; person (who has memorized the Koran) who corrects another reciting passages from the Koran when mistakes are made.

Somelik : abstr. Of some.

Somiy : (Arabic) Semite.

Somon : crushed straw. ~ yo'li the Milky Way.

Somonchi : seller of crushed straw.

Somonxona : hay shed.

Somsa : a kind of small pie normally baked in a tandoor which is made by folding a layer of dough around a filling of meat and onions or other ingredients.

Somsafurush : somsa seller.

Somsapaz : a baker of somsas.

Somsapazlik : abstr. Of somsapaz; section of the bazaar where somsas are sold.

Son 1 : number. ~ mingta thousands. ~ kirdi/~ga qo'shil /~dan chiq  to no longer be considered as, to fall from the ranks of; to become worthless, to break down.

Son 2 : thigh.

Son salmoq : weight, power, importance.

Son sanoqsiz : innumerable.

Sona : male wild duck.

Sonata : (Russian) sonata.

Sonatina : (Russian) sonatina.

Song sung in an undertone.?? :

Soniya : arch. (Arabic) second (s. Sekund).

Sonli : numerical; numbered; having a certain number. O'n ettinchi sonli kolxoz kolkhoz number 17.

Sonsiz rare : s. Son sanoqsiz.

Sop 1 : handle, shaft, stick. Ketmonning ~ini ushlamagan never handled a mattock, i.e., never having done a lick of hard work. ~ini o'zidan chiqar  to make something out of one piece of material; to do s.t. W/o spending a penny of one's own money.

Sop 2 : ~ bo'l  to be used up, to be finished off, to be spent. ~ qil  to finish off.

Sophora. (s. Eshakmiya.) :

Sopla  1 : v.t. To affix a handle to. [soplan , soplat , soplattir ]

Sopla  2 : v.t. To finish off, to deplete. [soplan , soplat ]

Sopli : handled, having a handle.

Sopol : clay, earthenware.

Sopolak : shard; shard of flat stone used in various children's games.

Soppa sog' : fit as a fiddle, perfectly healthy.

Sopqon : sling (weapon); whip which makes a sharp cracking sound (to scare birds away from grape vines). Otilmagan ~ ham boshga tegadi, ham ketga/quymuchga a half baked deed will fly in your face.

Soqa 1 dial. : (Arabic) the main channel dug for a canal system.soqa 2 dial.s. Soqqa.

Soqa 3 dial. : (Arabic) offspring.

Soqchi : guard, sentry. Odat ~si keeper of traditions.

Soqchilik : sentry or guard duty. ~ qil  to perform guard duty, to stand guard over.

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