SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Sig'in  : v.i. To worship. [sig'inish ] Sig'indi

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Sig'in  : v.i. To worship. [sig'inish ]

Sig'indi : refugee.

Sig'inish : worship.

Sigaret(a) : (Russian) cigarette.

Sigir buzoq : cow and calf or calves.

Sigir : cow. ~ quyruq tapered.

Sigirchilik : cattle raising.sigirquyruq bot.mullein.

Sigirxona : cow shed or barn.

Signal : (Russian) signal.

Signalchi : signaller.

Signalizator : (Russian) signalling apparatus.

Signalizatsiya : (Russian) signalling.

Sihat : (Arabic) health. ~ top  to recover, to get better.

Sihat salomat : (Arabic) healthy and well.

Sihat salomatlik : health and well being.

Sihatlan  : v.i. To recover from illness.

Sihatlik : health, well being.

Sihatsiz : unhealthy, sickly.

Sihatsizlik : sickliness, ill health.

Sik  vulgar : v.t. To have sexual intercourse with (of males). [sikil , sikish , siktir ]

Sil : (Arabic) tuberculosis; one afflicted with tuberculosis. ~ kasal(lig)i tuberculosis. ~ bo'l  to contract tuberculosis; to become pale and sickly, to be worn down. ~ qil  to give tuberculosis to; to wear down, to ruin one's health.

Sila 1 : to the brim.sila 2 zool.

Sila  : v.t. To stroke, to pet, to caress. Iyagini ~  to hold one's chin cradled between the thumb and forefinger (indicates one will get revenge for s.t.). Paxta ~  to treat an area of the body by passing bread or cotton around it. [silan , silat , silash ]

Silama : ~ sandiq chest which is full to the brim; stuffy person.silen bot.three awned grass.

Silikat : (Russian) silicate.

Silitsiy : (Russian) silicium.

Silji  : v.i. To move, to budge; to move off; to leak or trickle through. Ilgari ~  to move forward, to inch forward. [siljit , siljitil , siljish ]

Siljish : v.n. Of silji ; progress; shifting, shift, movement.

Silki  : v.t. To shake, to flap, to wave. Qanot ~  to flap one's wings. Qo'l ~  to flap or wave one's arms; to show one is fed up with s.t. Dunyodan Etak ~  to withdraw from the world. [silkin , silkinish , silkintir , silkit , silkish ]

Silkilash  : v.i. To haggle.

Silkinish : v.n. Of silkin ; shock, shaking.

Silla : strength, energy. ~si quridi to be worn out, to be puckered out.

Silliq : smooth; pretty; polished. ~ tort  to fill out, to become beautiful. Suvdan ~ chiq  to come out scot free.

Silliqla  : v.t. To smooth down or out. [silliqlan , silliqlat ]silliqlanish geol.[sglazhivanie]?? (polishing, abrasion, smoothing?)

Silliqlash  : v.i. To become smooth or refined.

Silliqlik : smoothness.

Silliqlovchi : polisher, burnisher.

Siloh : obs. (Arabic) weapon(s).silon zool.offspring of a wolf and a dog.

Silos : (Russian) silage.

Silosla  : v.t. To make silage.

Silosxona : silo.silovsin zool.lynx.silqi  coll.s. Sirqi .silqindi coll.s. Sirqindi.

Silsila lit. : (Arabic) chain, line; pedigree, geneology; progression.

Silta  : v.t. To jerk, to move sharply; to speak sharply, to cut off, to snap (at). Qo'l ~  to flail one's arm in disgust. [siltan ]

Siltan  : v.i. Pass. Of keyinga ~  to fall behind.

Siltanish : v.n. Of siltan ; jerk, dash.

Siltov : v.n. Of silta ; motion, jerk; pretext, cause.

Sim 1 : wire. Tikanli ~ barbed wire. ~ karavot wire springed bed. ~ qoq  to telephone. ~ jo'yak furrow (made with a wire marker).

Sim 2 lit. : silver.Sim 3 geo.former name of Ferghana city.

Sim sim : throbbing, burning sensation.

Sim siyoh : jet black.

Simbar poet. : having a lithesome white body.simbrik bot.little love grass.

Simfonik : (Russian) symphonic.

Simfoniya : (Russian) symphony.

Similla  : v.i. To throb with pain; to dawdle.

Simir  : v.t. To sip; to soak up. Suv kelsa ~ib, tosh kelsa kemirib to deal with whatever comes one's way. [simiril , simirish ]

Simkor : wages paid to an apprentice or hired workers; an apprentice or worker doing piece work.

Simmental" : (Russian) Simmental.

Simmetrik : (Russian) symmetrical.

Simmetriklik : symmetry.

Simmetriya : (Russian) symmetry.

Simmetriyalash : symmetrization.

Simmetriyasiz : asymmetric(al).

Simmetriyasizlik : asymmetry.

Simo : s. Siymo.

Simob : mercury.

Simobiy : silver (color).

Simobli : mercury, mercurial.

Simpatichniy coll. : (Russian) likeable, attractive.

Simpatik : (Russian) ~ nerv sistemasi sympathetic nervous system. ~ siyoh invisible ink.

Simray  : v.i. To screw one's face up in anger.

Simsiyo : s. Sim siyoh.

Simsiz : wireless.simtarash dial.scratcher (s. Qashlag'ich).

Simvol : (Russian) symbol (s. Ramz).

Simvolik : (Russian) symbolic.

Simvolist : (Russian) symbolist.

Simvolistik : (Russian) adj. Of simvolist.

Simvolizm : (Russian) symbolism.

Simyon : sickly, decrepit; wretch.

Sin"ka : (Russian) blue, blueing.

Sin"kala  : v.t. To blue.

Sin  : v.i. To break; to go bankrupt. Beli ~di to have one's back break; to be ruined. Oyog'im ~sin May my leg break (a kind of oath). Beli ~magan pul brand new money. [sindir , sindirish , sindirtir ]

Sina  : v.t. To try, to test; to go through, to experience. [sinal , sinat , sinash ]

Sinalgan : tried, tested.sinamali arch.tried, tested; applied. ~ handasa applied geometry.

Sinamol : tried, well tried.

Sinash : testing, test.

Sinashta : well tried, trusty; known, familiar.

Sinashtalik : abstr. Of sinashta.

Sinch : boards or laths placed at angles to reinforce the frame of a wall (which is then filled in with bricks and mud). ~ devor a wall made with such supports. ~ uy a house having walls made in the sinch style.sinchalak dial. Zool.titmouse (s. Chittak).

Sinchi : horse expert.

Sinchikla  : v.t. To do s.t. Very thoroughly, in great detail. ~b qara  to eye carefully. ~ tushuntir  to explain in great detail.

Sinchilik : abstr. Of sinchi.

Sinchkor : made of sinch.

Sinchkov : sharp eyed, observant.

Sinchkovlik : astuteness, keenness, carefulness. ~ qil  to regard or examine carefully or closely.

Sinchli : s. Sinchkor.

Sindikalistik : (Russian) syndicalistic.

Sindikalizm : (Russian) syndicalism.

Sindikat : (Russian) syndicate.

Sindir  : v.t. Caus. Of sin . Belini ~  to break the back of, to ruin, to put out of commission. Oyog'ingni ~aman I'm gonna break your bones! Patir ~  to break bread. Tiyin ustida tish ~adigan odam pennywise, piddling. Tishini ~  to get hurt, to suffer heavy losses. Cho'p ~  to snap a stick to symbolize the conclusion of a bet; to do s.t. Unexpected. [sindirish , sindirtir ]

Sindirish : v.n. Of sindir ; refraction.

Sinf : (Arabic) class; classroom.

Sinfdosh : classmate; s.o. In the same social class.

Sinfiy : (Arabic) adj. Of ~ kurash class struggle.

Sinfiylik : class character.

Sinfsiz : classless.

Sinfsizlash  : v.i. To become classless.

Sing'ich rare : s. Sinuvchan.

Sing  : v.i. S. Mehnati ~gan to have expended one's labor on s.t. [singdir , singdirtir , singish ]

Singari : like, as.

Singarmonik : (Russian) adj. Of singarmonizm.

Singarmonizm : (Russian) vowel harmony.

Singdirish : v.n. Of singdir ; absorption; assimilation.

Singdiruvchan : absorbent.

Singdiruvchanlik : absorbency.

Singga(k) non : well cooked bread.

Singi  : v.i. To be absorbed, to sink into, to penetrate; to be digested; to be assimilated, to become common. Qumga ~b ketganday or qumga ~gan suvday (lit., 'like water into sand') to no avail; smoothly and easily. [singit ]

Singil : younger sister; form or address to (much) younger girl or woman.

Singillik : abstr. Of singil.

Singir : tendon, sinew (s. Pay).

Singish : v.n. Of singi ; absorption; assimilation.

Singishimli : amicability.

Singishli : easily digested.

Singli : s. Singil.singren bot.a type of milk vetch.

Singulyar : (Russian) ~ tenglama singular equation??Sini sumbat dial.looks, appearance, build.

Sinig'ar (scoundrel, rogue.

Sinil" : (Russian) ~ kislotasi hydrocyanic acid.

Siniq  : v.i. To grow pale or thin.

Siniq mertik : broken, cracked.

Siniq : broken, cracked, etc.; pale, wan; broken piece, shard. Shisha ~lari (pieces of) broken glass.siniqchi dial.bone setter.

Siniqlik : abstr. Of ruhiy ~ nervous breakdown.

Sinish : v.n. Of sin ; refraction.sinli dial.elegant, well built.

Sinoat : (Arabic) wonder, marvel.

Sinodik : (Russian) synodic ~ davr synodic orbit. ~ oy synodic month.

Sinonim : (Russian) synonym.

Sinonimik : (Russian) synonymous.

Sinonimiya : (Russian) synonymy.

Sinoptik : (Russian) synoptical. ~ karta weather chart.

Sinoptika : (Russian) weather forecasting.

Sinov : v.n. Of sina ; test.

Sinovchan : inquiring, testing.

Sinovchi : tester; (rare) testing, querying.

Sintagma : (Russian)

Sintaksis : (Russian) syntax.

Sintaktik : (Russian) syntactic.

Sintetik : (Russian) synthetic.

Sintez : (Russian) synthesis.

Sintezla  : v.t. To synthesize. [sintezlan ]

Sinus : (Russian) sine.

Sinusoida : (Russian) sinusoid.

Sinuvchan : fragile, easily breakable.

Sinuvchanlik : fragility.

Sinxron : (Russian) synchronic.

Sinxronizator : (Russian) synchronizer.

Sinxronizm : (Russian) synchronism.

Sinxronla  : v.t. To synchronize.

Sinxronlash : synchronization.

Sinxronlik : synchronism.

Sionist : (Russian) Zionist.

Sionistik : (Russian) Zionist.

Sionizm : (Russian) Zionism.

Sipar : shield.

Sipehr : obs. The heavens, the celestial sphere. ~ning xurshidi heavenly body.

Sipo : humble, plain, ordinary.

Sipogar(chi)lik : s. Sipolik.

Sipoh hist. : official; soldier, warrior; pawn (chess); humble, modest.

Sipohgar(chi)lik : s. Sipogar(chi)lik.

Sipohi hist. : official; soldier.

Sipohilik : s. Sipoyilik.

Sipohlik : s. Sipoyilik; humbleness, modesty.

Sipolik : abstr. Of sipo; humbleness, modesty, humility.

Siporish : task, errand; consideration, deference.

Siporishla  : v.t. To pay respect to; to kow tow to.

Sipoyi : arch. Officer, official; soldier, warrior.

Sipoyilik : abstr. Of sipoyi; office, position.

Sipqar  : v.t. To quaff, to drink down in one gulp. [sipqaril , sipqarish ]

Sipsar zool. (Hindi) : gavial.

Siq  : v.t. To compress, to squeeze; to pressure, to put pressure on. Dilni ~  to oppress, to weigh on one's heart. ~ib chiqar  to squeeze out; to drive out. [siqil , siqish , siqtir ]

Siqil  : v.i. Pass. Of yuragi ~di to feel uncomfortable or constrained. [siqilish ]

Siqilganlik : compression; depression, melancholy.

Siqilinch : crammed, squeezed together.

Siqilinqira  : v.i. To feel uncomfortable; to feel depressed or weighed down.

Siqilish : v.n. Of siqil ; squeezing, pressure.

Siqiluvchanlik : compressibility.

Siqim : handful, fistful.

Siqimla  : v.t. To take in handfuls. [siqimlat , siqimlash ]

Siqinqira  : v.i. To squeeze slightly, to be somewhat tight.

Siqinti : oppression, distress.

Siqiq : tight, clenched; close, stuffy; constricted; straitened. ~qa ol  to put the screws to.

Siqiqlik : abstr. Of siqiq.

Siqishtir  : v.t. To cram, to jam, to press in; to put pressure on, to put the squeeze to.

Siqta  : yig'la  siqta  to cry and plead.

Siquv : v.n. Of ~ga ol  to put the screws to.

Sir 1 : (Arabic) secret.

Sir 2 : cinnabar, vermilion; minium, red lead; oil paint; glaze, enamel; silvering (of a mirror).

Sir 3 : (Russian) cheese (s. Pishloq).

Sir  : v.t. To cover (with fabric); to cling tightly (clothing); to tether; to starve, to withhold from eating. ~ib bog'la  to tether; to bind. O'zini nondan ~  to forego eating bread. [siril ]

Sir a'mol : (Arabic) secrets.

Sir asror : (Arabic) secrets.

Sir hol : (Arabic) secret(s).

Sir sinoat : (Arabic) secrets.sira 1 w/neg.never, ever; (not) at all. ~ qo'ying Don't even mention it! (= beyond description).

Sira 2 : series; line; meaning, gist. ~ sonlar ordinal numbers (s. Tartib sonlar).

Sira sira : (not) at all, in no way; (not) ever.sirach bot.eremurus; powder extracted from the root of this plant used for making cobbler's glue; (fig.) Tiresome, clinging, unrelenting.

Sirachla  : v.t. To glue together with sirach. [sirachlan , sirachlat ]

Sirasiga rare : in a row, consecutively.

Sirchi : painter (who uses oil paints); maker of mirrors.

Sirdon rare : s. Sirdosh.

Sirdosh : sharer of one's secrets; confidant; close friend.

Siren" bot. : (Russian) lilac.

Sirena : (Russian) siren, horn.sirg'a dial.earring (s. Isirg'a).

Sirg'al  : v.i. S. Sirpan .sirg'alik dial.ear lobe (s. Solinchak).

Sirg'aluvchi : ~ undoshlar fricatives.

Sirg'an  : v.i. To slip, to slide. [sirg'antir ]

Sirg'anchiq : slippery, slick.

Sirg'anchiqlik : slipperiness.

Sirg'anish : v.n. Of ~ podshipnigi slide bearing??

Sirg'anma : sliding. ~ qaytish ?? [skol'zyashchee otrazhenie]

Sirg'anuvchi : sliding.

Sirg'il  : s. Sirpan .

Sirg'oq : rainy weather or season; slippery, slick.

Sirgoh : world; field, arena; workplace (s. Korgoh).

Siril  : v.i. Pass. Of piyoz po'stiday ~  to be famished.siriq dial.pillar in the middle of a room which supports the ceiling; metal or wooden poker.

Siriy gap : the truth, the real story.

Sirk coll. : (Russian) circus (s. Tsirk).

Sirka 1 : vinegar. ~si suv ko'tarmaydigan odam sensitive, easily hurt person.

Sirka 2 : lice egg(s).

Sirkala  : v.t. To pickle, to marinate in vinegar. [sirkalan ]

Sirkali : containing vinegar; pickled in vinegar.

Sirkor 1 : s. Sirchi.

Sirkor : s. Sirli 2.

Sirkorlik : abstr. Of sirkor; decoration made in oil paint.sirkoyi bot.a sour species of grape.

Sirla  : v.t. To paint with cinnabar, oil paint, enamel, or silvering. [sirlan , sirlat , sirlash ]

Sirlash  : v.i. To share secrets, to confide in one another.

Sirli 1 : secret; mysterious.

Sirli 2 : painted or decorated with cinnabar, oil paint, enamel, or silvering.

Sirma : ~ to'n/chopon quilted coat covered with an additional outer layer of cloth.

Sirop : (Russian) syrup.

Sirot : (Arabic) puli ~ bridge which Muslims must cross to get to Heaven (s. Qil ko'prik).

Sirpal  : v.i. S. Sirpan .

Sirpan  : v.i. To slide; to slip; to skate. [sirpanish , sirpantir ]

Sirpanchiq : slippery; skating rink; ice slide; slide, chute.

Sirqi  : v.i. To drip, to seep; to grow pale. [sirqit ]

Sirqindi : drippings; dregs.

Sirqira  : v.i. To throb (s. Zirqira ). [sirqirat ]

Sirqiroq : throbbing (s. Zirqiroq).

Sirqov : fatigue, listlessness.

Sirqovlan  : v.i. To grow weak or listless.

Sirriq : s. Siriq.

Sirt : outer side, exterior, outer surface; mountain ridge. ~dan outwardly; ostensibly; not personally; secretly, surreptitiously. ~ taniyman I don't know him personally. ~dan qaraganda on the surface, outwardly. ~dan o'qish studying by correspondence (s. Pichoqning ~icha very little. ~iga suv yuqtirmaydigan/~iga yuqtirmaydigan pachydermatous, indifferent.sirtlon zool.hyena.

Sirtmoq : noose.

Sirtmoqla  : v.t. To noose; to hang.

Sirtqi : outer, exterior; superficial, outward. ~ dori external medication. ~ bo'lim correspondence course department.

Sistema : (Russian) system.

Sistemali : systematic, regular, orderly.

Sistemasiz : unsystematic.

Sistemasizlik : lack of system.

Sistematik : (Russian) systematic.

Sistematika : (Russian) systematization; classification, taxonomy.

Sit  : v.t. To squeeze (out). ~ib chiqar  to squeeze out; to drive out. [sitil , sittir ]

Sitam : oppression, ill treatment; threat, rebuke. ~ qil  to oppress; to threaten, to upbraid.

Sitamdiyda rare : oppressed.

Sitamgar : cruel, oppressive.

Sitamkarda rare : s. Sitamgar.

Sitamkor rare : s. Sitamgar.

Sitamli : painful; pained, suffering; full of grief.

Sitil  : v.i. Pass. Of ko'zim ~sin May God strike me dead (lit., 'May my eye(s) flow from its/their socket(s)').

Sitora : obs. Star. ~si issiq warm, kindly.

Sitro : (Russian) fruit flavored mineral water.

Situation : sivizg'a coll.s. Sibizg'a.

Situatsiya : (Russian)

Sivizg'achi : s. Sibizg'achi.

Sivorotka : (Russian) serum.

Six : skewer. ~ ham kuymasin, kabob ham to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds (= to harm neither X nor Y).

Sixla  : v.t. To skewer, to arrange on a skewer. [sixlat ]

Sixmola : harrow.

Siy  : v.i. To urinate, to piss. Bilib turib suvga ~  to do s.t. Inappropriate or uncalled for on purpose. [siydir ]siydam dial.completely, thoroughly, evenly.

Siydik : urine.

Siyg'ala  gram. : v.t. To conjugate (s. Tusla ).

Siyg'oq : urinating much; bed wetting.

Siyg'oqlik : bed wetting.siyiboniy hist.name of a privileged military position.??

Siyla  : v.t. To honor; to treat to; to give away free of charage. [siylan , siylash ]

Siylov : v.n. Of o'zingga ~ bo'lsin You can have it.

Siymo lit. : (Arabic) appearance; image.

Siyna : breast, bosom.

Siynaband : brassiere.

Siyo : dili ~ upset, saddened.

Siyoh 1 : black; ink. Dili ~ s. ~ baxt/baxti ~ ill starred, unfortunate. Ro'yi ~ disgraced.

Siyoh 2 : s. Siyoq.

Siyohdon : inkwell.siyohdona dial.s. Sedana.

Siyoq : (Arabic) appearance, looks.

Siyosat : (Arabic) politics; threat, intimidation, scolding. ~ tut  to hold a political line or position.

Siyosatboz : politician, manipulator.

Siyosatbozlik : political machinations.

Siyosatchi : politician.

Siyosatdon : political expert.

Siyosatli : politically strong, influential.

Siyosiy : (Arabic) political. ~ karta/xarita political map.

Siyosiy ommaviy : sociolpolitical.

Siyosiy oqartuv : politico educational.

Siyosiy tashkiliy : politico organizational.

Siypa  : v.t. To stroke; to smooth out. [siypan , siypash ]

Siypala  : v.t. To caress, to pet; to feel, to fondle; to soften, to smooth over. [siypalan , siypalat , siypalash ]

Siyqa : worn smooth; old, tiresome, overused; shallow; hardened, crafty. ~ bosh bald headed. ~si chiqqan hackneyed.

Siyqala  : v.t. To wear smooth. [siyqalan , siyqalat , siyqalat ]

Siyqalash  : v.i. To wear smooth, to wear out; to become meaningless or shallow. [siyqalashtir ]

Siyqalik : smoothness; shallowness.

Siyrak : sparse, thin; rare.

Siyrakla  : v.t. To thin out; to rarefy. [siyraklan , siyraklat , siyraklatil ]

Siyraklash  : v.i. To become thin or sparse. [siyraklashtir , siyraklashtiril ]

Siyraklik : thinness, sparseness; rarity.

Siyril  dial. : v.i. S. Sidiril .

Siz  : v.i. To seep.

Siz : you (formal); (lit.) You (plural). ~lar you (plural).

Sizg'i  : v.i. S. Siz .

Sizg'ir  : s. Sizg'i .

Sizg'iriq : percolated, filtered; fricative. Tishlar orasidan ~ chiqarib gapir  to speak through clenched teeth.

Sizish : seepage, leakage.

Sizla  : v.t. To address as "siz" (indicating formality or deference). [sizlat , sizlash ]

Sizlog'ich : pimple.

Sizniki : yours; your place.

Sizningcha : in your view.

Sizot (suv) : subsoil water, water which seeps up through the soil.

Sizsira  : v.t. S. Sizla .

Skafandr : (Russian) space or diving suit.

Skameyka : (Russian) bench.

Skandiy : (Russian) scandium.

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