SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Safsar : s. Sapsar.

Safsata : nonsense, balderdash; idle talk. ~ sot  to talk idly, to gossip.

Safsataboz : babbler, blabbermouth.

Safsatabozlik : talking nonsense; idle chatter.

Safsatachi : s. Safsataboz.sag'al coll.s. Sal.

Sag'an bot : ??[Girgensohnia oppositiflora]

Sag : obs. Dog; puppy. ~i ob (obs.) Seal.

Sag'ana coll. : tomb (s. Sog'ona).

Sag'ir : (Arabic) orphaned child; young child.

Sag'irlik : orphanhood.

Sag'irxona : orphanage.sag'iz bot.tov ~ Russian dandelion.

Sag'ri : croup, crupper; lower abdomen; leather made from the crupper of a horse.

Sag'richi : tanner of leather made from horse cruppers.

Sahar : (Arabic) pre dawn, first light. Kallai ~ very early morning.

Sahar maydon : very early, very early morning.

Saharlab : to do s.t. In the very early morning.

Saharlik : pre dawn meal eaten during Ramadhan.

Saharxez : early riser.

Sahbo : arch. (Arabic) red wine.

Sahhof : (Arabic) bookbinder; bookseller.

Sahhoflik : abstr. Of sahhof; booksellers' section of a bazaar.

Sahifa : (Arabic) page.

Sahifala  : v.t. To make up into pages.

Sahifalash : v.n. Of sahifala ; make up (in printing).

Sahil : obs. (Arabic) light.

Sahn : (Arabic) grounds, area.

Sahna : (Arabic) stage; arena. ~ga chiq  to get or appear on stage.

Sahnabop : suitable or easily adapted for the stage.

Sahnadosh : fellow performer.

Sahnalashtir  : v.t. To adapt for the stage; to stage. [sahnalashtiril ]

Sahnaviy : (Arabic) theatrical, stage...

Sahoba : (Arabic) disciple of Muhammad. ~larning uyiday completely empty, just four bare walls (house).

Sahro : (Arabic) desert.

Sahroyi : (Arabic) desert dweller; desert dwelling; bucolic, rustic, wild.

Sahv : obs. (Arabic) slip, mistake.

Sahv xato : (Arabic) mistakes and errors.

Said : obs. (Arabic) fortunate. Soati ~ lucky hour.

Saj lit. : (Arabic) rhyming prose.

Sajda : (Arabic) prostration. ~ qil  to prostrate o.s., to bow down.

Sajdagoh : place of worship; holy place.

Sak : s. ~ yili the year of the dog (s. It yili).

Sakilla  : v.i. To loaf about, to wander about. [sakillash ]

Sakizta : eight (of non unit countable nouns).

Sakkiz : eight. Sanamay ~ dema Know what you?Re talking about before you do something???? ~ tepki atlas finely woven satin (each pass of the shuttle is pressed down eight times).

Sakkizinchi : eighth.

Sakkizlik : poem of eight lines; eight (of cards).

Sakra  : v.i. To jump; to bounce. O'rnidan ~b tur  to jump up from one?S place. Ko'kka ~ydigan said of a spirited and speedy horse. Erga ursang, ko'kka ~ydi spirited, lively, bouncy (child). Yuz gaz (nari) ~  to bound or shy away (from work, etc.). [sakrat , sakrash ]

Sakrama(li) : erratic, sporadic.

Sakrash : v.n. Of sakra ; leap, bound.

Sakratmali : s. Sakramali.

Sakson : eighty.saksovul bot.haloxylon (a hardy desert shrub).

Saksovulzor : copse of saksovul bushes.

Sal pal : a little, a bit; somewhat.

Sal : a little, a little bit, slightly, somewhat. Yiqilishimga ~ qoldi I almost fell down. ~ kam nearly, almost, just shy of. ~ pal a little, a little bit, so so.

Salaf : obs. (Arabic) preceding, past. Ahli ~ forbears.

Salamandra : (Russian) salamander.

Salangla  : v.i. To stagger, to lurch.

Salat : (Russian) salad.

Salavot 1 : (Arabic) forgiveness. O'tgan ishga ~ forgive and forget; ~i bosdi s. Salobati bosdi.salavot 2 coll.s. Salobat.

Salbiy : (Arabic) negative.salbiya bot.sage.

Salbiylik : negativity.

Saldom : weight, force.

Saldomla  : s. Salmoqla .

Saldov : rope used to run a ferry across a river; hauling such a ferry across a river.

Saldovchi : man who hauls a rope ferry.

Salib 1 : (Arabic) cross, crucifix. ~ yurishi crusade.salib 2 bot.orchis.

Salibchi : crusader.

Salim lit. : (Arabic) healthy, sound. Aqli ~ sound (of) mind.

Salla 1 : (Arabic) turban. Baqa ~/qurbaqa ~si a type of inedible mushroom. Pachaq chovog'ingni boshingga ~ qilib qo'yaman I'm gonna wrap your innards about your head. Paytava ~ dummkopf, idiot.

Salla 2 dial. : (Arabic) a dish made of dough wound in a sworl and cooked in oil (s. ~ to'n/chopon turban and coat worn to the mosque and other dressy occasions.

Sallacha : small turban; headband.

Sallador : turbaned; topped with anything turban shaped.sallagul bot.peony.

Sallali : turbaned.

Sallalik : material suitable for making a turban.

Sallamno : obs. (Arabic) Bless you!, Bravo!Sallaqovoq bot.a turban shaped squash.

Sallot coll. : (Russian) soldier; knave, jack (cards).

Sallox : (Arabic) butcher.

Salloxlik : abstr. Of sallox; butchery.

Salmon?? :

Salmoq : weight, importance. ~ bilan heavily. Soni bor, ~i yo'q just a number, of no account.

Salmoqdor : heavy, weighty, significant.

Salmoqi : slow speaking; slow singing (of bedana).

Salmoqla  : v.t. To weigh, to test; to speak slowly and gravely. [salmoqlan ]

Salmoqlan  : v.i. Pass. Of salmoqla ; to speak slowly and gravely.

Salmoqli : s. Salmoqdor.

Salmoqsiz : light; insignificant, weak, ineffectual.

Salobat : (Arabic) greatness, grandeur. ~i bosdi to lose o.s., to be at a loss.

Salobatli : grand, majestic.

Saloh : arch. (Arabic) righteousness, rectitude. Ahli ~ righteous people.

Salohiyat : (Arabic) power, ability.

Salohiyatli : powerful.

Salohiyatsiz : powerless.

Salom : (Arabic) Salaam (greeting); formal greeting; formal ceremony of greeting the khan in the morning; ceremony in which a new bride greets the members of her husband's family. ~ xat(i) letter inquiring about another's well being and health. ~ og'asi court official in charge of overseeing formal ceremonies and insuring they are performed properly.

Salom alik : exchanging greetings (salomalaykum and alaykumassalom).

Salom aliklash  : v.i. To exchange greetings.

Salomalaykum : (Arabic) Salaam alaykum (greeting).

Salomat : (Arabic) healthy and sound; expression used to denote gratitude.

Salomatlan  rare : v.i. To recover from illness.

Salomatlik : health, well being.

Salomla  : v.i. To greet or congradulate.

Salomlash  : v.i. To greet one another, to wish one another well.

Salomnoma : letter inquiring about another's health and well being.

Salomxona : court chamber for formally greeting the khan.

Salor : Salar.

Salot : (Arabic) (daily) prayers.

Salqin : cool; shady; cool shade.

Salqinla  : v.i. To cool off or rest in the shade. [salqinlat , salqinlatil , salqinlash ]

Salqinlan  : v.i. To become cool.

Salqinlash  : v.i. To become cool or cooler.

Salqinlat  : v.t. Caus. Of salqinla ; to cool off.

Salqinlik : coolness; cool and shady place.

Salqintob : idler, loafer.salqit coll.leftovers, leavings.salt suvoy coll.free and easy, unburdened (by children and family).

Salt : riding (horse); unburdened, unladen; idle, idly.

Saltanat : (Arabic) sultanate, dominion.

Saltanatli : sovereign.

Salyut : (Russian) salute; fireworks display.

Saman : dun (horse).

Samandar : salamander.

Samanto'riq : light bay (horse).

Samara : (Arabic) fruit, result.

Samarador : fruitful.

Samarali : s. Samarador.

Samarasiz : unfruitful.

Samarasizlik : unfruitfulness.

Samariy : (Russian) samarium.sambit bot.a type of willow; a wand of this type of willow. ~ qomat straight in stature.sambitgul bot.oleander.sambittol bot.s. Sambit.

Samimiy : (Arabic) sincere, straightforward; heartfelt.

Samimiyat : (Arabic) s. Samimiylik.

Samimiyatsiz : insincere.

Samimiyatsizlik : insincerity.

Samimiylash  : v.i. To become closer, more cordial.

Samimiylik : sincerity, cordiality.

Samo 1 : (Arabic) sky, heavens.

Samo 2 : (Arabic) s. Zikr samo.

Samoderjavie : (Russian) autocracy.

Samolyot : (Russian) airplane.

Samolyotsozlik : airplane manufacturing.

Samosval : (Russian) self unloading (e.g., dump truck).

Samovar : (Russian) samovar. ~ qo'y  to light up a samovar; to run a teahouse. ~ karnay the funnel of a samovar.

Samovarchi : teahouse proprieter.

Samovarchilik : abstr. Of samovarchi.

Samovarxona : teahouse.

Samoviy lit. : (Arabic) heavenly, celestial; sky blue.

Samovot : (Arabic) the heavens.samur zool.sable.

San'at : (Arabic) art, masterfulness, craft.

San'atkor : artist, master.

San'atkorlik : abstr. Of san'atkor; artistry, mastery.

San'atkorona : with artistry, masterfully.

San'atshunos : one who studies the arts; art critic.

San'atshunoslik : study of the arts.san man coll.s. Sen men.san coll.s. Sen.

Sana : arch. (Arabic) year; date; number.

Sana  : v.t. To count; to recount; to consider, to regard. Barmoq bilan ~rli few (lit., countable on one's fingers). Yulduz ~b yot  to lie awake all night. Yolg'onchi deb ~  to consider a liar. [sanal , sanat , sanattir , sanash ]

Sanad : obs. (Arabic) document (s. Hujjat).

Sanam : (Arabic) idol.

Sanama : embroidery; a certain embroidered design.

Sanatoriy (Russian) : sanatorium.sanatoriya coll.s. Sanatoriy.sanbit coll.s. Sambit.

Sanch  : v.t. To stick or drive into, to stab. [sanchil , sanchish , sanchtir ]

Sanchiq : stabbing pain; colic. ~ o't (bot.) Meadow rue.

Sanchqi : fork (s. Vilka).

Sandal 1 : a table constructed over a fire pit embedded in the floor which is covered with a quilt and around which people sit to keep warm in cold weather.

Sandal 2 : (Russian) sandal(s).

Sandalet : (Russian) s. Sandal.

Sandiq : (Arabic) chest, trunk.

Sandiqcha : small chest.

Sandiqchi : s. Sandiqsoz.

Sandiqchilik : chest or trunk making.

Sandiqsoz : trunk maker.

Sandiqzada : old, stale (stored in a trunk too long).

Sandira  1 : v.i. S. Sandiroqla . [sandirat , sandirash ]sandira  2 dial.to be at a loss, to be out of it. [sandirat , sandirash ]

Sandiroqla  : v.i. To loaf around, to wander about. [sandiroqlan , sandiroqlat , sandiroqlash ]

Sandon : anvil.

Sang dial. : stone.

Sangar : s. Tsugaru.sangbo'ron dial.stoning (s. Toshbo'ron).

Sangdil dial. : stone hearted.

Sangob : tanning solution. Tering ~da chirigur May you rot.sangsar zool.stone marten.

Sangsor dial. : stoning (s. Toshbo'ron).

Sangtarosh : stone mason.

Sangtaroshlik : abstr. Of sangtarosh; stone masonry.l

Sangzor dial. : stone field, stony area.

Sanitar 1 : (Russian) medic.

Sanitar 2 : (Russian) sanitary.

Sanitariya : (Russian) sanitation.

Sanitarka : (Russian) female medic.

Sanitarlik : sanitation; abstr. Of sanitar 1.sanjoq arch.flag, banner; copper image of a peacock or pigeon; subdivision of a province in the Ottoman Empire.

Sanktsiya : (Russian) sanction(s).

Sanna  : v.i. To invoke spells, to exorcize; to bewail, to bemoan; to babble on.

Sannag'la  : s. Sanna .

Sano 1 : (Arabic) praise, eulogy.

Sano 2 : (Arabic) ~yi makka senna.

Sanoat : (Arabic) industry.

Sanoatchi : industrialist.

Sanoatlash  : v.i. To become industrialized. [sanoatlashtir , sanoatlashtiril ]

Sanoatlashtirish : industrialization.

Sanobar : obs. (Arabic) pine; (woman) of fine stature.

Sanoch : skin (for storing or transporting liquids).

Sanoq : counting, reckoning; accounting. ~ son cardinal number. ~i yo'q innumerable, uncountable.

Sanoqlan  : v.i. To be counted, to be numerated.

Sanoqli : counted, countable; limited, certain. Bayramga ~ kunlar qolgan Edi There were only a number of days left to the holiday.

Sanoqsiz : innumerable, uncountable.

Sanoyi nafisa : (Arabic) fine art(s).

Sanqi  : to wander idly.

Sanqi : vagrant, idly wandering.

Sansalorlik : red tape, rigamarole. ~ka sol  to drag on. ~ka tush  to be caught up in red tape.

Sansira  : v.t. To address another with "sen" (familiarly or disrespectfully). [sansirash ]

Sanskrit (Sans.) : Sanskrit.

Santal bot. (Russian) : sandalwood.santalat coll.s. Saltanat.

Santigramm : (Russian) centigram.

Santimetr : (Russian) centimeter.

Saodat : (Arabic) happiness.

Saodatli : happy, blessed.

Saodatmand : blessed, felicitous.

Sap sariq : bright or deep yellow.

Sapcha : unripe melon. Boshini ~day uz  to slice s.o.'s head clean off (mercilessly).

Sapchi  : v.i. To leap at; to leap or dash. ~b ket /ko'kka ~ydigan ot horse which leaps to the sky (i.e., strong, dashing). Erga ursang, ko'kka ~ydigan bouncy, full of beans (child). [sapchit , sapchish ]

Sapfir : (Russian) sapphire.sapsar bot.iris; violet (color).

Sapyor : (Russian) sapper.

Saqar : (Arabic) one of the seven hells.

Saqich : chewing gum. ~ qilib chayna  to talk about constantly.

Saqichsimon : gummy, sticky.

Saqla  : v.t. To take care of, to protect; to save, to keep. Ichida ~  to remember; to keep to o.s. Xudo ~sin God forbid! O'z qo'lida ~  to keep in one's own hands. [saqlan , saqlat , saqlash ]

Saqlag'ich : s. Saqlagich.

Saqlagich : safety switch.saqlandi dial.adopted child, foster child.

Saqlanish : v.n. Of saqlan ; protection, preservation.

Saqlash : v.n. Of saqla ; protection, preservation; defense.saqmon 1 dial.sling (s. Sopqon).

Saqmon 2 : a small (12 15 head) flock of ewes and lambs.saqoqush zool.pelican (s. Birqozon).

Saqov : a mouth disease of donkeys and horses [myt]??

Sar rare : head. ~ hovuz large pool, main pool (for storing water).

Sara : choice, select, highest quality, best. ~ bo'l  to select the best.

Sara puchak : the good and the bad, the wheat and the chaff.

Sarafan : (Russian) Russian peasant women's dress.

Sarafroz lit. : joyful; glorious, eminent.

Sarak : choice, select.

Sarak pachaq : whole and sound (seeds).

Sarak sarak : ~ qil  to shake the head from side to side.

Sarala  : v.t. To sort. [saralan ]

Saralagich : sorter.

Saralash : sorting; breeding.

Saramas : erysipelas.

Sarang : dumbstruck, confused.

Saranjom : neat, tidy. ~ bo'l  to be put in order. ~ top  to be put in order; to find its place. ~ini ol  to settle down, to find one's place. ~ qil  to put in order; to make one's own; to do away with.

Saranjom sarishta : neat, tidy; settled, put in order.

Saranjomla  : v.t. To put in order, to take care of; to pilfer, to make off with; to get rid of, to do away with. [saranjomlan , saranjomlashtir ]

Saranjomlashtir  : v.t. S. Saranjomla .

Saranjomlik : neatness, tidiness.

Saraton : (Arabic) Cancer. ~ning sariq kuni the hottest days of the month of Cancer.

Sarbast : free, independent.

Sarbastlik : freedom, free will.

Sarbon : head of a caravan; guide, leader.

Sarboz hist. : footsoldier; soldier.

Sarbozlik : abstr. Of sarboz.

Sarbozxona hist. : barracks.sarburgut poet.eagle.

Sarchashma : headwater, source.

Sardak : fat which comes to the surface of a pot.

Sardara lit. : main gate.

Sardoba : domed cistern.

Sardor : head of an army; commander, leader.

Sardorlik : leadership; office of a commander.

Sarf 1 : (Arabic) expenditure; use, consumption. ~ qil  to expend.

Sarf 2 : arch. (Arabic) morphology (s. Morfologiya).

Sarfaroz : s. Sarafroz.

Sarfiy : arch. (Arabic) morphological (s. Morfologik).

Sarfiyat rare : expenditures.

Sarfla  : v.t. To spend; to expend, to use up. [sarflan ]

Sarg'ay  : v.i. To turn yellow; to pine away; to implore. [sarg'ayt , sarg'aytir ]sarg'ilt dial.s. Sarg'ish.sarg'imtil coll.s. Sarg'ish.

Sarg'ish : yellowish.

Sargardon : idle wandering; to revolve around the head (and give away as charity) (in order to bring the giver good luck).

Sargardonlik : idleness, idle wandering.

Sarguzasht : adventures, escapades.

Sarhad : obs. Frontier, boundary.

Sarhafta : presents and greetings given weekly by the groom's family to the bride's.

Sarhovuz : s. Sar hovuz.

Sari 1 : towards; (after  gan) as, the more... Borgan ~ as it went; as it proceeds; more and more, successively. Bir ~ no matter. Bir ~ qadam for a minute; in passing. Insof ~ baraka blessings increase with virtue.sari 2 dial.s. Sariq.sari 3 dial.fine, best (s. Sara).

Sari 4 : (Russian) sari.

Saril  dial. : v.i. To cling to, to wrap one's arms around (e.g., s.o.'s neck).

Sarimag'iz : golden; tan. ~ bug'doy a local variety of wheat.sarimsoq (piyoz) bot.garlic.

Sarin : cool, pleasant.

Sariq 1 : yellow; light, fair (complexion, hair); yolk; hepatitis. ~ ilon (zool.) Armored glass lizard. ~ irq the yellow race. ~ palak blight ?? [vilt]. ~ pocha a plant disease in which the stalk turns yellow. ~ suv mucus. ~ sumalak yellow icicles (which form on the eaves of reed rooves, a sign of spring); early springtime, the end of winter. ~ chaqa small change; (not worth a) red cent. ~ chaqalik/~ chaqaga arzimaydigan not worth a red cent.sariq 2 dial.best, finest.sariqbosh bot.ragwort, groundsel.

Sariqcha : sore on the tongue.

Sariqlik : yellowness.sariqqamish bot.reed grass.sariqsor zool.buzzard.

Sarishta : neat, tidy.

Sarishtala  : v.t. To put in order, to make neat and tidy.

Sarishtalik : tidiness, neatness.saritol bot.crack willow.

Sariyog' : butter.

Sarjig'a P : tassle attached to one's headdress.

Sarjin : (Russian) measure of length of app. 2.13 meters. Bir ~ o'tin a cord of firewood.

Sarjinchi : one who cuts firewood into cords; land surveyor.

Sarkarda : commander, leading officer.

Sarkardalik : command, leadership. ~ qil  to lead, to command.

Sarkash : stubborn, obstinate.

Sarkashlik : stubbornness, obstinacy.

Sarkor hist. : leader, head; foreman, boss.

Sarkorlik : leadership, command.

Sarkotib : arch. (head) secretary.

Sarkotiblik : head secretariat.

Sarlovha : heading, title; sign.

Sarmast : tipsy, intoxicated.

Sarmastlik : tipsiness.

Sarmoya : capital, monetary resources.

Sarmoyador : arch. Capitalist, financier.

Sarmunshi(y) : arch. Head scribe or secretary in a khan's court.

Sarnayza : bayonet.

Sarnigun : toppled, overturned. ~ bo'l  to be toppled or overturned; to be ridiculed, to be shamed. ~ qil  to topple or overturn; to ridicule, to make feel ashamed.

Sarnoma : opening line, opening formula; epigraph; slogan.

Sarob : mirage.

Saromad lit. : leader, master, leading personage.

Sarona hist. : head tax.

Sarosar lit. : from head to toe.

Sarosima : bewilderedness, perplexedness. ~ga tush  to become bewildered or distraught.

Sarosimalik : bewilderedness, distraught behavior.

Saroy : palace; caravansary; warehouse, storage area. Baxt ~i Wedding Palace. Madaniyat ~i Palace of Culture (a facility for cultural activities).

Saroyvon : proprietor of a caravansary.

Sarparda 1 : awning, covering.

Sarparda 2 mus. : key.

Sarpo : clothing given as gifts to guests, esp. Wedding guests; clothing in general.

Sarpo'sh rare : lid, cover.

Sarpo suruq : clothing of all kinds.

Sarpoychan(g) : barefoot.

Sarqit : leftovers.

Sarrof : (Arabic) moneychanger.

Sarroflik : money changing; moneychangers' section of a bazaar.

Sarroj : (Arabic) saddler.

Sarrojlik : abstr. Of sarroj. ~ ustaxonasi saddlery.

Sarrov : transverse beam at the base of the ceiling.

Sarsabil bot. : asparagus.

Sarsari : idler, loafer, dawdler; idly.

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