SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Qudalik : relationship by marriage of a daughter or son.Quddus geo.Jerusalem. Qudrat

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Qudalik : relationship by marriage of a daughter or son.Quddus geo.Jerusalem.

Qudrat : (Arabic) omnipotence; power, strength. Yo ~ingdan/~i etmaydi not strong enough, not able. Holi ~ or hol ba~ as much as is able.

Qudratbaxsh : strength giving, uplifting.

Qudratlan  : v.i. To gain strength.

Qudratli : strong, powerful.

Quduq : well. ~dan tortganday grudgingly, sparingly.qul qul ono.to make a glugging sound.

Qul : slave. ~ing o'rgilsin (coll.) Great, fantastic.

Qula  : v.i. To topple, to fall; to expire. [qulat , qulatil , qulattir , qulash ]

Qula tuz : wide open plain.qula dial.wide open, boundless.

Qulay : opportune, convenient. ~ yo'l easy way, best way. ~ qil  (coll.) To pinch, to lift.

Qulayla  : v.t. To make easy or convenient; to pinch, to lift. [qulaylat ]

Qulaylik : convenience, ease of use; comfort, ease. ~ ber  to make easier. ~ yarat  to provide comfort, convenience.

Qulaysiz : awkward, inconvenient.

Qulaysizlik : awkwardness, inconvenience, discomfort.

Qulcha 1 : dim. Of qul; young slave.

Qulcha 2 : slavishly, in a servile manner; like a slave.

Qulchilik : slavery, bondage; slave owning. ~ka kel  (coll.) To come as matchmakers.quldor hist.slaveowner.

Quldorlik : slave ownership, slavery; slave owning.quldur quldur ono.bubbling or gurgling noises.

Quldura  : v.i. To rumble, to gurgle. [quldurat ]

Qulf : (Arabic) lock; clasp; locked. ~i dil the key to one's heart. ~i dil ochildi to begin to pour one's heart out; to cheer up, to brighten up. Og'ziga ~ sol /~ kalit qil  to put under lock and key.

Qulfchi : locksmith.

Qulfla  : v.t. To lock (up). [qulflat , qulflash ]

Qulfloq : locked.

Qulfloqlik : s. Qulfloq.qulfurush hist.slave dealer.

Qulg'una : acute leprosy?? [ostraya prokaza].

Quljallob : s. Qulfurush.

Qullarcha : slavishly, in a servile way.

Qullik : slavery; bondage, captivity. ~ qil  to serve.qullob 1 obs.hook; snare.

Qullob 2 : bandage; ??[suspenzoriy].qulluq coll.thanks, gratitude; (dial.) Blessed. ~ qil  to bow slightly with the hand pressed to the breast in gratitude.

Quloch quloch : several fathoms' length; very long, lengthy.

Quloch : fathom (used for linear measurement); outspread arms, hug. ~ yoz /~ ot  to take strokes (in swimming); to open one's arms. ~ingga qarab ketmon chop Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Qulochkash : long, drawn out; wide, thick (wider than one can hold in one's arms). ~ qilib or ~lab ur  to hit with wide swings of the arms.

Qulochkashla  : v.i. To do with wide swings or strokes of the arms. ~b ur  s. Qulochkash qilib ur .

Qulochla  : v.t. To measure in fathoms; to hug, to heft in one's arms. ~b ur  s. Qulochkash qilib ur .

Qulochlik : long as one fathom, long as two outspread arms.qulon zool.onager.

Quloq 1 : ear; earflap; earphone; handle, crank; tuning peg; first leaves (of cotton plant); hammer (of gun). ~i yo'q heedless, disobedient. ~im senda/~ ber /~ tishlash betrothal at infancy. ~ qashimay w/o pausing to think. ~ qimirlatmay w/o flinching. ~ qoq  to hold one's outspread hands next to one's ears while praying. ~iga ayt /~iga ayt(il)adigan gap words for one person's ears only. U ~idan kirib, bu ~idan chiqdi in one ear and out the other. ~iga kir  to reach one's ears. ~iga gap kirmaydi stubborn, deaf; distracted. ~iga etkaz  to notify s.o. ~iga et  to hear of. ~qa ol  to listen to, to heed. ~qa uril  to be heard. ~iga quy  to teach, to instruct. ~ingga quyib ol Learn this like the back of your hand. ~i ostida/~idan kun ko'rinadi thin as a rail (lit., 'so thin you can see through his ears'). ~dan ~qa passed on (by word of mouth). ~ini pishit /chigit ikki ~ bo'ldi the cotton sprouts have opened their first leaves. Og'zi ~ida smiling from ear to ear. ~idan/~igacha dunyoga ko'm  to bury up to one's ears in wealth. ~idan/~igacha qarzaga bot  to be up to one's ears in debt. ~ini burab qo'y  to twist one's ear. ~ miyani e  or ~ miyani qoqib qo'liga ber  to drive to distraction with noise or jabber.

Quloq 2 : mouth of a branch canal; a measure of water passing through such a canal.

Quloq 3 : (Russian) kulak. ~ qil  to exile.

Quloqchin : winter hat with earflaps.

Quloqcho'zma : a kind of ceremony which takes place the week after a baby's birth, in which the mother takes a bite out of two loaves of flatbread which are then snatched away from her by a child who runs off and has his ears pulled when he is caught by others why cry out "~ qil  to punish or make apologize with pulling the ears of.

Quloqdosh : fellow listener.

Quloqlash  1 : v.i. To whisper to each other.

Quloqlash  2 : v.i. To become a kulak.

Quloqlik 1 : abstr. Of quloq 1; suitable for making earflaps (fur).

Quloqlik 2 : asbtr. Of quloq 2.

Quloqlik 3 : abstr. Of quloq 3.

Quloqsiz : earless; having clipped ears; heedless, stubborn.qulp 1 coll.s. Qulf.

Qulp 2 : ~ ur  to blossom.qulpla  coll.s. Qulfla .

Qulq qulq : s. Qul qul.qulqul coll.turkey (s. Kurka).

Qulqulla  : v.i. To make a 'glug glug' sound. [qulqullat ]

Qulqulum : havzi ~ a mythical bottomless pool or well; insatiable eater.qult ono.gulping sound; swallow.

Qultilla  : v.i. To make gulping sounds, to gulp. [qultillat ]

Qultum : swallow, gulp.qulun zool.foal; dear, sweetie (of boys).

Qulunchoq : dim. Of qulun.

Qulunla  : v.t. To give birth to a foal. [qulunlat ]

Quluntoy : dim. Of qulun.

Qulupnay bot. : (Russian) strawberry.

Qulvachcha : child or descendent of a slave; servile person.

Qum 1 : sand. ~ soat hourglass. ~ suvoq plaster mixed with sand. ~ donasi grain of sand. ~ uyumlari sand dunes. ~ shakar granulated sugar.

Qum 2 : rangi ~ o'chdi/oqar  to (suddenly) go as white as a sheet.

Qum qum : innumerable, immeasurable.

Qum qut : s. Qum 2.

Qumala  coll. : v.i. To fall head over heels, to flip over. [qumalan , qumalat ]
Qumaloq : sheep or camel pellet; any round object (esp. Used for casting to tell fortunes).qumanjir bot.cactus.

Qumg'on : tea kettle.

Qumla  : v.t. To sand; to become buried in sand; to mix sand in with soil. [qumlat ]

Qumli : sandy.

Qumlik : sands, sandy ground or place.

Qumloq : sandy area, sands; sandy.

Qumoq qumoq : grainy, granular. ~ asal crystallized honey.

Qumoq : sandy, loose.qumoy zool.Himalayan griffon vulture; griffon vulture.qumpiyoz bot.a type of onion.qumri 1 zool.turtledove.qumri 2 bot.goosegrass.

Qumron : s. Qimron; sour, strong; malicious.

Qumsa  : s. Qo'msa .qumsabzi bot.giant fennel.qumsag'iz bot.rush like skeleton weed; gum succory.

Qumtosh : sandstone.qumursqa zool.(small) ant (s. ~day qayna  to be teeming like ants.

Qumursqabel rare : wasp waisted.

Qumzor : sandy area, sands.qunduz zool.otter; any kind of fur. ~ qosh or qoshi ~ long, handsome eyebrows; s.o. With such eyebrows.

Qunduzi : made of otter fur.

Qunish  : v.i. To huddle, to hunker.

Qunt : (Arabic) zeal, eagerness, resolve. Qunt qil /Et  to try hard; to resolve to do s.t.

Quntli : diligent, full of zeal, motivated.

Quntsiz : uninspired, unmotivated.

Qup(p)a quruq : dry as a bone; completely empty or bare.quq quq ono.s. Qu qu.

Ququla  : v.i. To cluck; to coo.

Qur 1 : time, occasion; turn.qur 2 zool.black grouse.

Qur 3 : s. Quray.qur 4 ono.croaking or squawking sound.

Qur 5 : circle, ring.

Qur'a : (Arabic) lot; divination.

Qur'aandoz : fortune teller, caster of lots.

Qur'on : (Arabic) the Quran. ~ tushirish recitation of the Quran from beginning to end (s. ~ ko'tar  to hold aloft and swear on the Quran.

Qur  : v.t. To build, to construct, to make; to install, to set up. Turmush ~  to get married and make a family. Telefon ~  to install a telephone. Qozon ~  to set up a cooking pot. [qurdir , quril , qurish ]

Qur qur 1 : from time to time, once every so often.

Qur qur 2 : s. Qur 4.

Qura  : v.t. To assemble, to put together. Ko'rpa ~  to stitch together a quilt. [qural ]quralay zool.fawn. ~ ko'z large dark eyes; person with such eyes.

Qurama 1 : composed of bits and pieces, ragtag.

Qurama 2 : a Qipchaq tribe composed of various clans living in the Chirchiq and Ohangiron valleys.

Quray : call used to herd sheep.

Qurayla  : v.i. To call out "quray! Quray!". [quraylash ]

Qurb : (Arabic) strength; means. ~i etadi/keladi to have the means, to be able.qurbaqa zool.frog, toad. ~ salla toadstool.

Qurbon : (Arabic) sacrifice, victim. ~ oyi the month of the Hajj (s. ~ hayit(i) Muslim Festival of the Sacrifice.

Qurbonlik : animal to be sacrificed; banquet given as charity on the festival of the sacrifice.qurch 1 arch.bronze.

Qurch 2 : packed, dense.qurchoq dial.s. Qo'g'irchoq.qurchoqboz dial.s. Qo'g'irchoqboz.

Qurdosh : of the same age.

Qurdum daryo : mythical bottomless river which swallows up all that enters; abyss.

Qure(y) : s. Quray.

Qurela  : s. Qurayla .qurg'a  dial.s. Quri .

Qurg'oq : dry, arid; dry land.

Qurg'oqchil : dry, droughty.

Qurg'oqchilik : drought.

Qurg'oqlik : aridity, dryness.

Qurg'ur : damn, darn, blasted.

Qurgur : s. Qurg'ur.

Quri  : v.i. To dry, to become dry; to dry up; to become withered, useless; to be used up. ~b ketibdimi/~b qolibdimi/~b ketsin To hell with it. [qurit , quritil ]

Qurildoq : loudly croaking, chorusing (frog).

Qurilish : v.n. Of quril ; builing, construction.

Qurilla  : v.i. To croak (frog). [qurillat , qurillash ]

Qurilma : building, structure; installation.

Qurit  : v.t. Caus. Of quri ; to deplete, to decimate. Bosgan/qo'ngan erini qurit  to be a scourge. Qadamini qurit  to get rid of, to make so that one will not show one's face again.

Quritgich : dryer, drying apparatus.qurma hist.illegal taxes imposed upon peasants.

Qurmag'ur : bless him/her/it.

Qurmagur : s. Qurmag'ur.

Qurmakorlik rare : building construction.

Qurmli : sooty.

Qurmsoqlik : miserliness, niggardliness.

Qurol aslaha : weapons, arms.

Qurol yarog' : arms, weaponry.

Qurol : weapon; tool, utensil.

Qurolbardor : squire, page (of a knight); lackey, puppet.

Quroldosh : brother in arms, comrade.

Qurollan  : v.i. To arm o.s., to take up arms; to equip o.s. [qurollantir , qurollantiril ]

Qurolli : armed. ~ kuchlar armed forces.

Qurolsiz : unarmed.

Qurolsizlan  : v.i. To disarm o.s., to lay down arms. [qurolsizlantir , qurolsizlantiril ]

Qurolxona : armory, arsenal.

Quroq 1 : patchwork; rags, scraps; patchy, higgledy piggledy.quroq 2 bot.a type of sedge.

Quroq 3 : large kite.

Quroqzor : field of sedge.

Qurov : stable erected in the summer pasture.

Qurqura  : v.i. To make croaking or squawking sounds.

Qurro : (Arabic) readers of the Quran (s. Qori).

Qursha  : v.t. To sorround, to encircle, to hem in; to envelope. [qurshal , qurshat , qurshash ]

Qurshov : v.n. Of qursha ; encirclement, siege, blockade; ring, embrace; surroundings.

Qursoq : stomach (s. ~i qayna  to boil over, to get upset.

Qurt qumursqa : bugs and insects.qurt zool.caterpillar; worm; maggot; silkworm. ~ boq  to raise silkworms. ~ tushgan infested with worms or maggots. ~ urug'i silkworm egg. ~ Ena (bot.) Sisymbrium.

Qurtava : a kind of soup made from crumbling dried curds (qurut or suzma) into boiling water.

Qurtchi : silkworm breeder.

Qurtchilik : silkworm breeding.

Qurtday/dek : nice, tidy; nicely, tidily.

Qurtla  : v.i. To become infested with or full of worms. [qurtlat ]

Qurtli : wormy, full of worms.

Qurtloqi : infested with worms.

Qurtxona : room, house, or building for silkworm breeding.

Qurug'lik : built, ready.

Qurultoy : council, assembly; congress, convention.

Qurum : soot.

Qurumsoq : miserly, niggardly.

Quruq : dry; empty, vacant; empty handed; plain, vain, useless. Cho'ntagi ~ empty pockets, penniless. ~ bor  to go somewhere empty handed (w/ nothing to give to the host). ~ bo'yi , quralay ko'zi said of a girl with no dowry. ~ ket  to be of no avail. ~ qol  to be left with nothing; to be deprived of. Qatordan ~ qolma Get your own fair share. ~ qo'y  to deprive, to leave empty handed. O'zini ~qa ol /~ olim scholar in name only. ~dan ~ empty handed, with nothing at all; straightforward(ly). ~ gap empty talk.

Quruqchilik : drought.

Quruqlik : dryness; emptiness, vacantness; dry land.

Quruqsha  : v.i. To dry out; to wither, to shrivel up.

Qurush  : v.i. To dry up wither; to shiver.

Qurushiq : weathered, shriveled, wrinkled.

Qurushoq rare : s. Qurushiq.

Qurushqoq : dry and withered, shriveled; skinny, scrawny.

Qurut : balls made of dried curds.

Quruvchi : active part. Of qur ; builder, construction worker.quruvli coll.built, erected, ready.

Qus  : v.t. To throw up, to vomit. Qon ~  to vomit blood; to undergo great difficulty, to suffer. Tuproq ham ~ibdi (coll.) Said when the ground becomes dark from soaking up moisture. Qozon ~ibdi said when food becomes dark from oxidation of the sides of the pot. [qusil , qustir ]qush zool.bird; hunting bird. Odam yursa oyog'i, ~ uchsa qanoti kuyadigan joy extremely hot land.qushbegi hist.head vizier or official of similar stature in a khan's court. ~ kalon master of the hunt (in khan's court).

Qushboz : bird keeper, bird enthusiast.

Qushburun : hook nosed.

Qushcha : dim. Of qush; chick.

Qushchilik : bird keeping, poultry raising.

Qushday/dek : bird like; light as a feather.qushjiyda bot.Russian olive.

Qushnoch : folk healer that uses spells and incantations; soothsayer.qushoyoq bot.Koelpinia.

Qushqaroq 1 : lever that spins a spinning wheel.qushqaroq 2 bot.a type of clover.qushqo'nmas bot.(various prickly plants) : musk bristle, musk thistle; Carthamus.

Qushsimon : bird like.

Qushtili : geometrically shaped fried pastries.

Qushtomoq : Adam's apple.

Qushxona 1 : bird coop.qushxona 2 coll.slaughterhouse. (s. Kushxona).

Qusuq : vomit.

Qusur : (Arabic) failing, shortcoming. ~ini bos /chiqar  to make up for a deficiency.

Qusurli : faulty, defective, deficient.

Qusursiz : flawless, faultless, perfect.

Qut(i) loyamut : daily bread, daily sustenance.qut baraka, qutu barakagood fortune and blessings.

Qut barakali : full of goodness and blessings.

Qut : fortune, prosperity. ~i uch  to decline, to lose one's former strength.

Qutb : (Arabic) pole. ~ yulduzi the Pole Star (s. Temirqoziq).

Qutbchi : polar explorer.

Qutbiy : (Arabic) polar, arctic.

Qutblanish : polarization.

Quti : small chest; case, box, container. Bir ~ urug' a (20 gram) box of silkworm eggs.

Quticha : dim. Of quti.qutidor hist.rich (having cases and cases of wealth); (hist.) Official in charge of tax collection in the Khoqand khanate.

Qutla  : v.t. To congratulate on (holiday). [qutlan , qutlash ]qutli coll.s. Qutlug'.

Qutlov : congratulations.

Qutlug' : blessed, full of blessings.

Qutqar  : v.t. To free, to rescue, to save. [qutqaril , qutqarish ]

Qutqarish : v.n. Of ~ kamari lifebelt. ~ qayig'i rescue boat.

Qutqaruvchi : active part. Of qutqar ; liberating, emancipating.

Qutqaz  : s. Qutqar . [qutqazish ]

Qutqu : instigation, sedition.

Qutul  : v.i. To be free or relieved of; to esape; to get through, to be over with. Ko'pdan quyon qochib ~mas Common problems can be solved through cooperation. Qochib ~maydi This won't be left undone. [qutulish , qutultir ]

Qutur  : v.i. To be afflicted with rabies; to go beserk, to thrash about out of control. [quturish , quturt , quturtir ]

Quturish : v.n. Of qutur ; rabies.

Quv 1 : sly, cunning, sneaky.quv 2 zool.swan (s. Par ~ yostiq down pillow (s. Parqu yostiq).

Quv 3 : rangi ~ o'chdi/oqardi His face went deathly white.

Quv 4 : call used for driving fowl.quv 5 dial.special wick used as tinder (s. Qovuq).

Quv  : v.t. To pursue, to chase after; to run or chase off. ~ib et  to catch up with. Yo'l ~  to pursue a certain path. [quvil , quvish , quvishtir ]

Quvala  : v.t. To chase after, to pursue. [quvalash ]

Quvbosh : sneaky, crafty.

Quvg'in : outcast, refugee, exile; banishment, exile. ~ bo'l  or ~ga uchra /~ qil  or ~ga duchor qil  to banish, to drive out; to chase.

Quvg'indi : exile, outcast.

Quvishtir  : v.t. Caus. Of quvish ; to chase, to follow; to hunt down, to search for.

Quvla  : v.t. To chase, to pursue; to run off, to drive away. [quvlan , quvlat , quvlash ]

Quvlashmachoq : game of chase.

Quvlik : slyness, sneakiness.

Quvloq : one who drives or chases away.

Quvna  : v.i. To be filled with happiness, to be happy. [quvnat ]

Quvnoq : happy, gay, cheerful.

Quvnoqlik : happiness, happy time.

Quvon  : v.i. To be glad. [quvonish , quvontir ]

Quvonch : happiness, glee. ~ ichiga/diliga sig'maydi to be bursting with happiness.

Quvonchli : happy, cheerful.

Quvonchsiz : unhappy, dismal, dark.

Quvra  : v.i. To dry up.quvray bot.scurfy pea.

Quvur : large ceramic pipe; large pipe; pipeline; barrel (of gun).

Quvva : arch. (Arabic) s. ~. ~i joziba gravitation. ~i nutq speaking ability. ~i xotira memory power.

Quvvat : (Arabic) strength, power, energy, force. ~ga kir  to regain one's strength. ~dan ket /~i etadi/dilining, yuragining ~i strength, lifeblood.

Quvvatla  : v.t. To strengthen, to support. [quvvatlan , quvvatlantir , quvvatlash ]

Quvvatli : strong.

Quvvatsiz : weak.

Quvvatsizlan  : v.i. To weaken.

Quvvatsizlik : weakness.

Quy  : v.t. To pour; to cast (metal). Tagiga suv ~  to get rid of. ~ib qo'ygandek (beautiful) as if poured from a mold or poured on; spitting image. [quydir , quydiril , quyil , quyin , quyish ]

Quyi : low; lower; "low" place, close to the door of a room; low place; lower reaches (of river).

Quyida : below (on paper).

Quyidagi : (found) below, following. ~cha as stated below.

Quyil  : v.i. Pass. Of miyaga ~  to be absorbed, to be well understood.

Quyilish : flow.

Quyilma : casting, molding, founding.

Quyish  : v.t. Coop. Of quy ; to help in pouring or casting.

Quyish : v.n. Of quy ; casting, founding.

Quyishtir  : v.t. To pour back and forth; to pour together into one container.

Quylaylash  : v.i. To become easy or convenient. [qulaylashtir ]

Quyma : cast; casting, founding; fine, dazzling; set, fixed (e.g., answer); straightforward, bold.

Quymachilik : founding, casting work.

Quymalik : abstr. Of quyma.

Quymoq : a kind of omelet made of egg and flour; pancake, fritter.

Quymuch : sacrum, tail bone; lower back.quyon zool.rabbit; cowardly, chicken. ~ yurak chicken hearted. ~ bo'l  to run away like a chicken. ~ning inini/~ yili the fourth year of the 12 year animal cycle (s. Xargo'sh yili).

Quyonchilik : rabbit breeding.

Quyonchiq 2 : epilepsy.

Quyonchiq : sinew running along the thigh to the knee (butcher's term).quyonjun bot.Halocharis.

Quyonxona : rabbit hutch.

Quyosh : the sun; sunlight. ~ yili solar year. ~ nurlari sun's rays. ~ sistemasi solar system. ~ botmasdan before sunset. ~ chiqmasdan before sunrise.

Quyoshli : sunny.

Quyqa : dregs, residue, sediment.

Quyqindi : s. Quyqa.

Quyqum : s. Quyqa.

Quyruq : tail (s. ~ tutuvi s. Quyruqchi.

Quyul  : v.i. To thicken (of fluids); to become serious, sedate. [quyultir ]

Quyun : whirlwind; typhoon.

Quyuq suyuq : solid and liquid food; in all different ways, (some) like this, (some) like that.

Quyuq : thick; concentrated, strong; dark (color); lavish, copious; deep, meaningful. Gapning ~i (coll.) Most astounding or important thing (one says). ~ salom warm greeting.

Quyuqlash  : v.i. To become thicker; to become stronger, more concentrated; to become darker; to become more lavish, lively, or warmer; to become deeper in meaning. [quyuqlashtir ]quyushqon zool.crupper. ~dan tashqari beyond the pale, out of bounds. ~dan chiq  to go beyond the pale. ~i tor keldi to lose one's head, to not know what to do.

Quyuv : v.n. Of quy .

Quyuvchi : pourer; caster, founder.quzg'un zool.raven; bloodsucker, scoundrel.

Ra'no bot. : (Arabic) dogrose; attractive, beautiful.

Ra'y : (Arabic) wishes, desires.

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