SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

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Qo'g'irmoch : fried wheat kernels.

Qo'l oyoq : hands and feet, arms and legs; lively, quick. ~i butun having all one's limbs.

Qo'l oyoqli : quick, able, deft.

Qo'l : arm & hand; finger; writing, hand. ~ soati wristwatch. ~dan chiqar  to get off one's hands; to put an end to, to free o.s. Of. ~ yozma handwritten; manuscript. O'rta ~ topar a game of finding the middle finger hid behind other fingers. ~ ostida under the directorship of. ~i uzun powerful, influential. ~i kalta/~idan keladi He can manage it. So'l ~ left hand side. O'ng ~ right hand side; right arm (of). Harom ~ unclean, dirty (person). ~ uchida or ~ uchi bilan grudgingly, disinterestedly; unenthusiastically, coolly. ~i ochiq or ochiq ~ generous, open handed. ~i Egri crooked. ~ ber  to devote o.s. To. ~i bormaydi to not feel like doing. ~ kel  to be convenient, opportune, handy. ~ga kir  to (come to) belong to, to come under one's ownership or jurisdiction. ~ ko'tar  to raise one's hand; to raise one's arms (in surrender); to rise up in arms. Qo'yniga ~ solib ko'r  to feel out. ~ tegiz /~ ushlashib/~ni yuvib qo?Ltiqqa tiq /~ yuv  to wash one's hands of. ~ga ol  to win over by bribery; to capture; to subdue, to take control of. ~ga tush  to be caught. ~ni bigiz qil  to point one's finger at. ~ini sovuq suvga urmaydi too dainty or lazy to do work. ~ni ~ga ber  to join arms. ~i chiqdi His arm became dislocated. ~ go'shti meat from the front leg of an animal. O'rta ~day good, fine. ~li bo'l  to be passed from one person to another, to be used by many people. ~ini ishkom qil  to clasp one's hands over one's head.

Qo'lansa : fetid, rank, disgusting.

Qo'lansi  : v.i. To reek.

Qo'lantayoq : stockingless.

Qo'lbog' : wide band used to strap a baby into a cradle.

Qo'lbola : home made, handmade; homegrown.

Qo'lhunar : handicraft; needlework.

Qo'lla  : v.t. To support; to use, to employ. Qo'sh ~b using both hands, with both hands; with great joy. ~b quvvatla  to support enthusiastically. [qo'llan , qo'llanil ]

Qo'llanma : handbook, guide, manual, text.

Qo'llash  : v.t. Coop. Of qo'lla ; to hoist in tandem by clasping each other's arms together underneath.

Qo'lli oyoqli : s. Qo'l oyoqli.

Qo'lma qo'l : (passed) from hand to hand.

Qo'lqanot : devoted friend, companion.

Qo'lqop : mitten, glove.

Qo'lsiz : missing an arm or hand.

Qo'ltiq 1 : armpit, underarm. ~iga kir  to support, to help out; to win the trust of, to curry favor with. ~iga suv purka  to rile. ~idan ko'tar /suya  to support.

Qo'ltiq 2 : bay, gulf, inlet.

Qo'ltiqbardor : supporter, helper.

Qo'ltiqla  : v.t. To support (lit., by the armpits), to hold up. [qo'ltiqlan , qo'ltiqlat , qo'ltiqlash ]

Qo'ltiqtayoq : crutch(es).

Qo'ltiqtumor : charm, amulet (s. Tumor).

Qo'lyozma : s. Qo'l yozma.

Qo'm : folded felt pad used as a saddle (esp. On a camel).

Qo'manda : arch. (Russian) command.

Qo'mita : arch. (Russian) committee (s. Komitet).

Qo'mla  : v.t. To saddle (camel) with a ot otlab, tuya ~b with great difficulty.

Qo'mondon arch. (Russian) : commander.

Qo'mondonlik : command; abstr. Of oliy ~ high command.

Qo'msa  : v.t. To miss, to yearn for. [qo'msash ]

Qo'n  : v.i. To alight, to land; to stop for a rest, to stay for the night. Oqshom ~di Night has arrived. [qo'ndir , qo'ndiril , qo'nish ]

Qo'narli : fit to be stayed in, fit as a resting place.

Qo'ndir  : v.t. Caus. Of gap ~  to make a retort or remark. [qo'ndiril , qo'ndirish ]

Qo'ndoq : butt, stock (of rifle); perch; grapevine bundled for burial in winter; swaddling clothes. ~da tekkan kasal/dard/fe'l problem or habit one has always had.

Qo'ndoqla  : v.t. To swaddle. [qo'ndoqlan , qo'ndoqlash ]

Qo'ng'ir 1 : brown, reddish brown; dark gray.qo'ng'ir 2 zool.great crested grebe.qo'ng'irbosh bot.bulbous bluegrass.

Qo'ng'iroq : bell; ringing, clear; curly (hair). ~ qil  to ring, to telephone.

Qo'ng'irot : an Oghuz tribe.qo'ng'iz zool.beetle.

Qo'ng'iznusxa : beetle like.

Qo'ni qo'shni : neighbors.

Qo'ni qo'shnilik : neighborly relations.

Qo'nim : resting or halting place; rest, peace; energy, zeal, endurance. ~ top  to settle down.

Qo'nimlik : stage (of road).

Qo'nimsiz : restless, restive.

Qo'nimsizlik : restiveness, transience; instability.

Qo'niq : spending the night, staying. To'g'ri ~ wedding night. O'g'ri ~ custom of the bride and groom spending the night before the wedding together.

Qo'nish  : v.i. Coop. Of qo'n ; to shiver.

Qo'nish : v.n. Of qoun ; resting or halting place. ~ top  to settle down. Oy qaerda(n) ~ berar Ekan Let's see what will happen in the end.

Qo'nj : top, leg (of boot).

Qo'njli : high (shoe, boot).

Qo'nolg'a : perch, roost; resting place.qo'noq 1 bot.panicum, witch grass, Italian millet.

Qo'noq 2 : guest.qo'noqchi arch.host.

Qo'noqla  : v.i. To roost; to stop for the night, to halt.

Qo'noqlik : roosting place; being a guest.

Qo'noqxona : guest house, inn.

Qo'nqay  coll. : v.i. To look ugly, to stand out in an unsightly way. [qo'nqayish , qo'nqaytir ]

Qo'p  : v.i. To rise, to get up; to arise, to occur. Ursa ~ar said of one who will bounce back from any adversity.

Qo'pol : rough, coarse, crude; flagrant, gross, unacceptable.

Qo'pollash  : v.i. To become crude, rough, or clumsy; to become rude.

Qo'pollik : roughness, coarseness, rudeness.

Qo'por  : v.t. To pull up, to uproot; to knock down, to destroy. [qo'poril , qo'portir ]

Qo'poruvchi : active part. Of qo'por ; saboteur.

Qo'poruvchilik : abstr. Of qo'poruvchi; sabotage.

Qo'qon xonligi : the Khoqand khanate.Qo'qon geo.Khoqand.

Qo'qonarava : a type of cart with two large wheels.qo'qongilos bot.gean (a type of cherry).qo'qongul bot.aster.qo'qonjo'xori bot.white durra.

Qo'qqay  : s. Qo'nqay . [qo'qqayish , qo'qqaytir , qo'qqaytiril ]

Qo'qqisdan : suddenly, unexpectedly.

Qo'r 1 : coals; fire, ardor.

Qo'r 2 : belongings, wealth, blessings. ~ qil  to amass possessions?? ~ to'k  to amass an army; to get the upper hand; to radiate splendor. ~ bo'l  to accumulate, to be amassed.

Qo'r qut : possessions, wealth.

Qo'ra : pen, stall, corral; courtyard.qo'ramta hist.quiver (s. O'qdon).qo'rboshi hist.custodian of arms of a khan; a high military title during the khanate period; chief of police in the territory of Turkistan; commander of a group of basmachis.qo'rg'a  dial.s. Qo'riqla .

Qo'rg'on : fortress; fortification, fortified wall; walled dwelling; settlement.qo'rg'onbegi hist.commander of the guard, fortress commander.

Qo'rg'oncha : dim. Of qo'rg'on; hamlet, settlement.

Qo'rg'onla  : v.i. S. Qo'tonla .

Qo'rg'oshin : lead.

Qo'rg'oshinla  coll. : v.t. To solder; to seal with lead, to plug.

Qo'rg'oshinli : lead , leaden.

Qo'ri  : v.t. To protect, to guard; to swat away (insects). [qo'ril , qo'rish ]

Qo'riq : protection, defense; stronghold; private cropland, garden, or nursery; fallow land; virgin land. ~ och  to break fresh ground.

Qo'riqchi : guard; scarecrow.

Qo'riqchilik : protection, defense. Chamolyotlar ~ida air cover.

Qo'riqla  : to defend, to protect. [qo'riqlan , qo'riqlash ]

Qo'riqxona : reserve, preserve.

Qo'rq  : v.i. To fear, to be scared, frightened. [qo'rqit , qo'rqish ]

Qo'rqa pisa : timidly, fearfully.

Qo'rqarli : scary, frightening.

Qo'rqimsira  : v.i. To be somewhat afraid, to do timidly.

Qo'rqinch : fear.

Qo'rqinchli : scary, frightening; dangerous, serious.

Qo'rqinchsiz : not frightening; harmless.

Qo'rqinqira  : s. Qo'rqimsira .

Qo'rqmas : fearless.

Qo'rqoq : fearful, cowardly, timid; coward.

Qo'rqoqlik : cowardice.

Qo'rquv : fear, apprehension.

Qo'rquvli : fearful, terrible.

Qo'rquvsiz : fearless, peaceful.

Qo'rs : coarse, crude, rude; (dial.) Disdainful, haughty.

Qo'rslik : coarseness, crudeness; rude or coarse behavior; haughtiness.

Qo'rxona : arsenal, armory; treasury.

Qo'sh 1 : paired, joined, double; plow drawn by two oxen. ~ payti/~ hayda  to plow with an ox drawn plow.

Qo'sh 2 : camp; group.

Qo'sh  : v.t. To add, to put (in); to join, to combine, to put together; to hitch. Boshini ~  to wed. Aybga ~maysiz! Don't take offense! ~a qari  to grow old together. [qo'shil , qo'shish , qo'shtir ]

Qo'sh qo'sh : s. Qo'sha qo'sha.

Qo'sha qo'sha : pairs and pairs.

Qo'sha : group, groups of.

Qo'shaloq : paired, double, twin.

Qo'shaloqla  : v.t. To pair; to do two at a time.

Qo'shar : sheep fold.

Qo'shbosh : two headed; pickaxe.

Qo'shchi qo'lonchi : farm laborer (working for a master).

Qo'shchi : plowman; farm laborer (working for a master); name of a society formed for such laborers from 1919 1930.

Qo'shhokimiyatchilik : diarchy.

Qo'shil  : v.i. Pass. Of qo'sh ; to get along with; to be together with; to agree; to join, to take part in.

Qo'shilma : compound; formation.

Qo'shiluvchi : active part. Of qo'shil ; (math.) Item (part of a sum?? [slagaemoe]).

Qo'shimcha : additional, extra, surplus; affix; addition, supplement. ~ ravishda in addition. ~ qiymat surplus value. ~ qil  to add (remark). ~ dokladchi reader of an additional report.

Qo'shin : army, forces, troops.

Qo'shiq : song; ditty.

Qo'shiqchi : singer; songwriter.

Qo'shiqchilik : abstr. Of qo'shiqchi; song writing.

Qo'shiqnavis : songwriter.

Qo'shish : v.n. Of qo'sh ; addition.

Qo'shma : united, joint; compound. ~ gap compound sentence. ~ so'z compound word.

Qo'shmachi : hustler, pimp; procuress.

Qo'shmachilik : hustling, pimping.

Qo'shmetall : bimetallic alloy.

Qo'shmoq : paired, doubled, joined; extra, addition.

Qo'shmozor : two side by side graves. ~ bo'l  to die together. ~ qil  to send both of a pair to their graves.

Qo'shnay : double flute.

Qo'shnaychi : player of qo'shnay.

Qo'shni : neighbor; neighboring, adjacent. ~ burchaklar adjacent angles.

Qo'shnichilik : neighborliness, neighborly relations.

Qo'shnilik : abstr. Of qo'shni; s. Qo'shnichilik.

Qo'shog'iz : double barreled.

Qo'shoq : doubled, paired, joined; spouse; group of sheep tied to the same rope; group, bunch. ~ arqon rope used for tying sheep together. ~ qil  to combine, to do at the same time; to tie together on the same rope. ~ barmoqli odam six fingered person. ~ning orqasida/ichida bo'shoq said when an innocent person is punished along with several guilty people.

Qo'shoqla  : v.t. To tether sheep together.

Qo'shotar : double barreled gun.

Qo'shovoz : duet.qo'shoyoq zool.jerboa.

Qo'shqabr : side by side pair of graves.

Qo'shqanot(li) : two winged; double (gate).

Qo'shqanotlilar : Diptera (two winged insects).

Qo'shqaroq : (dial.) Spinning wheel; spindle and bobbin of a spinning wheel.

Qo'shqavat(li) : two storied.

Qo'shquloq : an earthenware vessel with two handles; seedling that has put forth only the seed leaves.

Qo'shtavaqa(li) : double (door).??

Qo'shtig' : double bladed; double barreled.

Qo'shtirnoq : parentheses.

Qo'shtor : two stringed.

Qo'shtuyoqlilar : Artiodactyla (animals w/ even number of hooves).

Qo'shuv : v.n. Of qo'sh ; addition.

Qo'shxona : servants' quarters.

Qo'sqi : ragged, tattered.

Qo'tir : mange; mangy.

Qo'ton 1 : herd of sheep; fold, corral, barn.qo'ton 2 zool.heron.

Qo'ton qo'ton : herds and herds.

Qo'tonla  : v.t. To corral; to divide into herds; to be surrounded by rings (sun, moon). Kun ~sa kuragingni, oy ~sa oftobchuvog'ingni tayyorla If the moon has rings around it, it will snow, if the sun has rings around it, sunny weather will be here.

Qo'tonlab : (in) herds and herds.qo'tos 1 zool.yak.qo'tos 2 dial.a neck ornament.

Qo'y  : v.t. To put, to place; to stop, to give up; to put aside; to leave be, to let alone, to let do; to let go, to leave; to install, to fix; to apply, to put on; (after V+(eb ~  to eat up; yozib ~  to write down; (after V+kelmay ~di He stopped coming; mendan hech kim xabar olmay ~di No one asks about me anymore; aytmay ~a qol Don't bother saying it; telefon qilmay ~a qolaylik Let's not bother calling. ~ing shu gaplarni! Stop saying that stuff! ~sang chi! Come on! Chekishni ~  to stop smoking. ~asanmi, ~maysanmi? Are you going to stop or not? Bugungi ishlarni Ertaga ~ma Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Yo'q desam ham ~maydi He doesn't leave off even when I say no. Kim ~ibdi who let him...?, what business does he have...? Uylanishni unga kim ~ibdi? What business does he have getting married? ~ib yubor  to let go. Mayliga ~  to leave it up to s.o. Xotin ~  to get rid of a wife. Ekinlarga suv ~  to irrigate crops. Ovga qush ~  to set a falcon onto prey. Tish ~  to grow a tooth. Soqol ~  to grow a beard. Eshik ~  to install a door. Narx ~  to fix a price. Diagnoz ~  to give a diagnosis. Og'ir ahvolga solib ~  to put into a bad situation. Tarsaki ~  to slap. Kino ~  to show a film. Usma ~  to apply ot ~  to name. Og'iz ochgani ~maydi He doesn't let you open your mouth. O'ziga ~ib ber  Let him do it. ~may or ~arda ~may doggedly, tenaciously, not taking no for an answer. Bir qatorga ~  to consider equals. O'zini qaerga ~ishni bilmay or o'zini ~gani joy topolmay frantically. [qo'ydir , qo'yil , qo'yish ]qo'y zool.sheep. ~ yili the 8th year of the 12 year animal cycle. ~ ko'z large, dark eyes; s.o. With such eyes. ~ mizoj/~ og'zidan cho'p olmagan Wouldn't hurt a flea.

Qo'yarda qo'ymay : s. Qo'y .qo'ybosh bot.a type of melon.

Qo'ychi : s. Qo'ychivon.

Qo'ychilik : sheep breeding.

Qo'ychivon : sheep breeder, owner of flocks of sheep; shepherd. ~ it sheep dog.qo'ydi chiqdi coll.divorce(s).

Qo'yfurush : sheep merchant.

Qo'yin 3pp qo'yni : bosom, breast; embrace. ~ daftari pocket notebook. ~ cho'ntak breast pocket.

Qo'yingchi : in a word, in short.

Qo'yingki : s. Qo'yingchi.qo'ypechak bot.bindweed.qo'ytikan(ak) bot.Ceratocephalus (a poisonous herb).

Qo'yxona : sheep pen.

Qo'zg'a  v.i., : v.t. To well up, to surface, to rise, to return; to arouse, to awaken, to stir up. Masala ~  to raise an issue. Gap ~  to start a discussion. [qo'zg'al , qo'zg'at , qo'zg'atil ]

Qo'zg'al  : v.i. Pass. & reflex. Of qo'zg'a ; to rise up, to stir; to move. [qo'zg'alish , qo'zg'altir ]

Qo'zg'aluvchan : movable, portable; sensitive.

Qo'zg'olon : uprising, rebellion.

Qo'zg'olonchi : insurgent, rebel.

Qo'zg'ovchi : active part. Of qo'zg'a ; stimulus.

Qo'zi  : v.i. To rise, to surface, to well up.qo'zi zool.lamb.

Qo'zichoq : dim. Of ~im my little lamb.qo'zidumba bot.field mushroom.qo'zigul bot.a type of wild onion.

Qo'zila  : v.i. To lamb. [qo'zilat , qo'zilatil ]qo'zilola zool.hazel grouse, Rugulidae (s. Alg'i).qo'ziqorin bot.a type of edible mushroom.qo'ziquloq bot.sorrel (s. Shovul 1).qo'zivoy tarvuz bot.a large type of watermelon.

Qo'zoq : s. Qovzoq.

Qobil : (Arabic) able, capable, gifted; obedient, compliant. Inson gavhari ~ man is capable of anything.

Qobiliyat : (Arabic) ability, capability.

Qobiliyatli : capable, gifted.

Qobiliyatsiz : untalented, inept.

Qobillash  : v.i. To become able, proficient; to become obedient.

Qobillik : ability; obedience, compliance.qobin  dial.s. Qopin .

Qobiq : outer covering, shell, bark, rind, peel, skin, crust. (o'z) ~iga o'ral  to retreat inside one's shell.

Qobirg'a : s. Qovurg'a.qobon zool.boar.

Qoch  1 : v.i. To flee, to run off, to escape; to avoid, to shirk; to hide one's face (woman); to disappear, to dissipate, to be gone; to shrink, to pull apart (boards). ~ ko'zimdan Get out of my site. ~ib ketibdimi or ~ib ketgan Emas not far off. Go'shti ~gan gaunt. Ko'zdan ~maydi It will not slip from attention. Olib ~  to abscond with; to boast or exaggerate. Xayoli olib ~di to be lost in thought. O'zini olib ~  to go off by o.s. ~maydi or ~mas That'll be taken care of in due time., There'll be time for that later. Suvi ~gan non stale bread. Uning rangi ~di He/it went pale. [qochil , qochir , qochiril , qochish ]

Qoch  2 : v.i. To become pregnant (of animals). [qochir , qochiril ]

Qoch qoch : scattering in all directions.

Qochiq : fugitive, runaway; escape; losing (in game); separated, spread apart. ~ bedana quail which has lost a fight.

Qochir  : v.t. Caus. Of gap ~  to make jokes, to joke around. [qochiril , qochirtir ]

Qochirim : joke, funny remark (about s.o.); sarcastic remark; modulation, nuance (of music).

Qochiriq : s. Qochirim.

Qochirma : s. Markazdan ~ centrifugal force.

Qochoq : fugitive, runaway; escape; frequently fleeing; betrayer.

Qochqin : runaway, fugitive, refugee; deserter, turncoat.qochqinchi coll.deserter, runaway.

Qochqindi rare : s. Qochqin, qochqoq.

Qochqinlik : abstr. Of qochqin; fugitiveness, life or situation of a fugitive.

Qochqir : elusive, evasive, slippery.

Qochqoq : flighty, timid; truant, fleeing; double dealing, dishonest.

Qochqoqlik : abstr. Of qochqoq.

Qodir : (Arabic) capable, fit.

Qof : (Arabic) Ko'hi ~ mythical mountains at the edge of the world.

Qofila : obs. (Arabic) caravan.

Qofiya : (Arabic) rhyme; meter; rhyming letter; prosody. ~si kelganda when the time comes. ~si bilan (putting) lightly, gently.

Qofiyaboz : rhymester.

Qofiyadosh : rhyming.

Qofiyadoshlik : abstr. Of qofiyadosh.

Qofiyala  : v.t. To make rhyme.

Qofiyalan  : v.i. To rhyme.

Qofiyali : rhyming.

Qog'onoq : placenta.

Qog'oz : paper; paper money; page.

Qog'ozboz : red tape monger.

Qog'ozbozlik : abstr. Of qog'ozboz; red tape.Qohira geo.Cairo.

Qoida : (Arabic) rule, regulation, norm; custom, practice.

Qoidalash  : v.i. To become law, to become official. [qoidalashtir , qoidalashtiril ]

Qoim lit. : (Arabic) upright, straight; firm, enduring, solid. ~ maqom deputy.

Qol  : v.i. To remain, to stay behind, to be left; to stop; (+bora ~! Go!, Leave! Ochiq ayta ~ing Go ahead and say it straight. ; (after V+bilib ~  to find out. Bilmay ~  not to find out, not to sense. Yotib ~  to lie down to bed; to fall ill. Kelib ~  to arrive suddenly. Topilib ~  to be discovered. Charchab ~  to become very tired. Shoshib ~  to be confused. Qarab ~  to sit and stare at; to look suddenly or unintentionally at. ~ganlar the remaining, the others. O'n kunga ~may/~masdan in less than ten days. Biring ~may every last one of you. Hamma ish menda ~di Everything's been left up to me. Orqada ~  to be left behind, to fall behind. Ko'zdan ~  to lose one's sight. Tildan ~  to lose the ability to speak. Isitmasi ~di His fever is gone. Og'rig'i ~di His pain is gone. Uning bu odati ~madi He's lost that habit. Yo'ldan ~ma Don't be late (for transport).; Get going! Bir o'limdan ~dim I was one inch from death. Kim ~di? Who's left? Majlis ~di The meeting's been delayed. Qo'lida ~  to be up to, to be in the hands of. O'rtamizda) ~sin This is just between you and me. +ga ~ganda when it comes to... La'nat tagida ~  to be cursed. Menga ~sa if it were up to me, in my mind. Foydaning tagida ~  to be up to one's armpits in money. ~a bersa or kuni shunga ~di Now he's down to this. Qanday kunga ~dim Now look what I'm down to., What a plight. Mendan ~gan I know how to do this myself?? Uning har narsa bilan ishi ~gan He's got nothing better to do (than stick his nose in others' business). [qoldir , qoldiril , qoldirish , qolin , qolish ]

Qoldiq : remainder, remains, relics; vestige.

Qolgan kutgan : remaining, leftover.

Qolip : (Arabic) form, last; mold, die; model, pattern. Bir ~dagi of one pattern or mold, identical, uniform. ~ga sol /tort  to fit into a mold; to give shape to.

Qolipchi : last maker; mold maker; molder.

Qolipla  : v.t. To form, to shape; to mold, to cast, to fit. [qoliplat ]

Qoliplovchi : molder.

Qoloq : backward; obsolete, outdated; failing (student); behind (in fulfilling the plan).

Qoloqlik : abstr. Of ~dan chiqish to free o.s. Of backwardness.

Qomat : (Arabic) stature, frame, build. ~ini rostla  to stand up straight. Quloqlarni ~ga keltiradigan deafening. Qo'lni ~ga ko'tar  to hold one's outspread hands next to one's ears while praying.

Qomatdor : s. Qomatli.

Qomatli : tall, handsome figured.qomg'oq bot.s. Qamg'oq.

Qomus : (Arabic) lexicon; (coll.) Encyclopedia.

Qomuschi : lexicographer; encyclopedist; walking encyclopedia.

Qon  : v.i. To be sated, satisfied, to be get enough of; to be content with. [qondir , qondiril ]

Qon qardosh :

Qon qardoshlik : blood relation.

Qon qarindosh : s. Qon qardosh.

Qon : blood. ~ aylanishi blood circulation. ~ bosimi blood pressure. ~ oqish/~ tomirlari blood vessels. ~ shariklari blood corpuscles. ~ quyilishi hemorrhage. ~ ko'r  to have a menstrual period. ~ ol  to let blood; to taje blood. ~ tashla  to spit up blood. ~ to'kish bloodshed. ~ quyish blood transfusion. ~ga bo'ya  to stain with blood. ~ tomiri bilan bog'lan  to be tied together intimately. ~ga  ~, jonga  jon an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. ~i bir blood relatives. ~ bo'l  to be bloodied; to grieve, to be greatly distressed. ~ chiqar  to slaughter an animal as a sacrifice for charity. ~ qil  to bloody; to disturb, to aggrieve. Ko'ziga ~ to'l  or ko'zini ~ bos  to have one's eyes become bloodshot.; to see red. Og'zi burnini ~ qil  to bloody s.o.'s face. Yuziga ~ yugirdi to have color return to one's face. Yuzidan ~i qochdi to have the color drain from one's face. ~ yut  to grieve horribly. ~idan o't /dili, jigari, yuragi ~ to be filled with grief, affliction. ~i qayna  to have one's blood boil. ~( qora) qaqsha  to sob terribly. Birovning ~ini so'r  to drink the blood of, to exploit.

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