SÖZLÜK “b”la : v i. ~b gapir to insert a "b" before each vowel (a kind of pig Latin). “j”la

Qin : sheath, scabbard; coat, tegument. Ko'zi ~idan chiqayozdi His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Qing'ay

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Qin : sheath, scabbard; coat, tegument. Ko'zi ~idan chiqayozdi His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Qing'ay  : v.i. To lean, to slant; to look cross eyed; to go astray. ~ib qara  to look cross eyed. [qing'aytir ]

Qing'ayuvchi : active part. Of qing'ay ; one goes astray.

Qing'ir qiyshiq : crooked, twisted.

Qing'ir : crooked. ~iga ol  to take or judge wrongly. ~ qo'l qo'li ~ underhanded, crooked. ~ qara  to look askance at; to be crooked towards??

Qing'irlik : crookedness. ~ka ol  to take wrongly, to assume to be crooked.

Qip qizil : bright red; utter(ly), complete(ly). ~ savodsiz utterly ignorant.

Qip yalang'och : bare naked; completely barren.

Qipchoq : Qipchaq (name of a nomadic Turkic group and their languages, of which Qazaq and Qirghiz are the most prominent).

Qipiq : sawdust; chaff.qiqilla  coll.s. Qiqirla .qiqir ono.sniggering sound.

Qiqirla  : v.i. To snigger. [qiqirlash ]

Qir 1 : plateau, highland, tableland.

Qir 2 : s. Ko'z ~i bilan out of the corner of one's eye. Ko'z ~ini tashla  to look at out of the corner of one's eye.

Qir 3 : s. Qir(r).qir(r) ono.scraping or snapping sound.

Qir  : v.t. To scrape; to shave; to scoop out; to massacre, to slaughter; to take masses or loads of. Halqumini ~  to clear one's throat. [qirdir , qirdirt , qirdirtir qiril , qirilish , qirin , qirish ]

Qir qir : s. Qir(r).

Qirchang'i : mangy and skinny (horse).

Qirchi  : v.t. To pare, to clip, to prune; to gnaw away at (one's heart).

Qirchilla  : v.i. To fill with strength; to reach a peak, to rage.

Qirchillama : in the prime of life; at its peak, fierce, intense.

Qirchin rare : young shoot; person in the bloom of youth. ~ingdan qiyilgur! May you die young!Qirg'i dial.(carpenter's) plane (s. Randa).

Qirg'ich : utensil for scooping out the insides of melons, pumpkins, etc.

Qirg'in barot : killing and slaughter; great battle or altercation.

Qirg'in suron : s. Qirg'in barot.

Qirg'in : slaughter, massacre. ~ top  to be slaughtered. ~ sol /qil  to massacre.

Qirg'inchi : slayer.

Qirg'inchilik : slaughter and devastation.qirg'iy zool.sparrow hawk. ~ burun hawk nosed.

Qirg'iyak : early fall.

Qirg'iz : Qirghiz/Kyrgyz. ~ qovoq puffy eyelids; s.o. W/ puffy eyelids.

Qirg'izcha : Qirghiz style or manner; Qirghiz language.

Qirg'oq : shore, bank; edge, border; lip, rim.

Qirg'oqla  rare : v.i. To go along the shore or edge of.qirg'ovul zool.pheasant (s. Tustovuq).

Qirindi : scrapings, shavings; tobacco cinders left in a pipe bowl.

Qirishtir  : v.t. To scrape clean; to scrape together.

Qirlik : high, elevated place.

Qirma : ~ chopiq/chopish eliminating weeds by scraping the surface of the soil.

Qirmachi : one who weeds with a ketmon.

Qirmiska bot. : (Russian) a type of grape.

Qirmiz(i) : red, scarlet.

Qirmizak : sour (s. Qimizak).

Qirmoch : layer of (burnt) food that sticks to the bottom of the pot. ~ kal mangy person whose hair is stuck to the lesion on his scalp.

Qiroat : (Arabic) method of reading the Quran aloud. ~ qil  to recite the Quran; to read aloud.

Qiroatchilik : s. Qiroatxonlik.

Qiroatxon : reader of the Quran; blind memorizer.

Qiroatxona : school for learning proper reading of the Quran; reading room.

Qiroatxonlik : proper reading of the Quran; blind memorization, uncritical learning.

Qirol (Slavic) : king.

Qirolicha : queen.

Qirollik : kingship, dominion; kingdom.

Qiron 1 : slaughter.

Qiron 2 coll. : (Arabic) country. Yetti ~da the entire world.

Qiron(gar)chilik : slaughter, killing.

Qironqarg'a : s. Qironqora.qironqora zool.imperial eagle.

Qirov 1 : frost. Oq ~ late fall. Soqoliga ~ tushibdi/kiribdi one's beard or hair has become touched with gray.

Qirov 2 : metal filings clinging to a metal surface. ~i to'kilmagan brand new (e.g., knife).

Qirov 3 : disease of livestock characterized by nodules on the tongue.

Qirovli 1 : frosty.

Qirovli 2 : brand new.

Qirpi(t) : worn smooth on one side (of knucklebone playing piece) (s. Xirpa).

Qirpichoq : knife fighting; fierce fighting.

Qirq  : v.t. To cut off; to cut across, to cross. Qadami ~il  to stop coming. Tili ~il  to be silenced. [qirqil , qirqtir ]

Qirq : forty; feast and ceremonies held forty days after s.o.'s death. ~ kokil hair in numerous fine braids. ~ ushat  to hold the feast 40 days after s.o.'s death.qirqbo'g'in bot.horsetail.

Qirqim : shearing; cross section.

Qirqinchi : fortieth.

Qirqiq : cut short, trimmed, clipped.

Qirqkokil : s. Qirq kokil.

Qirqma : cut, clipped; (bot.) A type of late ripening melon stored for winter. ~ piyoz onion of which the stalk is removed and the bulb left in the ground for the next year. ~ vintovka/~ qo'shog'iz miltiq sawn off shotgun. ~ shahmat usulida ishlash growing cotton plants on a cross grid pattern.qirqog'ayni bot.a type of rose; a type of small, red, hot pepper.qirqoyoq zool.centipede (s. Mingoyoq).qirqquloq bot.fern.

Qirra : side, edge; facet. ~ tosh sharp edged rock. ~ burun angular nose; s.o. W/ an angular nose.

Qirraburun : s. Qirra burun.

Qirrador : multi faceted, having many (sharp) edges.

Qirrala  : v.t. To grind or cut to a smooth edge.

Qirrali :  sided;  pointed; ko'p ~ multi faceted, many sided.

Qirriq : very smooth, sly.qirs ono.snapping or popping sound.

Qirsilla  : v.i. To make a snapping or popping sound.qirt ono.snapping or crunching sound.

Qirtilla  : v.i. To make a snapping crunching sound. [qirtillat ]

Qirtishla  : v.t. To scrape clean; to scrape up, to get rid of. [qirtillat ]

Qiruvchi : active part. Of qir ; destroyer, fighter.

Qis  : v.t. To squeeze, to press; to grasp, to grip; to squeeze out, to obstruct, to constrain. Ko'z(ni) ~  to shut one's eye; to wink. Ovqatdan ~  to keep from food; to conserve on food. Bo'ynini ~  to nod; to lower one's head. Dumini ~  to cringe. Ko'tingni ~! Or ~gin! Sit tight! Tilini ~  to hold one's tongue. ~ib qimtib carefully, watching one's pennies. [qisil , qisilish , qisiltir , qisish , qistir , qistiril ]

Qisako'z rare : slant eyed.

Qisat  dial. : v.t. To urge on.

Qish : winter. ~ chiqdi Winter is here. ~i bilan all winter.

Qishbop : suitable for winter.

Qishin yozin : winter and summer.

Qishki : winter .

Qishla  : v.i. To spend the winter. [qishlat ]

Qishlik : winter ; enough for a winter's use. ~ pal'to winter coat.

Qishloq : village.

Qishloqcha : small village; village style or manner, rustic, rural.

Qishloqchilik : village life, village customs, manners, or doings.

Qishloqi : villager, bumpkin, yokel.

Qishloqlik : villager.

Qishlov : v.n. Of qishla ; herding of livestock in winter; winter quarters.

Qishlovchi : active part. Of qishla .

Qisim : handful, fistful.

Qisimla  : v.t. To take in handfuls. [qisimlat ]

Qisin  : v.i. To feel hesitant, unsure or uptight; to be financially tight. [qisintir ]qisinqi dial.narrow; bashful, shy.

Qisinqilik : narrowness; bashfulness; financial need.

Qisiq 1 : clenched, clasped; narrowed, closed; constrained, straitened. Bo'yni ~ having a contracted or short neck; w/ bowed head, submissive.

Qisiq 2 rare : pressure, constraint.

Qisiqlik : abstr. Of qisiq.

Qisir 1 : barren (female); unfertilized (flower).qisir 2 ono.creaking sound.

Qisirla  : v.i. To creak. [qisirlat ]

Qism : (Arabic) part, piece, portion; (mil.) Unit.

Qisman : (Arabic) partly, partially.

Qismat : (Arabic) fate, portion, lot.

Qisqa : short. ~ to'lqinli shortwave. ( ~si in short, the gist of the matter. ~ o'yla  not to consider carefully. Tili ~ close mouthed, quiet. ~ muddatli short term, perishable.

Qisqacha : condensed, concise, brief, short.

Qisqachalik : shortness, brevity.

Qisqalik : shortness, brevity.

Qisqar  : v.i. To shorten, to become shorten, to shrink; to be divided by. [qisqart , qisqartir , qisqartiril ]

Qisqarish : v.n. Of qisqar ; shortening, shrinkage; contraction.

Qisqartish : v.n. Of qisqart ; deletion.

Qisqartma : shortened, abbreviated, condensed; abbreviation; deletion; (staff) reduction.qisqay  coll.s. Qisqar .

Qisqich : prongs, pincers; paper clip.qisqichbaqa zool.crayfish.

Qissa : (Arabic) tale, story. ~dan hissa moral of the story.qissachi coll.storyteller.

Qissago'y : storyteller; story writer.

Qissago'ylik : abstr. Of qissago'y.

Qissanavis : story writer.

Qissanavislik : abstr. Of qissanavis.

Qissaxon : storyteller.

Qissaxonlik : abstr. Of qissaxon; storytelling session.

Qista  : v.t. To urge, to prod; to press, to push; (after V+qarzni ~  to demand return of a debt. [qistat , qistash ]

Qistalang : urgent, pressing.qistangla  dial.s. Qista .

Qistir  : v.t. Caus. Of qis ; to insert, to jam, cram, stick, or fit between; to press or slip into the hand of (or under the hat of); to interject, to add. [qistat , qistash ]qistir qistir coll.situation in which lots of people slip money to performers.

Qistirg'ich : paper clip.

Qistiriqlik : inserted, fitted, jammed, crammed, etc.

Qistirma : insert; washer, gasket. ~ qil  to interject, to insert a comment.

Qistoq : pressure, coercion.

Qistoqla  : v.t. To pressure, to coerce.

Qistov : v.n. Of ~ga ol  to urge, to pressure, to coerce, to put the squeeze on.

Qistovli : pressing, urgent.

Qit'a : (Arabic) continent; territory, region; poetry of only two couplets.

Qit'alararo : intercontinental.

Qitilla  : s. Qitirla .

Qitiq : tickling sensation; ticklishness. ~i tez odam ticklish person. ~ yo'q odam s.o. Who is not ticklish. ~ pariga/~iga teg  to get on s.o.'s nerves, to hit a nerve. ~ parini/~ini o'ldir  to bring around, to make calmer or more reasonable.

Qitiqla  : v.t. To tickle; to irritate, to get on the nerves of; to arouse. Qalbni ~  to bring great pleasure to. [qitiqlan ]

Qitiqlagich : irritant.

Qitiqli : ticklish.

Qitiqlovchi : active part. Of qitiqla ; arousing. Qalbni ~ soul pleasing.qitir ono.scraping or scratching noise.

Qitirla  : v.i. To make a scraping or scratching noise. [qitirlat ]

Qitmir : (Arabic) lowly, treacherous; troublemaker, villain.

Qitmirlik : lowliness, treacherousness; intrigue, scheming.

Qittak : tiny bit, wee bit.qittay coll.s. Qittak.qix 1 ono.sniggering sound.

Qix 2 : s. Qixa.

Qix qixla  : v.i. To snigger.

Qixa children's language : dirty.

Qiy  : v.t. To cleave, to cut, to shear; to dig or cut into; to execute well, to do a fantastic job of; to reduce, to destroy. ~ma  to spare. Ko'zi ~ma  to be unable to bring o.s. To get rid of; to have pity on. So'zini ~  to disregard the words of. [qiydir , qiydirt , qiydirtir , qiyil , qiyish ]qiy chuv ono.clamor, commotion, yelling and screaming.

Qiy : compacted sheep pellets (which accumulates as a layer in a sheep pen and is dried and used as fuel).

Qiya : slope; slanted, tilted, angled, slanting; ajar; crack, opening. ~ qara /~ bo'l /bo'lib ket  to get one's just rewards.

Qiyachil : sure footed on sloping ground.

Qiyala  : v.i. To go or do in a angled or oblique direction; to open ajar. Ro'molini ~  to cover half the face with one's scarf. ~b o't  to cross at an angle. ~b yog'  to rain at a slant. ~siga at a slant, at an angle. [qiyalan , qiyalat , qiyalash ]

Qiyalama : angled, sloping.

Qiyalik : abstr. Of qiya; slope, incline.

Qiyama : slope.

Qiychuvlash  : v.i. To make a din, to yell and scream.qiyg'ir zool.s. ~ burun hawk nose(d). ~ qarash qil  to stare at like a hawk.

Qiyg'och : slanted, narrow; narrow, slanting.

Qiyg'os : all at once, altogether, uniformly; just, exactly, at the peak of; fiercely, hard; noise, clamor. ~ pishiqchilik at the peak of the season.

Qiyilla  : v.i. To chirp, to cheep. [qiyillat , qiyillash ]

Qiyin qistoq : s. Qiyin qistov.

Qiyin qistov : unrelenting pressure, coercion.

Qiyin : difficult, hard. ~ ko'ch  to go with great difficulty.

Qiyinchilik : difficulties, troubles, hardship.

Qiyindi : clippings, parings.

Qiyinlash  : v.i. To become difficult or hard. [qiyinlashtir , qiyinlashtiril ]

Qiyinlik : difficulty.

Qiyiq 1 : clipping, cutting, scrap; slanted, sloped, crooked; stubborn; wrong, erroneous; error, mistake. Qildan ~ axtar /top  to look for mistakes where there are none.

Qiyiq 2 : s. Qiyiqcha.

Qiyiqcha : sash worn about the waist.

Qiyiqlik 1 : abstr. Of u ~ini qo'ymaydi He won't stop being obtuse.

Qiyiqlik 2 : material suitable for making a sash.

Qiyma : ground meat. ~ ~ qil  to dice to bits.

Qiymabop : suitable for grinding (meat).

Qiymala  : v.t. To mince, to grind; to chop into little bits, to smash to bits, to crush; to add ground meat to. [qiymalan , qiymalat ]

Qiymat : (Arabic) value, worth; price, cost.

Qiymataxta : board for mincing meat.qiymatbaho coll.s. Qimmatbaho.

Qiymatshunosh rare : appreciative, understanding.

Qiyna  : v.t. To trouble, to torment, to give a hard time; to torture. O'zini ~(ttir)  to trouble or torture o.s. [qiynal , qiynalish , qiynat , qiynattir , qiynash ]

Qiynal  : v.i. Pass. Of vijdonan ~  to suffer in one's conscience.

Qiynalish : v.n. Of qiynal ; difficulties, trouble, suffering; torture.

Qiynash : v.n. Of qiyna ; torture.

Qiynoq qistoq : s. Qiyin qistoq.

Qiynoq : agony, torment; torture.

Qiynoqli : tortuous, painful.

Qiynoqxona : torture chamber.

Qiynov : s. Qiynash.

Qiyo : s. Qiya.

Qiyofa : (Arabic) appearance, aspect; face, expression; guise. Ma'naviy ~ moral outlook. ~sida in the guise of.

Qiyofa(t)li : having the appearance of.

Qiyofat lit. : (Arabic) s. Qiyofa.qiyola  lit.s. Qiyala .

Qiyom 1 : (Arabic) time of the zenith, noon; perfection, ideal state; even rate; final point, end. ~ga kel /bir ~da at one, even rate. Ishni ~iga yetkaz  to complete a job to perfection.

Qiyom : a thick syrup; jam.

Qiyomat : (Arabic) the Day of Reckoning, doomsday; chaos, pandemonium; (coll.) Wonderful, marvelous. ~da never. ~dan qiyin extremely difficult. ~ narsa a marvelous thing. ~ qil  to make commotion. ~gacha until doomsday.

Qiyomat qoyim : doomsday, the Day of Resurrection.

Qiyomatli : very close, inseparable.qiyoq bot.sedge.

Qiyoqzor : field of sedge.

Qiyos : (Arabic) comparison, analogy; equal, same as. O'zingdan qiyos (qil) Draw your own conclusion., Think about your own experience and decide.

Qiyosan : (Arabic) by comparison, by analogy, by example.

Qiyosiy : (Arabic) comparative.

Qiyosla  : v.t. To compare.

Qiyossiz : incomparable.

Qiypangla  : s. Qiyshangla .

Qiypichoq : s. Qirpichoq.qiyq ono.cackling or clucking sound.qiyqa dial.s. Qiyqim.qiyqangla  dial.s. Qiyshangla .

Qiyqilla  : v.i. To cluck or cackle. [qiyqillat ]

Qiyqim siyqim : scraps and shreds, discards, waste.

Qiyqim : shreds, clippings, parings, scraps; scrap (e.g., of land).

Qiyqindi : s. Qiyqim.

Qiyqir  : v.i. To shout, to roar, to cry out; to cackle. [qiyqirish , qiyqirat /qiyqirtir ]

Qiyqirish : yelling, shouting, clamor.

Qiyqiroq : one who shouts about everything.

Qiyra  : v.i. To be slaughtered, massacred; to be demolished. [qiyrat  qiyratil ]

Qiyshang'i : full of airs, ill mannered, difficult.

Qiyshangla  : v.i. To make difficulties, to put on airs, to behave in an affected or uncouth manner; to grimace, to make a face; to hobble, to totter. [qiyshanglash ]

Qiyshay  : v.i. To become crooked or bent, to warp, to bend, to lean crookedly; to contort; to slant off towards, to slip off; to get in a huff, to be offended. [qiyshayish , qiyshayt , qiyshaytir ]

Qiyshiq : crooked, bent, twisted, warped.

Qiyshiqlik : crookedness, warpedness.

Qiytim : s. Qiyiq 1.

Qiytiq siytiq : scrap(s), clipping(s).

Qiytiq : scrap, clipping; small, corner plot of farmland; flaw, defect.

Qiz juvonlar : young women.

Qiz : girl, daughter; virgin, maiden. ~ chiqar /~ ko'rar ceremony in which matchmakers see the potential bride. ~ oshi banquet given at the bride's house one day before the wedding.

Qizaloq : young girl.

Qizamiq : measles.

Qizar  : v.i. To become red or reddish; to blush. [qizarin , qizarish , qizart , qizartir ]

Qizarinqira  : v.i. To become slightly red, to blush slightly.

Qizarish  : v.i. Coop. Of qizar ; to quarrel.

Qizcha : dim. Of qiz.

Qizdir  : v.t. To heat, to make hot. [qizdiril , qizdirish ]

Qizdirgich : heater.qizg'aldoq bot.a type of wild poppy [mak samoseyka] (s. Lolaqizg'aldoq).

Qizg'an  : v.t. To begrudge, to covet, to be jealous of; to pity. [qizg'anish ]

Qizg'anch : pity, compassion.

Qizg'anchiq : selfish, greedy; jealous.

Qizg'anchiqlik : selfishness; jealousness.qizg'anchoq dial.s. Qizg'anchiq.qizg'ar coll.s. Qizig'ar.

Qizg'imtir : s. Qizg'ish.

Qizg'in : hot, red hot,; heated, intense, furious, animated, feverish; energetic.

Qizg'inlash  : v.i. To become hot, feverish, animated, etc. [qizg'inlashtir ]

Qizg'inlik : feverishness, intensity.

Qizg'ish 1 : reddish.qizg'ish 2 zool.s. Qizqush.

Qizi  : v.i. To heat up, to get hot; to get excited; to become animated, to reach a frenzy. Boshi ~  to have a throbbing headache; to have drink go to one's head. Ichi ~  to run out of patience, to die of anticipation. [qizit , qizitil , qizish ]

Qizig'ar : rascal, cad.

Qizil : red; ruddiness. ~ gul (bot.) Any red flower; red rose. ~ lavlagi (bot.) S. ~ so'z one who only claims to be a communist; gifted talker. ~ taxta/~ Krest va ~ Yarim oy Jamiyati the International Red Cross and Red Crescent. ~ qon (coll.) S. ~ g'oz (zool.) Flamingo. ~ itolg'i (zool.) Baloban falcon.qizilari zool.hornet (s. Qovog'ari).qizilbosh zool.read crested pochard.qizilcha 1 bot.beet.

Qizilcha 2 : German measles.qizilishton zool.woodpecker.

Qizillik : redness; ruddiness.qizilmiya bot.licorice.

Qizilo'ngach : esophagus.qiziloyoq zool.sandpiper.qizilqanot zool.s. Jarqanot.qizilquray bot.hemp (s. Kendir).

Qiziq 1 : interesting, funny; strange; clown, jester. ~i shuki/~ida at its peak, while it's going hot, right in the middle. ~ ustida at the right time; while angry or excited.

Qiziq 2 : heat.

Qiziq  : v.i. To be interested in, to be curious about; to be engrossed in; to follow after out of curiosity. [qiziqish , qiziqtir ]

Qiziqarli : interesting.

Qiziqchi : clown, jester.

Qiziqchilik : abstr. Of ~ka or ~ uchun for fun, for laughs.

Qiziqish : v.n. Of qiziq ; interest, curiosity.

Qiziqla  : v.t. To tether to a stake.

Qiziqlik 1 : funniness, curiousness.

Qiziqlik 2 : heat, hotness.

Qiziqqon : hot tempered; vivacious, vigorous, energetic.

Qiziqqonli : s. Qiziqqon.

Qiziqqonlik : hot headedness; vivacity.

Qiziqsin  : v.i. To be somewhat interested; to seem interested.

Qiziquv : s. Qiziqish.

Qiziquvchan : inquisitive, curious.

Qizish  : v.i. Coop. Of qizi ; to get hot; to heat up, to become busy or frenzied; to get hot under the collar, to become angry; to get hot and burn. [qizishtir ]

Qizitaloq : bastard, rascal.

Qizlik : abstr. Of ~ini yo'qot  to lose one's virginity.qizqush zool.lapwing.

Qiztaloq : s. Qizitaloq.

Qizuvchan : easily, quickly heated; hot tempered.

Qo'biz : a rebec like two stringed instrument used primarily by baxshis.

Qo'bizchi : qo'biz player.qo'chchoq coll.s. Qo'zichoq.qo'chqor zool.ram; rough and tough (man). ~ urishtirish sport of butting rams; game formerly played by children in traditional schools of seeing whose reed stick will break first when pulled against another's. Ikki ~ning boshi bir qozonda qaynamas (=Two hotheaded persons cannot work together=??)

Qo'chqorboz : s.o. Fond of ram butting contests.qo'g'a bot.cattail, rush (s. Qovg'a).

Qo'g'ay : s. Qo'g'a.

Qo'g'azor : bed of rushes.qo'g'ir  dial.s. Qovur .

Qo'g'irchoq : doll; puppet, plaything.

Qo'g'irchoqboz : puppeteer.

Qo'g'irchoqbozlik : abstr. Of qo'g'irchoqboz; puppet theater.

Qo'g'irchoqday/dek : pretty, cute (like a doll or puppet).

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Referat mavzu
ishlab chiqarish
pedagogika fakulteti
fizika matematika
universiteti fizika
Navoiy davlat